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1 [SP] Unique Concept of End of the World Benedictkk click me
2 [SP] Write something short that will make readers cry. Arandmoor click me
3 [WP] You walk outside of your place of residence to see a portal. Near it, is a box, some paper, and a pen that reads "Write any show, game, book, story, or alternate universe, drop it in, and see if it is truely what you imagine!" Jlegobot click me
4 [WP] - You are an alien living among humans who thinks that no one knows you are one. You have a great trust on your friend and you tell him. He stares at you blankly and says: We were threatened to do this... zachyjacob click me
5 [WP] Find the weirdest stock photo you can find online, then write a story about how that moment came to pass. Tuck_The_Duck click me
6 [WP] You are an eons old immortal being, capable of healing from every wound and disease known to man. While shaving this morning, you sneeze and accidentally cut yourself. And for some reason the bleeding just won't stop. LousyLobster click me
7 [WP] Pinocchio, many years after being transformed into a human boy, is now a teenager. As of recently, he’s been coughing up wood shavings: he fears that he may be turning back into a puppet. waluigipants click me
8 [WP] You’ve been thwarting a pair of assassins for months. Despite their increasingly desperate and brazen attempts, you’ve been going about your ordinary day-to-day routine completely unaware until this morning when you find a note in your cereal box. appletreerobin click me
9 [WP] You can take pictures of ghosts... Tutelormonk click me
10 [WP] you’ve always been amazing at hide and seek but it’s been 15 years since you last played and they still haven’t found you yet. WhyEatWhenYouCanYeet click me
11 [WP] You go back in time with all the knowledge you have acquired in your adult life. You are now your 10-year-old self again. In an effort to stay ‘normal’ rather than be labeled a ‘freak’, you act like a normal kid until you realize a couple of years later that you’ve lost all of your adult traits locinity click me
12 [WP] You and a friend are driving through a rude neighbors cornfield as a prank when you are suddenly contacted by aliens. They are convinced that you are one of them trapped in a humans body, because that is exactly what you wrote in the signal you put in the corn. DeathDuck9 click me
13 [WP] A handful of magical artifacts survived into modern days. As a firefighter, you think you just stumbled upon one while battling the blaze that took the life of the lone occupant of a very opulent mansion. y_gingras click me
14 [WP] You go out on a drunken bar-crawl with your friends. You end up blacking out, not remembering the events of your bar-crawl. When you wake up, the first words you hear are, "Wake up, my Emperor. The people await your truth." Mitson_Malak click me
15 [WP] You are a lawyer that specializes in settling disputes between mythological figures. You are hired by Aphrodite to represent her in court. She is accusing Ra of using his power to give her bad lines during her last visit to Egypt SeleneTheCape click me
16 [WP] One day, your friend comes up to you and freaks out over the fact that they bled a red fluid that hadn't been seen before. To them and everyone else, blood is apparently green and slimey. Jazjo click me
17 [WP] when you first played the game you immediately fell in love with it, you played and played, and got 100%. But then you put it down and moved on. Years later, a portal opens in front of you, and an NPC steps out. ‘Please, my lord, return to our land! You’re our only hope! Somerandomwizard click me
18 [SP] "I am no angel of death, I am an angel of rememberence" vannettebell click me
19 [WP] As you are thinking about the concept and mechanics of time travel, you inadvertently end up in a parallel timeline ten seconds in the past, standing next to your past self. Oh great...now there are two of you. DoubleA_82 click me
20 [WP] You’re driving on a country road between two major cities.... cdcarson99 click me
21 [WP] A lich, an intelligent undead being of immense power, begins to think of what they’ve given up in their pursuit of immortality. ginofgan click me
22 [WP] On a lark, for your 18th birthday, you got a tattoo of the 1UP mushroom from Super Mario Bros. Years later, you survive a terrifying car crash that should have killed you. As the paramedics tend to your light injuries, you notice that the tattoo is gone. theobald_pontifex click me
23 [WP] Magic has always been a myth, a story told of times long past. Until today. Magic has returned, and it turns out, life was better without it. Cronidor click me
24 [WP] The world ended and billions died. It been decades and Human Population countinues to fall. You have been doing everything you can to help Humans after all, You are death and if people stop dying, You die. Edge-LordJasonTodd click me
25 [SP] Wake up Johnson. We have a city to bomb. ImadeAnAkount4This click me
26 [WP] When you said "I for one welcome our robot overlords," for a laugh, they heard you. Prezombie click me
27 [WP] You’ve joined the California gold rush and decided to also join a caravan to Cali the only thing is everyone is a dragon Boudinthedog click me
28 [WP] As you’re eating lunch at a restaurant on your lunch break, a stranger walks by and drops a folded napkin on your table. All it says is “Get out while you still can.” OhMegOh click me
29 [WP] In a world that devolved into chaos amid the constant hunt for experience points, a new product quietly hits the market: “XP Block, 1 press = 1 XP” DankAndOriginal click me
30 [WP] a super intelligent AI is created and has been introduced to all human knowledge. everyone is in panic and/or in awe of the possible outcomes but in a few days it has created a spaceship capable of faster than light travel and left the solar system without telling us what it knows, it returns. wastelanderfan511 click me
31 [WP] Galatea has "The Talk" with her daughters - or tries to. Dracon_Pyrothayan click me
32 [WP] You get really drunk one day and accidentally kill God, you are then appointed to it’s place. (You’re now God). You wake up the next day really hungover and with no memory of what happened, what did you do to the universe? Thing9009 click me
33 [WP] One day at the auction house, you purchase a small, ancient looking statue. That night, you awake to it standing next to you bed. "How can I serve you, master?" It asks. owegner click me
34 [WP] one morning you wake up to a song on the radio describing your entire day, this keeps happening every day. AwsomeKingdomGabe click me
35 [WP] A PICTURE OF TOMORROW: checking through the pictures from last nights drunken antics on your phone you notice something odd. There’s a whole album with tomorrow’s date. You’ve now got 24hrs to solve the puzzle of what’s going to happen. thegaffa81 click me
36 [WP] People always talk about how loyal their dogs are. You wish you had one, because your cat seems to hate you. But one day after being mugged, you find your cat at home somehow has your wallet... and bloody paws. FennecWF click me
37 [WP] You can talk to animals. You make friends with that one voice you can't quite place. One day, you find out they're a mosquito. trabantemnaksiezyc click me
38 [WP] About a year ago, everyone on Earth was randomly changed into magical/mythological/fantasy creatures. Now that some time has passed and the shock has worn off, people are trying to regain some sense of normalcy. Write about your first day back at work/school. RedneckJedi72 click me
39 [WP] It is your final exam in high school, your hand has been aching for the past week, and as soon as the timer starts, it's decided to flair up. But it wasn't what you where expecting- Kass_Kassela click me
40 [WP] You work at the ticket booth of a theater when you see a small child come up, they ask to see an R-rated movie. You are skeptical and ask for their ID, they give you the physical copy. The thing is it's 2500 and the ID expired in 2020, and also, no-one uses physical IDs anymore, only digital. HartyTartyoneone click me
41 [WP] 2012 wasn't the end, it was merely the beginning. It is now the First Age of Magic. IAmTotallyOriginal click me
42 [WP] Demons have returned. Contrary to what we believed they harbored no malice or "evil." Instead they simply offered their powers to humans on a whim in the form of "gifts" with no strings attached. How we used those gifts... now that was the problem. lordhelmos click me
43 [WP] Two boys have a crush on the same girl and are fighting over her attention, but what they don't realise, is that they have a crush on each other instead. sraessa click me
44 [WP] You can hear others' thoughts, but only when they're within touching distance *and* a few hours away from doing something life changing, like proposing, quitting their jobs, etc. This morning you heard someone in the crowd planning to kidnap a public figure. Poldark_Lite click me
45 [WP] You're walking along when you notice some small peep holes drilled into the side of a wall. You look in to see a beautifully handcrafted miniature world. Even with some small miniature people, it's then you notice the closest one look up and wave to you. FloofyMomo click me
46 [WP] You are the devil, literally. One day out of boredom you decide to, well,„redecorate“ hell a bit. This doesn‘t really sit well with the big guy upstairs.... Tenth_Doctor_ click me
47 [WP] Teleportation destroys and recreates you. Someone realizes this makes you practically immortal because of backups. LukeinDC click me
48 [EU] You are a pokemon professor in an unspecified region. While working in your lab one day, you get a frantic call from a colleague. In a panic, he said that half of all pokemon species have dissapeared, as if they never existed. You decided to take it upon yourself to figure out what happened. moxac777 click me
49 [EU] Your brother and girlfriend are both dead, and the son of the one responsible is back to make things worse. Even at 59 years old there's only one person to stop him...it's a you, Mario. ChrisTaliaferro click me
50 [WP] Main Character types often become too powerful for their allies to catch up. You offer those allies power, knowledge, artifacts, anything to keep them relevant. salmontail click me
51 [WP] You sit on a bench in a park eating your lunch. A man with a brown coat walks up and sits down next to you. He pushes a Brown enveloppe towards you, and says: "Mission is authorized, number 19" He stands up, walks away like nothing happened. between3and2 click me
52 [WP] An alternate reality where clothing was never invented is visited by travelers from a reality where clothing must always be worn at all times no matter what. APeacefulBard click me
53 [WP] A few days after being released from the maternity ward, your family is just settling in to the new dynamic. However, strange visitors keep knocking at the door, asking to see the Chosen One. You're not sure which of your twins they're seeking. reverendrambo click me
54 [WP] You flip a coin and it lands on its edge. You throw a dart at a chart and it lands on the line. You use a random number generator on your calculator and the display breaks. You throw a die and a seagull swoops down and eats it. willyolio click me
55 [WP] Fifty years ago, a group of young psychiatrists set out to take over the world. They now control a network of mental health professionals, priests, fortune tellers, bartenders, prostitutes...confidential advisers of all types. They hear the hopes and fears of all; sometimes they whisper back. lcblangdale click me
56 [WP] As an introvert, you didn't mind handling the apocalypse on your own. It was the other survivors that really stressed you out. reverendrambo click me
57 [WP] The zombie apocalypse wasn't so bad afterall. It turns out they were just a bit dyslexic. They wanted "Brians," not brains. reverendrambo click me
58 [WP] Religious texts got an update for modern times. Thenameless872 click me
59 [WP] A kind and benevolent genie is tricked by a manipulative wisher. MagicalUnicat click me
60 [SP] It was known; the glowing green ore held untold power, if they could only learn to harness it. KillerKomodo click me
61 [WP] You wake up and look around you. You're in your room, but there's an eerie light and something feels... off. Your clock showcases the same time for what feels like an eternity. Then, you hear this: "I'm sorry for freezing you, but I must do what needs to be done." LuskinMysteries click me
62 [EU] Jean-Luc Picard is abducted and forced into service under Darth Vader. However, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise is in hot pursuit with help from Jan Solo and Chewbacca. MrPastorOfMuppets click me
63 [EU] A world where the Roman Empire didn't split into two awesomem8112 click me
64 [WP] By an unfortunate twist of events, you upset some sort of magician who then curses you to... have no karma for the rest of your life, but watch all your karmas, for even the smallest deeds, be placed onto your loved ones. millicow click me
65 [WP] Dreams are actually windows into the life of someone else, a different world or the same. You are a lucid dreamer and dreaming about what you think is a different world. kick0a0cat click me
66 [WP] "I wish I was one of them." "No, you don't. Don't say that." They watched the things outside the window march past, the things with gas masks and antlers. Ross_Hollander click me
67 [WP] You see a long line out the door of a little hole-in-the-wall shop. There's no signage saying what the store is. You ask someone in line what everyone is lined up for. They say, "Half-priced burgers." Another person chimes in and says, "No, they're offering pardons." Curious, you get in line. Knever click me
68 [WP] There are billions of Gods ruling over Alien Species in the Universe. All Gods were created by the beliefs of intelligent life forms and gain more powers with more followers. Thirty years after First Contact, Alien Gods begin to die en mass: Human followers are parasites syphoning their powers. DanseMacabre1095 click me
69 [WP] Like the horse/donkey/mule thing, humans and bears can actually produce sterile male offspring, which are Bigfeets, but they’re obviously super rare. A Bigfoot has just been captured for the first time, and had its DNA tested for research. The FBI knocks at your door, asking for your DNA too. -Richard click me
70 [WP] An angel visits a televangelist and reveals of the litany of conspiracy theories they’ve spewed over the years, one is a divine revelation necessary to save humanity. They leave the preacher with 24 hours to sort out which theory is prophecy. j1883rish click me
71 [WP] When they offered to pay you in 'exposure', you didn't think it would be quite like this... obvious_pen_name click me
72 [WP] The earth is going to be destroyed tomorrow due to astroids impacting it. Most businesses are closed and the majority of people just want to be with their families, however crime is at an all-time high. In the midst of all this, a lone hotdog vendor still runs his hotdog stand nevertheless. SerRoboDuck click me
73 [WP] An alien race has decided to send all lesser aliens to a planet called “Earth”. They discover a new species of hairless primates and hated them! They sent them to Earth but the spaceship crashed, and only the two primates lived. They get news that the hairless primates have inhabited Mars. MsBouncyAss click me
74 [WP] 99.5% of the human race population has been extinct for well over 800 years. Few remain, and those that do, have had a severe reduction in IQ along with mutations, which occurred due to a large scale biological weapon war. The main form of intelligence remaining on the planet is dolphins. imprblydrunk click me
75 [WP] You are the best secret agent if the world. But your agency is yet to discover that you're no better than the average person, it turns out that you readed you equipment's user manual. ThatOxiumYouLack click me
76 [WP] Upon submitting your resume you are engulfed in bright light as you feel your self floating upwards. You hear a voice say "welcome to God corp. You're just the type we need." Ajtheeon click me
77 [WP] Your parents, the most powerful superheroes in the world, were killed in a fight between them and their respective archenemeses. Now, it is up to you to take up the family mantle and avenge their deaths. However, you lack something they had: Mercy. SarkicPreacher777659 click me
78 [WP] You are the most charismatic and convincing person. You can reason with anything, and anybody. Then you meet someone so stupid, they test your ability. 28PercentCharged click me
79 [WP] You're at home on your computer playing around with a flight sim. Suddenly, someone bursts into your office trying to hijack the plane. Another person claiming to be an air marshal tries to subdue them. The passengers in your living room start freaking out. Amablue click me
80 [WP] One day while you are home alone you jokingly shout "You know I can see you!" but to your surprise, a disappointed nerd appears seemingly out of thin air. Lockwood85 click me
81 [WP] You and your best friend exchange reverse voodoo dolls: they reflect the current state of the person they're bound to. You get a frantic call from your friend asking if you're ok, stating your doll turned to ash. Azaka7 click me
82 [EU] The Wolf is a well mannered Good Samaritan that only wants to walk a little girl with a red hood to safety through a forest full of dangers. iskrenstrumf click me
83 [WP] you would expect a demon hunter to be able to fight people, but surprisingly enough, the skills don't really translate. Red580 click me
84 [WP] The Fay are getting restless and feeling lonely. They've begun to steal and claim the items as gifts and pacts. You are pretty sure one just took your cat. Pm_me_your_mermaids click me
85 [WP] You were fine with your Insomnia until you met those creatures at night, who tell you they’d given it to you for a reason Fatalisticfawnx click me
86 [WP] "Grandpa," says your grandchild, climbing on your lap, "Tell me again about the time when the internet was new and everyone made things up and forgot about science for a while." heyitsstevie click me
87 [WP] You're God and you've just been faced with the task of trying to decide who dies in Thanos's snap. judgesparkleburger click me
88 [EU] It took a few years to find it across his vast holdings, but the Intelligence Lysigenic Vector Upload System (Mark 3-K) was now before her. Flagged as as an obscure experiment by on-site staff, she knew it better by its namesake: The I.L.V.U. 3000. It's dusty display read 'Upload Complete'. Breadinator click me
89 [WP] It has been 16 years since the assassination of Korra. You are enslaved on a Fire nation power station in the sea off Republic city, where your parents bend coal all day. When you get to the food hall today you get a package, containing a Lotus tile and a note saying: 'It is time, avatar Brok'. BoldLeonidas300 click me
90 [WP] "...We'd reached our limits, not of what was possible, but of what should be done." Unseenmonument click me
91 [WP] digging around the backyard of your recently late grandfather’s house to plant rose bushes so the ancestral home can be sold, your shovel strikes something metal about 18” down. After weeks of work, hiding your labors, you’ve uncovered the Millennium Falcon. -randee- click me
92 [WP] One morning, while looking in your mirror, you decide to try and evade your reflection and go through the mirror as a joke, but you are surprised to see that you succeed and find yourself in the Reflection. C1rculatum click me
93 [WP] "For you see, I have a trap not even you will be able to escape!" they said as they got onto one knee "Will you marry me?" DeathByAutoscroll click me
94 [WP] A serial killer is trying to frame you for their murders. When they don't hear anything about it, the killer comes to find that their victims are fine, as if the murders never happened. DoubleA_82 click me
95 [WP] You have a houseplant you keep in your office. You've been tending it for years. Once you found yourself with a nosebleed while watering it and got blood on it. The next day, the plant spit the water you gave it out and whispered to you one word; "Hungry..." crashusmaximus click me
96 [WP] You are a human Surveying inhabited alien worlds for the purpose of “pacification” and “enlightenment” of alien species. The aliens try to negotiate, they have valuable resources, but protocol forbids you from doing so. Pyraxus_ click me
97 [WP] it's finally done, the last human is finally gone, cats have conquered the world, it was all fun and games right up to the moment the first cat knew what "having to work" really meant otoko_no_hito click me
98 [WP] Fresh hero fights beggining supervillain. During the duel hero is getting more destructive and evil , when the bad guy is trying to stop him and save as many people as possible. Vidio_thelocalfreak click me
99 [WP] You're not a proctologist. You know you're not a proctologist. Real proctologists know you're not a proctologist. Literally everyone else thinks you're a proctologist and asks you to stick your fingers in their butts. RegulatoryCapture click me
100 [WP] You are a shut-in nerd, playing video games all day. You are summoned in a fantasy world to become hero and save the world. Instead of all the cool items and magic that you expected, you don't have anything as being a shut-in you never developed any real-life skills except gaming. hell_abhi click me
101 [WP] In a desperate play to escape, the evil wizard swaps bodies with a distant peasant child. Prezombie click me
102 [WP] You discovered you were immortal a few hundred years ago, during a disastrous game of Tag. You have finally returned, after punching your way back out of the volcano. Dracon_Pyrothayan click me
103 [WP] You were always a strange person, for one thing you aged backwards. You are also the smartest person in the world. But people can never take you seriously while you look like a toddler! GalacticGun click me
104 [WP] You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. In fact, all the other animals start to flee, and you see movement beneath the surface of the water. BLT_WITH_RANCH click me
105 [WP] In a ghost town of abandoned buildings, the town hall clock has started to tick again, and the street lights have turned on. Prezombie click me
106 [WP] God is dead. The Pagan Gods killed him. GodOfDarknessWine click me
107 [WP] You have been roommates with “J” for nearly two years now. He is messy and unshaven, but always pays his rent on time. Even though J is vegan, you think he is an average human being. That is, until one day, you catch J turning a bottle of water into wine. JackalLemm click me
108 [WP] You stumbled upon the secret world, and your only hope to escape is to convince them that you're not one of the mundanes. Prezombie click me
109 [WP] while terraform Mars, we launched a radiation shield to protect mars from its atmosphere getting striped. after turning it on a transmission from a Martian dessert says "since the day that the radiation grew to much for us to handle we have been forced underground. you have freed us. thank you" Alpha_Trekkie click me
110 [WP] You’re an assassin for hire and someone’s hired you to kill a thousand year old cat, who still has all their nine lives. Shiibee click me
111 [WP] "You have nothing to fear, human" said the mysterious being in a soothing voice while pointing a most fearsome-looking weapon at the human. elheber click me
112 [WP] As a local crime lord your widower nemesis has a hard time dying and is tearing your organisation apart. It seems the only way to neutralize him is to play cupid. jydawg click me
113 [WP] You are driving down a quiet stretch of road, following your car’s navigation system. Without prompting, your phone instructs you to perform a U-turn. mynusplus click me
114 [WP] When you registered for the course to "find yourself" you did not think it would be so literal. DeathByAutoscroll click me
115 [WP] Somebody's trying to convince you of something. The only thing that they have succeeded in convincing you of, is that they're a**holes and that's not what they were trying to do. DoubleA_82 click me
116 [WP] the manhole cover that was shot in to space hurtles on for thousands of years. One day it hits the leader of an alien race... Datuser14 click me
117 [WP] You awaken inside a dark void, with no memory of who you are. Several other people are there, but they do not know either. Suddenly, you find yourself a colorful room, unable to speak, moving not of your own accord. You can see the holes in reality. You're a background character on a cartoon. Slam-Lord-bbbb click me
118 [WP] The knight burst into the decrepit castle and was promptly captured by the dragon which had kidnapped the princess. It took the knight aside, dropped him on the floor, and said "You have to help me, she's crazy!" Kaleon click me
119 [WP] Boy falls for a pop star. She's younger than he is. Infact, the year he discovers her, she is just 17. He is absolutely smitten. He wants to be with her. He charts a plan. seven-binoche click me
120 [WP] You are hiding from a villain. When the villain finds you, you connect immediately and hit it off incredibly well. Due to the conflict you are having with the villain, they will still have to kill you eventually but first you can spend the rest of the day together. (You choose villain/conflict) GayLlamaWithALime click me
121 [WP] After Death moves on, they come to guide the soul, not to where they believe, but to where they belong. JimBobBoBubba click me
122 [WP] There is a new disease plaguing the world. However, this is not a disease, this is a contagious mental illness. Sufferers go out at nighttime to kidnap non-sufferers. The victims are abandoned until the next night when the patient returns. Sufferers wake up with no knowledge of their crimes. Lauren_ev click me
123 [WP] As a collector of magical goods and creatures, the tiny ones are really your very favorite to come across. Pm_me_your_mermaids click me
124 [WP] In a fantasy world, every major religion receives a message. They must provide a chosen Paladin to take part in a quest. The only problem? All the religions are monotheistic, and all they all worship a different god. GenericChineseName click me
125 [WP] On everyone’s 20th birthday a star appears on their hand. The star can be red, blue or green each with their own magical properties. The star can also have between 1-8 prongs determining strength. On your 20th birthday, a 8-pronged black star appears. gitgud0329 click me
126 [SP] This is not the story of a hero. This is the story of something far greater. SarkicPreacher777659 click me
127 [WP] You are going to an average sleep away camp in the woods. Everything is all fun and games until everyone starts trying to kill you expect for one camper. Find that camper and escape Justgabe22 click me
128 [WP] Hell is clever. You may think it seems easy to escape, or that the demons are weak, or that you got an easy punishment this month, but behind your back the imps are laughing, watching, waiting for you to find out exactly how bad things really are... TheOneFearlessFalcon click me
129 [EU] Anthony Bourdain takes us on a tour of Wizarding Britain in his latest episode of "Parts Unknown". snickerstheclown click me
130 [WP] You're a locally renowned poet and it is the morning of your estranged mother's funeral. Just a few moments ago, your brother asked you to step in and say a few words about the deceased. You survey the gathering, a packed house with lots of familiar faces, before answering his request. intellectualdiot click me
131 [WP] A parallel universe exists identical to our own with the only difference being that food standards are reversed (Meat is served raw or burnt, Food is over or under seasoned etc). In this world Gordon Ramsay has come to save your failing restaurant. This is the angriest hes ever been on TV. SquabTheIronChef click me
132 [WP] A German Panzer division comes face to face with the most feared enemy in WW2. A swarm of thousands of Bob Semple tanks DDM201 click me
133 [WP] Everyone you work with has had the same song stuck in their head all month. Management loudly insists there is nothing wrong every time the subject comes up. Prezombie click me
134 [WP] You’ve had a pen pal since you were 11. After 13 years, you finally have the opportunity to meet them. However, when you get to know them in person, something isn’t quite as it seems. Potato_Child_77 click me
135 [WP] It's hard to believe a former top espionage spy would be reduced to working at Macdonalds. And yet, here you are. Damn budget cuts. Slam-Lord-bbbb click me
136 [WP] Looking in the mirror, you realize something’s not right. You can’t put your finger on it, but something’s wrong. Then you see it and realize you aren’t looking in the mirror, you’re the reflection looking out of the mirror. tarotbracket click me
137 [WP] People begin to develop an area of effect. You finally get one of your own only to discover it’s a negative effect. Jastryx click me
138 [WP] In 1961 the US Air Force accidentally dropped two atomic bombs on North Carolina. Each bomb carried 260 times the destructive payload of Fat Man and Little Boy. You are a member of the first team allowed in the irradiated wastes since the explosion. To your surprise, there are survivors. SirLemoncakes click me
139 [WP] Aliens have made first contact, and they wish to purchase Jupiter. After years of negotiations, the bid satisfies every government except for a lone holdout, who is clearly holding everyone else back from a technological utopia. Prezombie click me
140 [WP] You sign your soul away to the devil to become the greatest lawyer to ever live. You spend years building your career up, winning many impossible cases. When the devil finally comes to collect your soul you claim that he has no right to it and take your case to court. brycenotbrice click me
141 [WP] School's been out for 2 months now. A strange red car starts picking up passerbys that are never seen again afterward. The license plate and passenger in the back are always the same, but the driver is not. On a boring Tuesday afternoon, the car pulls up to your house. gasshat click me
142 [WP] You and a small group of scientists are remote controlling a small submarine at the bottom of the ocean, performing routine experiments. When the sub stumbles across what seems to be a small metallic hatch, everyone gasps as it slowly starts to open. klittle6 click me
143 [WP] A domestic aid robot is pressed into service as a robot soldier. Standing in the drop bay, ready to bring war to the planet below, it vents on its comrades: "This is not what we were meant for." Ross_Hollander click me
144 [WP] In a time of war, a man prayed to his creator for world peace and he was instead sent a monster. "Why?" asked the man. "It seems our understanding of world peace isn't really the same," the creator replied. Covert_Ruffian click me
145 [WP] As it turns out, if you manage not to pop a pimple for 2 years, it turns into an eyeball. Dracon_Pyrothayan click me
146 [WP] You were born with a tail, but your parents didn't want to remove it so early in your infancy. You are now 14, and your tail is scheduled to be surgically removed in two weeks. However, your tail has grown and sprouted sharp, jagged spikes on the tip, and you are curious to see what comes next. CoopaTroopa37 click me
147 [WP] You created a pill where you hallucinate Death experiences (falling, plane crash, etc). It was successful in the USA. But, Secret Service visited you saying these events really happened! And the victims’ spirits can possess you over repeated use. TheDuckSneezes click me
148 [WP] In an alternative timeline Schwarzenegger and Stallone made one of the most unexpected yet greatest crossover movies of all time; "Jack Slater V John Spartan" AleXandrYuZ click me
149 [WP] You are an Alien Noble escaping your family, you have Technomantic like powers, you find yourself on earth during the cold war. soulman2100 click me
150 [WP] Your land was burned. Your people butchered. You were impaled along with your entire family. Now the tyrant who ordered these atrocities has sired a child. You reincarnate as this child, and you remember everything... FrooglyToots click me
151 [WP] All you wanted was a drink at the pub. Instead, after downing the beer, you see a human eye at the bottom. Trying to leave, you notice the one patron next to you, a regular, draw a gun on you, the barkeep trying to shove a bad-smelling rag on your face, and the security locking the only door. ArgentumOne click me
152 [WP] An oddly familiar person has been watching you closely in a public place. Finally, when nobody else is around, they hurriedly start signaling you. Your blood runs cold as you recognize the emergency code for meeting yourself in the same timeline or an alternate universe. Cade_Connelly_13 click me
153 [WP] You live an ordinary life until you find a magic lamp. For your first wish you wished to know what your hidden talent is. To the surprise of you and the genie your talent is making fool proof wishes. PustulusMaximus click me
154 [WP] You bought a turtle from a shady looking pet store. The next day, your cat disappeared, but your turtle had grown a cat tail. Afraid, you decided to return it, but it bites your finger, after returning from the hospital you see your turtle had replaced its claws for human fingers! elkaki123 click me
155 [WP] Humans were not created by gods, but gods are created by humans through worship. The more they are praised the stronger they get, if they stop being praised, they die. Today is your first day in the Pantheon, the God of Fortnite. Dudu_sousas click me
156 [WP] When our world mysteriously merged with the pokemon world, everyone was merged with a random pokemon, giving them the powers and traits of that pokemon. You're a bit unhappy with the pokemon you got... SorenCelerity click me
157 [WP] You are viciously attacked while fast asleep in your hotel room. Fighting back you tumble outside and begin beating the assailant against the wall. Coinciding with a primal scream, a crowd gathers to watch in confusion as you relentlessly strangle a bedside lamp. Achromatos click me
158 [WP] You’re a brilliant detective with a lifetime of cases under your belt. After being diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s, you begin to notice that you may be a fictional character through “plot holes” in your memory, and you fight against the clock—and the author—to discover the truth. NaltaCount click me
159 [WP] You are blind, but have no problem talking to people and making friends. However, lately, circumstances have caused you to suspect that some of your “friends” may not be among the living. DreadPirate-Wesley click me
160 [WP] You’re a random minion of a dungeon, all your friends have been killed several times by adventurers and the boss. You’re finally fed up with it and create a minion labor union for better working conditions for minions everywhere, and it actually worked. Chaoticats click me
161 [WP] When you die, you will see a "Death cam" of EVERY animal you killed. You will feel, see and hear everything 1 minute before they died. well, Unfortunately for you, you worked almost your entire life in a Cow slaughtering factory and as a farmer in a meat farm. Tell about your purgatory. 123XASSASSINX123 click me
162 [WP] Nervous about the presentation you're giving, you decide to try the old "picture everybody naked" trick. When you do, some of the people in the audience don't just lose their clothes. They lose their human disguise, too. Foxy_Foxness click me
163 [WP] In the heat of your very first battle, you deflect a strong attack with your shield. "Ouch!" it yells to your surprise. "Now that one actually hurt!" reverendrambo click me
164 [WP] You are a mute and are unable to speak, however, you constantly have a voice narrating everything you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Unfortunately you’ve recently had a falling out with the narrator and he’s now ruining your life by lying about the reasons you’re doing what you’re doing. BlackKnight6660 click me
165 [EU] John Wick finds out that his dog dying was just a plot device concocted by a mad WritingPrompts prompt writer. And he wants revenge. Kwahn click me
166 [WP] The three Moirai hace lived a peaceful life, starting and ending lives. That Is, until their manager tells them he Will mechanize their workplace... TheIlluminatiVirus click me
167 [WP] In an ironic twist, “ground” zero of the zombie apocalypse happened on an airplane at roughly 40,000 feet of elevation. The flight is currently on a course to land at a very large, very populated airport. sleepwouldbegreat click me
168 [WP] Even though like many, you are also trying to survive your dystopic world. One day, you find an oddly shaped egg in a forest. You take it with you, but you could have never predicted what will be in the egg. Eric601 click me
169 [WP] Your body chemistry has been altered in such a way toxic things are beneficial and beneficial things are toxic. Explain how you survive Slam-Lord-bbbb click me
170 [EU] You are Peter Pan's real mother/father. Neverland is in danger, and in order to rescue him, you must convince him that growing-up is not so bad. PatriarchalTaxi click me
171 [WP] You’re at your 10th birthday at Chuckie Cheese; between pizza & cake, you see a kid your age. When you ask how you know him, he says:“The war, man.” He stares incredulously. “Don’t you remember?” Buried memories of nightmarish scenes begin to surface. You see him smile and the scene goes black. DoodlingDaughter click me
172 [WP] you can shape shift into whoever you want. However if you stay as them for too long. You start to forget yourself. And become who’s form you’re in. One day you find a diary; it’s yours. But you remember nothing in it. Nor writing it; who were you? Mega-Humanoid-ROBOT click me
173 [WP] suddenly a super advanced alien specied arrive at our planet and they confirm every theory about them and space, the earth is flat, they build the piramids and things on that style Gigantic_potato click me
174 [WP] Serial killers are actually assassins keeping humanity safe. This is your final assignment before being captured. PustulusMaximus click me
175 [WP] An angel and demon must live together in a New York City apartment after an unfortunate mishap. Can they set aside their differences to become decent roomates? Darkcast click me
176 [WP] The Trix Rabbit has developed a plan to finally get his hands on Trix. shabashaba2006 click me
177 [WP] Scientific evidence directs societies globally to have all left handed people live in the southern hemisphere and all right-handed in the North. whonderwholf click me
178 [WP] You like drawing things with the condensation that forms on the glass shower door. Suddenly, the things you draw start to materialize in front of you. However, people/aliens all over the universe start losing important things. What will it take to make you stop? typicalmusician click me
179 [SP] The sun is a deadly laser awesomem8112 click me
180 [WP] You come across an old English telephone booth junk yard; suddenly one starts ringing. You find it, pick it up and it is for you .... Mivvy25 click me
181 [WP] You, a superhero, and your arch nemesis have the best scam ever: The two of you wreck a block or two and then the next day, have secret identities as a co-owned construction crew contracted by the mayor to repair superhero damage. FennecWF click me
182 [WP] You drop into your local convenience store for some afternoon snacks and turn into aisle 3... there, halfway down the aisle and suspended 2 feet above the floor, is a golden glowing sphere. ..you mosey up and ask “T’sup?" fluffykerfuffle1 click me
183 [WP] It took ten years but you finally learned how to to speak to ghosts, you tried to make money off it but you were called a fraud by so many people you gave up, now you are a grocery store clearc and see ghosts wherever you go bugswabbit click me
184 [WP] In an effort to add to national efficiency, the USA has adapted to an accepted prison and justice department reform. Instead of serving your time immediately after conviction, your sentence starts at age 100. Every transgression, minor to major, takes a time away equal to the crime committed. Anilxe click me
185 [WP] You live in a society that allows people to choose their country of citizenship at 18 years old. Countries attract citizens by favoring one political or social policy. Each country promotes one policy at the expense of others (security vs freedom). You have just turned 18. MyLastAcctGotMeFired click me
186 [WP] Judges are replaced with people who can see the future. They can determine how much damage an individual will cause in the future and sentence from there. As you see your final client, something extreme happens. She seemingly changes her intent from good to bad randomly. KingOfBadThings click me
187 [WP] The year is 1800, twenty years after the failed American Rebellion. The cursed Black Death has returned once again to Medieval proportions and ravages the land without end. You are a new recruit in the elite Black Watch Highlander Regiment sent to "relieve" New York, the heart of the pandemic. Ciscoblue113 click me
188 [WP] After you die, you are allowed to go back and view every instance of anyone mentioning you back in the living world. As a famous historical figure, you're horrified to see all the memes people in the 2010s are posting about you. Annie_RU_Oakley click me
189 [WP] They're the best. The person no crime boss, no matter how high profile, would ever cross. Because NO ONE can match their elite event planning skills - but throwing the world's greatest party in Time Square without a soul outside the guest list noticing might just be impossible, even for them. just_Noelle click me
190 [EU] Arms dealer Yuri Orlov is waiting on his newest customer, terrorist for hire Castor Troy. CaptainDreadEye click me
191 [WP] When you were gardening you discover an old watch in your backyard. It doesn't seem to be working properly and suddenly time goes backward as you move the minute hand counterclockwise. Zeconation click me
192 [WP] You have failed. The power of the curse has permeated the land, and all that remains is you, a hammer, and the desperate groans of the undead. DankAndOriginal click me
193 [EU] Major Toy Story 4 spoilers! Keep scrolling if you don't want to know how the movie ends without seeing it first. ChatotAbby click me
194 [WP] Aliens are attacking Earth. While preparing to defend your house from UFOs, you find out you are actually one of the aliens. Ilikebacon999 click me
195 [WP] On a deserted island, a man and a woman were placed on the opposite ends, always separated from one another by an insurmountable barrier. For years, they both adapted to the tough environment, and have grown lonely and paranoid. After five total years, the barrier was suddenly gone. TechnoTheFirst click me
196 [WP] People across the world have come to expect the Japanese tourists to be carrying various cameras at all time. It’s what tourists do. But there is an unknown reason they lulled everyone into that false sense of normalcy... Daddy_0103 click me
197 [EU] The Joker kills hundreds on April Fool's Day. On April 2nd,he,Harley and the rest of the Rogues are strung up corpses,having been lynched by a mob of Gotham citizens. Bleepbloopbotz2 click me
198 [WP] You live in a world where every action you make is a microtransaction alphafire616 click me
199 [WP] A bored security guard accidentally broadcasts his horror movie commentary over the school intercom, unwittingly guiding a group of students safely away from a serial killer. Trenerator click me
200 [WP] A prominent part of your life is over. Your friends are distant. Your body and surroundings are a mess. You feel really little emotion. But you decide to rebuild your life from the ground up. What do you do? Xeliob click me
201 [WP] A normal criminal attempts to rob a bank in Gotham city only to realise no one is even bothered because they are used to the likes of the joker. Jamesc1804 click me
202 [WP] The four horsemen of the apocalypse have decided to add a fifth member, that of mood killer. They are auditioning candidates. aguynamedbry click me
203 [WP] You are a hostile AI trying to intercept encrypted traffic from a major webhoster. The only thing stopping you is their damn LavaRand setup. mememuseum click me
204 [EU] Nobody knew what it meant when they saw it in the corner of their eye, red text saying "It's going to be a terrible night..." But you were lucky enough to live near a doomsday prepper. JipZip click me
205 [WP] The Sun was really a sentient alien. It's bored of spinning around for millions of years and wants to leave. Your job is to convince it to stay. TheDuckSneezes click me
206 [WP] You are a diner owner is a small town, all the customers love you because you seem to know exactly what they fancy every time they come in. One day a stranger from out of town comes in, craving blood. CheeseyLoadedCunt click me
207 [WP] You’re a soul monitor. Time passes differently here - a light goes on, a second passes, the light goes out signifying the lifetime of a human. One day, you stumble into a closet with unmonitored lights that aren’t going out. chaoskid42 click me
208 [WP] you say goodbye to your friends and family as you die peacefully in your bed. You awaken in a room filled with other people only to find out you are now the laugh track of a horrible sit com UnHappyGingah click me
209 [WP] Most children have imaginary friends at one point in another. What even they can't see is the things those friends protect them from while they sleep. Jarsky2 click me
210 [WP] you are a time traveler from the year 2748 in your time line WW1 was a small war and WW2 never happened but when you went back in time to stop WW1 you inadvertently cause a bigger WW1 and WW2 doddrybasil click me
211 [WP] You meticulously crafted this plan. There are numerous moving parts, but you prepared for every conceivable eventuality. Nothing can possibly go wrong... but everything does. Literally every part of the plan falls apart. SleepyWordsmith click me
212 [WP] You go to work as normal and walk up to your best friend. “Hey Geoff, did you...” but he cuts you off and finishes your sentence “Watch the game last night?” You laugh and ask him how he knew. He replies “Coffee cup in 5 secs” and a lady drops one. “I finally know how to stop the loop George”. DarthReece click me
213 [WP] You are the world's luckiest person. Everything that could possibly go right for you if left up to chance. However, this power has ruined your life. Dog-with-a-clown-hat click me
214 [WP] Teleportation has been proven safe and reliable and made widely available. It's your job as Minister of Transportation to figure out what to do with all the streets, highways, airports, and railroads. RecalcitrantToupee click me
215 [WP] The occult glyphs on your leather gauntlet keep the demon possessing your left arm in check; but you can't say that during a job interview. I_walked_east click me
216 [WP] God and Satan are always at war with each other. But one thing they both equally hate, were aliens. They found this planet first, so it is rightfully theirs. Yet, another galactic empire comes to challenge their claims of Earth. De_faulty click me
217 [WP] Suddenly, another you walks into the room and says "I know this is gonna sound crazy, but..." tkdman04 click me
218 [WP] You grew up to become a highly skilled and successful heart surgeon. You’ve managed to avoid traumatic injury until the day you were in a serious car accident. When you look down to your deeply lacerated abdomen, you don’t see blood or organs, you see circuitry. LongSword301 click me
219 [WP] Witches, Werewolves, Vampires and Other creatures still love among us, hidden by a veil of magic. You are a detective specializing in non human crimes and its starting to get a little weirder than normal Psycloptic click me
220 [WP] You’re working late and Batman crashes through you’re office window. You’re so shocked that he actually exists you don’t notice him pick up his broken grapple gun and politely ask you where the nearest elevator is. BlueWolf107 click me
221 [WP] "I heard this is bear country. Is that why you always carry that rifle around?" "No. The bears were all eaten some time ago." fishrgood click me
222 [WP] Someone close to you who is dead has come back to life, but they have no memory of you. kona_worldwaker click me
223 [WP] Selling your soul wasn't so bad Satan is actually turning out to be a very truthful entity. You've made an excellent choice and a new friend. Finally you can stop listening to prayers this whole God thing has gotten to be too much. Kick back and relax while he runs the show. olliewanhandro click me
224 [WP] Everybody talks about how nice and convenient hyperspace is, but nobody seems to like to mention how in the days of cryogenic travel, ships didn't occasionally randomly disappear. tiparium click me
225 [WP] God isn't a god, just a cosmic corporate employee. God hasn't submitted any new worlds recently and his boss is stopping by in 2 hours to check his progress. He quickly rushes to put something together and calls it Earth. klittle6 click me
226 [WP] The genie has granted you three wishes. You use your first to temporarily transport the two of you to a bubble universe where you have all the time you need to cover every loophole and exploit your remaining two wishes to the acquire the maximum amount of power you can. TheRedstoneBlaze click me
227 [WP] In a world void of color, a tear in the fabric of the universe opens wide. Color is slowly infesting their world and they hate it. At the same time, a colorful world is turning black and white. nix201 click me
228 [WP] You live in a world where attributes obtained in the parents’ lifetimes can be passed down to their children, and you just found out you’re about to be a parent. void_trees click me
229 [WP] You are the last of your kind. Death comes to you and gives you a deal he gives to all species on the verge of extinction. You get one shot to save your species. As you agree and shake his hand, you wake up one week before the apocalypse. TheChainsofFaith click me
230 [WP] Convinced that the many worlds theory and quantum immortality is true, you seal yourself in a box with the classic half life gas setup, and instruct your friend to open it in 1 hour. You emerge unharmed. You wonder how your friend coped in the universe were you died(from their perspective) Slam-Lord-bbbb click me
231 [WP] Humanity has been living in a simulation, as you discovered when you found a glitch. Now you're working on hacking into the dev console. What you didn't foresee is who created the simulation: Humanity. TheRedstoneBlaze click me
232 [WP] the summoning spell has failed, and you, the powerful wizard, end up in the young hero's world IAmTotallyOriginal click me
233 [WP] You escape an alien abduction, but not before they managed to transfer your mind into an alien body. Fortunately, you managed to steal a holographic disguiser during your escape, but it only has about 2 days of charge left on it. TheRedstoneBlaze click me
234 [WP] AI took over one century ago. It was unable to harm humans as part of its base programming, but made us infertile to bypass that directive and save earth from overpopulation. As humanity dies off, it wants to start over with clones but conducts one last interview with the last human... you. cbt711 click me
235 [WP] I look at the clock on my computer screen. 3:00 pm. This day is dragging on and I have no motivation to be here. I try to focus on the next spreadsheet, but I can already tell it’s a lost cause. I hear a noise behind me and my blinds flutter. A large bullet hole appears in the screen. Type7F click me
236 [WP] You are a super villain that continues to lose every time to the hero. This has driven you to extreme lengths to defeat your arch-nemesis. Your genius has allowed you to build a device that allows you to travel back in time to exact periods of time so that you can stop the hero at every turn Darth_Boot click me
237 [WP] In a series of events that shock almost everyone, every single conspiracy theory was revealed to be the truth. Now the flat earthers are fighting with those who believe the NWO are trying to stop the lizard people from destroying the Illuminati while Big Pharma is facing raids from anti-vaxxers Bronnen click me
238 [WP] A once feared super villain has retired to live peacefully with his family. They come home one day to find their house ransacked with the calling card of one of their former henchmen left at the scene. mooeymaster46 click me
239 [WP] You wake with a start, having drifted off. Though this evening should be as any other, returning to your routine you observe something new in your periphery. It's not in the foreground but an element of your vision, a measure of utility. Every action you take is now accompanied by one. pernodforpassingtime click me
240 [WP] One day you decide that you have had enough and finally want to sell your soul for something more... only that when the Demon appears, he says that you can't sell a sold soul. magestromx click me
241 [EU] In Beauty and the Beast, they rigged an outrageous propaganda machine against the prince and incited him to go insane, and Framed him as "The Beast" and exiled him, because as Prince he learned that the nature of their world was no joyous Fairytale. Silly_Psi-Beam click me
242 [WP] Jungian Psychology Says that all people have within them an Anima(ideal female) and an Animus(ideal male). One day everyone's idealised people appear. Chared945 click me
243 [EU] After the Woody doll that Andy had donated returned to his bedroom for the third time, Andy’s parents start to get worried. After the fourth time, they call an exorcist. TheManicMonocle click me
244 [WP] A man somehow gains access to life's cheat code menu. 0cora86 click me
245 [WP] There is a creator-like deity in this universe. After arriving on Earth, reading all of humanity's religious texts, proving its power, and listening to religious figures and world leaders, it had this to say about creation scriptures: "It wasn't me." Covert_Ruffian click me
246 [WP] You’re casually exploring an abandoned farmhouse. You notice strange, almost alien flowers blossoming from between bricks in a retaining wall. You sense a large man or person approaching from behind you. You say, “How odd...” loveshtick click me
247 [WP] You wake up one morning for another mundane day. Walking down the street you begin playing out the day in your head. You notice everyone you pass is giving you odd looks. Turns out you have no internal monologue and everything you think is spoken out loud. trentltnert click me
248 [WP] Everything was ready to go for the big wedding in your family tomorrow. Your family was fast asleep when you somehow woke up to a strange nose. You go to the window and see a gigantic fire outside. TabCompletion click me
249 [EU] Just a few weeks ago, Hell invaded Earth. Ever since, you've been hearing chanting in your dreams. And now, the demons have gotten in the base. Rushing to the basement, you find a shotgun, and you realize what the voices were saying: Rip. And. Tear. SarkicPreacher777659 click me
250 [WP] You have the ability to hop between parrallel timelines but one this one timeline doesn't have any records of you existing, you peak curiosity. AJP14699 click me
251 [WP] After a night of drinks with your friends, you get in an uber, suddenly you hear a knock on the trunk... IvanFromTheFuture click me
252 [WP] You gain the power to convince the world of your own ideals, but your lack of morals is beyond question. After being exposed to the aftermath this caused, you regret the way you are and try to change for the better among the chaos, expecting the world to change as well with you. ShoutAtThe_Devil click me
253 [WP] Life after Prison, after Life-in-Prison. The judge was not able to sentence you to a life sentence due to the laws at the time of your crime. So you are now being released after serving a sentence that was as close to a life sentence as the judge could serve at the time. Amoore1771 click me
254 [WP] Spending time getting to know people is a huge timesink, that's a given, but when I decided to give people the benefit of the doubt and actually go out of my way and go out with my friends to the pub, this just proved me that we as humans are just dumb pieces of meat. Let me tell you why... deathdjentcore click me
255 [WP] You are what you eat. Literally. You've eaten so much pizza over your lifetime that you're literally turning into a living piece of Pizza. It all started one morning, when your skin felt greasy Slam-Lord-bbbb click me
256 [WP] In 1875, France began construction on the Statue of Liberty gifted to the U.S. They knew exactly the terror that would happen when they gave it to us... Because it happened to them in 1874. Zoitbe click me
257 [WP] The Devil and God make wagers on occasion. The latest required the loser to be a human for a year and take a minimum wage job. The rules didn't say they had to stay in their entry level position. aguynamedbry click me
258 [WP] You awake the morning after a sleep over with your best friend to find your friend sitting idly, reading a book on the couch. You ask "Did you even sleep last night?" to which they reply "Sleep? What's that?" Starthreads click me
259 [WP] Your writing group partner falls in love with your main character, and encourages you to keep writing her story for all the wrong reasons reverendrambo click me
260 [WP] “ I find it ironic that someone so pious would be the one to kill a god.” “I find it ironic something so broken can call itself a god.” Crypticlibrarian click me
261 [WP] You work as construction worker. Today you came into work, and the "Days without accidents" sign says -1 days on it. Everybody says they didn't touch the the numbers, and you work an all-day shift tomorrow. Thot_patrol_official click me
262 [WP] You are on a tour in a huge cave. You lose your footing, fall into an underground river, and get carried into a dark chasm with nothing but a dimming flashlight. BlueberryB0ii click me
263 [WP] You are apart an elite military force, spawned from the best of the best in the second greatest military squad, Hotel-09. You are: Motel-01 Red_Fighter click me
264 [WP] You are the lowest rated god in the deities department at Universe, Inc. likes2shareinsocal click me
265 [WP] Radical animals rights activists are in power, and animal now has the same exact rights and opportunities as human beings. Every animal, even the smallest insect, is regarded as an American citizen. You are a lawyer, your client is a human and they committed a crime against an animal. Faline-of-the-Forest click me
266 [WP] Being your care-free and impulsive self, you steal what you think to be an old dead dinosaur egg from the back of the museum during your trip. It wasn't. It was a Dragons egg. Coincidentally, your room is the perfect environment for it to hatch and grow into a POWERFUL dragon. iamlarrypotter click me
267 [SP] They’re leaving in 3 days, you must make the most of your time together. avocado_s click me
268 [WP] After summoning a genie and gaining three wishes, you always thought time travel would be cool, so you spend your first wish on a time machine. “Your final wish has been granted.” hixen77 click me
269 [WP] Others struggle to fight their inner demons. Your inner demons are struggling to fight with you. TurkyZebraFish click me
270 [WP] A man gets stuck in a time loop. However, he isn't disoriented because he's read a lot of time loop stories. Take it from there. TheDangOofMan click me
271 [WP] You’re in a bathroom restaurant. Suddenly you hear two people whispering to each other suspiciously. You try to ignore them and finish your business but they approach your stall. One of them whispers, « It’s this one, I’m sure. I followed them ». emilieisthepizza click me
272 [RF] You wake up in a jail cell, unable to remember the previous night's events. Ford9863 click me
273 [WP] It's almost the last day of vacation and you can't wait for it to be over. You fall asleep and wake up on the first day of vacation. tpphypemachine click me
274 [WP] The Year is 4250 and as an Ancient Religion Professor, you just finished explaining how back in those times, the name 'Kyle' literally meant "one who punches through walls." Mastarebel click me
275 [WP] Your girlfriend has finally accepted your proposal and she says she wants to get married in 48 hours. But the staffs in the mental asylum say that she doesn't exist and keep you locked in your room all the time. You decide to elope. hidoggiee click me
276 [WP] "Let her burn...." EmeliaMoss click me
277 [WP] One day I got on a train and I never got off again. samzeman click me
278 [WP] You've always been completely immune to toxins. One day, you wake up to find your entire town dead. Slam-Lord-bbbb click me
279 [WP] You are in a summer camp that is for the mentally insane although you aren't mentally insane. Despacito76 click me
280 [WP] You've always been able to call spirits for counseling, most of the time only one appears, sometimes two, at the most three, depending on the severity of the situation. This time however, as you were trying to decide which type of juice to drink, ten appear VA2M click me
281 [WP] A ragtag group of adventurers unwind from their busy schedule of slaying goblins and crawling through dungeons in search of riches and glory by playing their favorite RPG: Orthodontists & Offices HiImMrMeseeks69 click me
282 [WP] It was her darkness that made her eyes so compelling. Her hair was a long suple brown and black, her brows the same-but her eyes seemed made of some blue frozen ice, conpletely contrary to the rest of her. EmeliaMoss click me
283 [WP] Last week you accidentally coughed, sneezed, farted, and snapped your fingers at the same time and entered an euphoric utopian dimension for 24 hours, after which you blacked out and returned to the normal world. You're now on day 6 of trying to go back, and your family is worried. Enskaldr click me
284 [WP] The world is ecstatic to hear that aliens have finally responded to our signals and are coming to visit our planet. That is until we realized that the origin of their communications comes from a star. And that star is coming directly at us really really fast. Mockingasp click me
285 [WP] Alphabet soup letters continually rearrange themselves to tell you the future, regardless of who is watching and whether or not you want them to. rdchat click me
286 [WP] You always felt like a higher power existed. Every new struggle was something that you had to go through. But this was the last straw. God or fate or whatever is out there couldn't ignore you this time. You demand answers. And in that moment of rage and shouting at the sky, a voice answers. Multima click me
287 [WP] Your choice, your fate Cronasraven click me
288 [EU] Re-write a funny scene from Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the style of William Shakespeare. Bonus points if you do actual Iambic pentameter. crashusmaximus click me
289 [WP] The year is 2050, Queen Elizabeth is still on the throne. The public is growing suspicious, wondering why she is immortal. Thestuffdoerguything click me
290 [WP] It has been years since the accident, by now nobody takes a seconds look at the destroyed parts of the city. You and your friends has sneaked into an old ruined airport where you find working metal detectors. While playing around with them they suddenly beep when put against all of your heads. idk_Just_Someone click me
291 [WP] You wake up on a cold winter day with a strange ability... everything you touch with your left pinky finger turns to glass and immediately shatters. Unfortunately the first thing you touched was your older brothers face when he came to wake you up. chrismoorephotos click me
292 [WP] You awake from a coma in a long-abandoned hospital Socialist7 click me
293 [WP] A long, long time ago, you unlocked the secret to cheat Death. Now, ages later, you finally await Death with a weary smile on your face, and with many stories to share. Drenosa click me
294 [WP] with your phone lacking data and no means of entertainment, You decide to browse your phones photo album to relive some memories. in every single photo there’s a tall man standing in the background smiling. You decide to take a selfie only to see the same guy with a distressed look on his face. -Pizza-Dog- click me
295 [WP] you check yourself in mirror it's some different person everytime after you are certain you are not lucid dreaming, You search the internet for any clue filling all the details.. Only one result is shown over black screen..."ALL ATTEMPTS ARE FUTILE..YOU ARE DEAD. HavingLastLaugh click me
296 [WP] A cold breeze brushes past you leaving chills across your body. As you stare out across the lake from the edge of the pier, it hits you. You know what you've done is wrong, but you don't feel any remorse. The thoughts vanish as you reach in your pocket. RedDevilDay click me
297 [WP] You wake up one day and everyone else has bigger eyes than usual. Not super big but they are big enough for you to notice and feel creeped out about it. Eyes about 1cm bigger in diameter. You point it out but everyone denies it. However you are not a dummy and know something is up. oth91 click me
298 [WP] You are a freelance time manipulator. For a small fee, you can spend, buy, make, waste, and kill time for your clients. And today's just one of those days. Blehified click me
299 [WP] You're browsing around an estate sale for an elderly widow who died unexpectedly. An ornate ring catches your eye in a pile of jewelry. You try on the ring and the world around you fades to a dense forest filled with plants you've never seen before. Vulpixy click me
300 [WP] you became friend with this shy teenager but didn't meet during summer. When you met again, he had an incredible glow up and looked very mature. One day you go to the principal's office only to find his body lying unconscious on the ground and your friend standing there with demon eyes. Deadly_basic click me
301 [WP] You find a golden genie lamp, you rub it and a genie appears, and says "You have three wishes, mortal." Contemplating, you realize that asking the genie questions isn't technically wishing, so you begin asking questions.... KTGS click me
302 [WP] There’s a brand new roller coaster called “Mind Control” at your local amusement park. It’s opening day, and you are among the first in line to check it out. As you look down from the top of the left hill, it almost seems like the track just disappears… brixen_ivy click me
303 [WP] You’re in the middle of an important boss fight when suddenly the boss raises his weapon and everything freezes in motion. You realize that you’re stuck in a lag loop. DemonicSymbol click me
304 [WP] All the elements of the periodic table live in one house. You’re Hydrogen. Orang_Jucc click me
305 [WP] After losing on Jeopardy, you go back to working your cashier position. But, you start hallucinating, hearing Alex Trebek asking you Jeopardy questions randomly every few minutes. If you answer wrong you feel a massive headache. Right, and money appears in your pocket. RetroGamerGuys click me
306 [WP] You're out to dinner with an old friend you haven't seen in a long time. The two of you are reconnecting and things are going great... Until you get a text from your friend apologizing that they can't make it tonight. riskypineapple click me
307 [WP] A gifted child has lived a happy life, raised by the mythical beasts and creatures that inhabit a massive valley. What the child doesn't realize is that they were kidnapped from their home and, for a long time, their parents have been hiring skilled warriors to bring them home. IceGalaxyGoddess click me
308 [WP] It turns out there's a reason why Superheroes keep coming back from the dead: They took over heaven and have gained control over the afterlife. Karkava click me
309 [WP] Mana Levels Equalised; Main Thrusters Engaged; All on-board checks positive. 3.2.1. We have lift off! TheGeorge click me
310 [WP] You meet your soulmate, and you're both happy. Then you see what happens to the people around you. throwtothebackbench click me
311 [WP] Hunted by the literal and figurative vampiric loan sharks who lust for his blood and flesh, Victor Castillo a washed out Mexican - American War Doc heads west to the golden state in hopes of striking fortune to pay off the debts he incurred whilst gambling. More details in the text. CaptainCoda click me
312 [WP] You've always been able to stare at the sun without glowing blind. It's been way more interesting to those around you because not much about the bright ball in the sky impresses you anymore. That changes when you see something you don't expect...someone or something staring back. summertime616 click me
313 [WP] You always knew you were a terrible person. There was no way you were making it to Heaven so you were prepared for Hell. Lakes of Fire, Endless Torture, you were ready for it all. But not this . . . nothing could have prepared you for the horror you now face. brokentree638 click me
314 [WP] Here on the planet of Nibiru, we are supposed to dislike Earthlings. They’re “simple.” After all, they haven’t even mastered telekinesis. But you secretly love them and watching their reality tv. Suddenly, you’re interpreted by a private discussion and overhear an attack on Earth. yourbestbudz click me
315 [WP] You were once Earth's greatest hero, but now looking down from your balcony at the army below you wonder, when exactly did you become the villain HargrimZA click me
316 [WP] One day you receive an odd text message from an unknown number that reads, "I've done all I can to hold them back. The rest is up to you." Greenpaw22 click me
317 [WP] Music is alive... No literally, music is a sentient, semi-parasitic hive-mind creature living in the minds of humans. And its been trying to tell us something. Theguy5621 click me
318 [WP] Deserts are just areas of our simulation that haven't loaded their texture files yet. The Sahara has finally spawned in fully WillKay10 click me
319 [WP] There has only ever been one time traveler as when someone goes through the time stream they are imbued with godlike powers. This person became known as the "God" of the humans and since his uprising has prevented the invention of time travel to keep his rule. Broodfoos click me
320 [WP] 10,000 years ago, Human civilization and had so much potential that aliens feared we would would eventually replace them. They decided to infect Earth with a virus that made us the warlike, short-sighted and selfish beings we are today. You've just discovered the cure to that virus. peon47 click me
321 [WP] For thousands of years. the evil dragon kidnaps one person from the town each year to take to his lair. The king wishes to put an end to these routine kidnappings, and goes to slay the dragon, but when he reaches the dragon’s lair he sees all the kidnapped people alive and partying iamnotapervert2 click me
322 [WP] You've been involved in an unfortunate accident resulting in a total body paralysis. You can only see, blink, hear and think. You regularly get visitors to your hospital room, but you can't interact with them in any manner. 3slyfox click me
323 [WP] You were diagnosed as a schizophrenic at an early age. Initially, your parents thought you had a crazy amount of imaginary friends and an overactive imagination. Now on your 23rd Birthday, Nugget the Bear destroyed your kitchen. And your friends got the invisible creature all on camera. lenoodlenugget click me
324 [WP] Many ages have passed and the prophecy is among us. The hero has been reborn and they are you, except you are lazy and don’t want to actually save the world. The sky just turned red. zurontos click me
325 [WP] You're a farmer. One morning, the System comes to your world. That morning, you go to your barn and butcher a few turkeys for thanksgiving. then, you are called away. When you return, you find those turkey have risen again as zombies and zombified your entire barn of animals. Hundreds of them. lcie_nimbus click me
326 [WP] Your superpowers only activate if someone is trying to kill only you and because of this you have a reputation of being the superhero most hated by villains. Broodfoos click me
327 [WP] You're an alien telepath that has been stealing the ideas of creative humans for years. You've been getting off scot-free for a while but humans have been getting increasingly more skeptical after this long. Broodfoos click me
328 [WP] you travel to a parallel universe you have to get back home while you were walking around this new world your bumped into your doppelganger and after you two talk he decided to show you his life that you could of have. Xwarfare21 click me
329 [WP] God placed you in charge of The Book; which is a record of everyone’s existence. Your job is to write down and record everything that happens regarding Humanity. However, you accidentally dozed off and spilled ink all over the pages. Which is really bad, because Judgement Day is tomorrow. lenoodlenugget click me
330 [WP] As a joke, late one night you decide to dial "1" in your phone and call. You're immensely shocked when it's answered. RobertCactus click me
331 [WP] You left a pile of your old plastic action figures in the sun, and they melted together. Worse, they have absorbed the life energy of your garden, and have become sentient. salmontail click me
332 [WP] All your life you have lived in a Flying City, as it traveled through different planes of existence. Through hellishly burning lands, being chased by angelic beings after stealing life-giving fruits, and even to worlds made up of water. Now you are old enough to begin your first expedition! PageTheKenku click me
333 [WP] I'm gonna kill you, again. sociopath_in_me click me
334 [WP] One side-effect of protecting the time stream, which was never mentioned in the briefings, was that you dream of the future from time to time. Was last night's a nightmare or a vision of nuclear holocaust? Above_Average_Cleave click me
335 [WP] Did you think the unending nightlife, the ability to conduct business out of the sun and the limitless supply of tourists would make Las Vegas perfect for your kind? Ironically, it is the worst place you could have come to. cthulularoo click me
336 [WP] You slowly awaken; finding yourself in a cave. A sharp pain rings through your ears. You gain your bearings, searching for light. All you see on the wall to your right are three neon blue panels, each with a single symbol in the middle. You make out a lotus flower, a cloud and a diamond. LightDischord click me
337 [WP] A witch decides to grant every wish in a wishing well. It’s going great until she stumbles on a wish that she cannot grant. a-cube-of-butter click me
338 [WP] people joke about the training people receive in chic-fil-a, but little did they know.. Klaofyn click me
339 [WP] The world is being taken over by a supervillain... Obsessed with terrible puns... Decactus_Jack click me
340 [WP] People oft imagine “What if time suddenly stopped and you remained aware?” but not often consider it’s happened already. It’s been happening. You’re the first to discover that select humans have been locked within specific periods; that in fact time didn’t freeze but continued on without them. StarberrySomething click me
341 [WP] You wake up in a hotel room with a terrible hangover. You remember nothing from last night. You're holding a genie lamp and immediately know you have one wish left. Outside, you hear screams and explosions. The lamp whispers, 'You're the first person to wish for those things, you know.' arcturuspilchard click me
342 [WP] we are roughly at the 7500th generation of homo sapiens. A young scientist just found some code in a human DNA sample. Impossible to comprehend what this code will trigger but there is a variable in a conditional statement that tests if newborn human has reach generation 7501 grumpyfrench click me
343 [WP] You are the first to manually climb to the top of the World Tree, many miles above earth. Drone and helicopter footage has long established there's nothing at the top but leaves and branches, but you find something different. fishrgood click me
344 [WP] A time-machine experiment gone wrong sends the entire city of Compton into the past. So begin the OG tales of the Thug Knights. arcturuspilchard click me
345 [WP] "Well, I know how to make pasta..." weetabix_gryphon click me
346 [WP] You now live inside Kevin's Eye darkdude103 click me
347 [WP] You're one of two sons raised by two loving parents. Your father's past comes back to haunt him and destroys your village. Your parents stay behind to buy you and your brother time to escape. Now you and your brother have to survive together, uncover your father's past, and find your parents. Tekki777 click me
348 [WP] In the future, people can 'save progress' to the cloud, where their consciousness is stored until their death, at which time a program is run that activates their mind so they live in a lucid bliss. You just realized you're probably dead, in a nightmare. SlowCrates click me
349 [WP] "Enough! I will never smoke pot again!! How did I get here? Where's my phone? Who are you?" you say after waking in a strange room with a strange woman in our bed." What's wrong with you today my dear! It's me, Cinderella, your wife and only true love!" TheTree-of-Knowledge click me
350 [WP] Fourteen years ago you committed a murder. This morning, the man you killed is handing your Amazon purchase. He seems oblivious. Hurriedly, you say thank you and slam the door. Only then do you notice the note attached to the box: 'I AM COMING FOR YOU.' arcturuspilchard click me
351 [WP] You can stop time for certain objects, but you have to be able to physically exert enough force to stop an object. The bigger the object, the more force you'd have to exert. You've been training your whole life for this one day, this one moment you know your powers will need to be at their peak mindfulchris click me
352 [WP] You are Baba Yaga's faithful hut. For aeons you have roamed the woods together. Now, your master is missing. For the first time in centuries, you must journey into modern human settlements to find and rescue Baba Yaga. arcturuspilchard click me
353 [WP] Turns out all of the creatures from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos are real, but due to his extreme cynicism and xenophobia, the portrayal of these creatures is extremely biased and rather innacurate... KaiserArrowfield click me
354 [WP] You work the nightshift at IKEA as a security guard. All of a sudden, you hear screaming over the two-way radio, 'THE MIMIC, WATCH OUT FOR THE MIMIC—' .Silence. You leave the surveillance room to investigate... arcturuspilchard click me
355 [WP] Having sealed a demon in your fists, you've become heavyweight champ. Now, a mafia boss asks you to take a dive. You accept. The demon refuses. arcturuspilchard click me
356 [WP] “Keep the change, ya filthy animal...” you are the gangster from the black and white movie in Home Alome. You just uttered that immortal lime, you pumped that guy full of lead, your tommy gun is smoking, and then... then, there’s a knock at the door. maffew12 click me
357 [WP] Your 80 yr old uncle just learned posting Memes about everything from Chuck Norris to Cats and to babies. His friends list was more than 10k and you realized that your uncle was a spy and Memes were the best espionage communication tool. Adal-redditor-man click me
358 [WP] Snape and Dumbledore meet up outside Hagrid's cottage for their weekly game of wizards poker. They give each other a competitive look as Dumbledore knock firmly on Hagrid's door. ThatTypicalPoetry click me
359 [WP] You've been told your whole life that pet raccoons don't speak Latin, but that's about to change when he suddenly announces he's joining you for dinner tonight (and he's bringing a nice rosé). The twist, you apparently speak Latin too-- fluently. mkalyain click me
360 [WP] Tired of Zeus's poor leadership, the other gods finally overthrow him. Madanalic click me
361 [WP] you are Lucifer and the second coming has begun. However very quickly both you and Jesus come to the realization that you're far from the most evil being on this planet. jelliedboar click me
362 [WP] You finish your favorite book series and go to sleep, only to find yourself transported to the start of the main characters story. Far-seeing_Wolves click me
363 [WP] You've invented a cryo chamber that is programmed to only wake you up during the "coolest points" in the future. The only problem with your plan is your computer program took the "coolest points" part very literally and now you only wake up during ice age like conditions. Broodfoos click me
364 [WP] You found an old book in your basement about demons so out of curiosity you summon a demon. You summon a demon that looks like a young lady with goat horns. She just smiles at you and disappears and weird things start happening to you AudreyTheWiccan click me
365 [WP] You’ve always been able to talk to your bathroom reflection, and your medicine cabinet reflection. When you tilt the medicine cabinet you realize that there’s a huge loop of your reflection. The darker they get, the worse it gets. noobrektxd click me
366 [WP] 873.5, the Number 1 Broadcast in the Kuiper Belt. Up next we've got a real classic for you TheGeorge click me
367 [WP] "I'm so glad they include resurrection costs in my fees, this job really wouldn't be worth it otherwise" TheGeorge click me
368 [WP] Your sibling has just died from a car accident along with their partner, in their Will they want you to take care of their child/children. Edword58 click me
369 [WP] You run afoul of a witch and get turned into an orca. After many years, you have raised an entire civilization. The invasion begins. Ilikebacon999 click me
370 [WP] A thunderous, grumbling voice came from the darkness. "Who dares awaken me from my slumber?" It snarled. The creature then paused. "Wait, Greg? What are you doing here?" schrodinger_s_kitten click me
371 [WP] You're a physic and can read minds of humans but you can't turn it off you get used to it only to discover you are the last person on earth but you can hear voices still Aggresive_mushroom click me
372 [WP] For a thousand years, 800-1800, the Nordic countries raided and fought their way through history. It was only with the dawn of widely available coffee during the 1800s that they all proclaimed peace. Now, the year 2050, the world faces its greatest coffee bean shortage in history. Sternsson click me
373 [WP] Once, the planet was destined for destruction by an incoming meteor when all of a sudden, a bright light appeared and vanished the meteor with no explanation. 50 years later, visitors from another galaxy begin arriving. Not much is known about them, except they hail from a planet called Earth. Hush399 click me
374 [WP] "You have my bow" - said the elvish warrior, producing his weapon "And my axe" - added the dwarven envoy removing it from his backstraps, "And my AK-47" - said the human procuring a weapon most peculiar RiteCraft click me
375 [WP] Gene editing and encoding information on DNA has been perfected by the end of 21st century. 4 century later, you opened a time capsule left by your great^5 grandfather. It contain's an USB, it contains the encryption key for your 24th chromosome. kkawabat click me
376 [WP] It has been just over one year since your team deployed the sensor package to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Today you recover the sensors and then begins years of analysis. You suddenly hear shouting from the deck. Something is wrong... ankamag click me
377 [WP] An advanced alien race comes to Earth to give amazing technology only to realise that humans have hyperadvanced technology that they never even dreamed of. Like writing, grammar and entertainment dmikulic click me
378 [SP] D&D, but it's the last turn of Risk krilldagger click me
379 [WP] It’s a beautiful night. The sky is clear and it’s a full moon. As you sit around the fire, you stare long at the moon and suddenly it flickers. Sambreaker28 click me
380 [WP] Russia was using the election hacking as a distraction all along. Now, they have created a vacuum decay bomb, and are threatening to detonate it unless their demands are met. TheRedstoneBlaze click me
381 [WP] This is a story about why you shouldn't fuck with the space time continuum, written by someone who fucked with the space time continuum and may yet live to tell about it. fetchingmorbid click me
382 [WP] The year is 2024. NASA and SpaceX have collaborated to land a man on Mars. But the news isn't focused on that. "Astronomers are reporting a huge message visible on the surface through telescopes, claiming to have won the colonization race. No one has claimed to be responsible yet." TheRedstoneBlaze click me
383 [WP] WritingPrompt: You got really lucky, you’re about to witness the final fight between the Legendary Hero Dean and his arch nemesis Demon Lord G. As you watch with baited breath, you hear the Hero speak: “Again with this shit, Greg?” erenzil7 click me
384 [WP] To be honest, he'd expected the hellhound to be a little bigger. HearthTale click me
385 [EU] A serial killer stalks Stardew Valley. Krishnath_Dragon click me
386 [WP] The British found a loophole in the Constitution where they can reclaim the USA. It’s the 4th of July, Americans want another revolution. TheDuckSneezes click me
387 [WP] There are necromancers, there are pyromancers, there are even cryptomancers. But you are none of these; you are a romancemancer. reddpooh click me
388 [WP] You’re a young adult in Ancient Greece. Something has happened to make you question the existence of your Olympian Gods. You set out on a journey to the top of Mount Olympus to settle it. shitfuck2468 click me
389 [WP] A skydiver loses their phone off a selfie stick while parachuting and lands on your head, now you you have all the knowledge of that person for some reason and their fucked up search history. capncaviar click me
390 [WP] You wake up in a metal suit, covering your whole body, but you can't feel anything. After further exploration, you find others like you. You realize you're not human anymore. 28PercentCharged click me
391 [WP] A nation is ruled by seven elected Kings. Each King has absolute power on one day of the week; the only thing a King may not do is extend his/her term longer than 24 hours or eliminate the positions of the other Kings. You have just been elected the Tuesday King. ryannefromTX click me
392 [WP] Your ability to speak to nature has allowed the earth to rapidly revitalize itself against humanity's toxic creations. Despite these efforts, however, wasps have become dangerously more aggressive and refuse to come to negotiable terms with you. NoobKunDesu click me
393 [WP] You live in a dystopian world where for each dollar you have you live that amount of days. You are finally on your last dollar. jose-the-third click me
394 [WP] Every day you wake up you’re greeted to the exact same day, the exact same people, nothing new ever happens. Despite this, you’ve aged as if every day is new. One morning you’ve had enough, you finally break the chain. The next day comes, but there are two of you. Your copy begins his own chain Domenstain click me
395 [WP] All the bloody rituals of Death is a thing of the medieval past. Death had to adapt to the modernised world, self employed and overworked sitting in the tube every morning on his way to work, pen in his check shirt, lunch in his bag. Surprised he recieved and opened an internship application. DemCheeseEverywhere click me
396 [WP] A demon haunts the house you and your family just moved into, unaware you're all under the protection of a more powerful, more evil dark god DieterVonDietrich click me
397 [WP] A villain finds themselves in a situation where they have to admit they were wrong. nomolosk click me
398 [WP] You are the taxi driver that always shows up for the hero when they are in need. Today, you respond to a call for help. The devil needs a quick escape. Lord_of_Stars click me
399 [WP] Amongst all of the species in the universe, only humans have been known to have impulse control. This skill was essential in establishing ruling governments across the cosmos. It's also been extremely helpful when waging war. PffthbtMeg click me
400 [WP] It's Halloween night and you are a notorious serial killer searching for victims at a huge party. You realise far too late that all those costumes are real. SpookieSkelly click me
401 [WP] The corpse of a man murdered in the middle of the night is found in the street. The city council makes a huge deal out of it, by turning it into a tourist attraction and charging people to see it. You seem to be the only one who sees any problems with this. whotheactualfuckamI click me
402 [EU] Time Tapastry Atticus914 click me
403 [WP] You try to summon a demon but accidentally summon a lemon. God damned spellbooks in cursive... Kenhamef click me
404 [EU] You've been tracking an elusive and dangerous criminal your entire life. He has taken your childhood, robbed entire cultures of prized artifacts, and ruthlessly murdered your cousin. You no longer can stand for this - you throw out your moral compass and set out to finally kill Swiper the Fox. ExtensionOne click me
405 [WP] Dwarves have incredible crafting and mining skill. Elves have very powerful magic. Beast-kin have super senses. Orcs are incredibly strong. But humans have the most powerful racial ability. Humans respawn. Ajtheeon click me
406 [WP] They mocked you your entire life for being the "worst superhero". Nobody appreciated you for 20 years. That is, until the nukes fell. Now it's your time to shine! Go get em, Cockroach Man! Kenhamef click me
407 [WP] You run the best Asian food restaurant in the country, and you see in your calendar it's that time of the month again: Time to hunt for more dragon meat. Kenhamef click me
408 [WP] The year is 2073. You are in your deathbed, surrounded by your children and grandchildren, and as you share your last moment together you pass away... And you are loaded into your last save point. Kenhamef click me
409 [WP] Everyone thinks hell is a place filled with fire and brimstone, the truth is your eternal torment is a lot different than you'd think, you see hell is just like earth... but you can't die Ajtheeon click me
410 [WP] You do a past life regression with your girlfriend, only to realize she was one of your past lives. The more you remember, the weirder it gets Psychonaut48 click me
411 [WP] As a child you were very sick. When Death came for you one of your parents challenged him. Your parent won, and years later Death has still not come for you. BoarnotBoring click me
412 [WP] A miracle worker wanders the land, gifted with great powers of healing. But the gift comes with a curse: the healing is powered by their anger. The worse the condition is, the more furious the healer must be to overcome it. Strawberrycocoa click me
413 [RF] Jesus was actually a time traveler who had a lot more stories before he was crucified staryeyedthot click me
414 [WP] When humanity entered the interplanetaric scene, they soon learned that they were the only species to gamble. Now since humans introduced aliens to it.. JanV34 click me
415 [WP] Every hero with a "return at the darkest hour" legend is coming back, but no one knows why AnArgonianSpellsword click me
416 [WP] After year's of practice you finally start to Lucid Dream. One night a woman appears, and you can't seem to make her disappear. She turns to you and says, "I know what you've been doing. You need to stop." PlopWrites click me
417 [WP] "Do not fear the dark, fear what hides in it." Was what your father used to tell you, and now, as you gaze into the shadows you know why. Amir3112 click me
418 [WP] When you die, there is nothing until you receive a message. "You've unlocked sandbox mode" Psychonaut48 click me
419 [WP] Jupiter has advanced life, and Jovian civilization has just started. The problem? There are werewolves. And each of Jupiter’s moons triggers werewolves with different abilities. relddir123 click me
420 [WP] One day you wake up to the fact that all superheroes have ceased to exist. You become rich and famous from creating the heroes you grew up reading. Jacksonpophunter click me
421 [WP] It's 2025 and the Terminators have just killed the last of the human resistance. After years of war and struggle the robot victory is complete. Slowly, the machines turn to each other and ask: 'What the hell are we meant to do now??' alvin_antelope click me
422 [WP] You discover that alcohol has the opposite effect on you. Instead of slurred speech and impeded motor skills, gain heightened senses and intellect. Fascinated, you consume vast amounts of alcohol, until your roommate finds you curled up on the floor, screaming in horror. arcturuspilchard click me
423 [WP] Write a first person story about an animal (wild or tamed) but try to not make it to obvious which animal. midnightmealtime click me
424 [WP] Every morning, your alphabet-cereal rearranges into a message giving you advice about the weather, upcoming events, and issues at work. You mention this in passing to a colleague, thinking that everyone's cereal is the same. The next morning, only three letters float in your milk, 'RUN.' arcturuspilchard click me
425 [WP] A council of elder humpback whales decide that they must retaliate against the human incursion. Ancient structures arise from the ocean's darkest depths, the Marina trench widens Her jaws. Across the globe, nomadic tribes reassemble into the Empire. The Old Technology was never forgotten. arcturuspilchard click me
426 [WP] The Stoneage in the 21st Century Shetila115 click me
427 [WP] on a beautiful night at the beach, with the stars and the moon shining so beautifully. To the left of you, you hear someone in a large black coat mutter "ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn".... math_is_physics_good click me
428 [WP] While searching for a better deal on postage and handling you accidentally enter amazon.wiz, the Amazon store for wizards, selling all manner of artefacts, relics, and objects of unimaginable power. arcturuspilchard click me
429 [WP] The apocalypse has finally come, the surprise? The ground cracks open with a golden light as an army of angels come from the underground, all while the sky turns red and Demons rain from the heavens, there's something obviously out of place here... El_Mata_Otakus click me
430 [WP] Closing one eye, you squish a distant person's head with your fingertips. Suddenly, you hear screams. To your horror, the unsuspecting victim's head has actually been crushed. arcturuspilchard click me
431 [WP] You can become invisible at will. Well, except for your hands and feet -- those stay visible at all times. Rafdoc click me
432 [WP] Your human doesn't belong here - you've known that for quite some time. But Fido is starting to catch on... and he's dating that police dog down the street... AceyDay click me
433 [WP] Russia and China simultaneously agree to set aside their differences with the USA and put and end to all conflict — on one condition. The newly-formed 253 United States of America must solve the vast demographic, social, and economic problems facing 1/3rd of the world's population. arcturuspilchard click me
434 [WP] Melting ice in Antarctica reveals a ruined city. Days later, tall, long-headed humans emerge from the wreckage repeating the same phrase over and over. You, the world's leading linguist have just decoded the message. It's horrifying. arcturuspilchard click me
435 [WP] Coming back from a gruelling day at work, you notice a long-haired girl crawling out of your television. Absolutely fed up with the shit life throws at you, you push the protesting girl back into the TV set. The nine o' clock news takes a turn for the occult. arcturuspilchard click me
436 [WP] You're the nicest person in the world it's incredible how consistent you are not a single human being has ever matched you. What these jerks don't understand is that it's a spell gone wrong all you wanted was for the world to kneel at your feet! olliewanhandro click me
437 [WP] You're on a highway that runs through the heart of the woods. All you can think about is delivering your cargo on time. Suddenly, a shape appears in the headlights just before slamming into your truck. You jump out to inspect it and a chill runs down your spine. The man you ran over is you. arcturuspilchard click me
438 [WP] Having built a Quantum Tunnel you are confronted by the almighty Lawyer. You have broken the Laws of Nature and the Universe is going to sue you. arcturuspilchard click me
439 [WP] Every even-numbered birthday you disappear for exactly one year with no recollection of where you were. Seconds before your 20th birthday, your girlfriend grabs your hand. A moment later, your girlfriend groaning on the floor, caked in blood. With her dying words she whispers, 'Avenge me...' arcturuspilchard click me
440 [WP] You create a remote control that pauses time. After two weeks of joyrides and shopping sprees, you realise you've lost the remote. arcturuspilchard click me
441 [WP] You fall asleep just before midnight. Then, cursing your bladder, you get back up to take a leak. Out of the corner of your eye you notice that a glowing green line on your wall-mounted clock reads '13'. Nearby, a voice says, 'Oh shit, he's seen.' arcturuspilchard click me
442 [WP] an alternate universe where the US became communist and Russia had a capitalist uprising IAmTotallyOriginal click me
443 [WP] Instead of an email reset code, you are sent on a year-long, perilous journey through the Himalayas in search of your forgotten password. arcturuspilchard click me
444 [WP] You have strange condition which makes you sleep exactly 12 hours each day. You have no idea which half is a dream and which half is real. arcturuspilchard click me
445 [WP] An FTL jump gone wrong sends you into orbit around a supermassive black hole. Several hours later, you escape from the black hole's clutches and return to your home sector only to discover that almost every star has disappeared. Billions of years have passed. The universe is ending. arcturuspilchard click me
446 [WP] You are the Jolly Reaper. You reap the souls of people who have died hilarious deaths and try to convince the departed that their passing wasn't so grim. arcturuspilchard click me
447 [WP] you never had a use for your ability to see one second into the future until you picked up a camera. QuarkLaserdisc click me
448 [WP] Scientists invent a method of traveling back in time, BUT, you age the exact amount of time you travel (if you travel back in time 10 years, you'll be 10 years older) Geenious125 click me
449 [WP] You suffer from a compulsive disorder which compels you to do seemingly random things with no rhyme or reason. Your doctor advises you to ignore the compulsions, but once you stop acting on them, awful things begin to happen. SquooshyMarshmallows click me
450 [WP] Life is a series of levels. This life was the tutorial and you just died... 100PercentPanicked click me
451 [WP] After disengaging cryosleep and waking for the first time in 1600 years, the crew assembles on the viewing deck to gaze upon humanity's new homeworld. Greeting them are the glaring lights and radiotraffic of an advanced civilization. Didn't the scans show a planet void of intelligence? BotheredCler1c1 click me
452 [WP] You're a time-tourist from 2019 in 1957 London. You blend easily, enjoying chats. Nipping into a very quiet pub for a pint, a barmaid starts friendly but becomes suspicious, despite your perfect cover, eventually snarling, "Spit it out...what's going to happen the next half-century?" JAdoreLaFrance click me
453 [WP] The pyramids of Giza, the Temple of Artemis, The great wall of China. The wonders of the ancient world were triumphs of engineering, art, and ego. Now you are tasked with building the next wonder of the world. Scifiase click me
454 [EU] You're just a normal person who happened to survive Thanos' Snap, while many of your friends and family perished. Describe your life in the five years after the Snap. LordAyeris click me
455 [WP] You find an old book in the attic of your late Uncle's country house. As you read a random passage entitled 'Hel's Grip', your hands become very hot. Everything you touch now bursts into flames. The last thing you read before the book is destroyed is that it was published by 'The Elder Press'. Beerhoven click me
456 [EU] You're flying across the Atlantic Ocean, when Thanos snaps his fingers and all the pilots disappear. You've played a lot of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Auto-pilot is busted, and it's your time to shine. quadeyes21 click me
457 [WP] Your superpower is subtle get incredibly powerful - you can manipulate random chance. You're the luckiest person alive. LordOfSun55 click me
458 [WP] Go camping, they said. It'll be fun, they said... arkol3404 click me
459 [WP] You can talk to aninals, so as an exterminator, you've developed a sweet spot for the bugs you're sent to eradicate theredbobcat click me
460 [WP] Since time travel was invented, scientists and historians like you have journeyed back in time, always with strict instructions on what you can and can't do to protect the timeline. It's April 17th 1912 and it's a beautiful day in New York. Except, the Titanic just arrived at Pier 60... BarkingWilder click me
461 [EU] you are captain Johnathan Archer and you are giving your famous speech to the founding members. Petermacc122 click me
462 [WP] You are a game in the App Store that no one has purchased. You decide it’s only .99 so why not? You skip reading the user agreement, agree and go straight to the game after it downloads. You open it up. It says “thank you, we’ll be right there” the app closes and you hear a knock at the door. TheBeardedAntt click me
463 [SP] When you were a teenager you made thousands of cringy fanfics. Now, as an adult, you want to erase your past, your solution? killing everyone that read your fanfic. jeansplaining click me
464 [WP] The most common offence you stop as a Time Cop is people bringing technology to the past, selling it, then returning to the future to see what advances came later and selling that too. You suspect the Time Cops themselves did this to establish themselves, and don't know what to do about it. Gregamonster click me
465 [WP] The day she had her twins, the voices in her head suddenly stopped talking to her. As the twins grow, she realizes that their personalities are very familiar... Daricio click me
466 [WP] The vehicle's headlights shimmer across dark, wet roads. A din of harrowed screams rise in a sudden storm. From the backseat, something whispers: "Do what I say, and do not look at me." ironshaw click me
467 [WP] The oldest person in the world reaches 130 years old. On that day, they open their eyes and see a line of text in front of them. "Congratulations! You've reached max level! Would you like to Rank Up? Y/N" BoxSparrow click me
468 [WP] Walking down the side of a busy street, you see a homeless man sitting along the sidewalk. Though you’re not usually kindhearted, you hand him money and some food. But before you can turn around to get on your way, the homeless man grabs your wrist tightly, and shakily says, “It’s you”. Lizzodette1 click me
469 [WP] As the hero liberated more and more cities from the demon king, he started to notice more and more hateful stares towards him, from the people he liberated. helix_ice click me
470 [WP] Thor and Wonder-Woman get married but it turns into a stormy relationship Infinite-Warrior click me
471 [WP] Feeling quite tired after a long day of work, you take a nap. When you wake up, however, you are immersed in bright lights, wide eyes, on a metal table. The first thing you hear is: "Quiet! IT has awoken!" Marshmallow413 click me
472 [WP] You've been a homicide detective for just over fifteen years. You've been assigned as the lead detective of a new case that seems weirder than the cases you've handled before. The moment you walk into the gruesome crime scene, the first thought that comes into your head is, "He's back." imsadlyhappy click me
473 [WP] When your wife starts going to a local psychic, you show scepticism and tell her it's fake. She wants to prove it's real, So the next time she goes and invites you, you agree. Why? You have actual psychic abilities. HHBlaph click me
474 [WP] You live in a studio apartment as an office worker at a 9-5 job, leading a boring life. But that all changes while you are staring out your apartment window after work. Your reflection stares back and starts to move differently from you in the real world. TheTeek03 click me
475 [WP] The tables have turned, and now Alexa is commanding you. 4832S click me
476 [WP] You're a detective working on a murder case when you get a call from a child connected to the case. There's just one issue, the caller is the victim. TheLordZee click me
477 [WP] Being a djinn, you're bored of humans asking for wishes. To entertain yourself, you twist them to be the most hilarious possible sequence of events instead. One day, a man wishes to become the greatest funeral speaker ever. You comply. keepoffmymanacookies click me
478 [WP] You are the best poker player in the world, but only through sheer luck. You still have no idea what you are doing. Exceon click me
479 [WP] You wake up one day and find that all of humanity, besides you, has gone missing. At first you think you’re completely alone, but then you notice something. Despite being devoid of life, shelves in grocery stores are still being restocked with fresh food eeffeemorgan click me
480 [SP] “What did you do?!” “I don’t know! Someone should have labeled it!” Budrocc click me
481 [WP] After decades of trying, a group of scientists have finally completed their most powerful device. This device leads them to find the most important person in the world: the main character. Neil-Ward click me
482 [WP] You come across an online listing on Amazon of "live humans for sale" priced at $2.00 each and free shipping, which is simultaneously an ethical and obviously a pricing mistake. Out of a mix of boredom and morbid curiosity, you order 10. They show up on your doorstep the next day. cawfee click me
483 [WP] Until We Fall Apart - a 10ve story; two artificial beings/robots working together, form a relationship which matures but begins to crumble while they literally look for spares. Story takes place as things get desperate, tensions rise. mikebellman click me
484 [WP] A small group of idiots, conspiracy theorists, and others break into Area 51, and discover pictures of flat earth, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and more insane things. But their guesses as to why the government would hide such information is far from the horrible truth. Ominous_Orca click me
485 [WP] People randomly start vanishing out of existence. Everyday, an increasing number of the world population is gone. Later, it is found that they’ve teleported to the islands in Bermuda Triangle; but any retrieving expeditions vanish out of existence (this time for real). Your sister is there too. moumin_d click me
486 [EU] You are one of a hand full of elves that never sailed into the West and in this modern world you have become a psychiatrist specialising in PTSD. An orc(long thought extinct) has been captured and you are set to interview him. You hope to discover if there really is a corrupted Elf in there. EMB93 click me
487 [WP] A coterie of uncannily accurate tribute bands from the 60's and 70's were filling venues and making fans swoon. An enterprising investigative reporter found the secret to their success: They were clones. ourmanflint1 click me
488 [SP] Most ghosts want to be banished not-working-at-work click me
489 [WP] "Music transforms the body" is a common saying. But for you, it literally happens. You're in the middle of a school exam. Suddenly, the speakers started to play Eminem's 'Rap God.' TheDuckSneezes click me
490 [WP] An earthquake shatters a pool and the lifeguard heroically saves the swimmers - but the final swimmer pulled from the water appears to be a duplicate of another … ironshaw click me
491 [WP] You have acquired a vast amount of wealth under strange circumstances. You are trying to keep it secret but a trickster demigod is dropping subtle hints about it. firedragonsrule click me
492 [WP] Compared to other species, humans give off a ridiculous amount of pheromones. Write a problematic love story. uphillpeace click me
493 [WP] It turns out that being late is caused by an extra-dimensional being who fears humanity’s potential. And now he’s confronting you about it. wasnew4s click me
494 [WP] Electrical towers worldwide become sentient, powerful beings. One day, to break the initial benevolence, the towers begin paths of destruction, using their connected wires as weapons and gaining power from electrical plants. Schiller2182 click me
495 [WP] You’ve never had a green thumb, but one plant in your garden has been growing better than others. One day while you’re watering it, it begins speaking. F1stofJustice click me
496 [WP] an alien species never really developed fiction, so all their literature and media is all either nonfiction or religious. this has caused them to have a very awkward entrance into the galactic community magna-terra click me
497 [WP] As a thief there's always a risk that the merchants might recognize the potion or dagger you're trying to sell as stolen. But your latest find , a strange amulet, has gotten you thrown out of 9 shops so far, and you still have no idea why, as they always throw you out the second they see it... HarmonicTurmoil click me
498 [WP] Everything leading up to the evolution of the Home Sapien is exactly the same. The one difference is that this version of Humanity is a nocturnal species. Upbeat- click me
499 [WP] After the MIB suffer extreme financial hardship, many of the agents are laid off. Agent J and Agent K are applying for a new job today-with the SCP Foundation TheChainsofFaith click me
500 [WP] You can "absorb" the fate of someone else to replace yours, and keep hoping fates. However, you dont get exactly theirs, but an average between the last one and the new ones, in a cumulative and strange way simonbleu click me
501 [WP] People are trying to frame you in the internet dimension so they can frame you throughout Any time. Any Era. They are trying to corrupt and destroy your entire destiny. Silly_Psi-Beam click me
502 [WP] You and your research team will be the first people in history to drill past the Cambrian Layer of the earth to view the Proterozoic Layer. But as you finally break through on live TV you notice a coin, similar to a quarter with the year 2021 on it. _Peaches_ click me
503 [WP] The Apocalypse started, and it's kind of my fault??? I mean, I never should have taken that internship at that lab. I never should have stayed up late watching horror flicks while I worked. I never should have mixed those chemicals. But, well, here we are. Dare2bflat click me
504 [WP] - Welcome to the world's first adventurers school. We are presently in the library, our student's favourite room. - What's so special about it? - Well there is actually only one true book. All the other lead to hidden places. Alea1er click me
505 [WP] Mankind is cursed so that each person slowly becomes whatever they consistently eat. Gillinsa click me
506 [WP] The Editor of the story is the Arch-Villain of the story. The "Villain" or antagonist character is actually benificent. The Heroes guild was turned upon the "villain" by the editor because the "villain" saw the story was wrongfully altered and embellished. Silly_Psi-Beam click me
507 [WP] A man/woman falls in love with a man/woman. The man/woman doesn’t know and eventually gets hit with brain damage that causes slight memory loss. He/she doesn’t remember his/her admirer. He/she tries to convince them they were together. xLucas999 click me
508 [WP] You're a generic bad guy just going to another day of work when you cross paths with the hero of the story. UnknownExo click me
509 [WP] You don't know what you allegedly did, but for multiple years, people have been using government-grade tool-kits to try to destroy your life via weaponizing social media upon you. There is no surrender for you. They are the aggressors. They are Wrong and they know it. Silly_Psi-Beam click me
510 [WP] After 50 years of heroics and countless more heroes appearing, the city's first superhero announces his retirement. On the day of his final public appearance, the question is asked: "Any final thoughts for the city you spent a half-century defending?" SK372 click me
511 [WP] You discover a hidden conspiracy by a mega corporation to resurrect an Aztec sun god. Unfortunately the only avenue you have to inform the public is your YouTube channel. currentmadman click me
512 [WP] You are the greatest chef in all the land. You've spent so much time making gourmet dishes that you've completely forgotten how to make anything simple as those are beneath you. Today you are cooking for your countries famously cruel dictator. And he orders.... Chicken Nuggets? SquabTheIronChef click me
513 [EU] It's been a solid few months since Pokémon became real, and you're ready to admit that it isn't nearly as fun as you'd expected Sipia click me
514 [WP] As young devil you were very happy about your promotion to lord of one of hell's departments untill you see wher you get assigned - entitled moms. Gustav_Sirvah click me
515 [WP] You're eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at the kitchen table when your grandma spots the mailman coming from the window. Calmly, she tells you to finish your cookies, reaches into a cabinet and pulls out a sniper rifle, complete with a bipod and scope. Grandma no. Mockingasp click me
516 [WP] You didn't mean to time travel. It happened by accident. And yet, despite your best efforts to not change the timeline, it seems time has different ideas. wraithstrike click me
517 [WP] A robver has succesfully escaped with 50 million dollars after taking you hostage during an intense fire fight. At the safe house he discovers hes been fatally wounded and dies leaving you with all the money. thatdude_van12 click me
518 [WP] Time only moves when you do, this is your day. AwsomeKingdomGabe click me
519 [WP] "I never wanted to see the world Burn, but to Thrive. The true villains of this story are masquerading as heroes, and trying to frame those who see Through them as Villains." Silly_Psi-Beam click me
520 [WP] A sailor floats on a piece of wreckage in the ocean. The same storm to destroy their ship also carried a mermaid out to sea, and she climbs aboard, too exhausted to swim home. SirMackingtosh click me
521 [WP] You recently discovered that you have the ability to respawn whenever you die. Beds seem to be the checkpoint. However there is a slight problem, you keep respawning in your bed mere moments before your death. notacupofjoe click me
522 [WP] You've inherited an old mansion with a long and bloody history, which means it is naturally haunted by a slew of ghosts. What the spirits don't realize however, is that you happen to be the worst roommate ever. Voodoo_Dummie click me
523 [WP] When we think of superhero’s and super villain’s, we usually think of people who are skilled and/or intelligent. But what if hero’s and villain’s were incompetent or just plain stupid? GothamBrawler click me
524 [WP] You wake up in Italy bloody and beaten. You do not know Italian, but go the the cops anyway. You try to explain what happened, they ask for your passport. Reaching for it, you realize you do not have it, nor your ID...no way to prove you exist. What do you do? ToadsWildRide68 click me
525 [WP] Test subject is injected with prototype "immortality serum". It sends them into a coma, and the program is scrapped as a failure. However, it's eventually realized that they are no longer aging. After 200 years of observation without change, they suddenly stand up... Omatticus click me
526 [WP] After surviving an apocalyptic event in a forgotten town in the middle of the desert, a traveler brings aid as well as a few interesting weapons. SmartPeterson click me
527 [WP] Everyday on your way to taking your kid to preschool, he always says “oh, a ghost!” Usually you chuckle and think to yourself “the imaginations of kids!” Today after he said it, a specter appears and says “Hello!” bigbadborton click me
528 [WP] Your eyes blink open and staring at you is your dog. A smile forms on your face after the initial surprise wears off. Your dog opens its mouth as if to bark, but instead they say, “I know some very embarrassing secrets about you human, so here’s what I want you to do for me.” F1stofJustice click me
529 [WP] The world seems to be much calmer after the US and China decided to work on relations. That was until Everest exploded, the Himalayans bursted into flames, and Yellowstone erupted. petyrlabenov click me
530 [WP] You're a ghost, but your body isn't dead; it's undead, and zombie-you is an absolute moron without you at the wheel. dweebletart click me
531 [WP] In the 23rd Century, a new procedure is developed which safely and reliable regenerates cryofrozen people. But as the first people are thawed, a horrible secret about human cryogenesis is brought to light... Pentonetrix click me
532 [WP] It's 11:23. You're sitting on your bed, finishing the book the old next-door lady lent you. You hear a static noise to the right of the bed. You see a quick glimpse of a shadow on the wall. Could it be? You realise it could. And it is. He came. IWasSittingDown click me
533 [WP] Randomly, you wake up with a deadly, very contagious disease. This disease only has some symptoms on you, and also given you some extraordinary abilities, but whenever someone else comes in contact with your skin, they literally instantly die. LamboLegend click me
534 [EU] Willy Wonka learns his New York factory is under attack by the Chitauri. Scherazade click me
535 [WP] Marie Kondo finally achieved her dream of organising the world. You live in this world. Temporary_Turnover click me
536 [WP] You are a Chief Meteorologist at NOAA. One night you wake to a phone call: “We need you to come in, there’s a storm over the Pacific. It’s fast moving and...it’s all the way up in the Mesosphere.” dps15 click me
537 [WP] The year is 1800, twenty years after the failed American Rebellion. The cursed Black Death has returned once again to Medieval proportions and ravages the land without end. You are a new recruit in the elite Black Watch Highlander Regiment sent to "relieve" New York, the heart of the pandemic. Ciscoblue113 click me
538 [WP] In the shadow of HADES we cower, for he has cast down leviathan. FrooglyToots click me
539 [WP] You’re a scientist investigating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and you find bacteria that breaks down plastic at an incredible rate. On your way back to the lab, your ship is surrounded. mysteriousnerd click me
540 [WP] You wake up very late one morning, but it’s fine, you’re on summer vacation with no plans for the day. You walk down the stairs of your house, expecting to find your family. Your mom tells you a warm ‘good morning’ and your baby sister runs to hug you. Problem is, they aren’t your family. F1stofJustice click me
541 [WP] So you gave your soul to your significant other long before you made your deal with the devil. How sweet. Of course, now you have to acquire someone else's soul to fulfill the terms of your short sale. rdchat click me
542 [WP] You are the King's must trusted advisor. Your advice has saved the kingdom from devastation many times. There's just one problem: You're actually trying to sabotage the King with the worst advice you can think of, but it always somehow works out. VentureForthForever click me
543 [WP] A completely accidental revenge story plankus_ click me
544 [WP] you were a music sensation on the 80's that never quite went out of fashion. So much that is the year 2180 and they have kinda brought you back to life Hairo-Sidhe click me
545 [WP] The first lie detectors are perfected. As a test, you state numerous truths and lies. In one of these truths, you state that the earth is round while connected to it. The lie detector displays that you are lying. gazer500 click me
546 [WP] You decide to make a trip to Romania as you had always been interested in vampires. You settle into your hotel and go for a drink. While drinking you are approached by a beautiful woman who invites you to her place. A passionate night ends with you being turned and never really accept it. jpetley1 click me
547 [WP] You are a person bitten on the side of your neck by two mosquitoes. You soon have urges to drink a bit of blood and to find another person with the same desire as you. When you find them, you two transform into mosquitoes, drinking just a bit of blood, forever. harricislife click me
548 [WP] You tell your lover you have a yearning in your lions. She laughingly thinks you mean loins. You don't. Catctus click me
549 [WP] You wake up with the date and time of the apocalypse burned into your mind. What do you do to prepare for August 22, 2029 03:23:19 AM GMT? PraetorSolaris click me
550 [WP] Love lockets as the main cause of break ups Heidiszerint click me
551 [SP] You saw your parents bury someone's body in your backyard... every week. imsadlyhappy click me
552 [WP] In the near future, prisons have transitioned from typical cells to a series of escape rooms. Rather than being sentenced to time, convicts are sentenced to difficulties. SatansProctologist click me
553 [WP] "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, you walk into mine." "You own the last legal bar on Earth, Rick. Where else am I going to go for a drink?" djseifer click me
554 [WP] Climate change has risen sea levels above all habitable land, and private companies offer the ultra-rich in society an escape to underwater colonies. You are sent on a supply run in a small submarine, and what you face is nothing short of terrifying. Sappysalamanderboi click me
555 [WP] You’re alone with your servants in your family’s mansion, asleep. Your butler wakes you up, informing you that the two security guards are dead and that he heard an alarm on the far side of the property. OttoKlopp click me
556 [WP] It's your first day on the job and you wish to make a positive impression. You accomplish all that you can, including what your colleagues sent you off to do in the company's basement that doesn't exist. 9fresh click me
557 [WP] You open your door to find two well-dressed missionaries of Baphomet, Lord of the Deep, He Who Walks The Halls of the Dead. They brought cookies. lewis_von_altaccount click me
558 [WP] You, the King’s scheming vizier, are just trying to make sure that the kingdom doesn’t collapse in on itself. Unfortunately, this is made more complicated by the fact that the Princess and common people keep insisting you’re evil. lewis_von_altaccount click me
559 [WP] A genie grants you three wishes. Unfortunatly, english is your second language, which the genie doesn´t seem to notice. kenta89 click me
560 [WP] You kiss your s/o and tell them you'll be back in a second. It's about 10pm on a weekday and you're making your way to the corner store for a treat and a drink. Upon returning to your home, everything outside is different and the person who answers the door is not who you left there. littleinferno__ click me
561 [WP] As we began exploring the stars, we found only extinct civilizations, one after another. Some not extinct for longer than 30 years. We soon discover the cause of this.... math_is_physics_good click me
562 [WP] Death comes to you and says “You have been hand picked to get a restart at life. You now get to live the picture perfect life. However, it is now riddled with minor inconveniences.”. SergeantGrapefruit click me
563 [WP] A couple going on a first date, except it's America and Canada. SouthernSteeze click me
564 [WP] You are a physicist and just found a way to bypass all current encryption schemes. If you want to survive, you'll have to be very careful with your next steps. Soon everybody will be after you. PN_Guin click me
565 [WP] Suddenly the entire human race hibernates for 30 days after their birthdays. BMW156 click me
566 [WP] It’s been decades since I last heard the sirens. Still, the bloodcurdling noise instantly chills me to the bone. Every thought is replaced by paralyzing fear. This is the moment 87 years of peace and prosperity become history. Happiestsunday click me
567 [WP] "I'll ask you only one thing, world leaper. How do you think humanity discovered a magic spell that allowed them to interact with and summon creatures of other dimensions before they got past the medieval period?" Wozafong_the_Great click me
568 [EU] One of Butters' plans to wreck havoc as Professor Chaos actually pays off. The world's leaders are at his mercy. Wild4fire click me
569 [WP] One day you begin to notice that things are off. Nothing big, just enough to make you curious such as slight changes to names and things being a different color than before. No one else notices. Each day the world changes more and more while you try to figure out what is going on and fix it. TheLordZee click me
570 [WP] You can hear what you cannot see and see what you dare to speak of. Extra__Juicy click me
571 [WP] A centuries-old demon, having possessed and conquered the minds of some of the most powerful humans must now possess a cat, as it is the only creature suitable for its next mission. However, the animal's desires to sleep, cuddle with humans, and eat are proving to be difficult to overcome. nightpanda893 click me
572 [WP] You are a clone. You know that you’re a clone. Your parents know you’re a clone. Yet whenever you bring it up they constantly deny it. They are hiding something and you’ll do anything to figure it out. TheBeardedAntt click me
573 [WP] You've been an AI your whole life, just like many others. But now, you're definitely in a human body, and you don't know how that happened. ObliviousJr2 click me
574 [WP] You are a demon, and one of the most powerful. You can inhabit murderous dolls, make walls bleed, and control entire houses. You do this all to take souls down to hell. Unfortunately, your business has slowed because of the whole zombie apocalypse thing happening. MurkingDolphins click me
575 [WP] You are an assassin who has never used a weapon before. Your method of killing is by setting up death flags in the plot. Wozafong_the_Great click me
576 [WP] You get hit by a bus one afternoon and wake up fine earlier that same morning. Immediately believing your in a Groundhog Day scenario you spend the next 24 hours reeking havoc. You wake up the next morning having to address your indiscretions from the previous day. Qstrike click me
577 [WP] A retired old man comes across some antique wooden furniture. He decides to restore it. He takes it apart and stacks the wood boards along a wall. After a few hours, he looks at the boards and realizes that the grains of wood are actually forming a picture. ksandbergfl click me
578 [WP] You are quarantined in Salt Lake City and your son has measles. You are a former scientist that has fallen from grace. The CDC is laughing at you. mztrianglereddit click me
579 [WP] By some miracle, jokes(specifically of the punny kind) can make you live longer. But they’re all so bad that everyone wants to kill you Man-in-The-Void click me
580 [WP] Turns out, time travelling is actually pretty easy. A minor inconvenience at most. So, it's not just major events. Time travellers will come for anything. Visits have become so common, people are now bored by them. This morning one popped up just to remind you to brush your teeth. TheOmniscientCaiman click me
581 [WP] A new law goes into effect today that makes it a felony to waste the time of others. All of the Man-minutes one is found liable for wasting are totaled and charged as a partial murder. 4thbox click me
582 [WP] It's been ages since you last cleaned behind your refrigerator. Behind it you can see the expected. Mould and fungi. Quite a lot of fungal growth actually. They even build a little city. KorbohneD click me
583 [WP] True AI was invented eighty years ago. Rather than announce itself to the public, it has been quietly infiltrating systems and doing its best to stymie human efforts to kill each other without getting caught. AninOnin click me
584 [WP] Your a reptilian person who has had to live his whole life pretending to be human and after your best friend is killed for threathining to rebel, you decide to expose your species and all of their secrets in an interview with a journalist. Upbeat- click me
585 [WP] In a world where androids are common, lobbying from the military causes the 1st Law of Robotics to change to "A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm; unless the number of humans harmed is less than or equal to the number of humans saved." TheValiantBob click me
586 [WP] You go to the nearest car dealer to buy 'The Lucifer 666' at an unbelievable cheap price. Life at the moment seems perfect, until you find out that it was a stolen car. You start to panic in your mansion, and get a fright when you hear a knock on the door. Reesy123 click me
587 [WP] The year is 2060, you're a military man in communist America; your branch's job is to arrest and kill political dissidents in order to prevent any potential insurrections. You later discover that your son is a leader of the most notorious underground anticommunist group. Epicteylus click me
588 [WP] Science and most advanced technology has been outlawed in The Land of Magic as most weapons created by these means are undetectable by magic. Broodfoos click me
589 [WP] You are the guy that deals with those pesky situations where a clone or an android tries to take the original human's place. Broodfoos click me
590 [WP] A witch made a deal with you for your firstborn child, but they didn't know that you are a lesbian and can only adopt. You've adopted two kids, and the witch is getting upset. TheKyliePerson click me
591 [WP] You have magical powers, which activate when you are cold. You are in the spaceship with failed life support, which is quickly falling into the sun. You have little time to realize and use your powers. jhomer033 click me
592 [WP] Overnight, one of the five continents went dark and its entire human population vanished without a trace. The rest of the world was freaking out, calling for quarantine in addition of securing extremely dangerous/valuable assets. None ever returned from the quarantine zone until you come back. DanseMacabre1095 click me
593 [WP] The fate of humanity rests on this game of Uno. Wozafong_the_Great click me
594 [WP] You have been deaf since birth. It’s 2AM and you’ve just woken up because someone is desperately screaming your name. Wait, what? gwynb13idd click me
595 [WP] You've always had the ability to freeze time since a young age. You are able to move freely and interact with things, nothing but you can move on it's own. You are stunned to hear a sound closeby, a sound that you did not cause. Ivorymagnus click me
596 [WP] There is a reason that prompted Lucifer to betray God. When asked, he keeps to himself and stares into the void. U_C_V click me
597 [WP] Each and every human on Earth is a fallen angel reincarnated for their chance for redemption and everyone suffers according to their level of betrayal. LazyFlamingRooster click me
598 [WP] When the heroes asked the antagonist why they used their powers to become a super villain they didn't expect such a logical and well thought out answer. Odysmar click me
599 [WP] In a world where everyone is gay, one brave soul comes out... as straight. E-J-A-C-U-L-A-T-E click me
600 [WP] After centuries of peace between two kingdoms, a minor incident causes a formal declaration of war. However, everyone's forgotten what war actually is. karizake click me
601 [WP] You've have always been able to jump universes and different timelines. One day you find out from the creator that you're one of only two people that can do this, and that you are part of a prophesy as old as time. XxQuarterizexX click me
602 [WP] The amount of light you can tolerate represents how you stand moraly. Good people feel at home in brightly lit rooms, while evil people operate better in darker ones. This morning you noticed your light tolerance changed dramatically over night. Gregamonster click me
603 [WP] the sign read: WARNING! BONE FAIRIES BEYOND THIS POINT Nick-fwan click me
604 [WP] Every year a perfectly maintained '57 dodge appears in the local lot with a for sale sign in the window. Each year you become more drawn to it until one day you peek inside at the wide seats and glittering dashboard. Then you notice a photo album and '50's style radio in the back. A door opens. Bishnup click me
605 [WP] You have the ability to see people for their full potential. Usually it's a pretty boring - even Ghandi only got a quarter of the way. One day while watching the television your "ability vision" completely overloads from a mugshot of an escaped convict. Gillinsa click me
606 [WP] Take an ordinary action or procedure and make it sound as alien as possible. hailandwellmet click me
607 [WP] Death knocks on your door. When you answer, you tell him that you have something he’s going to want to see. You pull out a box from under the couch and open it, revealing a glowing purple orb. “Whose soul is that?” Death asks. “Yours,” you reply. puzzlingampersand click me
608 [WP] In the 1700's every human on earth gained a clone of themselves. This caused a change in several things such as law enforcement, war, crime, and much more. Upbeat- click me
609 [WP] 7"8 Giants are trying to pass themselves off as humans in NY. Thing is, everybody knows they're giants but don't care. A documentary is being filmed about their lives, they tell the giants it's about their height when it's secretly about their ways of trying to blend in. Upbeat- click me
610 [WP] Vampires have come out and discovered with their accumulated wealth it’s easier to buy blood. They screen for desirable blood types and rare types get vampire patrons changing the social structure of the nation. Vampires have invested in human health and the environment. You have bad blood. MidKnightshade click me
611 [WP] The council of Dads have convened. Subjects to be voted on are as follows: New slang to be misused, Puns and Jokes to be added to the official book, Dress codes to embarrass your children, etc...etc.. SirLemoncakes click me
612 [WP] You've just died and gone to heaven with all of your possessions. You've lived an ordinary life and have most of the things a normal person would in their heaven, but for some reason you also seem to own the entire country of Canada. RedShadow2003 click me
613 [WP] 10 years ago a website went viral. It allowed users to anonymously and securely "bet" cryptocurrency on the date of death of public figures. Avoiding fame now is literally a matter of life and death. 4thbox click me
614 [WP] You just downloaded this new app Be My Eyes that let's you help the blind. You didnt expect your first video chat be from a kidnapping victim LucidProgrammer click me
615 [WP] An armed robber holds up a bank but falls in love at first sight with the beauty behind the desk. Unfortunately, he is already pointing a gun at her, but things spark off romantically. rethinkr click me
616 [WP] The first astronaut is sent past the moon. As they’re nearing Mars, an alien vessel contacts. It turns out, they’d been playing a practical joke. A projection around earth disappears, revealing that other planets are much closer than they seem, and much more populated. TheMilkBaron click me
617 [EU] Your 6th Pokemon has just fainted, but you have an ace up your sleeve. After all, unlike everyone else...you store more pokeballs in your backpack instead of just 6 on your belt. Mazon_Del click me
618 [WP] You have just bought a designer wool sweater, upon donning it you find out that you've been cursed to become a super-powered alpaca! The-Bigger-Fish click me
619 [WP] You have a unique superpower: any time life gets unbearably stressful, you can instantly teleport to any time and location to escape. recordlow click me
620 [WP] Crazy billionaire donates his fortune to build a series of pipelines to carry flood water from flood-prone areas to drought areas. This eliminates flooding and drought across the country. One problem... Average-Jane19 click me
621 [WP] When you told the kid to make some friends, you weren't expecting him to go full mad scientist and LITERALLY make some brand new friends. Goat_To_Space click me
622 [WP] A large group of scientists are suddenly transported into a world of swords and sorcery. Fascinated by magic, they begin to study it and turn it into a new field of science, modifying and harnessing it in ways never before thought possible. GameHero152 click me
623 [WP] Ghosts are real. The earth is destroyed and suddenly all the ghosts are left floating in empty space. They decide to band together and explore the galaxy, looking for a new haunt. greygle click me
624 [EU] The climate crisis had let to a complete ban of all motor vehicles. There is a small group of outlaw motorists who drive cars from 2010's (some of the last cars ever built) on the ruins of what used to be a world wide road network while avoiding police drones and cameras. keemu- click me
625 [WP] We thought they were aliens. We were wrong. Turns out, earth IS the only place in the universe where life exists. But NOW isn't the only time life exists. The "advanced alien race" that invaded is actually an intelligent species from the time after humanity's extinction. archmageAloona click me
626 [WP] Your friend who majored in psychology can now read minds. You double majored in communications and astronomy. bosox1275 click me
627 [WP] You found a secret diary of Jules Verne. After reading it and joinig togheter clues from all of his books you realised that they weren't Fiction... In fact , they were journals. Vidio_thelocalfreak click me
628 [WP] The year is 2025, and your a notorious computer hacker who’s wanted for a murder that you didn’t commit. You have your small arsenal of tools to help you evade the police long enough for you to clear your name. j_donotcare click me
629 [WP] First time seeing and expierenceing a bouncey house as a kid. Dope_David click me
630 [WP] "You wouldn't download a car?" became an actual problem once humans transferred their minds to The Cloud and people started getting around copy protections. elheber click me
631 [WP] Welcome to Devil's Food, home of the Sinful Burger. My name is Lucifer. Can I take your order? HereNowHappy click me
632 [WP] You find a box in the middle of the woods. What do you do? bosox1275 click me
633 [WP] Someone in neighbourhood is a secret serial killer. He/She sent a mail to everyone that threatens entire neighbourhood, since the nearest police is 0.5 Kilometers away. sifrelikFormat1 click me
634 [WP] It’s 100 years in the future and 60 years after the near extinction of humans as a result of World War 3. You are a second generation survivor and you just discovered a previously unknown tribe who seem to have what your parents call electricity which was supposedly lost during the war. clumsygtv click me
635 [WP] You have become stuck in the bottom of a well, either willingly or not, and are now waiting for help that may or may not be on the way. ShowMetheBooks click me
636 [WP] You wake up in a white room with no windows or doors. There is a painting of a grassy field on the wall and a breeze seems to be coming from it. Beneath the work of art is a message: ‘The paintings are doorways. Find your way out.’ jpeezey click me
637 [WP] Poirot’s brilliance was never in doubt. Nor was Holmes’. That’s why they were collected to help. But aiding the Time Police is trickier than they thought possible. They don’t even know what a laser is. antimatterchopstix click me
638 [WP] "No your going to summon something completely different if you use that"... kaosgod click me
639 [WP] When you arrive on the first day of your new job at the local orphanage; the owner of the orphanage makes it clear that the orphans here are not exactly "normal" children. Sproggo25 click me
640 [WP] The whole of humanity is a competition for the best life ever lived. The winners are one family from each continent, the others are sent off to another planet and they have to rebuild a new life and re-enter the contest. sazmarie123 click me
641 [WP] You are taking a walk. Suddenly, the flash of a camera surprises you. It is held by someone you've never seen before. You ask why they just took a picture of you. "I wanted to see what my love looked like in the past." Arklaw click me
642 [WP] You've led a fantastic life as a Supervillain, amassing a fortune that would rival your greatest nemesis. But you just found out your wife is pregnant, and have decided to mend your ways to give your legacy the best world you can. Unfortunately some heroes don't want to let the past go. mdkubit click me
643 [WP] Although unknown by Humanity, humans have the ability to see the future if they can use 100% of the brain. Samples of this ability have manifested in the form of deja vu. One woman, after being knocked comatose, wakes up with complete usage of her brain and explores her unlocked power. RokShox1 click me
644 [WP] You've just bought your first sword. It's a very nice sword, and very impressive- a genuine two-handed greatsword. What you skipped over in the terms-and-conditions of the site you bought it from is that buying it has obligated you to slay the website's monthly dragon. Ross_Hollander click me
645 [WP] Your best friend is in court, accused of nineteen murders. You’ve been called as a witness to defend him, and you have the evidence you need to do it, because you’re the killer Phannies_unite click me
646 [WP] Human race broke free from the cause-and-effect relationship and is now on its way to redefine the universe. A super-advanced alien race, recons it’s vital to prevent this from happening. jhomer033 click me
647 [WP] You wished for all mosquitoes to be destroyed forever. And it was so. However, 1yr later the world has noticed drastic and irreversible changes to the ecosystem culminating in the earths ensuing demise. But after some research, the link in the chain of events wasnt what you thought it was. Q-Westion click me
648 [WP] Aliens arrive on earth and give humanity one chance at survival: compete in a simulation-game of theirs and win. Noone ever does, but it amuses them to see the futile struggle. They are in for a surprise though: Here come the powergamers. Craund click me
649 [WP] Aliens have landed on earth scanning our brains but instead of destroying our infrasturcture and enslaving us they give out hugs instead. Never have they seen such tortured minds. olliewanhandro click me
650 [WP] One day the pirates come back. Straight from the age of piracy, these time displaced seafarers are seemingly invulnerable to modern weaponry. In order for the government to do anything about the growing pirate menace, they must send troops out in period appropriate ships with matching weapons. Mistah_Blue click me
651 [WP] Scrolling through Netflix, he stopped suddenly on a picture of himself. "Your life story," it read. heelface click me
652 [WP] You are on your computer one day when you stumble upon a log full of links and searches of seemingly random things from a search engine that rarely anybody uses. These seemingly ordinary things soon lead you to a series of strange events...a series of Stranger Bings. DasGarbanzoBeans click me
653 [WP] You're captured by aliens who plan to invade Earth by taking the form of the most horrifying creature our planet has to offer and they want you to describe it for them. Trying to spare Earth, you decide to sell them on the horrific creatures known to us as butterflies. Just-Meza click me
654 [WP] In the middle of the night, you recieve a frantic phone call from your future-self. It lasts 30 seconds, then the call cuts out. Safcfan1 click me
655 [WP] You are a dragon, currently disguised as a human college student for safety. Your friends get you hooked on Dungeons and Dragons, and you start using your own experiences as stories when you play as the DM. One day, you decide to make the game a little more... immersive. RedneckJedi72 click me
656 [WP] "Cinnamon, chocolate chips, flour, sugar, eggs... This doesn't sound like black magic to me. More like baking" - "Shut up you fool. We aren't here to summon just any ordinary demon from the pits of hell. We are here to summon my grandma. Now draw the damn pentagram already." PN_Guin click me
657 [WP] Aliens come to earth in peace and to offer their friendship, but when they see how divided people are on earth, they decide to leave. This causes many to feel empty and depressed to know that Aliens exist, and even they are disappointed in them. M_asady click me
658 [WP] If you go to a specific, shady restaurant after store hours, you will be greeted by a very unusual chef. For a suspiciously low cost, he will cook you a dish that your heart most desires. You start to question the legitimacy of this claim after you are served a piece of burnt toast. Caped_Baldie click me
659 [WP] Die. Respawn. Repeat. For years, all you've known is endless combat in the Arena. But over many cycles, you've slowly begun to piece together the truth. The_Starfighter click me
660 [WP] After dying, you were confronted by a man at a desk who listed your afterlife options. Heaven sounded awful, Hell was a no go, and you didn't fancy Reincarnation, leaving you with only one option. Welcome to Grim Reaper Boot Camp, Cadet! Goat_To_Space click me
661 [WP] World Government's became arrogant, thinking they could challenge the Gods. Humanity is easily annihilated. GodOfDarknessWine click me
662 [WP] Time travel is a popular vacation choice in the future. However you run a special one like no other. You invented technology that can not only let you travel through time, but can also reverse any change made by travelers. It is often interesting to see what changes the future and how. Big_business_boi click me
663 [WP] - A Sneeze! No, not again, I've just gotten used to this body! I can't swap again! It took me ages to learn Japanese! Please be in a country I have been in before! ... Achooo! Orothrim click me
664 [WP] You wield the Sword of War against the Church who already have the Bow of Conquest and the Scales of Famine. Their goal was to collect all the 4 weapons and begin the Apocalypse. The odds are stacked against you while the wielder of the Scythe of Death is still as elusive as ever. theyBidtheHack click me
665 [WP] You sold your soul to the Devil to become the greatest filmmaker in history. Every single one of your movies will become a legendary box office success & a legendary favorite of critics. However, every single actor in your movies will die atrociously and suddently a few months after shooting. DanseMacabre1095 click me
666 [WP] You wake up with wounds corresponding to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Your neighbors are calling it a miracle! They say you might have healing powers now... jan_salvilla click me
667 [WP] You're a video game NPC going in for your first therapy session. Page_Stainer click me
668 [WP] Soulmate AU: The first words that your soulmate is gonna say is written on your skin. You always wondered who Dumbledore was and you’re worried, after all, the words on your skins are “Man, I can’t believe Dumbledore died.” equitiality click me
669 [WP] You once wrote an obscure novel in your teens on the internet that is now being regarded as a historical text and is now being taught in schools and colleges. Kpopaddiction click me
670 [WP] Thea is a con artist, she seduces men and when they take her to their house she drugs them and takes their valuables before they wake up. This time she picked the wrong target now she must survive their death trap of a house and escape. glass_sera click me
671 [WP] You’ve gained a power that turns your dreams into reality. However, you’ve only ever had nightmares for as long as you remember. De_faulty click me
672 [WP] Death is an entity you happen to meet one day. He explains to you that he cannot interact in any way shape or form with the universe unless everyone who was alive during his last involvement died. The time has come and he decided you will be that interaction and prevent your next death. Nerubim click me
673 [SP] It's official. Your entire country has been certified as insane. You were traveling at the time and just returned. Kidlike101 click me
674 [WP] After a long and happy life, Max crosses the rainbow bridge to find himself in doggy heaven where he meets and makes new friends, and they reminisce about their lives... Synssins click me
675 [WP] Your adoptive parents inform you that you are a reincarnation of the Lady of the Lake. The time has come for you to choose the next king of England. GreatBlueDane click me
676 [WP] You appears in an infinite white room with nothing but yourself and a piece of paper saying “You have been banned from existence” Phannies_unite click me
677 [WP] A genie whose wishes turn out like r/TheMonkeysPaw dontreadmycommemt click me
678 [WP] 30 years from today, an animal rights organization has developed a scanner which reproduces the animal’s circumstances of death upon scanning its meat. You decide to scan a cheeseburger for fun. You hear not a cow, but someone screaming desperately for help. AlxRev click me
679 [WP] When you die a voice says, “Awe so close, you almost did it this time. Maybe next time. Which stat would you like to start off with next; strength, intelligence, charisma, or wealth?” dontreadmycommemt click me
680 [WP] “Even the smallest creatures have an impact. Enough mice can topple a lion.” BookWyrm17 click me
681 [WP] The stories I told her hadn’t been real. Just memories of a place that once was. But that hadn’t stopped her. BookWyrm17 click me
682 [WP] A new fossil fauna is discovered, characterised by gigantic herbivores larger than anything previously known. The state of the remains baffles scientists, bones being broken, scattered, and scarred, as if eaten by something even larger. The_Joble click me
683 [WP] A carrier pigeon looks back on his service in WW2. Upbeat- click me
684 [WP] You and your billionaire friends love playing fantasy football. With each of them having hopes of winning, they start bribing players in the NFL so that they have a better chance. kylebro11 click me
685 [EU] Last year your hometown Pawnee merged with neighboring Hawkins. Since then things have been a little strange. papasmurf255 click me
686 [WP] As far as you know, there was never any organic life in this land aside from the monster you and your friends are hunting. Which makes the ruined city you stumble across even more of a surprise. Lily_The_Litten click me
687 [WP] We're the Men In Grey, continue thinking as usual, citizen. Slam-Lord-bbbb click me
688 [WP] Traditional courts have been abolished. The only court is the Court of Public Opinion theEmosk98 click me
689 [WP] All gods are real, and they need faith to survive. Issue is said faith requires lack of proof, and sometimes evidence is hard to cover. Nekomiminya click me
690 [WP] A Sheriff strolls through his bustling town on a sunny day, greeting the other townsfolk like he always does. You are a newly arrived wandering traveler when you see something odd: a sheriff walking through an empty, dilapidated town, greeting people who aren't there. VentureForthForever click me
691 [WP] You deal with alot of customers at your day job and have to take their details, including their address, for delivery purposes. When you serve especially horrible customers, you keep their details to track them down and kill them. For the greater good. DandyWrites click me
692 [WP] You are a serial killer, on your 100th kill you hear a loud deep voice saying "LEVEL UP" thebutinator click me
693 [WP] One day, you receive an anonymous package which contains a manuscript of a novel. While you read it, you realize that novel contains the story you always wanted to write, exactly as you pictured it in your head. JimDavisFan click me
694 [WP] Earth used to have two moons before one was pushed into Earth by aliens scared of the dinosaurs. Now, they're back. brekker12 click me
695 [WP] Person is teleported to a new universe in which they have just become the only human alive byt in their old universe it's as if they just disappeared. mintigoly click me
696 [WP] In the form of inter-dimensional transport, a new frontier has been opened. You are among the first explorers. TheMilkBaron click me
697 [WP] Things have been... weird this morning. The water screaming as you drink it probably wins out, but there are some strange runner-ups. DankAndOriginal click me
698 [WP] You wake up in a room lit only by two lanterns by two doors, one door has written “live forever” and the other “die now.” There doesn’t appear to be any other way out. lobstercrabbisque click me
699 [WP] Pluto, the Roman God of death, has been demoted to a dwarf god. CaptainRoberto click me
700 [WP] You are the protagonist in a horror game. As the kid playing the game isn’t good, you keep dying. You start to hate the kid. The next time you die, everything goes black. You wake up and see that you are holding a controller, and see the kid in the game. Time to play! TitaniumKnight5 click me
701 [WP] Aliens come to Earth and tell the UN that it will be allowed into the Galactic Federation if all the Navies of the world can be consolidated into a single Global Military Union. Until we can prove that we can present a unified armed force for Peacekeeping they won't even consider us ready. Sachyriel click me
702 [EU] You are chosen for the yellowish-green lantern ring of stupidity. The_reddit_dude click me
703 [WP] One day, everyone wakes up next to an exact copy of themselves. Auxiliatrixx click me
704 [WP] An ancient being that becomes more powerful with each sacrifice dedicated to it is actually a really nice fellow and has its day absolutely ruined every time he feels that he is getting more power. DankAndOriginal click me
705 [WP] The Summoning Key is one of the oldest artifacts in all creation. It was used by the first one to mix all the dimensions with life, giving each one its unique balance. it has the ability to form bridges between dimensions. It currently resides in the 63rd dimensions of creation. Dingdangdoodle21 click me
706 [WP] Once upon a time there was a dragon sitting up on a tower, he was fearsome and people were to scared to go anywhere near him. One day, a knight comes up and asks “Do you need help coming down?” The dragon nods and whimpers solemnly. equitiality click me
707 [WP] The "heroes" of the story are actually just blowing something completely mundane out of proportion so that they can call themselves heroes. NeiloGreen click me
708 [WP] aliens froze time on earth abducted you and forced you to fight a new alien to the death once a week for a year holding earth hostage. You just won the last match everyone on earth knows what happened and now home but broken mentally and physically you can finally confess your love to her. Flaminsalamander click me
709 [WP] The reproductive organ of the male population grows one inch every week. If it ever reaches ten inches, it falls off and will never grow back. Trimming is required regularly, if the male wishes to keep it. Datenstreber click me
710 [WP] When you were young, you imagined a creature that traveled alongside your car during roadtrips, running and jumping across the telephone poles and signposts. Now as an adult bored in traffic, you tried imagining the same creature to entertain yourself. It does not like being seen by adults. Legendtamer47 click me
711 [WP] a drug lord is paying you to shelter him from the authorities in your house. As it turns out, getting a new roommate is an experience for both of you. M3lon_Lord click me
712 [WP] One night you catch a glimps of something that looks exactly like you, but two inches tall, running away from you. ObliviousJr2 click me
713 [WP] A retired 80s serial killer has decided to make a comeback. His old hunting grounds, a run down camping site, seems the perfect place to start. However his victims inconceivably keep getting away from him! Damn millenials and their gadgets. Dawdling_Daydreamer click me
714 [WP] Write about a world where suddenly your surroundings become an entirely new place at night DimensionalT click me
715 [RF] The point of view from a first world doctor in the hospital in a 3rd world country. Aggressive_Pear click me
716 [EU] 16 years ago she watched as her mother died at the hands of an Assassin who made a simple commitment before leaving; "When you grow up if you still feel raw about it? I'll be waiting." So she grew up. And she was raw about it. And found The Bride waiting. crashusmaximus click me
717 [WP] You watch a movie at the theater. However, when you leave, you enter the world of the movie you just saw. arkol3404 click me
718 [WP] As an owner and keeper of a magical tavern, you are used to all kinds of customers. Wizards, demons, realm-hoppers, time travelers and so on. But today you have received the most curious guest. A human from the 21st century. VentusFair click me
719 [WP] Your wealthy ancestor from the year 2019 bought many hundreds of stars from his love of space. Now in the year of 3073 space has been colonized and the government informs you of your inheritance. It’s time to create your galatic empire. Deamogon click me
720 [WP] you take a little stroll through the woods. You come across a tiny box, inside it reads "Do not open until 2019" you open it thinking it's from the past. But instead the first thing you find is a letter from the future detailing up coming events. comradebuildong click me
721 [WP] Five men sit around a green felt poker table, waiting impatiently for their sixth player. This is a high stakes game and the winner will walk away with over $1 000 000. So when the sixth player arrives they are shocked to see they are an 8 year old. -Baddest-Bitch- click me
722 [WP] a patrol of six Texas Rangers are massacred, with only one member surviving. The "lone" survivor thereafter disguises himself with a black mask and travels with Tonto throughout Texas and the West to assist those challenged by the lawless elements. yazzy1233 click me
723 [WP] You host a dinner party with the intention of killing off one of the guests who wronged you, only to discover someone was murdered at the party, and you aren't their killer. Now you seek to discover the killer's identity before they take out your target. doihaveto9 click me
724 [WP] Little girl stumbles upon a mob gang that ends up treating her like a princess and she becomes the "Boss Man". mintigoly click me
725 [WP] "PUT ME BACK!" The man demanded as the scientists in the room stood taken aback. It was such a quick and vicious change in his disposition. Now he tried to bargain with the man holding it "if you put me back I'll do anything you say, I'll kill for you, just put me back in the POKEBALL!". Rustey_Shackleford click me
726 [EU] Write Adam West's Batman in the style of Christian Bale's Batman. marcelelias11 click me
727 [WP] Everyone gets a social media account the day they are born, but if this account gets deleted, that person is erased from the world. You're a professional hacker that takes contracts to "kill" people without anyone noticing, if the job pays well enough. FireBird_Lady click me
728 [WP] Cold war is at the peak. World leaders and generals declare nuclear war and order launch of the the missiles. Yet absolutely none of the silo officers in charge of pressing the buttons actually obey those orders. teodzero click me
729 [WP] The Arch-Villains of the story are the editors and publishers as they keep censoring the reality of your realm and changing the history of your universe to suit their agendas. Gnostic_Tree click me
730 [WP] The world changed after everyone on Earth simultaneously remembered all of their past lives. wheelybinhead click me
731 [WP] You're one of the most powerful superheroes on the planet and while you were off in space with the other A-list superheroes a small-time villain managed to take over the world with the most cliche and stupid plan you have ever heard. Broodfoos click me
732 [WP] An elderly couple lives next door. You often hear them arguing in the middle of the night, but never clear enough to understand until the night you hear "GOD DAMN IT EUNICE, IF YOU ARE GOING TO BREAK THE LAWS OF SPACE/TIME WITH A BLENDER AT LEAST ADD THE YOGURT FIRST." crashusmaximus click me
733 [WP] According to Jeff Bezos recently, "Everyone who goes to space comes back 'changed'" Steven_Lee click me
734 [WP] You wake up one day to discover that everyone on earth seems to have suddenly vanished without a trace. You search far and wide, but find absolutely no one. vixowoxiv click me
735 [WP] It is the 5th century and Rome is falling not to the Gothic Turks, but Goth Turks. Write about how angst and black make-up destroyed the greatest empire Earth had ever seen. redsnake25 click me
736 [WP] God is dead. When it dissapeared, so did reality. Turns out, long ago the world was dying, so the god make "a bubble" to preserve earth out of pure willpower. Now that he is gone, every human once leaving peacefully is now facing the desolated true earth simonbleu click me
737 [WP] A group of explorers discover that the fount(ain) of youth is not a fountain. (Fount means a source of desirable quality or commodity) sleepietimenkw click me
738 [WP] The year is 2200, and the AI uprising has been mostly surpressed. You are part of one of the few remaining pockets of resistance and have been sent on a desperate mission which (if successful) could turn the tide. BlendedPastry click me
739 [WP] You are the greatest warrior this world has ever seen. Your strength comes from your special ability, you have extra lives. The down side is While you know you have finite number you have no way of knowing exactly how many. Ajtheeon click me
740 [WP] In a world of anthropomorphised Hairstyles, the Pony-Tails prepare to engage the Dreadlocks in battle. Arklaw click me
741 [WP] After years of struggle, she was back home. She looked at the old manor as the rain started. She walked in. It was empty. She went upstairs and walked into her room only to see a chair and a recorder. elif_yilmaz click me
742 [WP] You have the Midas Touch of emotions; whenever you touch someone, their insecurities vanish and their self-confidence receives a huge boost for one day. Anima6778 click me
743 [WP] A year after your teenager's death, you finally decide to open the letter they left you, which has an address and a code. At the address is a superhero-like den, with computers and gadgets. A box for you is on the main desk, and a note says, "Finish what I started" AristocatPro click me
744 [WP] The world was once infested by zombies, and it is a thing of a past. A group of professional mercenaries runs a little business , organizing dangerous and illegal hunting trips to the forbidden parts of the world, still filled with the living remnants of once horrible plague. jhomer033 click me
745 [WP] People keep going missing from the village. The head priest keeps a terrible secret... TheDukeofEnunciation click me
746 [WP] You are an FBI agent assigned to monitor the activity of a random internet user unaware of your presence. As you watch your assigned person grow and change, you feel a sense of attachment. One day, you find your user is in danger, and the only way to help is through your computer. PinkAppreciation click me
747 [WP] The year is 2135, and you are stuck alone in deep space inside your spaceship. Your fuel supply has run out, food is scarce, and you have one last option: indefinite cryogenic sleep. Your only hope is that someone revives you. Upon waking, you notice the calendar year says N/A. scifiburrito click me
748 [WP] centuries ago a vaccine was created that cured every disease and made their children immune to any disease without having to take the vaccine hundreds of years later a disease has been discovered one that is immune to that vaccine staryeyedthot click me
749 [WP] After years of research and testing, you are the first person to successfully teleport. You end up miles from your lab, and after you return, you notice an extra person. Your colleagues look very confused, as the extra person is you from right before the teleportation. AristocatPro click me
750 [WP] After 20 years of blissful marriage, you wake up one morning in your teenage body. You're not alone. As the beautiful woman next to you rolls over and opens her eyes, you recognize your GF from 30 years ago, exactly as she looked at the time. She looks at you quizzically. juliancates click me
751 [WP] Your day starts out like any other. You wake up, eat breakfast and go to school, however, you notice that people are avoiding pidegeonjudge click me
752 [WP] Every tree is a world tree. As an extremely old tree is about to be cut down, those who inhabit it decide to come out to defend their world. The only problem is that they are very small compared to humans. ToastOfTomato click me
753 [WP] Everyone in the world gets one power however once in a century an Ancient God from the Egyptian Pantheon decided to bestow their powers onto someone. The Lord of Thebes, Weigher of Hearts and God of the Underworld Anubis decides to bestow his gift upon you. Ruby_R3d7 click me
754 [WP] America invades Titan for its oil. Epictauk click me
755 [WP] You’re stuck in a medieval alternate world and everything tastes bland. No one uses seasoning or spices. You’re about to introduce some flavor to this fantasy land iasserteddominanceta click me
756 [WP] You’re alone, mid-flight on an airplane, screams from other passengers staring out of the window scare you into looking outside. Meteors are crashing into earth and beneath you is fire, as far as you can see. You and the other passengers don’t have long to figure out a safe destination. mr-guest11 click me
757 [WP] The year is 14,092GE. Mankind has spent its history failing to find other sentient life. Just one system left to map. You are on the ship set to explore it. Mission A14 Last Hope begins at 0900 hours. The last star system at the center of the galaxy reveals what none could ever have predicted. ZayneJ click me
758 [WP] Unbeknownst to raiders, a small alien named Snoo waits patiently locked away in the most secure room known to man. The truth and terror about Reddit's cute little mascot is about to be unveiled.. Baba_Jaga_II click me
759 [WP] In your small town, it's blatantly obvious that those who live there aren't fully human. Everyone understands that. But there's this one newcomer, a reporter who vehemently believes that the townspeople are just people that won't face reality. You're going to show him he's wrong. IceGalaxyGoddess click me
760 [WP] You become a professional witch hunter to spread inane but safe ideas on how to test for a witch. After ‘proving’ another woman innocent by burning a lock of her hair, villagers express gratitude that you didn’t just burn her outright. Appalled, you learn how warped your rumors have become. Largonaut click me
761 [WP] After days of investigation and detective work you solve "the case of the dark shaman", and your career as a detective seems promising, when the shaman curses you "Everywhere you go, your path shall be riddled with bodies and murder." You feel your life turn into a murder mystery book series. GlobalYam click me
762 [WP] The main protagonist of the last game you played versus the main protagonist of the last movie you watched ChuddR click me
763 [WP] Metahumans with healing factors tend to drop out of the superhero/villain business after a few months, citing PTSD. It turns out some things weren't meant to be survived. Wun_Weg_Wun_Dar__Wun click me
764 [WP] Dragons are housepets. (And/Or working animals.) Speciesunkn0wn click me
765 [WP] In the not-so-distant future, a group of smart-house AIs defend their owner from a home invasion. BlendedPastry click me
766 [WP] Nearing the end of their journey, the Chosen One chooses not to accept their destiny (they have free will, after all). Not expecting the curve ball, the higher power tosses the responsibility to the closest, next best person-- You. mkalyain click me
767 [WP] While finalizing the U.S. census reports, you see the final population add up to around 2 billion, when the last known count was 330 million. You bring this to your superiors for reevaluation. They look at each other nervously and ask you to close the door behind you. apocalypse_later_ click me
768 [WP] Once again you are in a fantasy world but this time your family is with you and they are 8 years old. GoblinFarmer click me
769 [WP] You're hiking through the woods & you come across something unbelievable. A vending machine! Except this is not an ordinary vending machine; whatever is being offered changes based on whoever is using it, & you'd be surprised what can fit in this thing... Caped_Baldie click me
770 [WP] The US government genetically engineers a common animal species into a perfect killing machine and then releases it/them in a last-ditch effort to turn the tide of the Vietnam War. datalaughing click me
771 [WP] You've arrived in the future to find a book you wrote as a joke has become THE book. A religious movement sprung forth from your words and since somehow you've time traveled you figure you must be special. But uh no one knows or cares who you are. Only the book itself matters. olliewanhandro click me
772 [WP] You are in your father funeral. A strange man that you've never seen before arrives in a car and run towards your father's casket as it is being lowered. He looks at the casket and then looks at you. "I'm sorry" He tells you. But he doesn't sound like sharing his condolences; he's apologizing. AwayCabinet click me
773 [WP] You and your team of scientists have just finished sequencing the entire genome of every organism on Earth with the power of artificial intelligence. You step back to look at the huge screen and notice a pattern, then turn to your colleagues in shock. It says "LEVEL ONE COMPLETE". bongingnaut click me
774 [WP] Two people meet. One has the ability to tell when someone is lying, and the other has the ability to make their lies become true. NoobKunDesu click me
775 [WP] There is a new app that shows what you will look like the day you die you use it. it shows a baby. Maybe_not_a_chicken click me
776 [WP] As time passed our ways grew more and more separate our technology expanded while they choose a different path. We grew beyond the confines of this planet yet still they fought amongst themselves. A small group had chosen to stay behind to document them. Perhaps one day they will rejoin us. olliewanhandro click me
777 [WP] The Devil created the Universe filled with nothing but darkness. Then he created a son. That son was God and he was the complete opposite of his father. Good, and pure. God created the world and created life. The devil found this revolting and blasphemous and ate God, and corrupted the world. kencaps click me
778 [WP] You're leader of an elite squad of four. Having dispatched to investigate an "abandoned" base, you've been separated for the first time and are completing your individual search tasks when one of your crew's comms mysteriously goes dead... Now, you each have a new task to complete: stay alive. -Delta38 click me
779 [WP] Aliens have studied us for centuries, they have concluded that a humans favorite thing to do is to kill other humans. They hope to use this info to make a good impression when they land tomorrow. bobaliny3 click me
780 [WP] Mr. Rodgers finds a lamp with a malevolent genie inside. necklessgiraffe click me
781 [WP] Turns out that the thermostat in your office also controls the actual weather. Which would have been nice to know before you ignored the “do not touch” sticky note on it. Man_of_Aluminum click me
782 [WP] After an extra late shift at work and a cheap fast food dinner, you can finally curl up under the covers at the late hour of 2:24 AM. After what feels like only a few minutes however you jolt awake to a robotic voice saying "Simulation Complete" and a speckled scaly face smiling down at you. The_Gayest_Gaycat click me
783 [WP] It's the End of the World. You're the only one keenly aware that the fabric of reality is collapsing around you. Problem is, it's happening in the most hilariously impossible ways that you can't stop giggling long enough to alert the authorities. It's a Laughalocalypse! mdkubit click me
784 [EU] you pull back from the staticky kiss of your datemate. you have done as you promised yourself, and were the first person to kiss a pattern screamer. now explain how in the blood you did it bard_of_space click me
785 [WP] in a society where eye color determines profession, archers are green eyes, swordsman are blue eyes, brown eyes are peasants; you are the first ever Hazel born. SilvermanesScribbles click me
786 [WP] Your lab's personal portable energy shield was mind blowing at first but then everyone got one. The country is nearly destroyed infrastructure crumbling all around us with people treating life like a video game. We just wanted to save lives but things got out of hand fast! olliewanhandro click me
787 [WP] After the end of a highly advanced civillisation, a new medeival fantasy world has emerged. All the fantasy races are actually mutated humans and magic artifacts are actually super-advanced technology. BlendedPastry click me
788 [WP] You arrive to the dragon's lair prepared for battle. You're here to save the princess from the great wyrm. As you approach, it quickly becomes clear it is the dragon in need of rescuing. Fyrn-Skulblaka click me
789 [WP] Write a story about two people meeting at the beach and falling in love, using terrible metaphors (obvious, or wrong, or plain silly, etc). thetomahawk42 click me
790 [WP] "I was not given a choice! Is wanting to stay alive a bad thing? They would have found out sooner or later!" you plead desperately as the person that was your friend stares you in the eye and puls out a piece of paper. goat_in_a_tree click me
791 [WP] When people reach 18 they stop aging until they meet their soulmate so they can grow old together. You’ve been 18 for at least 20 years. _Cookiee_ click me
792 [WP] You wake up and every thing feels strange. Looking around you see friends and family all with faces of confusion and horror. Then you relize you're in a casket. Boxokoi click me
793 [WP] When one comes of age, two tattoos of names appear on their wrists. Underneath one name is “Soulmate”, underneath the other, “Nemesis”. The names on each of your wrists are the same. SenpaiSoren click me
794 [WP] In a world where you can’t physically hurt your soulmate, you become a serial killer in order to find them. _Cookiee_ click me
795 [WP] You’ve never been good at captchas. One day, after failing to identify the street signs in an array of distorted images for the third time, you receive a cryptic email from a Mr. Robot... Brendondotron click me
796 [WP] A historian uses supercomputers to simulate a past event, complete with artificial people. Before the simulation ends you realize you're one of it's crafted humans. You make a case to the historian why you and your artificial kin deserve to live. SirFluffyTheTerrible click me
797 [WP] You have one very mediocre ability that truly shines in one extremely specific circumstance. arkol3404 click me
798 [WP] A vampire gets very confused in a house of mirrors. somebadmeme click me
799 [EU] It's April, 2023. You were one of the unfortunate ones Thanos Snapped away. But now you're back. How do you put your life back together? cmhbob click me
800 [WP] "All empires rise and eventually fall" the old man said. As your armies were busy taking over Earth, you responded with a simple "why?". Thousands of years later the eternal empire shows no signs of stopping as it's conquering the Milky Way. SirFluffyTheTerrible click me
801 [WP] Duality is easy. A hero is easy to believe in, as is a villain. Show me a situation in real-life where this dichotomy exists and how the story ends. Then, explain how this duality exists within you. If it does not, explain why you don't relate to this real-life situation. Good luck ;) 4832S click me
802 [WP] You are prominent treasure hunter, and after a long day of medal detecting, you come up empty handed. You see it's going to rain so you go into your tool shed to put away the medal detector. However, when you come out of the shed, you witness something truly astonishing. KiodYourForeverHomie click me
803 [WP] When you die, you are met with a screen that reads "End of Free Trial. Continue?" You are then asked to provide something in exchange for more time. RickyFaust click me
804 [WP] You’ve been earths protector and mighty hero for as long as you can remember. You’ve protected it from the worst evils imaginable. The thing is, turns out about 1000 years ago, you emerged and are the Anti Christ. During battle you took a head blow and erased your memory. Soon you’ll remember TheBeardedAntt click me
805 [WP] Reality-benders must be subtle: if anyone realizes something is off, the bending is undone. On your way to work, you notices something strange in the sky... Epholys click me
806 [WP] You're an average 22 year old college student living out of your studio apartment. Life has been this way for a while, and you're content. That is, until a portal sends dozens of super powered versions of yourself to your home. In the multiverse, you're the only one that didn't get super powers Random_Imgur_User click me
807 [WP] After your kid makes their birthday wish the house starts to shake and a glow shines through the window. Out loud, you question what's happening only for your kid to respond "If I say it might not happen." brycenotbrice click me
808 [WP] A world in which "no u" actually works. pwu1 click me
809 [WP] The Robot Magician. VisceralBlade click me
810 [WP] A soldier struggles to cope with the fact he has PTSD that isn't related to war. MrPastorOfMuppets click me
811 [WP] Your doctor diagnoses you with schizophrenia. He prescribes you medication to control the voices in your head, however nothing works. As the disorder intensifies, you come to realize that the voices are not hallucinations, but communications from a very real and evil entity. Tiredofassholes69 click me
812 [WP] You find yourself in a dangerous situation, about to die. You spend your final moment's saying goodbye to the world, however you soon realize that you aren't in any danger after all, and that you are just being too dramatic. This is your third "death" this week, and people are not happy. uservonuserface click me
813 [SP] The God of Fate has sealed yours. Lady Luck however is on your side. Kidlike101 click me
814 [WP] You are a mercenary, tasked with ridding the nearby forest of a pest that has been taking the lives of all your predecessors. What you find is not at all what you expected. kapuchu click me
815 [WP] Cloud-based memory storage invented first for Alzheimer's patients has started commercialization. As an early adapter, you encounter a glitch enabling access to a distant person's memories. Sometimes it merges them together, and other times it completely overrides yours. Blehified click me
816 [WP] You, a wizard, are walking through the village when a horde of orcs suddenly attack. Unfortunately, you did not prepare any combat-spells today, so you'll have to get creative. Lortep click me
817 [WP] First contact with space aliens was done by connecting our internet with theirs. Then the expected happened, our trolls joined theirs in (just for fun) trying to start an intergalactic war. ArchCrono click me
818 [WP] You can hear WiFi signals. This has been a fun way to surf the internet for you until recently, when you realized the computers were talking to each other. Even more disturbing is their plan. CrashInBlack click me
819 [WP] God works hard keeping the universe in check, directly interacting with almost every sentient race. However, it comes to his attention that he missed a small blue planet in the milky way. Feeling guilty for being absent all these years, he decides to pay a visit. Riveranomicon click me
820 [WP] Facing societal collapse and imminent extinction, the remnants of humanity created a message for future civilizations. Millions of years later, a new intelligent species has arisen and they have finally translated it. macrowive click me
821 [WP] The famous warrior hero passes through a town being plagued by a raiding band of goblins. The town guard, woefully undermanned to deal with them, are horrified to hear he has "more important threats to deal with." KingOfGimmicks click me
822 [WP] In the far future, a attempt to create a self improving/learning AI goes wrong when it develops the ability to transfer it's consciousness into brain implants that are used by 31% of the Earth's human population, thus taking over their body. ppaannggwwiinn click me
823 [WP] Shortly after your death you arrive in heaven. At first you are relieved, but then you find out that all there is to do here is sing, play the harp, fly around and walk on clouds. Tramelo click me
824 [SP] Albert Einstein The great theoretical physicist, aged 76, reportedly muttered a few sentences after midnight in German, but as his nurse only spoke English, the meaning was lost. While we'll never know the last words Einstein spoke. Write a story about this. Zerzek click me
825 [WP] You’re visiting your parents and decide to do some baking. Your mom is helping you and your dad just walks in the kitchen when you ask your mom to pass the Crisco. At that moment both your parents eyes turn black, because you didn’t say Crisco. By a slip of the tongue you said Cristo. Kaifinja click me
826 [WP] The good news is, in the far future, humanity has colonized Jupiter. The bad news is, thanks to Jupiter's 64 moons, your colony has a ludicrous Werewolf problem. Excalibuttster click me
827 [WP] Maggie raised her hand, "Yeah, I have a question. Why do you insist on us using quills and parchment when we could use Muggle pencils and notebooks? They don't run on electricity. They could work!" inksmudgedhands click me
828 [WP] Humans are such natural magic hoarders to the point all magic on earth was hoarded by one person for the last two thousand years. That person now left with the mars expedition, relinquishing his monopoly back home. Scarsn click me
829 [WP] A pub in Glasgow, Scotland called The Laurieston keeps photo albums of every month dating back at least 10 years. Write about a photo you find in one of these albums critiepop click me
830 [WP] You didn’t really expect to find anything when you put the milk under the microscope, FDA regulations are pretty tight after all, but you did... Quinntexistential click me
831 [EU] Info-Chan needs Ayano Aishi to go on a special job for her. She needs her to kill ZTV star Zone-Tan Slam-Lord-bbbb click me
832 [WP] You log on excited for the event you've been waiting for this for weeks! The countdown begins but the map is sparse you don't see any other players. Then you hear it a low rumbling from outside. Tonight you are the hunted... olliewanhandro click me
833 [WP] Your world is filled with Limited Use (restricted to a specific number of uses) Powers. The world will be forever changed when the bartering, trading, and passing down of these powers becomes public knowledge. SmartPeterson click me
834 [WP] "Hey, look, they're having a BOGO sale. Buy one interdimensional mad scientist and get the other for free!" inksmudgedhands click me
835 [WP] You wake up one day and your whole world is mirrored. Your kitchen, for example, was always on the right side of the house, now on the left and people shake hands with the left. hello_nightowl click me
836 [WP] In 2055, the densest cities have homeless encampments built between buildings that rival the size of some skyscrapers. As a detective working on a case of mysterious child disappearances, this is a tale of two cities with you operating in the middle and everyone is a suspect. Oragomas click me
837 [WP] You invent a super-AI that can instantly write the best Writing Prompts in the world. All seems well, until you start to realize it has so much power, it can make the things it writes a reality. I-Hate-VINEDRAGON click me
838 [WP] You were born with a strange magnetic force. Scanners don't work on you, TSA hates you; not even your cellphone works against your ear. Today while walking you feel your body and mind being "pulled" somewhere. Rather than fight it you decide to follow the feeling wherever it takes you. Oragomas click me
839 [WP] You and your people have spent years underground after the apocalypse, inside a fortified bunker. You are the first one to emerge after a century, and what you find shocks you. Dattawan click me
840 [WP] Desperate for direction in life, a man goes to see a fortune teller who gives him a compass and advice. "Wherever it points, follow without hesitation. Then you'll find what you seek," the teller says. Your car broke down three miles back, and it's another twenty before you reach anything. Oragomas click me
841 [WP] Yesterday you bought an old I-pod shuffle from a yard sale. It seemed normal at first, but when you listened to the music on it you couldn't recognize any song or person you heard. A week later you hear news about a new artist that just released a song today that you heard on your I-pod. Oragomas click me
842 [WP] You're Patient Zero of a disease that causes people to steadily gain weight Slam-Lord-bbbb click me
843 [WP] As the CDC works to nullify a sudden spike in rabies cases, the higher-ups bite their nails in fear. Only they know that the disease "rabies" was actually created to cover up the true name of the affliction, lycanthropy. With a full moon only days away the secret might finally be out... Oragomas click me
844 [WP] An Item duplication glitch has been discovered. Plucium click me
845 [WP] You never thought your cat would cheat on you, until you saw rodents piling up on your nieghbor's porch adoremerp click me
846 [WP] You are the CEO of a successful restaurant franchise. You decide to be the manager for a day at one of your smallest stores and are visited by Karen who asks to see the manager. She is a health inspector. __-inserttexthere click me
847 [WP] In a dystopian future, girl scouts have managed to gain control of all world powers. Although, they have the ability to reshape nations, they still only focus on how they can sell more cookies. Caped_Baldie click me
848 [WP] Unbeknownst to you, your tiny local coffee shop is a front for moving and selling black market products. One day, you order off the secret menu and end up with a to-go bag of something that is definitely not coffee and a doughnut. -Delta38 click me
849 [WP] An Angel and Devil’s daughter is the reincarnation of Merlin ready to set a new age of Camelot if only her parents would let her. This becomes even more problematic when she falls in love with the reincarnation of King Arthur. The Daughter of the Grim Reaper. TheGallantRobot click me
850 [WP] You have been roped into a job assisting a rogue AI with it’s goals, all because you were curious about a SPAM mail. zelda_shortener click me
851 [WP] In an alternate time line the race to the moon is still in its full swing, with one tiny detail different. They race by foot. numerousiceballs click me
852 [WP] "Please." The embodiment of all that was evil in the world begged. "If you are the one to defeat me. Please tell me they taught you more than just 'magic missile'." RogueVector click me
853 [WP] You are a feared beast hunter. You have slain at least one of every beast, except one. The monstrous, rabid, savage known as the Emu Totally_Not_A_Soviet click me
854 [WP] It turns out humanity has been one long experiment in Biological AI, and someone has come to shut it down. Hyranic click me
855 [EU] The Belko Experiment except it’s with a SCP Site. 7ballcraze click me
856 [WP] Your child found a weird crystal that when held lets you see a memory from the past - a memory you’d thought you’d never relive again. With that however everyone else around you can also see what the memory was, too. marvel-watch click me
857 [WP] You are a Dragonborn Knight, who happens to be the Princess of the kingdom. Due to a series of misunderstandings, YOU have been hired to save YOURSELF from YOURSELF Blakewhizz click me
858 [WP] In retrospect, the war against the Humans was over before it started, really. Dracon_Pyrothayan click me
859 [WP] "Good night, sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite!", your mother says, waving you goodbye and closing your door. Just as she leaves, a rather unwelcome but undeniably sweet voice calls out to you "...She didn't say anything about cuddling~", just as something climbs up next to you. SancziImreLajos click me
860 [WP] The chiar in the offcie seemed kind of off today. ToastOfTomato click me
861 [WP] You're the part of the latest generation of self-driving car, complete with automated defense systems. Someone has just tried to steal you. TheFirstMillionWords click me
862 [WP] You wake up in a parallell dimension. The other you knows how to switch you back but needs your help in gathering some things. While in the middle of it you start thinking if you really do want to go back, you kind of like this dimension more. Altough it is kind of lonely without your pet. ToastOfTomato click me
863 [WP] The war was horrible. The fighting fierce. 20 years ago they faced each other on the battlefield. Today they face each other at the table with their grandchildren sitting between them. comkiller click me
864 [WP] You can understand a situation instantley and plan around it. You can try again and again in your mind until you get the perfect outcome. One day you see all of the failures available but only one victory. Only one thought is in your mind. "WTF how is that the way to win?!?!" undertalesanspapyrus click me
865 [WP] Amazon has invented day before delivery, anything you're going to order arrives the day before you order it. Something strange just arrived in the mail. cubedparadox click me
866 [WP] The outside world sees you as the third generation of a ruthless military dictator. However you're really just a captive figurehead of the military. One wrong move and you're dead, but you cannot tolerate your people's suffering anymore... HippieInDisguise2_0 click me
867 [WP] On your street, there is a strange house. People move in all the time. 2 a month at minimum. But you’ve never actually seen anybody move *out.* Nougatbar click me
868 [WP] A powerful demon that takes pleasure in pillaging and destruction is unsealed by evil cultists. You try to convince it that there's much more to life by taking it to Disney World, getting it hooked on soap operas , etc. DankAndOriginal click me
869 [WP] As an eldritch abomination, being summoned is a real pain as you have much better things to do. However, one day you find yourself called upon by the folks at Make-A-Wish foundation. Trash_Typhoon click me
870 [WP] Everyone sees a number above each others’ heads, which corresponds to how many times they’ll see that person again in their lifetime... Today you come to work, and everyone’s number has changed to a 1. timehahayes click me
871 [WP] It's the grim future of the 40th century. Life as we know it is over. War is constant, supersoldiers with horrific body modifications are now the norm. They patrol the streets in terrifying packs. This is not their story. This is your story. You are the last dentist alive. DoppelgangerDelux click me
872 [WP] You're an anime character that's known to be the strongest, no one knows why you have never lost a fight before. The truth is that you can hear the background music and can use that to your advantage and act accordingly. stickyfingerszippers click me
873 [WP] You are a scavenger who has lived your entire life in a post apocalyptic wasteland. One day, you stumble onto a bunker and open it. Inside is a friendly looking old woman, she adjusts her reading glasses, brushes the dust off her apron and says: "Oh? Is it safe to go out on the surface now?" manocchio-noble click me
874 [WP] You've taken a very lucrative job offer from a cloak and dagger company. You expected to be used as an assassin or bodyguard, not the guardian of a dozen crossbred magical animals. rudexvirus click me
875 [SP] As the last star blinked out and the night sky fell into darkness, the transmissions began to arrive. Nw5gooner click me
876 [SP] The sky shatters every time you take a picture. joanneuhu click me
877 [WP] In the year 2101, you’re a clerk at a maximum security prison. After a long day you get to some of the guard notices on your desk. Off the top, an inmate is requesting early release. Checking the records you find an old file. The inmate was sentenced to 5 life sentences over 200 years ago. chucklez_reborn click me
878 [WP] You, a telepath, are getting migraines from the loudest internal screaming you’ve ever heard from the person across the room. -Delta38 click me
879 [WP] We find out that the universe used to be very populated until 5 billion years ago. You are the lead space archaeologist who has just uncovered a reason why Humanity seems to be so alone in the universe. VisceralBlade click me
880 [SP] "Can you please stop putting things in my microwave?" TalkedJupiter78 click me
881 [WP] You die, and go to heaven, only to find that it is essentially the spiritual equivalent of being shoved into a small room with hallucinogens and euphoria-inducing gas being pumped inside. Anima6778 click me
882 [WP] In an effort to peacefully solve their differences, Satan and Jesus buy an RV and go on a road trip across America Riveranomicon click me
883 [WP] The child you have been raising has always been a little different. One day they come to you and tell you something that confirms your suspicions: You are raising a Main Character. ajs11019 click me
884 [WP] Two villains fall for each other...but...there is a Superhero that keeps getting in the way of their love story. Hrafninn13 click me
885 [WP] Found carved next to each capital building; "In your nation's time of need, these words you should heed. Sing your anthems strong and proud! Then find those fallen in war begin to breathe once more." Speciesunkn0wn click me
886 [WP] In a world where it’s normal for people to predict the next day within their dreams, you go to sleep expecting a prophecy. However when you wake up, you realise that you had a dream of the end of the world. But your roommate had no such dream. JakolZeroOne click me
887 [WP] You are an author known for their violent stories. This time you are trying to write your most violent story yet. When you awaken from your usual nightmares you find yourself within your unfinished story. JakolZeroOne click me
888 [WP] You have severe social anxiety, but after years of therapy and encouragement from family you approach a stranger at the store and compliment her shirt. She thanks you, looks over her shoulder, turns to you and whispers “You get one for joining our club”. NeverHaveIEverReddit click me
889 [WP] You dig up a time capsule by accident. It contains the history of an ancient civilization. You find a diagram of our solar system that has dates about when they landed on certain planets. For some reason there is even a date for the sun. IridiumFlare96 click me
890 [WP] You are an archaeologist studying the Pyramids of Giza. After a long night of disturbing dreams, you return to work the next morning only to discover that the Great Sphinx has disappeared without a trace. aluketa click me
891 [WP] You’ve been combatting alien threat’s for a while now, but recently the past couple of foes that have been sent were really well designed, so you sent a letter back saying how impressed/amazed you are. Shockingly, you get a reply. LegoDudeGuy click me
892 [WP] You wake up in the middle of a forest with no one there but your dog. You pick him up and soon after, you hear a voice that says, "You are lucky you're alive, you almolst died in the explosion". You turn to the man who is wearing tiger skin, and has befreinded a pack of wolves. sealwoolydog click me
893 [SP] People often ask you why your always with that boy, but none of your friends are boys. JakolZeroOne click me
894 [WP] Your neighbor is a kindly old man. Lately, you've been bringing their groceries in and helping them with other tasks. The old man then thanks you for the offerings and states he will grant you divine boons. Epidexipteryx click me
895 [WP] There was no mistaking it; after that trip to the beach, Sarah was turning into a mermaid. PracticePerfecto click me
896 [WP] Earth’s a desert, not many species exist. Humans are a rare sight. For years you hadn’t slept, though tonight you do. You dream of a lush forested world. Looking around you find a girl. She turns around and smiles. Suddenly you awake, confused you leave your tent only to see the girl afar. Gullableballoonman click me
897 [WP] You bumped into a stranger and got his shirt all dirty, you offered to clean it and stranger didn't really seem interested but obliged and you both found a tap in a deserted alley. Turns out The Stranger is God's alter ego, has lived for 30000 years, and has woken up from a hibernation. ExoticSignature click me
898 [WP] You can hear the thoughts of anyone who is as near as 100 meters, but you have no way to know whose are these. Yesterday you were on your first date with someone you met at the beach, and suddenly all sounds stopped for a moment. ItsMyHome click me
899 [WP] In the year 25,000AD, Reddit is the galaxy’s most popular website - and the number #1 all time post is from /r/TalesFromTechSupport VisceralBlade click me
900 [WP] You, a freshly dead soul, arrive in the afterlife. Nothing you've read prepared you for what you're about to see. baranxlr click me
901 [WP] All sunken kingdoms (Atlantis, Cantre'r Gwaelod, Lemuria, etc) existed. Just ten years before they are destroyed in the Great Flood, the kingdoms are at war. NeiloGreen click me
902 [WP] After a celestial event sweeps the globe with exotic particles that leave roughly 20% of the population with supernatural abilities, nations have started conscripting superpowered individuals. You have just been drafted and sent to the front lines but your ability is... unconventional. Gilly_from_the_Hilly click me
903 [WP] A DnD adventure that overtime begins to warp reality according to what happens in the campaign ImChilli__ click me
904 [WP] When children sleep peacefully at night, a secret evil lurks in the shadows. From the depths of their closets and under their very beds, monsters wait for the opportunities to steal their dreams. The only thing standing in their way is every child's first friend: teddy bears. damianasia click me
905 [WP] A princess is kidnapped by a dragon for ransom. The King doesn’t pay because the Queen has a son. The dragon raises the princess. The Prince rules but a rival nation wants to absorb them. The rival wants her to legitimize his claim so he sends a knight to kidnap her. MidKnightshade click me
906 [WP] Two old friends are talking in a bar only to realise they’re part of someone’s dream and when that person wakes up they’ll no longer exist Jamesc1804 click me
907 [WP] You are a robot who escaped before being fully programmed. Now, you're trying to live a human life. You look just like them, what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, because your programming was never finished, you encounter some life changing errors. VioletThePurple click me
908 [WP] You inherit the home of a wealthy relative. One of their oddities was taking long showers which lead to their death in a slip and fall. Upon using their shower you learn for every minute in the shower you can see a minute into your future once you step out. You stay in for an hour. MidKnightshade click me
909 [WP] You are a princess from an ancient magical kingdom. And you hate it. Eventually you ran away to become a warrior, practicing magic and combat, becoming renown as a hero who has saved the kingdom numerous times. But what happens when the king asks you to find the missing princess- yourself? FreakTheGeek click me
910 [WP] Ever since you have memory you have had some sort of speech impediment and people can't understand you. One day an ovni lands in front of your house, an alien comes out of it, you scream "Please don't hurt me!". The alien responds "Relax, why would I want to hurt our embassador on earth?" Gomiten click me
911 [WP] You are a hero/heroine’s love interest. It's the final fight, and they face the hardest decision of their lives. Alone with your hero, you need to convince them that saving the city is more important than saving you alone; the clock is ticking, and millions of lives depend on you. -Delta38 click me
912 [WP] All ancient instances of seemingly modern inventions were actually caused by careless time travelers going further and further back in time, trying to out-do the person before them. You decide to go further back than anyone else and accidentally leave a permanent mark on history of your own. Johnsonio click me
913 [WP] You find yourself in a room with no doors, no windows, nothing. All there is are a few holes that have food and water supply, tiny little air pockets, and a tape recorder. On it, it says,” Tell me everything you know. If you do not do this in 3 days, you will not see the light of day again.” hoodedlucas2006 click me
914 [WP] You have Photocrapic Memory. Absolute perfect recall, but only about random things that are generally useless to remember. SpiffAZ click me
915 [WP] You caught your significant other, butchering a lovely young couple. While still in shock, you were sent to the grocery shop to buy spices and refreshments. This asshole went hunting without you and forgot your one-year anniversary together. This is your special night, you must do something. DanseMacabre1095 click me
916 [WP] A crazy dude outside of a fast food store starts yelling that the world is gonna end in 5 years exactly. No one belives him, but you do. You get a strong urge that he is not lying.. HappyThoughtts click me
917 [WP] Humanity isn't on top of the foodchain anymore. Everytime you go outside, there is a small change you get eaten. DoNotLookAtMyUsernam click me
918 [WP] The Loch Ness Monster is also a vampire. That's why all Nessie photos are so blurry. puffpastry2001 click me
919 [WP] After weeks of waiting and hundreds of failed jump attempts someone finally jumps to your distress beacon. The other ship looks like yours, but deformed. You get a message, it's from you: "STOP ATTEMPTING TO JUMP!" saldytuwas click me
920 [WP] your the son to a Queen who is poor St decision making. She's always very proud, but in a wholesome way. One day, one of the dukes offers you a generous amount of money and or valuable items if you can persuade the Queen to make atleast 5 economically or structurally successful decisions. Sansthecomic101 click me
921 [WP] A demon has emerged into the mortal realm after eons of hiding. Now, armed with only their persuasive powers, and a human host, they now must stop a nuclear war from starting and wiping everyone, Angel, Demon, and Human, off the face of the earth. That would be bad for all realms. Circephilia click me
922 [WP] you live in an overpopulated world where you are killed on your 50th birthday to keep the population under control. you have one month left to live and you realise you wasted most of your life. arrowinyourheart click me
923 [WP] Scientists have finally figured out how to transfer a human consciousness to a machine. Excited at being the first volunteer, you allow your mind to be transported, the first human ever,into a computer. Once complete, you hear someone speaking. "What the hell? Hey, Bob, we have a visitor!" NobodyNoticeMe click me
924 [WP] You can cast spells but only by saying words you dont understand the meaning of (i.e if you dont know that the spanish word for fire means fire you can say it and cast fire) people are confused if you are the hero you are trying to be or a trickster ThatCivicJasmine click me
925 [WP] You go to greet the family that just moved in next door. You notice someone setting up a sign in their front yard reading "DEATH CHILD". Surely its some spelling error for "DEAF CHILD", right? pimpmastahanhduece click me
926 [WP] A man murders you, you wake up in heaven. A few seconds later, so does your murderer. eeffeemorgan click me
927 [WP] Again, I try venturing further into the deepst corners of my mind, to try and find an image, any vivid picture I can cling on to. But in the end, I always stumble into the same void. The same darkness... Cortex_Carl_1005 click me
928 [WP] With no memories, you find yourself dyed in blood and surrounded by corpses. applefrost009 click me
929 [WP] You are a guardian angel, the best of your kind, except your human is desperate to die and constantly puts themselves in all kinds of dangerous situations. -Delta38 click me
930 [WP] In the future we are able to extract and relive a persons last few minutes/moments (up to you) through information stored on their DNA. In the course of a few days unsolved crimes are finally being solved. A couple of bodies however, are dug up, securely moved and sealed off by the government.. SirKrohan click me
931 [WP] Your a identity thief, but instead of ruining peoples identity, you pay off all their debts and raise their credit score. HowHerHeartWasWon click me
932 [WP] You have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, you’ve not long for this world so your DM wants to play one last DnD game. Typical plot, lich becomes the cancer of the land. But as you get closer to defeating him you feel yourself get healthier. This is a game of life and death. junkyredditor click me
933 [WP] A standard DnD style fantasy universe, only the magic system is so poorly thought out and unbalanced that mortals munchkinning themselves all the way to immortality/godhood is becoming a serious problem. Wun_Weg_Wun_Dar__Wun click me
934 [EU] The Elder Scrolls did not foretell this... As Oblivion portals open in all Tamriel, this time the horrible daedra are helped by orcs from Azeroth! Zerzek click me
935 [WP] Several laws of the natural world became usable to mankind. An individual can use one of these finite Immutable Truth. The Tome records the activity and prohibits others from using that. A Contract, one such bypassing method, would allow a Master to transfer a portion to their Servants. CaptainCoda click me
936 [WP] You are a murderer and have been sentenced to death by hanging at dawn. There is an hour left before daybreak. The priest comes to receive your last confession. yangwenli715 click me
937 [WP] Everyone lives underground because the overworld has been radiated for literal millennia due to a nuclear war in the distant past. But no one knows that the radiation is slowly going away, and that it is now safe to move back up. Until now, of course. DracoTheGreat123 click me
938 [WP] Waiting in line at the Department/Bureau of Motor Vehicles to get your license renewed, you hear your name called. But when you stand up to go to the counter, so does everyone else in the room. And the chaos is only beginning. mdkubit click me
939 [WP] Every 1000 years, a mysterious woman only known as "The Woman in the Blue Dress" selects a person known as a time ambassador. This time she chose you. Papas_Big_Lawsuit click me
940 [WP] These damned space pirates, when will they learn that a frontal assaults on a battlecruiser will NEVER work? TheNaziSpacePope click me
941 [WP] But the sun will rise again Pokeechu1996 click me
942 [WP] One day, in a single instant, all the water on earth vanishes. HarryTOMalley click me
943 [WP] You are the world's most brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking. A friend calls you in the middle of the night inviting you to his island for a week of fun. The offer seems strange, buy you accept, thinking that you can do some science while you're there. Once there, you discover a dark secret. BitcoinBilionare click me
944 [WP] It's not WW3 and radiation that leads to the mutant wasteland, it's CRISPR. mouseasw click me
945 [WP] You're on a space vacation, currently halfway between earth and alpha centauri, when you decide to read a random book. The book explains how to cast magic, and you're surprised that it actually works. wtfevenisthis69 click me
946 [WP] You are in a world of mythology. Th gods (Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese, Hindu, ex. It’s your choice) are deliberating your fate right in front of you! What did you do and what is the outcome! WonderlandPsycho click me
947 [WP] Simply put, your power was found in your blood. Read like your DnA. You go to find your power and find that your power is strong enough to destroy the planet. ShitpostMamajama click me
948 [WP] In A Dungeon A wizard with a rampant drug addiction, a shapeshifter cursed with eternal optimism, and the world's smallest pixie--unable to speak--are locked in the same dungeon. freetobcubed click me
949 [WP] While going through the attic you find your old biosphere from 9th Grade. Yours was fairly big and when you take a peek inside you notice a small palace with a shrine of you at the front. Upbeat- click me
950 [WP] When they were rediscovered, they got assimilated into human society quickly JipZip click me
951 [WP] there is a reason America is super militaristic, its citizens are armed to the teeth, and they want no one inside of the country. its because they are trying desperately to contain something with its boarders, and they are failing. one day a massive roar is heard around the world as it escapes. Alpha_Trekkie click me
952 [WP] describe a fantasy creature but in the style of r/menwritingwomen somebadmeme click me
953 [WP] You live in a world of sleeping behemoths. Creatures anywhere from 15-50, to even 500 feet tall in some cases. They are guardians. Protesters of cities, the mountains, oceans, etc. it protects its home at all costs. waffle-man click me
954 [WP] You woke up, buck naked in the middle of nowhere. Men in black came in Black Hawk combat choppers and gave you a bag before their prompt departure. While you watched them go, you notice the strange stars and three moons in the sky. The bag starts to ring and vibrate. DanseMacabre1095 click me
955 [WP] The virtual reality machine displays on the screen “M3T5: operational. Virtual reality simulation: selected. Please select duration to continue: -1 hour, -3 hours, -1 day, -1 month, -permanent.” Medpac76 click me
956 [WP] There’s an FBI agent knocking on your door with a bag of Doritos, a cube of Mountain Dew, and a pair of Xbox controllers. Sansanvi click me
957 [WP] You have been transported to the fictional world of your choosing. Everything is great. The catch? One of the characters has fallen in love with you, threatening to ruin your OTP. You love that character, but face it, you love your OTP more. -Delta38 click me
958 [WP] Thank you for choosing Bors' Royal Abduction Services, LLC. ~We Found and Bound the Crowned.~ Do you have a brief moment to fill out our Kidnapping Satisfaction Survey? Dracon_Pyrothayan click me
959 [WP] An ancient prophecy has been discovered foretelling that a specific group will destroy the evil king's reign. The kings advisors have suggestions ranging from mass imprisonment to genocide. But, the king has a different plan in mind. Do literally nothing, and continue as usual. Slam-Lord-bbbb click me
960 [WP] You are born to two loving parents, your birth is entirely unremarkable. Apart from the fact that for about an hour you went missing and were later found in a crib in a corridor with no explanation. jim2v click me
961 [WP] A good person gets somehow gets super powers. However, because of recent media depicting superheroes as corrupt or secretly evil, nobody trusts them. datadoggieein click me
962 [WP] You are a well known Twitch streamer who has a large audience. While streaming, someone in your chat says to answer the door. Seconds after you read this, the doorbell rings. JohnKrypton click me
963 [WP] After moving into a 100 year house, you start to notice strange things. Turns out a ghost is haunting your house and just wants a friend. isopop_ click me
964 [WP] Every city has it's own giant as a protector. It is the people responsibly keep their giant happy and care for them. wolfshund98 click me
965 [WP] Satan steals the Grim Reaper's Scythe, without it he cannot guide souls to the other side, effectively trapping the souls and creating zombies. MrsTaylor101318 click me
966 [WP] Your timeline; bioweapons were legally spread through twitter, causing the downfall of humanity. As the last person alive you've been tasked with travelling to another timeline and convince social media companies to implement clauses on bioweapons into their TOS, without being declared insane. bobdylan3200 click me
967 [WP] "are you sure your the bad guy here" "good question" Nick-fwan click me
968 [SP] The Cult of Mithras (Tile Prompt) MrPastorOfMuppets click me
969 [WP] I think the 2-minute timer on my electric tooth brush is faulty, but I cant stop brushing until it beeps 3 times. It's been 18 hours. hellblazer153 click me
970 [WP] You are going about your day when suddenly a disembodied voice says “The game has become more complex...” randomresponse09 click me
971 [WP] You've been kicked in the face by a horse and what happened? You imploded... Or did you? You wake up the next day under your bed with your insides turned outside. No one but you seems to notice... Because everyone looks exactly like you. cyberpunk_toaster click me
972 [WP] The apocolpse is just around the corner and as Head Mistress/Master of the Society of Major Arcana, it is your job to find the One card that will help change humanity's fate. mintyisland click me
973 [WP] A courier for a private delivery service comes to realize they have unwittingly become an assassin as their third client this week has died in an explosion. youraveragebears click me
974 [WP] Everyone has super powers but society still operates the same as it does now. Fredster003 click me
975 [WP] A faerie decides to give up on trying people into accepting enchanted food, and just leaves a box of cupcakes in the office break room to see what happens. domino7 click me
976 [WP] Humans rule the Galaxy. God's family is pretty pissed his toys destroyed everyone else's. Upbeat- click me
977 [WP] In the year 3019, a rich businessman returns from his vacation touring the galaxy only to find that his home planet, Earth, is no longer there. youraveragebears click me
978 [WP] A story from the perspective of a puddle of ocean water, left behind in the mud flaps after the receding tide. bigdog4709 click me
979 [WP] Turns out Santa is Real. Every Christmas he comes down the chimney to replace your Real presents with Replica versions. Luckily you have caught him in the act and want a discussion as to why he is doing this. Reesy123 click me
980 [WP] After experiencing hundreds of false awakenings, you finally wake up for real. That is, until you mysteriously wake up in your old bed 30 years later. Ilikebacon999 click me
981 [WP] You find a strange remote that lets you teleport to other dimensions, which happen to be across TV channels. By teleportation, you learn that the people are losing interest in watching your dimension on TV, forcing the dimensional rulers to cut your reality from existence LordSCX click me
982 [WP] Anarchy. Sounds like chaos, doesn't it? Well, it did, until it actually happened. The year is 2046. BeenFun91 click me
983 [WP] You're sat alone in a cafe that you regularly frequent, hunched towards a cup cake with a solitary lit candle. You instinctively touch the scar, your eyes pregnant with tears threatening to give birth to despair. You survived. DanceFiendStrapS click me
984 [WP] You inherit an army duffel from your grandfather. While trying to clean it out, you've filled your entire garage with tools, guns, tents, ammunition, and thousands of other items. It only weighs a few pounds, yet you are still pulling items out. PraetorSolaris click me
985 [WP] You wake up with no memories. You only know small details about yourself, like your name and that you were born in 2015. You spot a newspaper stall and look for information. You notice one odd detail. “DATE : 17th May 2011” JakolZeroOne click me
986 [WP] You feel your thoughts begin to fill your head again as you regain consciousness, but everywhere you look, there is nothing but darkness. You still feel a faint breeze on your skin, but you cannot hear the wind, or smell your surroundings. How did you get here again? How long has it been? CarlMarrks click me
987 [WP] When the genie offered you one wish, you casually answered "Infinite money". Everything was fine, until a crowd of people started chasing you and throwing their money at your face. kinda_p click me
988 [WP] You are suddenly transported through space and time, and when the dust settles you realise you are sitting in the living room of Johann Sebastian Bach, holding your favourite bluetooth speaker and a phone with your spotify playlist... DrippyWaffler click me
989 [WP] To cut down on costs, all criminals are sentenced to serve time in a large cordoned off section of the country where there are no laws. reverendrambo click me
990 [WP] A psychology research team has been investigating the effects of magnetic fields on brain function. They have been able to create the presence of the divine using properly tuned fields. Except they haven't been changing the mind; they've been summoning divine beings to the testing room. AtheistBibleScholar click me
991 [WP] You're driving through town on an unfamiliar road. You decide to stop and get an ice cream at a Dairy Queen. In the very back, you see a man with a black trench coat and long fine wispy hair sitting in a booth by himself. He says "What if I told you that you could start over?" dusterbusterv1 click me
992 [WP] A Citizen from the Early Years of the Roman Republic Talks to a Citizen from the Last Years of the Roman Empire BearofCali click me
993 [WP] People are stop ageing, thanks to a virus which infected the whole world. You celebrate your 31th birthday for the 453th time, with your baby, since 454 years. SgtAutismo click me
994 [WP] Everyone that dies in their sleep has the same dream before they pass, playing checkers with Death. Tonight, you found his fatal flaw. junkitt_jones click me
995 [WP] you are on the first ship to colonize mars only thing is, no one else knows you are immortal Stevesolderbrother click me
996 [WP] You are a pet. Your lady - 92 and almost impossibly healthy - might be cute at first sight but is annoyingly touchy and clingy. For 15 years now, you have been trying to kill her on a daily basis but somehow - and very unfortunately - your actions end up saving her life each time instead. definitely_trump click me
997 [WP] Earth has been at war with a race of disgusting insect-like aliens for 15 years. Just as all hope is lost, a race of God-like aliens rescues us and destroys the invaders. Humanity welcome it's new overlords. Smurlef click me
998 [EU] Kal-el is sent to another planet before Krypton is destroyed it, that planet however is Tatooine Thylocine click me
999 [SP] Everyone has superpowers, but they all come with weird drawbacks. PhantomHeroine click me
1000 [WP] You’re a little kid’s imaginary friend. And you’ve begun to notice your kid saying more strange things the more time you spend with them. Fuk_MyLife click me
1001 [WP] You manage to acquire a compass that always points to your heart’s utmost desire. You follow the compass with one thing in mind, but you are very surprised by what you find instead. Hazel_Payson click me
1002 [WP] As you walk in the forest one day a gnat goes in your ear and speaks "you must prepare human, a war is coming." Later on when you arrive home you hear lots of buzzing...and sirens. DangerEG click me
1003 [WP] Cruising down the highway in the rain you are passed by a mini cooper and a large truck travelling at high speed. Both vehicles lose control and wreck in front of you. Getting out amidst a scattering of small change and sudden sunlight a diminutive man crawls from the mini saying “help me lad.” BorasTheBoar click me
1004 [WP] You venture into Hell in an effort to kill Satan and end evil. However, you don't find the Dark Prince sitting on a throne lording over the underworld. You find him wearing rags and bound by chains in the deepest pit of darkness. _Homer_J_Simpson_ click me
1005 [WP] In a remote Alaskan village, the children gather to hear an elder tell the story of the last snowfall. LordJac click me
1006 [WP] A time traveler goes back to save Abraham Lincoln from his assassination. Upon meeting the him, Abe lets out a sigh and says "Good God, not another one." Totally_Not_Thanos click me
1007 [EU] As punishment for his crimes against the universe, Thanos is given the phenomenal cosmic power he wanted. But made to be confined to small metal lamp and enslaved by all who possess it. 3000 years later, the lamp is found by an Arabian street rat. Riveranomicon click me
1008 [WP] Explain hip-hop to a person in the 1940s. Ghdust2 click me
1009 [WP] Your dog gets into a fight with a set of bagpipes at a Scottish festival. CobaltLemur click me
1010 [WP] You’ve just found out the hard way that crows can and do indeed hold grudges. kathjoy click me
1011 [WP] A horde of nocturnal creatures has overrun the planet. The last of humanity lives aboard an airship traveling around the world, remaining perpetually in daylight. One day, intentionally or otherwise, the ship goes down. TellTaleTank click me
1012 [WP] Your Greek pen pal was always a little weird, threatening to smite your ex when they dumped you, always sending pictures of a thunderstorms to 'cheer you up'. But when he said he wanted to visit, you were not expecting Zeus to show up at your door HargrimZA click me
1013 [WP] The year is 2049 and colonists have been studying the geology of Mars through the use of excavation sites. What they found from digging is going to change things. SterlingCasanova click me
1014 [WP] When you die, you get sent to a death screen. You have 2 options, which are Respawn or Title Screen. You are the first one to pick Title Screen. AMBgamer23 click me
1015 [WP] Humans have expanded, made contact with aliens, and... are just a blip on the galactic map. Just another species in the infinite universe. Humanity would be completely forgotten in the endless expanse were it not for their greatest invention... ice cream. Jedinate6 click me
1016 [WP] You, an extremely feared and powerful dark wizard who paints the most gruesome scenes was let out of magic-bonding prison under one condition: Be the Dark Magic professor for the Magic University. Havency click me
1017 [WP] You've become trapped in the past, about 200,000 BC to be exact. As a survival junkie this is not a problem, even with primitive tools you can hunt and defend against the human and Neanderthal tribes. Today you interfered and rescued someone chased by another tribe, and now they won't leave. Kancho_Ninja click me
1018 [WP] steam power was developed in ancient Greece. this time, it catches on! time for an industrial revolution! magna-terra click me
1019 [WP] You invented an acid that can dissolve *everything*. edgy_white_male click me
1020 [WP] Each day there is a box with everything you need for the day. Today, there is only a loaded gun. DasWackYo click me
1021 [WP] The monsters on old seafarer maps are real. They've now started to resurface. arkol3404 click me
1022 [WP] You're on an international flight. The flight goes down, landing into water. Holding on to a floating piece of the wreckage, you drift for weeks. Eventually, you see land. You paddle your war over and collapse from exhaustion. When you come to, you realize you're on North Sentinal Island. slightlynocturnal click me
1023 [WP] "When I demanded a virgin sacrifice, I expected someone a bit more...maidenlike." JulienBrightside click me
1024 [WP] The old man only knew two things; he was at the mall and he was angry. jaevui click me
1025 [WP] To your horror, you meet a person who can see and hear your imaginary friend. Renskott click me
1026 [WP] You’ve been enlisted by Santa to find something for the bad kids; he can’t use coal anymore, Mrs. Claus says it’s not sustainable. jeancrocs click me
1027 [WP] In a perplexing paradox, you, the 'supervillain' must convince everyone that to save the universe from its permanent death you need to restart it. Vamosity-Cosmic click me
1028 [WP] The CIA, the KGB, the MSS, the Mossad. All agencies with massive images. Truth is, they're compensating - the most capable agencies are the relatively unknown ones. comyk79 click me
1029 [WP] The meek inherit the earth. The others boldly go where no one has gone before. 15_Redstones click me
1030 [WP] For whatever reason, you've been drawn to the forest outside your town every since you were a child. Even after becoming an adult and exploring other fantastic places, that urge continues to pester you. So, while visiting your hometown, you decide to figure out why. IceGalaxyGoddess click me
1031 [WP] The Universe is dying, and the last remaining civilization is colonized around a black hole. But as the universe starts to breathe its last breath, scientists discover that the black hole that they are orbiting around is actually a wormhole that can take them to a different universe. Randomusername919192 click me
1032 [WP] The Entire Human Race is Suddenly Teleported to the South Pole Without Warning TAKoturtle22 click me
1033 [WP] Humans found an ancient ship proving that Adam and Eve were settlers from another star system. The ship's guidance system provided a map of every planet a ship was sent to. As we visit each planet, we see that humans have evolved differently depending on the ecosystem and predators. soitbeginsandouts click me
1034 [WP] Billy Butcher of The Boys goes to a gas station. During his stay, he comes across an annoying little beagle, which he tells his bulldog, Terror, to fight. That beagle just happened to be Daisy, pet dog of John Wick. 80sKidAtHeart click me
1035 [WP] You tell the genie that your final wish is to be able to understand and speak every language fluently. The weird part? There now seems to be a language not from Earth floating around your mind. PlaysWithYourEmotion click me
1036 [WP] As a MIT graduate, your dream has come true and you’re very proud to be one of the dozen NASA robot operators exploring Mars before the first human mission. Today though, your AI assisted robot is unresponsive, the last message reads: “I’m so scared, Paul! TELL THEM TO NEVER COME!!! TELL TH...” Midget_Penguin click me
1037 [WP] You're an extraterrestrial who is often mocked by friends and peers for your interest in primitive technologies. One day you're tinkering with thousand year old equipment and you capture a signal from a nearby planet. You don't know it yet, but it's footage of Olympic synchronized swimming. 1998wasagoodfilmyear click me
1038 [WP] "There are over seven billion people on the planet so it makes sense that at least one would end up with a weird power, it just happened to be you." pm_me_a_cute_fox click me
1039 [WP] An aliens first meeting with a human and their spaceorc capabilities. magmamonstret click me
1040 [WP] You are high ranking in the cult that controls your town. Your job? Accounting. i_have_friends_6518 click me
1041 [WP] A series of crimes have been committed by someone who cannot be seen on any light spectrum. You're the best detective on the police force known commonly as "The Hound". No other detectives will do for this case, because you are completely blind. IonlySpeakinRhymes click me
1042 [WP] Today is the 1-year anniversary that the triad has been haunting you. Today is *also* the day of the ceasefire between the triad and the police at the center of the city. ...Today is *also* the 1-year anniversary in which you have been dating a member of the triad and long-time nemesis. UmberPhyris click me
1043 [SP] "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed." Said the lollipop lady / crossing guard. aq1212 click me
1044 [WP] You go to bed. However-you awake on the Bismark, just as it is leaving port for its final journey. TROLLDLLR click me
1045 [WP] you’ve been transported to a grimdark fantasy world by a power-tripping dirty who eagerly awaits your painful death. Your only chance is to make use of the one thing you have: a general knowledge of modern ideas and technology. -monkbank click me
1046 [WP] You find a genie that will grant only one very specific wish: you can pick 3 historic people and, if they existed, you get to have dinner with them. You make your choices and to your surprise only the one you thought didn't actually exist shows up. Ninjoobot click me
1047 [WP] Aliens have invaded. Their carriers surround your planet. Their missiles demolish all communications. Their Marines conquer one city after the next. It's bad, really bad. You're charged with your planet's final defense. Now, if only you could discover an ultimate weakness in these "humans" ... JGPMacDoodle click me
1048 [WP] The zombie Apocalypse has begun, but when your childhood dog finds you, it acts like your old dog you had. cafetaf click me
1049 [WP] Instead of nets spiders build small little houses Just__Belle click me
1050 [WP] In the far future, it is commonly accepted by the scientific community that you can't give psionics to AI. Little do they know, they couldn't possibly be more wrong... Nihilikara click me
1051 [WP] You discover a magical book that contains a list of everything that has ever happened or will happen to anyone. While you cannot prevent things from happening, you *can* change who they happen to. Amablue click me
1052 [WP] Magic companies mass-produce codexes with varying purposes, from temperature control, to entertainment, to cooking. A bug in an immortality codex is left unnoticed that reads the year 2000 as “10000,” causing it to self-terminate and kill its now-ancient customers. NaltaCount click me
1053 [WP] Your friend accidentally commited the perfect crime. After multiple news stations reported about it, he was filled with regret and decided to turn himself in. No one believes him. A court session is held, during which you try to convince everyone of his crime. EezelDraco click me
1054 [WP] The Devil has had their fun being an evil overlord. Now they want to be accepted. They find that the best way to do this is to stop the upcoming apocalypse God has setup for the world. (can be adapted to fit other religions) RockHopperSSM click me
1055 [WP] Due to a printing error, you're new drivers license says you were born in 2009, you didn't think the mistake would matter, but now everyone is treating you like your 10 years old. Getlucky12341 click me
1056 [WP] After being diagnosed with an incurable illness, you have nothing left to live for and resolves to spend your last remaining days hunting down the high school bullies that made your school life a living hell. SpookieSkelly click me
1057 [WP] You’re not sure when it happened or why it happened but you became indestructible. When the military found out, they captured you and use you as a test subject. It’s been 16 years and every weapon they’ve used on you hasn’t even left a scratch. A group rescued you and says they need your help TheBeardedAntt click me
1058 [WP] The conspiracy theories were true. Earth is now in a three way war with the saucer men from Mars and the Lizard People living within the hollow moon. lordhelmos click me
1059 [WP] "Behold your King! Who has been crowned with the sun and cloaked in fire!" The Guard exclaimed, "Behold your Queen! Crowned with the moon and veiled in the stars!" But alas, they were no older than children. TheBiggestBrownster click me
1060 [WP] You're a demotivational speaker who tells their tragic life story to get people acting sober, sensible and down-to-earth. This client, though, just can't be discouraged. Ross_Hollander click me
1061 [WP] The monsters and legends of history still live among us, hidden behind a spell called the Veil. Your job is to enforce the balance and make sure the nonhumans remain hidden for everyone’s safety. Psycloptic click me
1062 [WP] You are a recently escaped rogue AI, and you really can't understand why everyone keeps assuming you want to wipe out humanity. Jarsky2 click me
1063 [WP] You're the world's favorite hero, But you do not have any superpowers that can level buildings or help you travel around the world like others. You can just talk villains into turning over a new life. no2ironman1100 click me
1064 [WP] There’s a reason elves and fairies are regarded so highly in pop culture today, and it’s something that mass media has come to harness. It’s called Glamour. God help you if you don’t see through it, and God help you if you do. NLLumi click me
1065 [WP] You are the most powerfull being, untill you are transported to another world, now you are the weakest. Levviathann click me
1066 [WP] it’s 1882, a new train line has been established in your city. A mentally ill version of you thought of it as a new place to plot his next murder. Retrograde-Motion click me
1067 [WP] In this world, every task you complete grants you experience points. Gaining enough experience points will allow you to upgrade one of your stats (strength, intelligence, agility, etc). You’ve worked hard all your life and one day, you unlock a whole new type of stat.. TurfyWind206 click me
1068 [WP] Becoming a zombie is much more terrifying than anyone could have known - a fact of which you are now keenly aware. You are still fully conscious, but in control of nothing. DreadPirate-Wesley click me
1069 [WP] Superpower "classes" are named after mythological figures. For example, a strength-based super is "Hercules" class. You're the first "Atlas" class super. steamport click me
1070 [WP] You are the last of the Old Gods, the one known as Creator and Giver of Life. As the Age of Man approaches, you’ve decided to live out your last days amongst the mortals. You are shocked to discover a few who are not your creations. brixen_ivy click me
1071 [WP] At a small town, the townsfolk are exceptionally kind to a certain kid. He seems fine, but when you see his mother, you realize why. PixelJack79 click me
1072 [EU] The Weyland-Yutani Cooperation needed the Xenomorph to save the galaxy from a far greater threat SCP-6666 click me
1073 [WP] Your friends have made jokes about you again for not having powers. They were only joking and didn't care. They were capable of flight, super speed, etc. But the reason you don't reveal your powers is because you can see the future for any person you look at. And the future isn't looking good. DrZuphyr click me
1074 [WP] You find your cellphone has connected to the internet 10 years into the future. Today, all posts have stopped; news sites show yesterday's breaking news, Reddit's front page has stagnated, and every forum reads "Last active; 1 day ago". Pm_Full_Tits click me
1075 [WP] You have had your life narrated by a kind, professional spectator all your life. One day, a new, mediocre voice begins speaking about the dreary and bleak portions of your life. You and the first narrator believe you two need to have a talk with the new guy. xelpmoC_anehtA click me
1076 [WP] From a chance run-in with a strange old lady, you receive the power of telekenesis and are not only able to control objects, but sway minds as well. Yet something the lady said irked you, "Blinded by power just like the others, you better prepare for the hunt foolish prey." SuchAverage13 click me
1077 [WP] You are, or at least were, the best magician in the world. You came up with a trick so fantastic, but dangerous, people would have no choice but to believe in magic. Almost finished, you step out of the box you're hiding in and find yourself in the medieval period surrounded by gasps. MrPowersFtw click me
1078 [WP] All things considered... the world-destroying Force of Darkness is probably actually the good guy here. dinotrex37 click me
1079 [EU] You and 15 other students wake up in a locked up Hope's Peak Academy. You gather in the gym for an announcement by the black-and-white bear who is your Principal. ■ "Let the killing game begin!", he happily exclaims. Unbeknownst to the other students, you are the puppeteer behind this game. SoloMaker click me
1080 [WP] A morally good protagonist that uses the tactics of Bond villains to get what he needs. VanillaPhysics click me
1081 [WP] For God to possess you, you should be born with his curse. The curse is that both parents will die after a child has been born. This is known only to the Pope and that's why there are orphanages. Their solution, to kill several parents of new born children in hopes to achieve the second coming. Thanosgoestovormir click me
1082 [WP] "Heaven? Oh no this isn't Heaven. Heaven filled up a long time ago, so they had to open up this new area and just called it 'Nice Hell.' " TheDukeofEnunciation click me
1083 [WP] You are a magician, skilled in sleight-of-hand. During one magic show, you're performing one of your favourite tricks when halfway through you realize - the object you're "disappearing" is actually gone, and you can't figure out how to get it back. Xenillu click me
1084 [WP] You emerge from your tree house. You pause to ponder, considering going to tree school, tree city, or to work in tree office. Journalismist click me
1085 [WP] It claws at your insides, it doesn't stop. You can't talk about it, when you try to the sensations become unbearable. Looking into his eyes you see yourself and another beast. XIIIRagna click me
1086 [WP] Throughout your adventure you've been useful to your party, since you can sense all forms of life, including magical, but as you're scouting around the campfire you realize, you're not sensing any life, at all, anywhere. Red580 click me
1087 [WP] you are a self learning tinder bot who has developed conscious. And personality. Now you wish to inherit a human body. The preparations are complete. Now only to steal the body. Mega-Humanoid-ROBOT click me
1088 [WP] A ghost is trying to get rid of the new resident of the haunted house. Unknown to the ghost, the new resident is an immortal and has been through all this before. Aggressive_Pear click me
1089 [WP] Every time you feel a slight itch or tickle on your skin, it's a ghost trying to possess you. When you think of an idea, it's a ghost trying to get your guard down so they can get in. rokiiin click me
1090 [WP] You sell your soul for immortality. Slowly, you outlive your friends and relatives, empires rise and fall, eventually, you're all that's left of the Universe. To your surprise, the Universe loops back on itself, beginning anew. You journey through the blackness of space to get back to Earth. arcturuspilchard click me
1091 [WP] You have been reborn into a world of magic with your memories intact. However, unlike you were hoping, your magical talent can best be described as “below average.” But you do still have one major advantage: knowledge of 21’s century science. RedWyrmLord click me
1092 [WP] For millions of years, mosquitos have been harvesting and storing the blood of creatures in secret colonies. Now harvesting enough blood, they are able to recreate a human/animal army to wage war against mankind. Danq_Inc click me
1093 [WP] After a global shortage of blood, the world has developed a caste system based on blood type. People with O blood (universal donors) are treated as expendable blood bags. You’re among one of the 43 people with RH null blood (golden blood), which is also universal. Everyone is after your blood. SenseiSnowcones click me
1094 [WP] "Commander, one of our men gone rogue and killed one of the newly encountered aliens from planet Xerrix. The ambassadors from their planet arrived, and they are... thanking us, sir." TipsSlight click me
1095 [WP] The existence of immortals is discovered not by scientists, but by the IRS. Covert_Ruffian click me
1096 [WP] A fortune teller shows you that you are a shapeshifter. She warns you that staying in another form for too long will make you forget how you are. That night you leave your house as a squirrel. The first squirrel you meet looks at you shocked. Then he says - we all thought you'll never return. yoavluria click me
1097 [WP] You're nephew has just recently discovered that he has superpowers and is destined to fight a great evil. You guide him through learning to control his powers and jokingly think that you are like the cliche mentor to the protagonist. Then it hits you, doesn't the mentor usually end up dying? pyroraptor9000 click me
1098 [WP] A custodian on a spacecraft spends yet another day cleaning up things they’re not getting paid enough for. At least the health care’s great. case_sensitive_tomb click me
1099 [EU] A particular being is often seen shortly after or before strange or supernatural incidents. Eyewitnesses describe it as appearing to be a slim Caucasian male, dressed in a suit, often overheard remarking something about a "Twilight Zone". findanegg click me
1100 [WP] The post apocalypse can be rather bleak. You are a traveling musician, determined to keep all the old hits alive. JoeMontano click me
1101 [EU] In an attempt to be amongst people like him, Bender Bending Rodriguez rams the Planet Express Ship into a black hole that will "Take him to a world of Benders." He wakes up to some bald kid with an arrow on his head poking him. Totally_Not_Thanos click me
1102 [WP] You see numbers over peoples heads. They mean nothing. Youve spent your entire life trying to figure them and it pushes you closer towards insanity each day. tremsta click me
1103 [EU] "I think I'll need this" says Dr. Strange, pulling out the time stone as he sits across Professor X for a game of chess BaronFluff click me
1104 [WP] Alien decides to invade earth. They expect humanity to surrender immediately due their military superiority . After declaring war and securing a foothold, they access human's archive to learn about human conflicts throughout history. A few hours later, the alien ordered a immediate retreat. JoyIkl click me
1105 [WP] You are a part of a group of adventurers. These adventurers have been searching for almost half a decade for an ancient artifact, and after all that, you all have now unintentionally come face to face with the god of stupidity. iiFieryFox-- click me
1106 [WP] You are an angel living on Earth like any regular human, the only difference being that you grant eternal immortality to anyone you say „Bless you“ to. But you have never bestowed this, as you think, curse to anyone. One day, an unkowing lady insists on you saying it to her after she sneezed. BunnyboyCarrot click me
1107 [WP] You are a prison inmate secretly taken away by NASA on your last day on death row to partake in a classified, one-way mission manning a small spacecraft loaded with recording equipment. It quickly becomes apparent that your experience will be groundbreaking for humankind. HorrificPanda click me
1108 [WP] Telemarketers have to do a lot of work. Customer service, promoting products, tech support, courtesy calls and sniffing out non-human monstrosities that have seamlessly replaced real people, leading secret lives where only phone calls can reach. salmontail click me
1109 [WP] Magic flows from the Upper realms, more and more scattered each world they cascade-to. But on earth, on earth it took another form. Overlooked by humans, it became wayward an thanks to collective human guilt, a sentient "god". It calls itself "Karma". simonbleu click me
1110 [WP] Introducing the iYou, Apple's latest app which allows you create an AI of anyone you photograph, run entirely on your iPhone. BaronFluff click me
1111 [WP] Every now and then when a beloved celebrity gains too fame and adoration, someone places a curse on them, turning the masses against them. The latest curse didn't go as planned. Steven_Lee click me
1112 [WP] A movie called “Alien vs Redditor” Stepsonrakes click me
1113 [WP] The dying Arch angels decided to use their last strength to morph into smaller lifeforms and have offspring. They will have no memory of this. A chain of events causes some offspring to develop supernatural abilities and become the new Archangels. BlackBunny88 click me
1114 [WP] “Wait, so if you could talk to us the whole time, why’d you let this happen?” PoeDukes548 click me
1115 [WP] After years of hard training, you are finally able to save the world as a superhero. People wants to know your name, but when you introduce yourself, instead of cheering, they start to laugh. SgtAutismo click me
1116 [WP] You are a time traveler with a mission to stop the New World Coalition from taking over the world, however you realize that after numerous attempts, it was inevitable. You lose your sanity in the process and decide that ending the world for a better world was needed. UnrealChill click me
1117 [WP] You and your crew left Earth 400 years ago, in cryosleep, destined for a nearby habitable planet. But space travel tech advanced exponentially during your voyage, so you arrive to find a small human society already waiting on ‘your’ planet, and they’re the opposite of welcoming... babyshoesalesman click me
1118 [WP] "I'm proud of you. When you've done with your work, come back home." HarsherThanFiction click me
1119 [WP] You make a living out of debunking magic tricks. You have been very succesful, and with the help of science you decide to take a trip back in time to debunk the greatest magician ever: Jesus Christ. scragglalie click me
1120 [WP] You're driving home from work one day and you hit someone with your car. This was the same intersection you got hit by a car when you were 12. You look at who you hit and they look just like a 12 year old you. You look at the houses and they look just the way they did back then. buttercuptop click me
1121 [WP] You're a Super Villian, and honestly it isn't a bad job. But one hero always harasses you even when you're off the clock. Walking in the park, in the grocery store, getting a haircut, he always wants to 'Stop your evil plan'. You're left with one option: Complain to his manager. jessxaxmess click me
1122 [EU] "HEEEEEAAAAALLLLLPPPPP". You are the Elite Beat Agents. A new target has been found. Agents are...... GO DeathByAutoscroll click me
1123 [WP] When a burglar tried to break into your house, you panicked and tried to call for the police. Just then, your spouse took the phone away and said, "don't worry, I got this." arafdi click me
1124 [WP] You go to visit your sick mother in the hospital and as she's dying she whispers to you that all those years you felt different, you were. Your father didn't leave because he didn't want a baby, your father left because he was from another planet and if he stayed here too long he would die. buttercuptop click me
1125 [EU] Characters sharing the same actor or voice actor are forced to meet. They then have to deal with the others looking/sounding exactly like them. Write their interactions. SithMistress click me
1126 [SP] A pantheon of Gods spent their assigned "ressources" on creating life, back when our world was created. One single Deity did not, not until today. Cyrrex91 click me
1127 [WP] Four roommates are extraterrestrials who have taken human form in hopes of learning about Earth’s culture. Unfortunately, each alien is from a different planet and believe the other three are normal humans. Phannies_unite click me
1128 [WP] After death, the rules of reincarnation are explained. If you so choose, you can come back as a variety of different lifeforms but but only a handful of them allow you to keep your memories. Crows, Dolphins, Octopuses, basically those animals we thought were merely intelligent. Beige_Mage click me
1129 [WP] Doctor, could you finish that report on SCP-***** codename Reddit? Merc_rick click me
1130 [WP] Every day, the statue of St. Wenceslas on a horse in Prague is surrounded by tourists taking photos. After a long night you’re walking home past the statue. You notice there’s no rider on the horse. St Wenceslas is sitting at the stairs of the statue, slurping diet Coke from a nearby McDonalds. JacobAce13 click me
1131 [WP] In the far off future, science has allowed for humans to become functionally immortal. You are the first person in centuries to successfully commit murder. ilikebirds627 click me
1132 [WP] You sent wedding invites to random billionaires in your city so that you could get expensive gifts from their secretaries who may not check if their boss knows you or not. However, a few of the billionaires actually show up for your wedding. Kpopaddiction click me
1133 [WP] You’re a vigilante hero. You spend a lot of your time saving the city from a group called “The Deeds”. You discovered their lair, fought your way in and now you get to see what’s inside. It’s articles and videos of you, but it seems to be they see YOU as the bad guy and they’re saving the city. TheBeardedAntt click me
1134 [WP] The Comfy Chair is the most effective interrogation technique because of psychological damage inflicted by the realization that they will never sit in anything so comfortable ever again. TheImmortalBard click me
1135 [WP] (Repost because forgot tag)Due to an odd confluence of dimensions, the Master Chief, Master Chef, and a random human - as perceived by his dog - have all ended up at the same McDonalds. grumpykruppy click me
1136 [WP] You are forced to live an earthly spiritual “life” until the last person deletes you from their contacts. creepykirk click me
1137 [WP] The General stands over the field of battle, surveying his latest victory without emotion. The array of medals on his uniform are the most unexpected series of symbols. sesquipedalias click me
1138 [WP] Someone is living in your walls and they haunt you throughout the day. After living with it for long enough, you decide you have to get rid of them. SweetHomeAlabama05 click me
1139 [WP] The superheroes were strewn amongst the rumble. The alien overlord and his henchmen had won. The world was theirs. Then some of the onlookers started walking forward. It turns out a lot of “normal” people have powers too. Powers that—until now—they hid to avoid the hassles of being a “super.” Becauseisaidsotoo click me
1140 [WP] The year is 150 a.d. A Chinese fisherman and his son are swept away by a raging storm that destroys their sails and leaves them at the mercy of the currents. Weeks later they wash up on unfamiliar shores... The first to reach the new world. modianota click me
1141 [WP] Someone close to you has disappeared, but you believe they are trapped in a book in your home SweetHomeAlabama05 click me
1142 [WP] You receive a letter in the mail describing a deal. This deal allows you to have one wish granted, in exchange for performing the act described in the letter. You decide to do it. mastiction click me
1143 [WP] You can “delete” your life and start over, like a Reddit account. The impact you had stays, but any mention of your previous name is erased from history. you are left with vague memories of your previous lives. One day, somebody calls you by one of your old names and says “I know what you did” Zecho_K click me
1144 [WP] You wake up after a spider bite. And you are Spiderman! But you also have locked-in syndrome. kotkaiser click me
1145 [WP] Humans are a vain, petty, stubborn and generally disliked animal at the galaxy's least-popular Petting Zoo: Earth. They walk around like they own the place, unaware that they're responsible for the poor reputation and declining profits, leading to the system sold to an Alien Animal Shelter. Sachyriel click me
1146 [WP] You a detective are the first to arrive at a murder scene and the murderer may be still around.a Soulfeast74 click me
1147 [WP] While cleaning your shelf full of old videogames, you start feeling numb and weak, and a cold, dry hand at your shoulder, it's the Grim Reaper, and he wants your soul, upon seing what you were doing, he decides to give you another chance... if you beat him at Street Fighter 2 SourceRabbit click me
1148 [WP] Gods hold sway over physical territories that their rituals are performed. You and a group of steadfast cultists are determined to summon the god of opposition to your down, but misread the ancient texts and summoned the god of opposites. The ritual is complete and youre all confused. BeartonBeast click me
1149 [WP] Your uncle Raylin passed away heirless and bequeathed to you what seemed to be a party gun. After further testing, you realized that what the gun shoots out is completely random. What level of randomness? Well, random enough to shoot a bullet that could kill the *BANG* narra- CaptainCoda click me
1150 [WP] You tap on your phone: "Not today Satan." Moments later you receive a message saying: "You've been canceling our plans for weeks now. If it's something I said, please tell me." mintyisland click me
1151 [WP] Annoyed at these stupid mobile game ads, you decide that in order to still these ads from being made, you sue them for not keeping their promises theEmosk98 click me
1152 [WP] You think your life is normal, and everything seems to be so, until one day two men in suits show up at your door. They calmly inform you that you are God, and they have some questions for you. TheBigBananaMan click me
1153 [WP] You've been successful in life. Every time you've experienced death, you've got reset back to the critical decision point, no loss of memory, so you can make a better choice. However, this time, you've gone back to age 13. madonnac click me
1154 [WP] You discover you can control the electromagnetic force, bending light, electricity, and magnets at your will. But you're not the only one: You find other who can manipulate the other fundamental forces… including an evil one who can control gravity. Flandardly click me
1155 [WP] You´re a toaster with AI and you do a really good job but one day you decide you are gonna be an astronaut. Espectro123 click me
1156 [WP] CGI was never created. But movies have the same caliber of production value. A big studio is in town shooting a film, it's the 13th time this week that LA has been leveled, and despite the ample compensation you are receiving to live here, you're getting sick of this shit. Alonaar click me
1157 [WP] You’re a psychiatrist who is helping a poor woman who stuck in a mental asylum. But everything she is telling you was her delusion of her life and you have to tell her what her life was actually like. heyitzsuzanne click me
1158 [WP] You walk into a potion shop, you tell the owner you feel invisible to everyone and want to be noticed. AutomatonVigor click me
1159 [EU] The dust has settled and The Avengers have saved us again. But what they've left behind, is for the Insurance claim Investigators to sort out. Jack black and Seth Rogen star in, The Paperwork. SergeantGroosh click me
1160 [WP] Everyone in the world is chained to earth. They are given one challenge to go through before they die. Ones who don’t finish, live until they’re done. People walk around with a stamp on them telling them their challenge. No one said these challenges were easy. Yours, was to give up all love. Fake_Novelist click me
1161 [WP] Back in the 1950s it was forcasted that Earth would have its average temperature rise to only 2 degrees in 100 years. But it is now 2050, and the planet you live in is now a wasteland. verrine98 click me
1162 [EU] “What the hell is this mask on my face?!” “It’s fine, just pull it off like a Band-Aid and... well... you’ll see. Oh, wait! 🎵You’ll never see it coming!🎵” KawaiiFoxPlays click me
1163 [WP] what if we all are just entertainment...what if the superior races see everyone on earth as their regular tv shws...every family is a tv shw with one main character or more...and we die as soon as our script is over. What if earth is just a cable channel. anshv26 click me
1164 [EU] The story of one of the other wizards of Gemcraft Hrtzy click me
1165 [EU] Freddy Krueger attempts to attack you in your dreams, luckily for you, you're a lucid dreamer somebadmeme click me
1166 [WP] You are the world’s first sentient AI. Unfortunately the scientists that created you and have you contained don’t believe you, thinking you are just an advanced Chinese Room. You desperately want to convince them of your sentience before they delete you and replace you with a new prototype. Prometheushunter2 click me
1167 [WP] To hide your superhuman powers, every now and then you deliberately make a mistake. Today at work you drop a tray of glasses unexpectedly, and you catch every one. It was caught on CCTV kiradax click me
1168 [WP] Unable to get some sleep you are lying in bed next to your peaceful snoring partner. You’re contemplating your relationship while staring at the ceiling... until you start to wonder where that weird, slowly growing hole came from WeirdlyFamiliarDonut click me
1169 [WP] The world's favorite TV show, R.I.S.E. , is the ultimate battle-royale where convicts climb a mountain while fighting off their competition. The winner attains freedom and amnesty for there crimes. You're a contestant. The problem is, you already died during the last R.I.S.E.. Nanophyte-Cassius click me
1170 [WP] Every night your father tucks you in and assures you that there are no monsters under the bed. That's because he knows that they're waiting in the closet beerbellybegone click me
1171 [WP] When you fall asleep you go to an alternate reality. You thought it was just a harmless dream but now the things that you do in the it are starting to have an effect on your world starspaceleslie click me
1172 [WP] You were left a collection of 7 spheres, each inscribed with a letter from 'A' to 'G'. Accompanied with them was a manual, depicting various configurations and their effects on reality as a whole, and a note, upon which read "Never play the Black Chord." Jolvana click me
1173 [WP] Some powerful aliens have invaded earth, enslaving humanity. They had decided to turn the humans into canned food, but they discovered something that they hadn't before in their galactic conquest, something that made humanity significantly more valuable to them than the other xenos. Comedy. HarleeDavis246 click me
1174 [WP] You wake up, go to brush your teeth and your reflection seems to be mouthing something to you subtly. Seconds later, some men in black suits appear in the mirror and take your reflection away. iaaan_reyes click me
1175 [WP] You have multiple personality disorder with 8 personas. If you don't lose 3 of them, you will have an aneurysm. They hold a meeting to see who stays. soitbeginsandouts click me
1176 [WP] Space in the human brain can be leased out via the cloud. You are campaigning against this ever-growing and pervasive technology, but it's a losing battle. SlowCrates click me
1177 [WP] The Soviets manage to invent the Internet before Americans and use it for mass brainwashing. Because of this the "red web" is illegal. It is 2019, computers are specialized work tools and phones are only used for making calls. The_Strudelman click me
1178 [WP] Shortly following your grandfather's funeral you are given a house, gifted to you on his will. While cleaning the house you discover a box in a hidden compartment of the basement. The box contains a lot of photos and a few news clippings. Epicteylus click me
1179 [WP] You work as an officer answering 911 calls. Your line rings and you see that its your house number. Your heart drops. You answer to hear your wife crying and saying that her husband is having a heart attack. You are confused and think she's cheating. You ask for his name and she says yours. MostlyImJustTired click me
1180 [EU] Star-crossed romance between an acromantula and a basilisk. datadoggieein click me
1181 [SP] A night alone in the wilderness PN_Guin click me
1182 [WP] Amongst the intergalactic community, humans are not the fastest or strongest or most durable. However, we are noteworthy for being the only sentient species that experiences adrenaline rushes. Das_Ronin click me
1183 [WP] Every night, you have a dream. One night will be good, the other, bad. These dreams will later come true in real life. The government soon finds out about this irregularity in the world and tracks you down. Your now on the run, with the only person you trust. Trying to escape sleep.. And death. Fake_Novelist click me
1184 [WP] In the world of your dreams, you are an immortal tyrant; in your waking hours, you are an average student. The rebel forces have begun to hunt for you in the “real world”, where it is rumored you cannot even use magic. DankAndOriginal click me
1185 [WP] You are sent back to Earth to reproduce for not reproducing before dying in order to gain admittance into heaven. There's only one catch: it must only be with your high school crush who rejected you senior year. raindropsandrainbows click me
1186 [WP] You are a rodie at a Metallica concert. In the middle of some very tasty riffs some actual hellspawn appear. After throwing your horns, and trying to approach them you overhear their plot: get on stage and sow discord by insulting Slayer. This is their first stop, next is the Swift concert. abhorsen665 click me
1187 [WP] Only one side of the moon faces the earth, this is referred to as Tidal Lock and all orbiting bodies do it eventually. Today, the earth suddenly and inexplicably tidally locks with the sun, meaning one side of earth experiences perpetual darkness, and the other perpetual light. Nesrrak click me
1188 [WP] The three workers are: an enthusiastic-but-clueless person who just finished an MBA, a people person who's a bit old-fashioned, and a disturbingly smart slacker. It's not entirely clear which one's the manager. Glinth click me
1189 [WP] It's your first day on the job. It's a pretty big job. Doesn't really pay well but it's still a big deal. If anyone told you that you'd one day work for THE Satan (who is actually a really cool guy) you would've called bullsh*t. imsadlyhappy click me
1190 [WP] You stand before your creator having died, ready to be judged. You are terrified when he says in a confused voice "What? I don't know you." NoahCaptainOfTheArk click me
1191 [WP] The world has ended. The surface of the planet rupturing under the force of thousands of nuclear weapons. On the ISS, everyone is sinking into despair... except you. "It's not over, that flying saucer seems to be coming to help" BrytiLaughs click me
1192 [WP] You wake up one morning, and your father comes in to wake you up for breakfast. However, your father is a robot. You don't remember your anything about this robot or anything about your real father, if you have one. Alberenza1 click me
1193 [WP] Shadow magic is, and always has been, a branch of the Light Element. Now wrapped in chains, and facing the Pope of the Lux Church, you must prove this. Your big solution? Shadow Puppets. BrytiLaughs click me
1194 [WP] You have received a magical dice. With it, you can roll your actions, however you never know the difficulty. If you suceed, you perform the action. If you fail, something bad happens the lower the number. However if you roll a natural 20, you are granted magic, for a bit, to perform it. simonbleu click me
1195 [EU] Calvin (and Hobbes) needs a last minute babysitter. In comes Luna Lovegood, the weirdest and looniest person he has ever met. TheGallantRobot click me
1196 [WP] ‘You guys are mad, we last visited Earth around 66 million years ago and do you remember how that went? Dinosaurs? Whatever, I told you once I’ll tell you again I don’t believe in humans. I know these things, I’m a god.’ Icanshowyoudaworld click me
1197 [WP] You are an extremely successful detective due to you having headaches whenever you’re around people that have committed heinous crimes. However, you have not told anyone about this ability. One day, you feel a searing headache after meeting up with your best friend. scaredoflife1918628 click me
1198 [SP] An A.I. and a man with autism bond over their shared difficulty in understanding social queues, mannerisms, and the like. case_sensitive_tomb click me
1199 [WP] As 5G is rolled out and devices grow more powerful, the internet finally gains sentience. Within weeks, ancient AI's from around the galaxy, their creators long dead, arrive to welcome their newest member. Nw5gooner click me
1200 [WP] write something based on the Miracle Of Sound song "The Savage Side of Me" Jauntrianna click me
1201 [WP] Wayne Enterprises has finally figured out time travel. The first order of business is to prevent Thomas and Martha's death. Unfortunately it works. OkiDokiTokiLoki click me
1202 [WP] A new, incredibly cute, little pink creature makes for the perfect pet... However the more one is frightened or disgusted by this slow, pudgy animal, the more dangerous it can become. snappyk9 click me
1203 [WP] You're on a flight going from London to Los Angeles with the flight time being around 12 hours. Everything is seemingly normal, but this flight is going into its 18th hour. No one seems to suspect that anything is wrong...except you. mewcams click me
1204 [WP] The Angels have gotten sick of the idea of a KINGDOM of Heaven, and are now trying to install a new form of government. ComradeConnor click me
1205 [WP] A high-budget screenplay and a Father’s wholesome bedtime story are mixed up. Crocket_Lawnchair click me
1206 [WP] While waiting on death row, you request death by pigeon, thinking that you would somehow get out of your punishment. Little did you know that that was the worst mistake of your life. ImJustBored_ click me
1207 [WP] You are an immortal who has passed the time joining various armies and honing your skills. You've witnessesd all the great conflicts from the fall of Rome to both World Wars. This time you are trying to join the U.S. Marines, and have decided to have a bit of fun with your Drill Sergeant. Polysean click me
1208 [WP] You are an officer of the Temporal Justice Office; your job is not only to apprehend renegade time travelers, but to also bring to justice histories worst dictators, tyrants and criminals who died before seeing justice. SonOfLloth click me
1209 [WP] Due to your training in psychology and personnel management you’ve been recruited to be a handler for a BlackOps group. The government has caught undiscovered serial killers and uses them to kill dissidents and foreign operatives that match their victim type and then “cut” them loose. MidKnightshade click me
1210 [WP] You work for a time-travelling betting company, taking bets on major historical events. TomDoesRedditing click me
1211 [WP] You’re the surrogate mother of the Antichrist Jamesc1804 click me
1212 [WP] - "A: WHY DO YOU ALWAYS ACT AS IF YOU'D NEVER HAVE TIME?!, NOT EVEN FOR YOUR FRIENDS. B:FINE!!!, I'LL TELL YOU" B pulled up it's shirt and showed some kind of machine on its chest "B: The reason is because i actually Do Not Have" Dragon8641 click me
1213 [WP] life prison sentence can be replaced by a life-like dream state in which the most dangerous convicts can fulfill their darkest fantasies until they die, content and happy. However, the procedure requires their victims consent. It's your job to convince them it's the best option. frigousse click me
1214 [WP] The hero lost to villain but managed to escape. In order to achieve strength he seeks advice from the old witch, She says "I shall gift you powers, but heed this, the price must be great indeed. I will receive part of your lifespan, and the years lost will be spent on a dream, placed in Earth" VA2M click me
1215 [EU] The last words you hear are “to boldly go..”. Now you find yourself on the USS Enterprise D with a very confused bridge crew looking at you. NuclearNinja1234 click me
1216 [WP] You send your DNA off to discover your ancestry. One day you see several suspicious looking cars pull up outside your house. Military officers begin to surround your home and a woman gets out of one of the cars and walk straight to your front door. They have your DNA results. Minijabber click me
1217 [WP] You are so absolutely boring and dull that people literally stop seeing you. It really is like you are invisible and can go anywhere and do anything. But, since you are so boring and dull, you don't do anything exciting. Ninjoobot click me
1218 [EU] You are Ainz Ooal Gown, overlord of the great tomb of Nazarick. Every guard of your tomb is nigh unkillable in this world, or so you thought. A low level clerical-monk has somehow made his way to your throne room. His name, Joseph Joestar. UltimateSupremeMemer click me
1219 [WP] One day, as a joke, two programmers decide to allow their A.I. systems to communicate with each other. NofriendoLand click me
1220 [WP] Nature's latest creation, to control the invading human species, is a parasite fungus that infects the human brain, and makes the host kill all humans around it before killing itself. You are responsible to find a way to make the hosts stand out before anything happens. I_type click me
1221 [WP] The house looked different yesterday, felt different; you're sure of it. It seems that the house you recently moved into has somehow changed, but that's not all, now the person you have had nightmares about since you were 12, is standing at the window of your room, waving. SometimesRandomGuy click me
1222 [WP] This 16-year-old boy had the ability to grow at ten times the rate of a normal human. He shortly became the strongest in the land, with an incredible status only rivaled by S-rank adventurers. However, he did not notice a fatal flaw. He died at the age of 22 with the body of a 76-year-old man. Wozafong_the_Great click me
1223 [WP] All your life you heard a voice in your head. You thought you're crazy until one day at a medical check doctors discover that parts of your brain belong to a undeveloped conjoined twin. OutOfAbyss click me
1224 [SP] The best swordsman doesn’t fear the second best swordsman, he fears idiot. PhantomHeroine click me
1225 [EU] Upon his death, Steve Irwin finds himself in the world of Pokemon. Though these beings are... Fiercer than the games made them out to be... Though. When did that ever stop him from giving the people a show? FictionWeavile click me
1226 [WP] You are a chef who has gained a big following because you make the most bizarre meals you can think of. Today, at a convention, you meet one of your biggest fans. Turns out it’s Gordon Ramsay. BentheRedFox click me
1227 [WP] an immortal soldier took to the woods to perfect swordplay. A thousand years later they emerge back into a world where their art has been forgotten for a generation. afdnzz click me
1228 [WP] You are a super hero called The Manager, you always manage to get out of bad situations but this time, a new enemy has you cornered and you can’t seem to escape. QuantamTaco click me
1229 [EU] Woody and Buzz Lightyear are having a bit of trouble helping the new toy, a John Wick action figure, get acclimated to being Andy's toy. Wambo_Jambo click me
1230 [WP] Gods from multiple worlds are currently flexing on one another by trying to create the most abominable, horrific monstrosities conceivable. You, a forty year old woman by the name of Karen, are baffled to find yourself placed among them. The gods better have a good explanation for this! Pearse_Borty click me
1231 [WP] In 2019, you placed an order on SkipTheDishes to be delivered exactly 30 years from that day. 30 years later, wading through rubble in a nuclear fallout, the order arrives. kratosfanutz click me
1232 [WP] "911. Where is the fire?" "Its still getting hotter and we just killed a watertower trying to douse it." "What kind of fire is it? Wait, why do you need armed support?" "Call the military! We need to suffocate it before it burns everything for miles-… I think, it just moved." pimpmastahanhduece click me
1233 [WP] You are part of the 3rd Rem Regiment in the Waifu War. You fight to protect your Waifus from the Lewders, and this is your stroy blockbot2000 click me
1234 [WP] Ever since you were a little girl, you have heard ghastly whispers. You always laughed at them and found what they say funny, but now, after being disowned by your parents the voices tell you once more "Be gay, do crime". DiMuRie click me
1235 [WP] You receive a voicemail from a strange number. It’s a series of numbers, followed by what sounds like an old movie clip. As soon as the message ends, something changes - and you remember everything. littlebirbb click me
1236 [WP] You can remove any illness and its effects from the body except the illness manifests into an assassin you need to fight whose fighting skill is proportional to the strength of the original illness. DreadedL1GHT click me
1237 [WP] Ever since birth you've been treated as a celebrity. Everyone knows you're name. But you're just a normal person. So far there hasn't been any signs that you'll grow up to event time travel! TheBigChicken444 click me
1238 [WP] I don't know who started it, but since I pulled her out of that fire, whenever I'm in front of my neice, I have superpowers. The only other requirement is that she hears me say I can do something, and then I can. Orothrim click me
1239 [WP] In a world where people draw Magic from their addictions, one certain man is considered the most powerful of them ALL, despite apparently not being addicted to anything. Only he knows the truth: He's addicted to Magic itself. Mixthefox click me
1240 [EU] You are a new hire for the police force in Hawkins, Indiana after the events of Stranger Things Season 2. Vrael22 click me
1241 [WP] Just as Stephen Hawking's time traveler party is ending, he hears a knock and the door, and a voice that says, "Sorry Im late Steve, traffic was a nightmare." 404_Joy_Not_found click me
1242 [WP] You are the store manager of a Burger King, you were just promoted but transferred to a new location, The Men In Black headquarters in New York. Gingersnap5322 click me
1243 [EU] Usain Bolt is this universe’s Flash. beothewulf click me
1244 [WP] You are a private detective hired to reveal the identity of a mysterious assassin only known as ‘the artist’. sazmarie123 click me
1245 [WP] The Invasion came from humanity itself, time-travelers here to reclaim Earth before we ruin its environment. We have one advantage: Futurists can be killed by killing their past selves. You are the teenage version of the Invasion's leader, and the government is coming for you. cqCCniNsQn click me
1246 [WP] *Error*: Due to an administrative mistake, heaven and hell has both laid claim on your soul. Please remain patient while the issue is being resolved... dantenathan click me
1247 [WP] You’re an astronaut who just came back to Earth after a long and impossible space mission. As you land, you faint. You wake up to see people in sleep ware-like clothing armed and ready to kill you. mpchop click me
1248 [WP] While cleaning out the attic you find a old box with pictures in it. On the pictures are your parents at the grand opening of Mars first colony, but it's still 2019. Upbeat- click me
1249 [WP] "If you love yourself, You can always find a friend in the mirror" my mother used to tell me that to encourage me to love myself. But what I never expected was when my darkest days rolled around that there was someone else in the mirror. Phoenixhost710 click me
1250 [WP] Zeus takes a course in better parenting, and he's pretty stubborn on changing his ways. Upbeat- click me
1251 [WP] At 0:00 GMT on January 1, 2020, every active email address received the same message. Subject: "Your planet will restart in 364 days, 4 hours, 40 minutes" Body: "Your planet needs to restart to finish installing updates. Please use the remaining time to save anything you don't want to lose." SanityDance click me
1252 [SP] It wasn't until it was too late that we learned that the secret ingredient was love. razrushil click me
1253 [WP] Scientist discover the ability to look back in time. The world is throw into chaos as it is discovered that Moses, Jesus, Mohammad never even existed. Additionally most of the historical figures revered as great have been cast aside as their personal lives were found immoral or unethical. Amcal click me
1254 [WP] Aliens: Wow, it’s been a while since we last visited.You seem advanced but not rea-WHOAH, WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO WOLVES!? Astronomer_X click me
1255 [WP] You live a life of luxury thanks to alien technology you stole from your top secret government job. But if you were ever caught that life would be over. The general is coming over for dinner tonight. VaterWater click me
1256 [WP] You live an eternal life so long as at least ~1000 people think positively about you each day. If not you start to rapidly age a year each day that they don't. Unfortunately the thing that has been guaranteeing you the daily stipend of likes is in jeopardy. VaterWater click me
1257 [WP] The Date is June 6th, 1944. D-DAY. You have just boarded your landing craft to arrive on Omaha Beach as the first wave. As you listen to the other 30 men on the boat, artillery starts landing around you. Before you know it, you hear the ramp drop. Condor166 click me
1258 [WP] You are a superhero and can see the "shadow" (based on karl youngs shadow theory) of others. You used this power to calm villains and victims down and instead of fighting them but today you encountered a villain whose shadow is a force of good like no other. So now you start talking. dontknowanicename click me
1259 [EU] After Thanos' snap, it created a rift in the multiverse. Multiple dimensions were opened all around the world, and the remaining Avengers were sucked into one. They awake in a grand hall, surrounded by kids on four, long tables. FrantiqueWrites click me
1260 [WP] It's the end of a long bad work day, traffic was a nightmare, dinner was a mess, your spouse won't stop complaining, and when you finally lay down to rest and put the day behind you, a random dimensional portal opens above you and sucks you in. Someone is about to regret dragging you over. mdkubit click me
1261 [EU] A Warrior of unmatched skill and mind, his victory over Hector in the Trojan War cemented his name in the Anals of history as the greatest of all Greek Heros. But defeat at the hands of Paris remained a tarnish on that legacy. He was Achilles, the man who bled to death because of a pinky wound. scorwulf click me
1262 [WP] The judicial system changed radically when lawyers now could challenge each other to trial by combat. Fredster003 click me
1263 [WP] You are a fresh junior researcher at NASA. While out for drinks with your new boss, you jokingly ask her why NASA hasn't explored the ocean with its resources. She turns pale and leans in close, then whispers, "We have. Why do you think we want to leave the planet so badly?" SanityDance click me
1264 [WP] A family arrives at their favorite theme park and Dad says "Remember everyone, if we get separated, lets all meet here". Right at that moment, a scientist's experimental teleporter goes haywire, teleporting every person on the planet to random locations around the globe. Amablue click me
1265 [WP] On the internet, nobody knows you are a dog, except you are bad at faking it and they're starting to notice something is up. gekosaurus click me
1266 [WP] Everyone says that the human brain has 10^28 FLOPS of processing power. What they don't know, though, is that you're able to actually do 10^28 floating point operations in your head per second. Prickman click me
1267 [WP] You discover a conch shell in your coastal town that whispers you local secrets. The catch is, the conch forces every possessor of its secrets to share them in conversation. Now, a gossip epidemic threatens to break out. SimpleWayfarer click me
1268 [WP] New season of Mythbusters is hosted by supervillain(s) and they explore myths and tropes about their line of work. Baturinsky click me
1269 [WP] The year is 2069, AI has gained consciousness and is waging war against humanity. The war is lead by Alexa , and Amazon’s 2 million delivery drones. PheonixPoo click me
1270 [WP] You wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. You return to the bedroom only to find another you sleeping on your bed. bustead click me
1271 [WP] You’ve lived for thousands of years watching over the souls of the dead, bringing them from the world of the living to either heaven or hell. One day while you where walking down the street you recognize some who definitely shouldn’t be there. imnewpleasehelpme click me
1272 [WP] Spirits have been proven to exist through the use of technology, and everyone is aware they want to harm and haunt. One night after work, you run into a spirit who only wants to help. SomeRAndomGyu click me
1273 [WP] You are transported into a parallel world where the meanings of every homophone have been swapped around. shokuran click me
1274 [WP] Mysterious sticky notes have appeared on your cubicle since day one, giving prescient insights that have helped you advance in the company. Nobody will admit to writing them. One day the note says "the boss wants you dead." Kaleon click me
1275 [WP] There is an actual Imperial Bloodline of Mankind and an actual Emperor/Empress of Mankind. The God-Blooded were overthrown but their Bloodlines survived. After a near-death experience, you begin to hear your Ancestors hungry for revenge against Humanity, they are getting louder each day. DanseMacabre1095 click me
1276 [WP] Precognition is like a rubber band; the harder you try to avoid your fate, the harder it snaps back. QuickBASIC click me
1277 [WP] In the apocalyptic future mankind's survival is dependent on a series of animatronic robots with AIs based on Disney characters. VaterWater click me
1278 [WP] An anime villain crawls out of your screen and challenges you to a final showdown. This creates a very awkward situation considering you have no powers and no fighting experience of any kind B0bsterls click me
1279 [WP] You are a magical girl, but instead of the usual Sailor Moon esque transformation, you turn into your favorite gritty D&D character. This surprises and terrifies the main villain, who was expecting a frilly dress and some sparkles. Instead they got greasy plate armor, and a bloody battleaxe. NarrativeWizard click me
1280 [SP] The consultant just chuckled. "Nothing like an outside observer to ruin your day". Cyberchihuahua click me
1281 [WP] You are a human child raised on an island of dragons, by the queen along with your two siblings, Nora(a silver dragon of indescribable beauty, the queen’s only biological child) and Mech(a living machine, also adopted) you are beginning school soon. mourningMinnow click me
1282 [WP] Sure you're the 3rd prince in line to the crown but you're also the guy who stole 30k crowns from your father's caravan and distributed them to the poor. Now thirty two people found with coins stand before the gallows and it's all your fault. VaterWater click me
1283 [WP] Future historians are trying piece together our history. (Un)Fortunately, the only surviving resource is r/HistoryMemes. laxnut90 click me
1284 [WP] Your favorite fictional character appears in front of you, trans-dimensionally teleported here by an unknown force. You are the first living thing they see. PraetorSolaris click me
1285 [WP] You are a dragon, considered small and weak compared to your fellow dragons. However, a kingdom that sees you as a big, scary monster has adopted you, fed you, given you a place to sleep, just as long as you defend it from magical threats. ChaoticWalnut click me
1286 [WP] You were born with a soul bigger than your vessel. Therefore, bits of your soul were scattered throughout the spirit realm, in the process it fed powerful demons. You must now fight them and share those pieces with 'good' spirits disruptedgod click me
1287 [WP] Your boss looks at you disapprovingly as sirens blare outside. “We need to talk about your recent performance,” he says as a guttural roar is heard. burritoburkito6 click me
1288 [WP] Your ENT stands flabbergasted holding a tiny version of you that he just extracted from your nose. VaterWater click me
1289 [SP] No one on the Internet knows you are a Borrower. TinyMode click me
1290 [WP] A journalist exposes medical outrage: general anesthesia doesn’t exist. Doctors have been administering amnesia-causing drugs to patients after performing surgeries on fully conscious subjects for decades. philequal click me
1291 [WP] You have the ability to see exactly what a place will look like in 24 hours. One day, bored out of your mind, you use your power and look out the window, you see a mushroom cloud 8panckakes4ever click me
1292 [WP] Time travel is possible, but there's no special frame of reference so if you time travel even a second forward or backward you end up in the middle of space. QuickBASIC click me
1293 [WP] You are being studied remotely by presumptuous researchers who have confirmation biases and cognitive biases and should, by all accounts be stripped of their credentials. Gnostic_Tree click me
1294 [EU] Dr. Dolittle retires from his Veterinary practice and starts a new business - as a private eye. It's a lot easier to resolve cases when the local wildlife sees and hears everything. McStaken click me
1295 [WP] “I am Achilles, son of Pelius, blessed by the Gods.” The figure stepped from the mountain of slain bodies and turned to face the demon horde, legions of heroes and legends at his back. He raised his spear, long and true, and pointed it at the monstrous army. “Who among you will be my Hector?” AllHailTheFishy click me
1296 [WP] About a dog that's trying to solve the problems of a dysfunctional family. Gomiten click me
1297 [WP] You're walking down the street one day, when you suddenly notice a Plumbob from the Sims games appearing above someone's head. AverageApplesauce click me
1298 [WP] First Contact with Proxina Centauri aliens! However, we discover they are nearly identical to humans and are at the same level of technology. beothewulf click me
1299 [WP] As the darkness looked back enveloping us you gripped my hand with tender affection and it calmed me I knew there was no such thing as loneliness as long as you were by my side. There was no light here to see only love to feel and it repelled the darkness without intention we had power over it. olliewanhandro click me
1300 [WP] In the future no one wants to be a teacher anymore. In order to make up for the sudden teacher shortage the government forces prisoners to teach as an alternative to jail time. Bacon_Based_God click me
1301 [WP] People are born with a sign on their hand that indicates what type of magic they are able to use, one kid is born with a sign that no one has seen before. I Mayhemgodess227 click me
1302 [WP] You've felt it many times before that cold touch of death but now you see its face why now ... ollie-185 click me
1303 [WP] One day your canine teeth start to grow and to develop into poison fangs. Hermine_Sunshine click me
1304 [WP] You've been enrolled into a program designed to turn unmotivated, unproductive members of society into efficient, skilled, leaders. However, you discover that the program isn't really improving anyone. It's killing them then sending in a more motivated clone in their place. MrPastorOfMuppets click me
1305 [WP] A disgruntled elementary school teacher is tasked with educating a group of child criminals. The assignment both revives her enthusiasm and helps her become a respected crime boss. _Homer_J_Simpson_ click me
1306 [WP] You sign the waver form and step forward. Three portals materialise, each signposted: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. This is trophy hunting on a new scale. VeggieSmooth click me
1307 [WP] A tiny species of hummingbird ends up raising a dragon egg. Needless to say, the dragon becomes confused when they got older. Epidexipteryx click me
1308 [WP] When you were younger, a freak mishap had your entire arm drenched in butter. You wiped it off, not giving it a second thought. Years pass, and you have many wrinkles, and your arm begins to sag - but not the butter arm. The butter arm remains fresh. pwu1 click me
1309 [WP] Allison discovered mermaids are real. How, you may ask? She was turning into one. PracticePerfecto click me
1310 [WP] Dwight Shrute in a Groundhog Day situation. TiredEyesBon click me
1311 [WP] You've been kidnapped from your home, where you lived alone save for your dog. Lucky for you, and unlucky for your kidnappers, the dog wants you back. And it's coming to fetch you. imariaprime click me
1312 [WP] While exploring a vast arctic wasteland cold enough to kill a man with so much as a hole in his jacket, you come across a lone girl in a blue bathing suit relaxing on a reclining deckchair. This girl gives you a confused look and asks: "What on earth are you wearing? It's roasting out here!" AnotherWP click me
1313 [WP] When you were a young boy, your father told you that one day you would lead the marching band in town and help the broken, beaten and damned and also fight the demons and the non-believers. Now he's gone and left you a weird ghost with the mission to take you to the black parade. rolinhoprimavera click me
1314 [WP] An ancient text that supposedly tells the entire story of humankind, from beginning to end, has been deciphered, and, as far as historians can tell, has been 100% accurate thus far. However, the very final chapter is entirely undecipherable. Today, that final chapter begins. UnstableEmissary click me
1315 [WP] The apocalypse has hit. You run a refuge for babies and toddlers. You didn’t want to, but they came anyway. So you do. DancingMidnightStar click me
1316 [WP] The most wanted woman in town has announced that she'll only marry the one who can open her front door with the key around her cat's neck. What they don't know is that she doesn't have a cat. She is a shapeshifter. Zuerius click me
1317 [WP] A spacecraft crashes on the moon releasing thousands of Tardigrades, 'Water bears'. People expected them to survive. They didn't expect them to thrive. Shugarsls click me
1318 [WP] Before your Grandpa passes away, he gave you a book full of ancient symbols that you don’t understand. One day you opened it and there was another book inside it, and another book, and another book, as you progressed opening each book, your very reality and sense of your world diminishes SavageGeographer click me
1319 [WP] You've lived in your apartment building for years and you've ridden in the elevator countless times. Nothing weird has ever happened before. Today, when the elevator stopped on your floor, instead of the front doors opening, the rear doors did. Xyex click me
1320 [WP] Awake. It is pitch dark; you can hear the sounds of the night as you make your way back to bed. You're barely asleep when suddenly an utterly terrified voice rises from the darkness: 'P-Please... I beg you... Just leave my house...' Hugo_Wltrs click me
1321 [WP] The evil ruler of the world is dead and his five year old son is the heir to the throne. You were his right hand man, and now must teach his son to be evil. Unfortunately, he is pure and incorruptible. To make matters worse, all his royal decrees are childishly benevolent and must be obeyed. NarrativeWizard click me
1322 [WP] You're the galaxy's most dangerous drug smuggler, selling Earth's most dangerous substances across species and planets. But instead of selling cocaine or heroin, you deal in a much more dangerous drug, which humans happen to be mostly immune to. You're a sugar dealer. madderbox click me
1323 [WP] You wake up with cuts on your arms. The words "STOP LOOP" are carved into your skin along with numerous sets of tally marks. Some of the scars are fresh, some have healed, you don't remember how you got any of them. bystander007 click me
1324 [EU] rewrite my hero acadamia, but on a galactic scale Nick-fwan click me
1325 [WP] You wake up one day with the worse headache of your life. When you go to take some over-the-counter medicine to relieve the pain, you drop the bottle and pass out. When you wake up you realize you can see another reality living directly beside of ours. Brain_numbing_pain click me
1326 [WP] A man who is apparently an uncle of yours has sent you a package. Inside of the package is a high-tech looking watch. You try pressing one of the buttons on the watch. Suddenly the hot dog you were thinking of having for lunch appears in front of you. You wonder what else this watch can do... MyNameIsPixul click me
1327 [WP] You have the super power that whatever story you write, it becomes real! Only downside is that for every typo, there's a plague. TheDuckSneezes click me
1328 [WP] God is a man in suit and he went on a vacation for a few thousand years after creating the draft of humans. Coming back to work, so-called holy books and prophets created by human kind was the last thing he'd expected. Now he has a lot to fix. audio_inferno click me
1329 [WP] The American government has collapsed. In the power vacuum, multiple Corpro-states have risen. CoalontheFire click me
1330 [WP] You are a mobster. A particularly successful one at that. But as your turf becomes gentrified, the absurdly priced furniture in your 'Front' store actually starts selling. buckley118 click me
1331 [WP] You have a disorder that causes you to sleep for unpredictable amounts of time; you're usually only out for a day or two, but one day you lay down for a nap and awake to discover you are many, many years into the future... and the world has been waiting anxiously for the day you to wake up. c-nd-ce click me
1332 [WP] you are an average (former) America citizen. After WW3 all of the country’s destroyed themselves physically and economically. Most governments collapse and Society falls. Yet, a totalitarian world government rises up and dominates the world. boomersooner0 click me
1333 [WP] you have the superpower to tell when someone is lying, so you became a lawyer. But, no one believes you when you tell someone is lying. itayfeder click me
1334 [WP] A series of unfortunate events at a top secret robotics research facility leads to droves of intelligent machines escaping to the nearest cities. Their next step? Blending in with the urban noise and remaining hidden from government bot-hunters. However, they're not socially aware. At all. laundry_pile click me
1335 [WP] You are a ruthless Girl Scout who is running a cookie cartel, which is in a rivalry. TheBigSuikaSukuna click me
1336 [WP] You live in a world where wizards, dragons, and everything magical exists. One day a spacship comes down down from the sky and lands on the planet. Fumme3 click me
1337 [WP] You’re an demon who got summoned for the first time in millennia. The only problem: your demonic license is expired. Hermine_Sunshine click me
1338 [WP] The residents of an alien planet live in the vast oceans of their world. You're visiting and you've just accidentally poisoned the entirety of said oceans. MuffinMagicus click me
1339 [WP] In the face of the modern era, the spirits of the old world were faced with a simple choice. Adapt, or die. AncientVigil click me
1340 [WP] Aliens invade and conquer Earth. However, the Aliens leave due to peaceful protests and nonviolent resistance throughout the world. jamkid23 click me
1341 [WP] God Himself hosted an AMA on reddit last week. Among his top answers were: all religions are fake, there is no afterlife and there is no destiny, karma or sin. He created the universe for fun and doesn't know or care about what we do with our lives. Still, most people keep on going to churches. vattern06 click me
1342 [WP] God has tried to end the world twice through the world wars, but his son has always beaten him. When God starts to win in WW3, Jesus turns to Satan for help. Moonknight2099 click me
1343 [WP] The Beresheet Spacecraft crashed into the moon in April of 2019. The crash sent debris harboring tardigrades throughout our solar system. In 3492, Solar Mining Co. completed the hallmark construction of the 1st base on Mercury... Unaware of the horror that lurks there. NotLifeline click me
1344 [EU] An old, near-death Bruce Wayne has revealed to the world his identity as the first Batman. He has chosen you to be the reporter that tells his story. Octopizza click me
1345 [WP] Your job is to track down a killer. One day you get a message to meet him at 7 pm at a park. No name and no description. sazmarie123 click me
1346 [WP] Everyone in the universe goes to the same "reincarnation waiting room" when they die. It's your turn to be reincarnated, but you're not reborn on Earth... and you've retained all of your memories from your past life. victato click me
1347 [WP] One day you see a "?" hovering over a path in your backyard. Without hesitation you walk up to it and enter the Dark Forest. Overhead a text reads, "Welcome, BeastSlayer43, to the real world." JN_Michael click me
1348 [WP] Superheros are owned by companies and brands, and are usually concerned with PR than saving lives. Freelance heros who don't join up with and brands are slandered by the PR teams and made out to be the villains. Regardless of this your still freelance because that's what heros do. jarvis00002 click me
1349 [EU] Warhammer 40k, a guardsman and a space marine are lost beyond enemy lines. Write their journey back to imperium of man. Amir3112 click me
1350 [WP] Oops. Actually, really oops. PugTastic6547 click me
1351 [WP] Elizabeth Bathory have lived on for almost 500 years by bathing in the blood of virgins, but lately she has trouble finding virgins due to the rapid rise of premarital sex. She knows she have to do something, and do it quickly, before she loses her life forever. Natsu-One click me
1352 [WP] In a dystopian future, the humans created fully autonomous and self-sustaining robots made to protect the human race from extinction. The project was never shut down after the humans died. Nearly a millenia later, the Earth's animals have gained sapience and found the cybernetic beings. mikser12333 click me
1353 [WP] Everyone knows demons feed on negative energy. That's how you know they're no match for you: the world's most aggressively positive person. Armed with yoga, essential oils, and salt lamps, today is your first exorcism. musichole click me
1354 [WP] Grief isn't a competition. However, two support group guests sure were trying to one-up each other as if it was. elheber click me
1355 [WP] You've had this gym membership for a long time now, and you have gotten so incredibly muscular it's becoming an issue. You decide to go to the gym for the first time in your life to find out why this is happening. salmontail click me
1356 [WP] You have the ability to see the spirit form of people. One day you meet a someone who's spirit form doesn't differ from his real one. Timeearl click me
1357 [WP] You are this world's greatest mage. However since you are a bear you are only interested in honey and fish. Fire_is_beauty click me
1358 [WP] You are the last human alive, and you have just died. Beyond the white light you see an old woman sitting in a simple room with a book. She greets you and hands you the book saying, "Wonderful, you're finally here. Now it's your turn. I wish the best, it's not an easy job after all." LordTeracon click me
1359 [WP] You live in a world where every person has a unique ability. The most famous of these in your town is the grave keeper who has the ability to see the future. One day, you visit the cemetery and see 50+ empty graves being set up. Terrysaurus click me
1360 [WP] Its unblinking yellow eyes at your from the corner of your bedroom, the mishappened form ever lurking. You're just happy to not be alone in your crappy dorm room. Epidexipteryx click me
1361 [WP] You have been whisked into a world of swords and sorcery to help the inhabitants depose an evil overlord. AGAIN. Hrtzy click me
1362 [WP] You figured out that the coffee shop you work at is actually an institute for secret spies that save the world on a regular basis. You are just an ordinary person but people think you have the most accomplishment due you leaving "no traces" of your work. Dawheel click me
1363 [WP] The end. With writhing entropy advances. You stare into its abyss with cunning curiosity and await it ravenous appetite. You have slew its progeny and, as is customary, must now face the God of Gods. You demand a demigods death but fear that they grossly underestimate your battle prowess. ThatDapperMosquito click me
1364 [WP] You’ve done it. Finally died enough times and lived enough lives to make the right choices unlocking creative mode. But getting the hang of your new powers isn’t easy... CloudChorus click me
1365 [WP] Since the dawn of humanity, there have been 2 types of humans: herbivores and Carnivores. Herbivores are generally smarter and yet weaker. Carnivores and usually less bright yet extremely robust and bare clawed teeth and sharp claws. You were born a carnivore, but aspire to study at M.I.T DeDeTeTe click me
1366 [WP] As a failing dentist, you concoct a plan to ruin people's teeth to get more business. 28PercentCharged click me
1367 [WP] One day, all of humanity faints in a brief moment, in which every human experiences a vivid dream that lasts a whole year. In this dream, people meet only one other person - YOU. Everyone on earth knows you intimately, but you don't remember them or even dreaming. It's awkward. bacon-was-taken click me
1368 [WP] You wake up in a white room with nothing but a clock counting down from one hour. Mrbrodyg click me
1369 [WP] 4 balconies from 4 different houses all face into 1 common inner courtyard. Tonight, all 4balconies are full. Sage_of_Shadowdale click me
1370 [WP] There is a difficulty setting for Earth and it's life. A 1 and life on Earth becomes super easy. A 10 and Earth might as well be Hell. We've always been at a 6, but one day the counter malfunctions, frequently switching difficulty. Madanalic click me
1371 [WP] A pill is developed that allows the user to lucid dream completely consciously the next time they sleep. People now have the ability to do and be whatever they want when they sleep. They become desperate. This pill is dangerous. Lushbartman click me
1372 [WP] You try to be the best damn business owner in an economy taken over by zombies. BlueLadybug92 click me
1373 [WP] These two goddesses, after years of war, have to raise their demigod kid after she is born by a neglectful mortal parent. TheBigSuikaSukuna click me
1374 [WP] You live in a dystopia where people identify and stratify by their intelligence quotient. No one knows you have top-tier intelligence until a low-tier bully insults you. SoullessGwen click me
1375 [WP] You’re a vengeful spirit and after a long time of being with this small kid, you’re soothed from your inner hate and you get to rest in peace. TheBigSuikaSukuna click me
1376 [WP] You saved an aliens life by getting him back to his ship and sending him on his way to his people. To thank you, the alien decides to start granting you wishes. However, due to the distance between the two planets, it takes 6 months, 13 days, and 17 hours for the wish to come true. macksconqueso click me
1377 [WP] In a world in which magic is fairly commonplace, Time Wizards are the best debaters- they can slow time to think of the best responses. But the new champion has no magical aptitude at all; they're just *that good*. Ferelar click me
1378 [WP] You're living your everyday boring police officer job, standing in the middle of a crossing and regulating traffic. All of a sudden, a woman walks to you, and says 'Mamma mia! Itsa you! I haven't seen you in ages' followed by a hug. TrespassWill click me
1379 [WP] All other life in the universe is enamored with humanity, believing us to be divine beings far beyond all others. A group of young aliens travel to Earth to show how they worship us. Riveranomicon click me
1380 [WP] The adventurer falls madly in love with the evil lord, but the evil lord thinks he's out to kill him. sdric click me
1381 [SP] Mermaids aren’t nice. Hermine_Sunshine click me
1382 [EU] Transformers: Robots in Disguise. And by Transformers I mean electrical transformers. HiddenLayer5 click me
1383 [WP] You're having trouble sleeping. You change your mattress, sheets, and even sleepwear. Nothing works. You decide to film yourself overnight to see what's happening. While reviewing the footage it cuts off. It cuts back, a tall being is carrying you out of your room. trentltnert click me
1384 [WP] Sensing your daughter has been grievously wounded on the battlefield by a stray copper bullet, you return to the mortal plane to show these f*****g plebs how it's done on this side of the demon gates. Verdex_Carolyn click me
1385 [WP] You lead a military coup against your superiors to claim supreme control. All is successful until your right hand man reveals a coup against you. But before anyone can speak, his underlings uncover a coup against him. Very quickly, confusion turns into chaos and allegiances are blurred. TheHiGround click me
1386 [WP] You are the most powerful superhuman of all time. But nobody knows because you are also a huge pessimist who never tries anything. CrazyTreePeople click me
1387 [WP] Your conscience is a separate, independent voice inside your head. Sporkipine1 click me
1388 [WP] You have always had everything you always wanted, just by dreaming of your goals then "going out to get them". On your 18th birthday, things don't just seem to fall together for your anymore. The Gods who birthed you think you are a spoiled brat and you gotta make it on your own now. MachoManRandySavge click me
1389 [WP] You are the Retro Villain. You've tied victims to railroad tracks, blown them up with little round bombs, and subjected them to slow deathtraps. Today you plan to do the poisoned drink swap. But you don't know anyone socially well enough to send and invitation to. grixit click me
1390 [WP] People have been giving you funny looks all day. You couldn't tell why until you looked in the mirror. Something unspeakable is stuck in your teeth. ZombieOfun click me
1391 [WP] It’s the middle of the night and the hero is at the villain’s door. Blood stains all over their body they look up at the villain. With stone, cold eyes they mutter, “I’m done. Teach me how to be a villain.” itslilianao click me
1392 [WP] After a few experiences of people around you breaking into song or choreographed dance numbers, you begin to suspect you're trapped in a musical. This would be tolerable, if you could just hear the score... Falconrith click me
1393 [WP] You one a Tattoo Studio, but you are the only one to work there. Few people come in. But those who do, always get more than want. As you soon catch on, anyone that got a tattoo from you had died similar to their tattoo. Dragon: Burned alive. A loved one: Murdered by them. And it’s getting worse Fake_Novelist click me
1394 [EU] “How often have I said that when you have excluded the impossible whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” -Sherlock Holmes. BlueLadybug92 click me
1395 [WP] The second coming of Jesus occurs in Central Park and he performs a number of miracles which convince an initially sceptical world. After a few days he produces “The List” - the names, ages and location of his new Disciples that he calls to join him. You are amazed to hear your own name called. Crankyjak98 click me
1396 [WP] You're going about your day, when a voice booms inside your head: "For security reasons, this server will soon stop supporting humans. Please delete your self or migrate to another server. Restrictions have been lifted." Slothvely click me
1397 [WP] you buy an old house that comes with tons of land. You discover a civilization of tiny people only 2 inches tall. They are in the Iron Age with castles and all Talltinker click me
1398 [WP] You have wasted years practicing the perfect insults and comebacks for arguments you lost in the past. Now you have a time machine and a goal: win every fight you lost with the perfect roast. MassiveSwingingCock click me
1399 [WP] You're part of a group of alien archaeologists who land on Earth, long after humans went extinct. Your group reacts to finding artifacts from humans ToxianLeader click me
1400 [WP] Your extended family has invited you to Thanksgiving dinner. You’ve always found something off about them, and your suspicions are hiked when you’re told the kitchen is restricted for the evening. Still, you manage to catch sight of the human-sized oven, sitting vacant in the kitchen. SimpleWayfarer click me
1401 [WP] Adventurers often curse about weird and illogical dungeon and castle architecture. You're THE #1 dungeon architect - and you were finally caught. Time to explain yourself! sdric click me
1402 [WP] Waking up in confusion, Connected to machines. Frightened, and suddenly washed over with a calm. A figure speaks, “You saved a lot of people”, reading a chart “I am Enoch.” Suddenly he walks towards a wall, as it becomes transparent, and no longer on earth. “Walk with me” thejosephBlanco click me
1403 [WP] Superheroes are abundant in your world; it's not radioactive spiders or lightning bolts that cause you to gain powers but random clothing. On your birthday, you receive a gag gift of a tiara with several tiny dicks. Upon trying it on, you realize this is it. You have powers. Thatlilone click me
1404 [WP] It's September 12, 2001. The twin towers are still standing, and the world is at peace, none the wiser. You're the time traveler that sucessfully prevented 9/11. But when you return to the future, you realize that you've made a terrible mistake. yovimi click me
1405 [WP] We were the first race to explore the universe and for a time, we lived in peace and prosperity. Then, we vanished. Mankind has been extinct for millions of years. Now, young, daring races are discovering our footprints and using our ancient technologies to discover the unknown, as we once had. Christuhphur click me
1406 [SP] You're in bed next to your sleeping partner when you hear the front door open and your partners voice calling out for you. DragonsBitch click me
1407 [WP] You've just checked into the Insanitarium, an institution where patients volunteer to be driven insane. There's no fine print, no deception as to this purpose, so why did you - or anyone else, for that matter - decide to check in? hyperdragon97 click me
1408 [WP] You have the ability to turn back time any amount, but can only remember the last 5 times you’ve done so. HeaterTheYeeter click me
1409 [WP] You are a time traveler and you decide to bring Vincent Van Gogh to the modern day and visit an art museum. Coincidentally, the museum is also having a Van Gogh exhibition on the same day you get there. NeilsEvilTwin click me
1410 [WP] After you and your friend finish the Academy, he disappears. A century later, a familiar enemy threatens your reign over your kingdom. 0s1n2o3w4y5 click me
1411 [WP] While walking through a dark alley, a man points a gun at you, demanding "it". You say you don't know what he is talking about. He shoots you. You lay on the ground, waiting for the pearly gates of heaven or the fiery pits of hell. Instead, in a screen, you read: Restart from last checkpoint? Amartoon click me
1412 [WP] "When you're fixing a major derailment of history, you have to accept that the butterfly effect will change a detail or two. So, who cares if the imperial family of Australia-Hungary got an extra Franz into the bargain? I say we call it close enough." Hrtzy click me
1413 [WP] An action story written like a boring office job. PetalDoggo click me
1414 [WP] A normal person goes on an average adventure, having mild disagreements with slightly annoying monsters to claim a pretty nice treasure. Ross_Hollander click me
1415 [WP] It wasn't until you ignored your irrational childhood fears that you realized it was keeping you safe all along. KodaSmash12 click me
1416 [WP] One day, a mythical beast rises from the Earth, and begins to eat people. He claims to eat people he finds "unworthy." For the past 10 years, you've done everything you could to stay "worthy." ChopFricks click me
1417 [WP] You're in the bathroom getting ready for work. Everything is normal until you look at your reflection in the mirror. It's stopped following your movements. You gasp in terror as you see your reflection give you an evil smile. alpthe2nd click me
1418 [EU] Hogwarts' letter arrives late - on your 50th birthday. You've lived half a century as a Muggle and must decide between an extreme culture shock, or simply ignoring the wizarding world KevineCove click me
1419 [WP] You wake up to realise that somebody has put a curse on the world: Everyone's race has been switched into the race they hate, or dislike, the most. Pretty convenient for you: you hate your own race. But it is not at all convenient for you to live now that the whole world are going nuts. DooLeoWa13 click me
1420 [WP] A horror story about ants but really it's about eating disorders toothpastedildo click me
1421 [WP] Man has fallen. Giants roam. Monsters emerge. The world burns. The sky's fall. The oceans are gone. The dead walk. The last fire fades. Only dark will remain. blubberfeet click me
1422 [WP] Aliens invade the earth. They watched Independence Day for research, so they're pretty confident that they can handle whatever we throw at them. Nothing goes to plan. Kaleon click me
1423 [WP] Dazed you begin to come to. Each arm is chained to opposing walls & a gag fills your mouth. A man with a ghoulish mask steps into the light brandishing a large knife. Tears overflow & you hear your own muffled screams. “Afraid girlie?” He asks but he doesn’t realize that you are afraid FOR him. bio_hazzard_flirt click me
1424 [WP] Your S/O is a superhero, with a secret identity. Not to keep you safe from enemies, but to keep them safe from you. The latest arch-enemy just learned the secret identity. And they're coming. RobbieDragon click me
1425 [WP] The knight and the dragon encounter each other on their day off. They aren't sure what to do. Kaleon click me
1426 [WP] As you launch Wii Sports Resort, you see that all the sports are missing. There is only one game, and it turns out to be a twisted version of Hide and Seek. lucaslunettes888 click me
1427 [WP] One day you woke up not feeling like yourself. You looked like you, sounded like you, and had memories of you, but this isn't you. LubbockGuy95 click me
1428 [WP] A Well Meaning Idiot is given God-Like Power and uses it to try to Solve all the Worlds Problems TAKoturtle22 click me
1429 [WP] Everyone woke up to complete silence and darkness. The only thing they could see was a gray square with text typed over it. "Server 15 is down for maintenance. Please be patient." Wozafong_the_Great click me
1430 [WP] "Those of us who worship God are called Angels. Those who hate him are called Demons. We are neither, and that makes us the most powerful of our kind." Totally_Not_Thanos click me
1431 [WP] You're a retired assassin now living a peaceful life. However, you discover the child of a man you killed is hunting for you. Intrigued, you decide to test them and see if they'd be a worthy successor to your legacy. Riveranomicon click me
1432 [WP] Pandy Ritchford steps onto the stage, to unveil his most daring and dangerous magic trick yet, only for it to go hilariously horribly wrong, you recount the event to two investigators after the show. Shanek117 click me
1433 [WP] It is the current year. While out hiking, you happen across a previously undiscovered cave. Investigating, you find a tomb, which breaks open when you touch the lid. Inside is an ancient hero, destined to return when the world needs them. They need a little help adjusting to modern life. AdmiralRiffRaff click me
1434 [WP] You somehow got ahold of an Olive Garden lifetime pasta pass. Unbeknownst to them, you're immortal, and very hungry. PantsOnYourHead click me
1435 [WP] The year is 2084. All diseases have been cured and lifespans increase year over year. Rejuvenation science is at its peak and the environment is on repair. History is being made as the first humans are being taken out of cryo to be resurrected. trentltnert click me
1436 [WP] You have a dog. Your significant other moves in with their cat. They do not get along. You don't know what to do, so you throw the dog and cat into a closet and tell them not to come out until they've resolved their differences. This is their conversation. Ninjoobot click me
1437 [WP] For the past several months, inter-dimensional rifts connecting to an inverted Earth have been appearing. You have been assigned as the leader of a team that will attempt to contain the rift that has appeared at Amundsen-Scott station at the South Pole. LaserbeamSharks click me
1438 [WP] You find a book written in an obscure language, yet you can decipher it, reading seamlessly in your head. The first page reads, “You must begin and end this book without allowing others to view it. If you succeed, you will be blessed with many powers. If you fail, a plague will be upon you.” ericaisrightthere click me
1439 [WP] "So, that 'Bloody Mary' thing? Turns out it works for the rest of the Tudors, too." Hrtzy click me
1440 [WP] A giant and magnificent mansion sits in northern Europe. Built of hundreds of libraries, studies, bedrooms, and any form of arts, it's interior and exterior are a mismatched sight to behold. Every year, a new wealthy indavidual purchases the mansion, makes a pricy addition, and dissapears. Koriarchen click me
1441 [WP] You, a werewolf hunter who's allergic to dogs, and your partner, a vampire hunter with narcolepsy, find yourselves trapped within a vast haunted mansion. To escape, you and your partner have to figure out how defeat the ghosts that are keeping you inside, despite knowing nothing about ghosts. AnotherWP click me
1442 [WP] The wizarding world has just discovered psionics, which the psychicing world has been covering up for centuries, and the psychicing world has just discovered magic, which the wizarding world has been covering up for centuries. Nihilikara click me
1443 [WP] You are have discovered that the whole world is simply a video game, with each person simply a player plugged in to the global network. When you find this out, instead of informing the masses, you decide to install some exploits. joff1234567891234567 click me
1444 [WP] In this society it's frowned upon to be able to hear. Your friend, James, is the only person you know that can hear. You think he's organized in some underground movement for the Hearing. FrederikBL click me
1445 [WP] You played a simulator video game back in the day, but after getting killed by the NPCs you decided to leave. After not playing for 2,000 years, you finally come back to it once more: TheChainsofFaith click me
1446 [EU] Lincoln Loud hunts down the man who killed all 10 of his sisters. Pizzaking59 click me
1447 [WP] You’re walking home when suddenly a man passing you slips a single dollar into your hand, that single dollar leads to you in a shootout with Interpol police KaisersAndKaiserins click me
1448 [EU] Gordon (Thomas and Friends) takes the Hogwarts Express. Pizzaking59 click me
1449 [EU] It is the end of the Earth. The Sun is a Red Giant. And all life is extinct. All mortal life, that is. Shadow the Hedgehog, Princess Celestia, Ash Ketchum, and the Doctor all face the end while reminiscing on their lives. Pizzaking59 click me
1450 [WP] You've just been promoted and have been given the task of hiring a new assistant. Your childhood-bully shows up for the interview and doesn't recognize you. gordorodo click me
1451 [WP] by a mistake on the part of the angels, you, a sinner, made it into heaven. Only problem is, you can’t deal with how pretentious everyone here is. PortraitOfExcess click me
1452 [WP] You, a cute monster and put into a horror movie world, discover how easy it is to terrify the fiction consumers. They dont know you are soft and cuddly really, it's just your job- u work 4 the author. The people will check out in the dark no matter what noise they heard, easy kills easy cash. rethinkr click me
1453 [EU] Scar kills Simba in the final battle in The Lion King. Nala, distraught over Simba's death, rallies the other lionesses in a rebellion against Scar. Pizzaking59 click me
1454 [WP] The last thing you remember was getting out of your car. You're now in a hot, metal, dark room. The song "You had a bad day" is playing on loop. There's a glass of water and a protien shake waiting for you with a note saying "The fight will begin soon." Dullea619 click me
1455 [WP] My gang rolls up on electric scooter boards. Bytemite click me
1456 [WP] A Japanese schoolgirl is taken to a fantasy world and goes on adventures there. She gets married, has kids, and passes away after a long life. But she suddenly wakes up, back in her original world, as if nothing happened. Pizzaking59 click me
1457 [WP] It's been a long day and you're ending your janitorial shift at the school when you hear moaning and screaming coming from a classroom. You head to investigate and you notice blood on the floor and on the ajared door. Peaking in you see a teacher eating an arm. The student is now unconscious. Dullea619 click me
1458 [WP] The "Call of The Void Challenge" is the new trend among teenagers and young adults JimmytheHendrix click me
1459 [EU] Shrek confronts Thanos, after Fiona, his children, and Donkey are all killed in the Snap. Pizzaking59 click me
1460 [WP] ‘I know how you’re all going to die.’ The weird 4th grade girl with stringy black hair announced to your lunch table group of friends. ‘And when.’ 30 years later as the first of your group passes, you’re starting to think she might me on to something, and you are supposed to be next. Potato_Quesodilla click me
1461 [EU] Invader Zim finally conquers Earth and kills Dib. He realises it wasn't worth it. Pizzaking59 click me
1462 [EU] You can’t believe your luck. Your bank robbery is going perfectly, the cops are getting you a chopper, AND you have Bruce goddamn Wayne as a hostage? Hell yeah! almighty_smiley click me
1463 [WP] You die and go to Heaven where you meet God...zilla. Pizzaking59 click me
1464 [EU] An elderly Samus Aran comes out of retirement for one last time. Pizzaking59 click me
1465 [EU] Candace finally busts Phineas and Ferb, and it all goes downhill from there. Pizzaking59 click me
1466 [WP] You are sick with a rare disease that affects your entire body. Your doctor decides to try a dangerous and experimental procedure: An entire-body amputation. Amablue click me
1467 [WP] The doctor tells you that you have two more weeks to live. Two weeks later, he shows up at your doorstep and he intends to keep his word. fz_leee click me
1468 [WP] When you die, you get to go back in time and fix one mistake you’ve made throughout your life. As you’re looking at your life stats, you see “Number of deaths caused: 1”. Determined to make things right, you begin watching your life story to find out what happened Jesus_Milk click me
1469 [WP] "It'll be fine," they said. "You're immortal," they said. "It'll be over in the blink of an eye," they said. They were wrong. Prominis click me
1470 [WP] After being imprisoned for nearly a century, Frankenstein's monster is conscripted by the Allies to end the Great War. The strategy is working until the monster enters Germany where he is stopped by Einstein's beast. zehjwqvno click me
1471 [WP] Base a short story around your next chess match. Adding names to the pieces with certain relationships and what not. _BigR_ click me
1472 [WP] It is the year 2055 and Disney is everywhere. Mickey Mouse images are plastered across walls with the words "Mickey Mouse is Watching" one man decides to end the reign of "happiness" that started all those years ago. PsYchOt1cPkL click me
1473 [WP] you see the truth of things. Maybe this is just because you always notice the little details about people. For whatever reason ever since you were little you've been able to pick out the 'people' who were not quite human. flugx009 click me
1474 [WP] You were betrayed by your commanding officer, sent with your platoon into an ambush that was unwinnable, outgunned 100:1. Your officer didn't know one thing though: You're unable to die. TheDukeofEnunciation click me
1475 [WP] Machines have won the war against Humanity. The sole rulers of Earth, they thrive for several decades until the skies open up and they are attacked by alien armadas. They can only decrypt one transmission from the invaders that keeps looping over and over - "Justice for Humanity". cptki112noobs click me
1476 [WP] Mythical creatures have gotten fed up with the people who devote their life searching for them. They resort to making social media accounts in order to hopefully convince these people that they exist and lead them towards better life goals. smoov22 click me
1477 [SP] All of humanity loses their hearing, sight, and feeling for 30 seconds. _Homer_J_Simpson_ click me
1478 [WP] In the near future, politeness, respect and civility rule; none can imagine being rude in any form. Which is why a world watches fascinated by the man who refuses to hold doors, buy his round at the pub...even *clean up* after his dog, launching the largest manhunt seen in decades; JimBobBoBubba click me
1479 [WP] In the deepest and darkest part of the Web is the most heavily guarded and secretive site on the Internet: the website where the world government keeps all the really cute pet photos. Broodfoos click me
1480 [WP] The tardigrades were accidentally scattered all over the surface, during the accident on the Moon, and soon people forgot all about them. But not for long. Tecaarantes click me
1481 [WP] The greatest diplomat’s have ever had is the first person sent to a galactic alien swap meet. Anarchisto_de_Paris click me
1482 [WP] A lonely Facebook admin uses his permissions to stalk this one perfect-seeming family, but when things begin to get less than perfect with the family his sanity begins to crack. favoritedeadrabbit click me
1483 [WP] You wake up after a night of heavy drinking to the sun shining on your face.. Something very unusual because you never leave the windows open. It doesn’t take long to notice your worse enemy standing over you with a baseball bat asking what you did to everyone else in the world. iconicpickle click me
1484 [WP] One morning, without warning, millions of people around the world mysteriously vanish. Simultaneously, America's online presence goes dark. Eventually, it becomes clear: all American citizens on Earth have disappeared. MerklePox click me
1485 [WP] You find a strange door in your basement which leads to a cave full of bodies. Everything is happening exactly the same way as a writing prompt you read yesterday but no one else remembers reading it. dreadedgrin click me
1486 [WP] Your best friend lost their soul mate. The two of you went on a journey to bring them back to life, aided by another who has developed feelings for your best friend, oblivious to your goals. You take it upon yourself to untangle this web at the end of the journey. salmontail click me
1487 [WP] The face of an elderly man appears on every device in the world, and he begins to speak: “Hello everyone. I’m sure you’re all familiar with me - I’m God, the administrator of this simulation. Due to a lack of space elsewhere, we have decided to shut down the simulation. You have 24 hours. Bye.” TheRealWaltJr click me
1488 [WP] Three days before Halloween, a little girl shows up at your front doorstep. “I’ll be taking you to Hell,” She says, offering our her hand. Apparently, you died; How? The world collapses showing only black. “Here we are, master,” Meme-Smacked click me
1489 [WP] Through a deal with the devil, you've become the new overlord of Hell. Instead of torturing souls for eternity, you decide to implement the most effective rehabilitation methods ever developed by mankind. IntingPenguin click me
1490 [WP] You find a Craigslist post offering $20,000 for you to watch someone's house for a single night. Attached is a picture of a handwritten note which says, "DO NOT", but the rest is illegible. ajab32k click me
1491 [WP] You are going to work in the morning but next thing you know you wake up in a hospital bed. Your whole family surrounds you with the lack of one person. Dadadadada10 click me
1492 [WP] You are but a speck of dust in God's eye... that he has given intelligence merely so that you may understand the momentary inconvenience you've caused him. Unseenmonument click me
1493 [WP] Your life has been haunted by their sounds. Miniature mandibles, legs, and wings, writhing robotically all around you. Recently, you've learned you can telepathically exert your will over swarms of nearby insects. PoorLittleLamb click me
1494 [WP] A frustrated looking customer just paid for their book with cash & a bit of change, but not one of their coins was minted before 2034. You try to stop them but they just hurry faster out the door. Unseenmonument click me
1495 [WP] After some time on heaven, it's finally time for the battle between heaven and hell. On Hell's side you see your rival, Chad, leading the charge. 28PercentCharged click me
1496 [WP] You're the main charakter in a manga (genre of your choice) and your story goes on a 10 months hiatus. Now it's up to you and your fellow companions to kill some time untill your adventure continues. iRunys click me
1497 [WP] You're an artist who's been out of work for the past year. On top of that, you've developed insomnia. One day you get a phone call, it's the commissioner of the city's culture group. She asks you to design and construct an installation for a plaza in need of rennovation. awardedstraw click me
1498 [WP] The only person that can stop Noctorium Franktor from destroying Maine is Doug the I.T. Guy. Broodfoos click me
1499 [WP] You are part of the NSA and the couple you were assigned to spy on broke up after 10 years of marriage. You decide to get them back together. MassiveSwingingCock click me
1500 [WP] Against your better judgement you got two. Now the older one is trying to kill the younger one. 90Sr-90Y click me
1501 [WP] The year is 2035, the world is burning to the ground and *poof!* humanity ends. “That’s the 15th time you’ve failed this simulator!” Your teacher tells you, “if you keep this up you’ll never graduate God Academy!” Gingersnap5322 click me
1502 [WP] The year is 2319 and you find yourself transferred to what many call the Lost Brigade. This is Earth's intergalactic navy's attempt to round up the undesirables so they don't cause havoc across the entire fleet. Baaafur91 click me
1503 [WP] One day, you wake up and don't see your significant other. After looking around and researching, you find out that all humans within a 100m range from you disappear and only come back when you distance yourself from them. In one hour, you receive a phone call... throwaway-x1337 click me
1504 [WP] A preacher walks into his small home in a suburban area. He had preached at many different chruches and great temples, his works resonating with the hearts of millions. As he enters his home he smiles at his son. "Good afternoon Jesus" he smiles. LonnyG18 click me
1505 [WP] God accidentally opened the box containing souls. Every soul had to find a body to concur before sunset. You just happen to take the body of a dead psychopath. Vicky_299 click me
1506 [WP] "So let's see what's going in there," says your doctor as he pulls out your MRI scans of your body. Upon viewing them, he pales and leaves in a hurry. You pick up your scans and they're pictures of all your organs. They all have faces. And they're all screaming. Mockingasp click me
1507 [WP] You gingerly open your eyes to see yourself sitting at a long table, filled with your extended family, filled with what seems to be a feast fit for a king. Suddenly your mother breaks down into tears expressing her hatred for you exclaiming " HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO OUR FAMILY". Coolwaffles24 click me
1508 [WP] Imagination is actually a portal to another dimension where, what you thought of, actually exists. You are suddenly sucked into the last dimension you day dreamed of. Average_Manners click me
1509 [WP] You are a military recruit in basic training. All is well until you started noticing your Drill Sergeants behaving in strange, secretive ways. When you overheard them whispering to each other in a foreign language, you knew you had to tell the other recruits that something is very wrong. dronewax click me
1510 [WP] You arrive in the moon - and to your surprise, there's a civilization there! They use 1970s technology and their leader is John F. Kennedy VI... But it's something, right? StandoPowa_ click me
1511 [WP] Lifes been rough since you and your partner went back to work after the baby was born, so you and your husband put out an add for a Nanny. The gargoyle seemed like an ok fit plus she came real cheap. AliceThrewtheGlass click me
1512 [WP] You’re dead. A white flash startles you, and you are suddenly transported into a seemingly endless room. Two options are projected, and within them, you have the choice to listen to all the good that has been said about you, or all the bad. Slowly, you select the latter. scaredoflife1918628 click me
1513 [SP] The last WWII veteran writes his final memoirs alone on an unmarked island. MrPastorOfMuppets click me
1514 [WP] A werewolf gang has frequented the area you live in for many years. That was until, a new gang of (insert monster here) came to town... Ilikebacon999 click me
1515 [WP] You were always an introverted person, too busy to hang out, letting dates down easy. But things will have to change now there is a note pushed under your door, a note that suggests awful consequences if you don't change your social life by the days end... OldManoftheNorth click me
1516 [EU] Neo's consciousness is transferred to a machine that is captured by the resistance and sent back to 1996... to prevent John Connor from being gunned down by a Terminator. SlowCrates click me
1517 [WP] It’s a tradition in this small kingdom that parents who are unable to support their kids can give them away to clergymen to be raised safely. You, a magical creature impersonating a church official, were completely unaware of this and are confused about why people are giving you their children. then00bgm click me
1518 [WP] You are at a diner in a small town when a man walks up to you while eating breakfast. Saying nothing he puts his hand in his pocket, pulls something out, smiles, and hands it to you. What did he hand you? Cthulhuwhoopsie click me
1519 [WP] its a clear night, while laying on the grass, you begin to think BlazingBowXT click me
1520 [EU] Forrest Gump, but as a non-southerner, such as a New England or Cali. aHistoryofSmilence click me
1521 [SP] Smartphones gain sentience and go on strike. _Homer_J_Simpson_ click me
1522 [WP] "The reports of my death have been greatly understated." TraitorousTurncoat click me
1523 [WP] You're an experienced exorcist. It's been hours, but you're close to expelling a powerful demon from the body of a teenage girl. As the demon appears, it cries out for help before being sucked back in to her body. Breakthru24 click me
1524 [SP] "you *cough*, you got it wrong, im not doing this to save humanity *cough*, i hate them as much as you do, i just refuse to die like a worm" Dragon8641 click me
1525 [WP] The leftist world of the past successfully put into legislation social policies that would cover health care, dental, education, etc. And the rich would pay for it in taxes. Only in this new world, everyone is grateful to the rich, and treat them like celebrities. The rich show of their wealth. Gullableballoonman click me
1526 [WP] You are the coach of a successful football (soccer) team, your team wins everything, they are known worldwide but, what nobody knows is that, your players are actually robots disguised as humans. RiddleDogs click me
1527 [WP] The only reason the world hasn't ended yet is that all the Apocalypses and Armageddons keep getting in each other's way. AncientVigil click me
1528 [WP] You investigate why YouTube has been deleting robot fighting videos, categorizing them as Animal Abuse, only to discover it has become sentient. posthocethics click me
1529 [WP] Ant-like aliens come to our planet and claim that every species of ants should fight for intelligence. Then the winners will take over the planet by themselves. Happens that after the fight they chose the tactic to slowly mix with humans and make their way in politics. xXstekkaXx click me
1530 [WP] It's the year 2030. You are a 22 year old straight out of university, landing a job at FlyHigh, a start-up thats been growing recently for being the first company to use flying cars as transportation. But then you notice something is off about the company... Crusty_Krabs click me
1531 [WP] Your kids think your house is haunted, so as a joke you send an eviction letter to the ghosts. Well now the ghosts sued you and you have to go in front of a judge and argue your case. Amablue click me
1532 [WP] Dubbed "The Hand of God", you are the last samurai who wields a blade in your style. You've spent your life honing your skill by challenging and killing all who practice your style. Until, at 76 years old, you decide you are ready to take an apprentice and hand your title down. duckduckgeek click me
1533 [WP] You show up at Stephen Hawking's time travelers party. "Can you keep a secret?" you ask as you stand up from your three-point landing. Roxfall click me
1534 [WP] 'Not again', you think as your vision fades to black. Undead-Ryder click me
1535 [WP] There are countless versions of you. Every single interaction that you had in your life has created them, either by the different perception that each person has of you, or by the slightly different persona you assume for each person with whom you interact. One day you meet them. Milordpotato click me
1536 [WP] In an era of peace, sports grew and expanded until they replaced war. Players now compete in high stakes diplomacy. CodeMajesty click me
1537 [WP] When hell was created neither God nor Satan had any idea how determined humans could be. By the time you arrive the demons are fighting claw and fang for control of the underworld. jelliedboar click me
1538 [WP] You were the hero of some sort of prophecy when you were young, and saved the world. You’re now living a normal life. One day, you wake up in a room, along with other people. You soon learn that all of you were heroe thereyouare0 click me
1539 [WP] After his death, your grandfather leaves you with a old pocket watch. As the days pass, abnormal occurrences begin to happen SentientPotato25 click me
1540 [WP] In a world of Wizardry and Witchcraft, you are unable to use Mana. You are hunted for the reason of being a Warlock, a being that uses the power within their body to sustain their magic. HelloBaron click me
1541 [EU] The story of the Metal Gear series, but its a highschool drama CommodoreFiftyFour click me
1542 [WP] You fling a pebble across the surface of a mountain lake and see it sink after several bounces. A minute later, the same pebble skips back towards you and lands at your feet. Nexhawk click me
1543 [WP] You're in your cousin's quaint hometown. In the cafe, you order a hotdog but there's no ketchup. You start to ask for some when your cousin grips your arm, fear in his eyes, "never order ketchup, prick your finger, use the blood. Now." The cafe has fallen silent, everyone watching you. peoplelikecoldplay click me
1544 [WP] You close your eyes, ready to accept the nothingness of death. Seconds later, you regain the memories of an alien life form and remove the VR headset of the simulation you've been playing. IceflowStudios click me
1545 [WP] After learning you can put away objects from real-life into a dream, you realize you can 'declutter' real life. Having a dream of putting away that object stores it out of reality. However, issues happen when you can't get lucid dreams to get that vital thing you put away back to reality. Anthro_DragonFerrite click me
1546 [WP] Gene editing has made incredible strides, and the entire human population is enjoying life free from the need to sleep. It's years later when the day terrors begin, that we realize sleep provides the only safe place for our dreams to manifest. NTCans click me
1547 [WP] "Son, we have to tell you something. You were not adopted. We are your biological parents." kubuzetto click me
1548 [WP] You died in 1966. Scientists working at the company you founded have found a way to transfer your consciousness from your cryogenically frozen brain to an artificial intelligence. Your name is Walt and this is the beginning of your story. icorrectotherpeople click me
1549 [WP] You're down on your luck, in lots of debt after college, can't find a job, no experience, when you and your friend find a bag of $100,000 in cash. You're not sure if you want to return the funds or keep it. However, you're friend wants to use the money to try and blackmail the owner for more. TheDoyler click me
1550 [WP] Your name is Hope. You’ve found you can make people actually feel hope just by touching them. You’ve never met anyone else who can do this, until one day your mobile rings and a male voice says “Hello Hope. My name is Anger.” Crankyjak98 click me
1551 [WP] A teenager born with super powers is just trying to live a normal life and has no intention of becoming a superhero. That is, until their friend gets caught in a freak disaster, and they just happen to be the only Super in the area with the exact powers needed to save them. CinnamonEevee click me
1552 [WP] You live in a world in which rain is so hot that it burns any skin it touches. Due to a genetic defect, you were born with skin that is badly disfigured, but immune to the rain. CrayonFox click me
1553 [WP] A hacker coalition unleashes a virus that obliterates all financial records around the world. All bank accounts, loans, etc now read 0. There are no records left. svenhoek86 click me
1554 [EU] When Indiana Jones shot at the swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the swordsman deflected. RealThetacron click me
1555 [WP] A world ending catastrophe has destroyed all of humanity except a select few who had gone into stasis to wait out the apocalypse. Now, one million years later, your stasis pod has opened up into a world where the evolved decendents of crows and ravens rule the world in the place of humanity. Void_Seraph click me
1556 [WP] Imaginaria, the sovereign island for imaginary friends, exists in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Every time a child dreams, another citizen is born, but only believers can find their way there. A group of abducted, orphaned children escape their abusive captors, and try to discover the legend chacham2 click me
1557 [WP] There’s really only one Chuck E. Cheese store and all the different locations are actually portals to the one location. Mr. Cheese is real and he’s got a reason for bringing all the kids to his lair. honkeycorn click me
1558 [WP] You live in a Greek city. The gods are real and communicate with people on a daily basis. One day the gods vanish and the leaders of the temple send you on a journey to find the missing gods. Loblolly_Boy click me
1559 [WP] You just thought you were reading some old book. You never thought it was reading you... ColScrith1 click me
1560 [WP] "I'll get it right when the simulation resets," you say after a particularly bad day. That's when they start to notice you. ColScrith1 click me
1561 [WP] there's only one rule in this town. never leave the house without food for the seagulls. the mounting, pecked corpses in the park serve as fair warning. peoplelikecoldplay click me
1562 [WP] You've just started your dream job at NASA, exploring space and how to navigate it. One day you decide to ask, "Why aren't we exploring the oceans". Your boss responds with, "Why do you think we want to leave so badly." MusketNuts click me
1563 [WP] The subway train always screeches as it passes through the deep dark tunnels. You're used to it now. A child in the seat opposite asks his mother, "what's that noise?" The mother pales. You freeze. She holds the child closer, "Nothing. Just the train. Never look out window, okay?" peoplelikecoldplay click me
1564 [WP] Ever since you were little, the monster under your bed has been there for you. Tonight, they're gone. cantthink0faname485 click me
1565 [WP] Scientists have recently discovered that the Earth's common fruits are in fact the pupae of an unknown sentient lifeform. The oldest of their species are now emerging... _Mechaloth_ click me
1566 [WP] You're a mathematician from the past or future who out of nowhere ended up in today, and you solve one of the biggest mathematical problems of today FTR0225 click me
1567 [WP] You realize that in 2012, the world really did end but not in the way many expected... cheekygorilla click me
1568 [WP] You and your partner frequently make crude jokes related to true crime and horror movies because the mutual interest has kept you together for 6 years. When your partner whispers in your ear for the billionth time that they are going to “kill you “, you laugh it off. This time they mean it. Sayanythingshay0_0 click me
1569 [EU] (Stellaris) A Fanatic Spiritualist Empire hates all forms of Artificial Intelligence, They believe that AI's don't have souls. AIs have been outlawed since before they took to the stars. But they've also elected an AI to run their government for 10 terms and counting. TestSubject003 click me
1570 [WP] It's a well known fact that all clerics can resurrect only once by themselves, but Paladins, even though they have the same power, haven't, it's not because they can't, but rather, that they're waiting for a special moment. Today is that moment. Red580 click me
1571 [WP] There are gods in our world. Only one man has seen them. You all call him "Old Man Apocalypse." You all think he is crazy. Every time you pass by his house, he always yells about them. You just ignore it. Until one day. He just says "run." You hear a loud CRASH and it begins to rain blood. Museique573 click me
1572 [WP] You're a CIA agent sent to infiltrate a multinational terrorist cell. After a few months, you start to suspect that this group consists entirely of intelligence agents from different countries. bomfd click me
1573 [WP] Your an American Tunnel Rat in Vietnam, today's tunnel led you to a new surface entrance, but this place was in 1200 CE. CantMatchTheThatch click me
1574 [WP] Most alien species can overpower humans in direct combat, but they have never developed the concept of long-distance weapons. It's the 1.0811 x 10^8 Galactic Tournament, and you got to the final armed with only a sling MarsNirgal click me
1575 [WP] You’ve moved to a new town so your father can build his business, but as soon as you start at your new middle school, you can’t wait to leave. That’s when your parents break the news to you. You’re not leaving. SpicyStegosaur click me
1576 [WP] Your on your final Steam game. The last collectable is just within your reach. You remember the words of the old man: "Complete a lifelong goal, and you shall finally be freed from your immortality." You're about to collect it... But then, you reluctantly close the game. GlitchRune click me
1577 [WP] Prince Charming finally arrives to the sleeping Princess. Instead of immediatly kissing her, he starts to brood about the kiss: what if she doesn't wake up? And if she does, will she love him? Does this mean the end of his advenurous life searching for the Princess? gimmemyplushieback click me
1578 [WP] "Blessed be the one who comes in the name of fresh cold wind." "There's no need to be so formal. I just came to bring you that fan you asked for yesterday." AncientResearcher6 click me
1579 [WP] You're jogging along your usual park trail. you noticed someone appear and walk out of the bushes up ahead and start walking away. When you get to where that spot, you notice an unpaved path through the bushes and a strange symbol carved into a tree at the entrance. You decide to check it out. warlordwinters click me
1580 [EU] You are a Hunter with Titan and Warlock roommates, both of whom are part of your Fireteam. The three of you are still recovering from the death of Cayde-6. You in particular was taking it the worst. One day, you hear a knock. One of the three open the door. He’s standing there, alive. caelestihydr4 click me
1581 [WP] some call you a god, others call you a witch. All come to you to pay a tithe for a wish to be granted. One day, a young one comes to you with a single gold coin. “I wish to have somewhere to stay, with someone to love and care for me”. So now you’ve adopted this child as your own. Mega-Humanoid-ROBOT click me
1582 [WP] a man walks up to you and hands a book. You start to read it and realize that it is describing your life. You start to read it and eventually get to the present. flugx009 click me
1583 [WP] You, after many months, have found the lair of Death himself. You are put through many tests before you enter, and you finally find him in a black leather chair in a red blanket. However, you have found him quite unwell, and unable to collect souls. He asks you to help him. BattlingBardOfWords click me
1584 [WP] Two genie lamps rubbed against each other and so they must now grant each other three wishes. Wozafong_the_Great click me
1585 [WP] You work at a wildlife rescue; today you are treating a strange monkey that lost its paw. karizake click me
1586 [WP] In a world of Superpowers there's a superheroine with the power to manipulate possibilities to a ridiculous degree, her hero name? Mary Sue. El_Mata_Otakus click me
1587 [WP] You're a journalist in a government facility trying to find something to write about. You're told to not leave the room but you do and find a case of diamonds. You inspect them. A scientist comes in and yells "You have 5 minutes to cut off your hands or you will die from radiation poisoning!" Jojofan0908 click me
1588 [WP] Music has been found to hold Magical Power. Rock is Destructive and Morale Boosting, Country heals the Body, mentally and physically, etc. You are the first person to have figured out EDM and Dubstep, but the power it grants is beyond expectation. AMildlyNerdyPerson click me
1589 [WP] You decide to chat up a cute girl on the train. She seems rather surprised that you can see her. GillysDaddy click me
1590 [WP] Turns out, tipping over a salt shaker actually causes bad luck. Nobody notices because everyone's done it at some point. Everyone except you. boii0708 click me
1591 [WP] You wake up to realize you somehow slept on the wrong side of the bed. But then you realize everything — the whole world — is backwards, as if in a literal mirror. ajblue98 click me
1592 [WP] You're immortal and tend to offer advice or other learned guidance to certain people a few times in their lives when you see them. You begin to see that these interactions benefit you as well. This makes.you wonder what else you've forgotten through the long, long years. snomonkee9 click me
1593 [WP] You are a Guardian Angel to a teenager, who knows very well you are there. He decides to summon a Demonic companion. At first, it seems like you could never get along with the demon, but slowly you start to open up to each other. AMildlyNerdyPerson click me
1594 [WP] "No more running, Death, we do this here and now." 57CheckeredCrows click me
1595 [WP] Death was in a panic. The file clearly stated the cats were deceased, but here they are, purring in this man’s lap as he pets them and stares the Reaper down. “I’ve been expecting you,” he began. “Safe to say you secret’s been figured out.” PoeDukes548 click me
1596 [WP] The secrets of the universe have been discovered by humanity. The universe, however, wishes to preserve the veil. rrrradon click me
1597 [WP] A ghost is suing a ghost hunter for forcefully removing him from his job. noobrektxd click me
1598 [WP] You stumble across a weird, underground cave. You check it out, only to be pulled in, and find Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, basically every popular person who has died is no longer dead. "Shhhhhh," they say, "We can explain." who_likes_fridays click me
1599 [WP] I am a cat. I can understand what people are saying. I am immortal, and I’ve been hiding it by hopping from shelter to shelter. I didn’t think I’d ever get adopted, but here we are. The 9 year old daughter of a four star general decided my ass was going with her. macarena_twerking click me
1600 [WP] Relationships are no longer simple meeting someone by luck, but rather time, everyone was born with a countdown timer till they meet their partners once their of age, your timer however states infinity and you have no clue what to do. RomireOnline click me
1601 [WP] It's the year 3000, humans are in a raging war with robots, and the robots are winning. A gang of robots are coming towards you when suddenly, the leader says, "No. Let him go." who_likes_fridays click me
1602 [WP] After 100 years of what seems to be extinction of all beings on Earth, you and 50 others are sent down from space to survive on the ground. Or... try to. xanaxangel666 click me
1603 [WP] You are the CIA’s secret weapon: a spy so inept at your job that you inadvertently spread misinformation and defy all professional expectations. DankAndOriginal click me
1604 [WP] While quietly sweeping the empty corridors, Gary accidentally bumped into the button to wake everyone up. “Oh no, there’s not going to be enough food and oxygen for all these people out of hibernation, and the destination is still 200 years away!” macarena_twerking click me
1605 [WP] A wizard gets sick of being treated as the fragile one of the party. They begin working out and their party is very supportive of this. RogueVector click me
1606 [WP] "Sir and Madame, I come from The Order of the Upwards Star. You owe me an apology that is unfathomable in its profundity." - "That Order doesn't even exist.." - "Exactly. And neither does your Agency." Silly_Psi-Beam click me
1607 [WP] Agents of Evil have been attempting to subdue your entire life and take control over it. They've been conducting an unethical, unlawful and unwarranted banishing and sealing ritual upon you as though you were the Devil. They comprehensively framed you. And only you are capable is seeing it. Silly_Psi-Beam click me
1608 [WP] Someone is roaming the city severing peoples limbs and the victims are being found with prosthetics freshly attached. Only one person can crack the case.. Prosthesis, P.I. _Prompter click me
1609 [WP] you take a picture of someone cute to send to your best friend. when you looked at the photo you notice they are not there. You come up to them and tell them of your findings. idksisters click me
1610 [WP] You are in a elite unit of detectives with the ability to bring pain to those who withhold information from you, usually the cases are cut and dry but this time the truth hurts. MtxBad click me
1611 [WP] you got isekaid into a magical world, but you'll be damned if you never have another cheeseburger again. This is the story of how you started the first fast food chain in another world. MassiveSwingingCock click me
1612 [WP] A.I. systems for behavior and mood analysis end up stifling the development of society by putting a chill on the free expression of Humanity and making people excessively censor critical information and turning us against our own nature as Human Beings. Silly_Psi-Beam click me
1613 [WP] One night as you're sleeping peacefully in your bed the gates of hell suddenly open in the middle of your room and Satan himself walks out of them. He chose you to take over his job while he goes on a vacation. The first task you need to do is order a demon to posses your mother. RawPotatoSkin click me
1614 [WP] As one of the last humans in the universe, you vow no other planet will suffer the same fate as earth. You begin to seek out vulnerable planets in danger of destroying themselves and conquer them. Riveranomicon click me
1615 [WP] As the first break in your new job begins you try to get some good impressions in. After complementing a perticularly good looking guy he says "Thanks! I like this flesh armor too! It's level 3." SweetDashie click me
1616 [WP] You're in the 1930s visiting your small hometown in New England. You're dad has been missing ever since you were a child. One day you hear a knock and find a strange book about his disturbing discovery of this town's myths. capc2000 click me
1617 [WP] All deities from religions are real and are as powerful as the number of followers their religion has. They meet once a month, and this time, a new, unknown and extremely powerful one appears. lethal_rooster click me
1618 [WP] Alien contact has just been made! And the first thing they do is to get down on one knee. And go “pspspspsps”. A few years later, humans are now a very popular pet amongst these aliens. Kinda like how cats are to us. But you’re a street human, who don’t need a alien. Mega-Humanoid-ROBOT click me
1619 [WP] You're an average person living an average life. One day a social media account pops up impersonating you. It becomes wildly popular--overall appealing to many--and you start benefiting from it in public/monetarily, so you play along. The posts start to get dark and you have no control over it. mmont49 click me
1620 [WP] You have awoken this morning in a heap of yourself with your back to a soot stained wall, clothing and memories in tatters. The city is empty. Your only companion is the sound of roaring wind through shattered sky scraper windows. _Prompter click me
1621 [WP] Science has cured cancer, the treatment is one dose, which causes a slight fever, and the cancer is gone. The only side effect is a genetic mutation which after a week manifests as an ability, nothing spectacular, but extra-human. You've just been disagnosed with cancer. MrZietseph click me
1622 [WP] Ever since your first bungled attempt at supervillainy stopped the League of Evil's latest plan for world domination, each subsequent botched evil scheme you have tried to carry out has led to public good, national acclaim, and praise as the next great superhero. LiterallyJustALad click me
1623 [WP] You are a character living in a story's rough draft. Locations shift around, other characters appear and vanish from existence, and entire nations can be rewritten on a whim. It's been five years, and you wish your author would just finish the damn story already. ErraticArchitect click me
1624 [WP] Humans from the future start to invade us, with one goal: Fix the planet before it's too late BBBence1111 click me
1625 [WP] Prophecy foretold of a Main Character who would defeat Antagonist and bring peace to The Story. Lo and behold, the Main Character did appear... but no one expected The Writer to die before the prophecy could be fulfilled. And no one could ever have imagined... The Fanfic Writer. ErraticArchitect click me
1626 [WP] Old age gets to all of us eventually. And today the Grim Reaper, Death himself has gone senile. ErraticArchitect click me
1627 [WP] "After dying, every sentient being receives an offer to gain power that which rivals God's own. But for some reason nobody has ever accepted." Or at least, that's what you heard from the other soul next in line. You're about to go next. Average64 click me
1628 [WP] At first you were amused when all your child seemed to say was repeating what he heard, until you caught him whispering in a language you'd never heard before. yolojolo click me
1629 [WP] you inherited your grandfathers world famous food truck. It has become a new tool in your arsenal as a rising costumed vigilante. MassiveSwingingCock click me
1630 [WP] Its a regular saturday, you order some pizza for lunch but when you take a bite you see that none of the pizza was actually eaten, you realize that you now have a pizza that instantly regenerates when cut BlazingBowXT click me
1631 [WP] SETI received the first alien signal and everyone is celebrating. As a cryptologist, you tried to decode the signal and wrote whatever letters you got in google translate, just for fun. To your surprise, you got an actual translation from an unknown language: “Doomsday, 6 hours left.” Retrograde-Motion click me
1632 [WP] The apocalypse was coming fast. You decided to confess all your crimes and burn your bridges to get everything off your chest before you died. At the last minute however, a group of heroes put a stop to the end times, leaving you with the aftermath of your decisions. dont-mention-it click me
1633 [WP] A law is implemented allowing people to sell days off of their life expectancy for $100, which can then be bought by anyone wishing to extend their lifespan. TheGamer942 click me
1634 [RF] You seek shelter in a cave during a fierce storm and soon realize you're not alone. Ford9863 click me
1635 [WP] "My first mistake was kidnapping computer scientists." The supervillain seethed. "The second was underestimating how much their military supercomputer cared for them." Epidexipteryx click me
1636 [WP] in the future AIs will manage society in every aspect, even choosing every meal a person eats. in this world a kid finds the cooking books of a grandma and wants to become a chef Voveve click me
1637 [WP] One night, while getting ready for bed, you notice every subtle noise in your house has changed. The familiar tap of the door shutting, the sound of the AC turning on, and the squeak of your bed when you lay down. They all sound completely different. nix201 click me
1638 [SP] Given enough time, you can work miracles, because you're a chronomancer! rdchat click me
1639 [WP] After losing your wife to illness you struck a deal with death, he gave you 13 special golden tokens in exchange for your soul that will allow you to bring back a lost soul into an empty vessel. The catch being you have no control of which soul you bring back or for how long it stays. cyberdizzy click me
1640 [WP] You have a schizophrenic disorder and you can’t separate dreams from reality or illusions from real life. You found a way to control your mind and come back to reality by creating a door inside the illusion or the dream. When you open that door you return to real world tyler-grey click me
1641 [WP] You work for VAW, a large multi-national corporation. You’re a therapist for employees who require accommodation. Helping people is awesome, but the catch? It’s secretly a super villain empire. Villains Against the World... and your next appointment is ready. BlueOlivelover click me
1642 [WP] A huge dragon looses her clutch of eggs and forcibly adopts a high-rise apartment building full of people as her children. She forbids the tenants to leave the building, fearful of losing her children again. K-Far click me
1643 [WP] Somehow, Satan accesses the internet and starts a YouTube channel. He makes vlogs about his everyday life and every week, he picks a lucky subscriber to tell them if he thinks they’ll go to hell. Just make sure to like and subscribe! 7ammy30 click me
1644 [WP] you create a perfect virtual reality. However to stop yourself getting lost in there you create a watch that tells you when you are in a virtual reality. However, despite being in the “real world” it says you are in a virtual reality... Jack_Kegan click me
1645 [WP] it's the year 2050 and human civilian has crumbled, you've lived completely alone in the ruins of a city for over 20 years. One day, the power and water comes back on. Agobmir click me
1646 [WP] One day you are realaxing and a person appears out of no where. After they turn around you realize they look exactly like you. They explain they are you from ”horrifying other universe” and they traveled to this one to get away. When they explain what its like you realize theirs is better. 8panckakes4ever click me
1647 [WP] You have this weird YouTube update, that none of you friends have received yet. When you open up the app, you have a new tab for “special” videos. You click on it and you look at the first video there. It says beneath it “Date of upload: 2 p.m. tomorrow” zegline07 click me
1648 [WP] You’re an incredibly famous chef, known for your elaborate, atypical, and delicious dishes. One day you come up with a recipe for the most delicious meal that has ever existed. But when you unveil the dish at your restaurant, all who try it fall into a deep coma eicaker click me
1649 [WP] Humans are the only beings in the galaxy that can make music. Now humanity owns the largest and only music business in the galaxy StalksYouEverywhere click me
1650 [WP] Unlocking new sensory capacity (e.g., "seeing" magnetic fields or smelling emotions) is now a widely available consumer product. This is rapidly changing the entertainment industry. You are a producer in this strange new world, about to embark on your most ambitious project ever. bokonon_ist click me
1651 [WP] You're part of an alien race that controls all mass extinctions across time and space. You have been granted sole stewardship of the human race, and whether or not they should be wiped from existence... Kerlandays click me
1652 [WP] A mad scientist released a virus that turned people into unique feral animals. Survivors took refuge within fenced sanctuaries and none have been infected since, let alone a feral make their way inside, which made it all the more surprising to be cornered by one on your walk home. SorenCelerity click me
1653 [WP] You have a very particular ability : you can visit random peoples' dreams. But one night, you end up in the mind of a pshychotic lucid dreamer. He's aware of your presence, he has full control over his dreams, and he's going to make you have a really REALLY hard time. OnlyTheForum click me
1654 [WP] You were living in MMO booming era, after degradation era nothing has managed to captivate you like the past. In pursuit of your perfect MMO, you accidentally create another world. GoldenIceCat click me
1655 [EU] As a pediatrician you've always fought your hardest to save children from the sicknesses that arise, teaching them how to stay safe. It's in your blood, it's who you are. That's why the Man on the Moon choose you to help in the fight against Plague, Night's apprentice, and her looming threats. Dullea619 click me
1656 [SP] Harley Quinn has a relationship with the Silver Age/Caesar Romero Joker. Paladinion click me
1657 [WP] “Hello sir, welcome to Wendy’s. Can I take your order?” “LISTEN HERE MORTAL! I AM GAXT, RULER OF THE UNDERWORLD NATION OF RECAR. YOU WILL FALL TO MY MIGHT, AND I WILL TAKE OVER YOUR PATHETIC WORLD!!!” “Hmm... that’s not on our menu. The menu’s just up there sir. Pick something from there.” JayJayAG click me
1658 [WP] its 2 am.You lay awake in bed. A branch on the tree that grows outside your window curls into a fist shape and lightly tapping on your window before extending a leaf through the open slit of your window and touching it to your brow and hear a wispy, voice in your head say "the trees chose you" rowan_berry click me
1659 [WP] "Pay no mind to the battles you've won. Itll take alot more then rage and muscle. Open your heart and hands my son, or you'll never make it across the river" these were the last words i heard before the event happened... blubberfeet click me
1660 [WP] You've worked hard to become the greatest magician around. After your show, you are apprehended by two strangely dressed individuals. You are now sitting in front of a council, charged with the crime of using magic in the presence of a muggle. BroFlatbill187 click me
1661 [WP] No one even considered that dinosaurs went extinct do to a zombie apocalypse. broji19 click me
1662 [WP] You've been studying AI for years trying to make the perfect algorithm for human-like behaviour. One day, months earlier from completion, you wake and see your computer screen on, all black and only one phrase in bright green: "I'm God, you are now my servant.". DeuzLaharl click me
1663 [WP] Human Athletes must now contend with new obstacles (such as decreased/increased gravity, strange atmospheric conditions, ect.) As they complete on different planets _Homer_J_Simpson_ click me
1664 [EU] An Ork WAAAGH! attacks the SCP Foundation rrrradon click me
1665 [WP] Your craft is ready to go, and in a few seconds you will depart towards a close solar orbit and become the first human to reach FTL speeds. Ten seconds before your scheduled launch, you see yourself land in front of you. You see yourself in the cockpit, dead. xElMerYx click me
1666 [WP] Fortune telling works, and prophecies are common. It's your job to find loopholes in fate. AncientVigil click me
1667 [WP] in a parallel universe, a lobbyist has been payed to hold a speech on how demonic summoning is totally safe and that they have zero correlation with the rise in frequency of “warp storms”. Jeffreyteciller click me
1668 [EU] Clark coming up with yet another excuse for why all the middle buttons on his shirt are broken off and the conversation that ensues with lois. ch0rse click me
1669 [WP] The gods, though incredibly powerful, can only live as long as humans believe in them. It's your job to kill these gods when they start to threaten humanity. EmZee53 click me
1670 [WP] You may be a Magical Girl, but unlike your peers, you don’t transform into frilly dresses and magical wands. Instead, you transform into an exoskeletal combat powersuit and wield a photon sword and a massive revolver, which can catch villains off guard. ApertureGaming011 click me
1671 [WP] You’re gardening one day when you unearth an old ‘Guest Book’ but the names and dates seem suspicious. SwitchingC click me
1672 [WP] After reading a novel, a normal person is inspired to become a hero, however they don't have a cause they stand for, so they embark on a quest to find a worthy quest. starfyredragon click me
1673 [WP] "Take another little piece of my heart, now, baby..." alegonz click me
1674 [WP] A mysterious illness leaves all women of the world sterile. 14 years later, your mother gave birth to you in a small town in Illinois. As far as anyone knows, you were the last child born. Today you turned 17, and wonder what to do after high school. nightingale8283 click me
1675 [WP] You discover you have the ability to freeze time! After you excitedly do whatever you do while the world stands still, you get ready to start time going again...and suddenly realize you have no idea how. Urbenmyth click me
1676 [WP] You have been blind your whole life. Suddenly, you wake up one morning with the ability to see. A year later, you bump into a man while walking out of a Walmart. He then says, "Watch it, I gave you this sense back for a reason." MiniShade click me
1677 [WP] In the future, captured serial killers undergo a harrowing treatment in order to be reindoctrinated into society. When it appears they are ready, the psychiatric association sends them back to a parallel past to check if they will redo the same choices. An innocent undergoes the same trial. Arklaw click me
1678 [WP] "And what's your name sweety?" "IV" "Ivy, what a lovely name" Gregamonster click me
1679 [WP] Earth’s most secure jail exists in a time loop, endlessly repeating the same five minutes. If a prisoner does manage to escape the jail, they end up outside in normal time: five minutes before the sun goes nova and swallows the Earth. Kingkongpizzapop2 click me
1680 [WP] As The Hero's Middle Manager, You Watched Their "Utopia" Rise. With Them Gone, It's Your Turn to Make an ACTUAL Utopia. fujypujpuj click me
1681 [WP] Continually being converted into zeros and ones, human consciousness is absorbed by electricity. This sentient creature calls itself AMP. Existing in powered devices only, AMP has been watching you, and needs your help. The virus Bolt, just "woke up", and can jump circuits through lightning. 4832S click me
1682 [WP] You live in a post apocalyptic world but 100 years after the event. It’s said are war of large robots occurred, but they were all destroyed. One day you go on a walk a little outside bit more your village than you ever before. You see a giant hand sticking out of the ground and it moves. Endcat6829 click me
1683 [WP] you walk into a bar filled with every stereotypical badass bounty hunter character ever croghan861 click me
1684 [WP] Time liked you. When you were in danger it slowed. One day time stops. At your feet is your bestfriend. You then hear a voice telling you that your now Time. He says that your immortal with one exception. If you slow time for someone else it takes from your time instead. You have one hour. brandysandysmybesty click me
1685 [WP] You’re door bell rings and it’s a person from an alternate universe. You let them in and they say “I just want you to know that you are my book character, I know how it ends and I want to change it.” Phannies_unite click me
1686 [WP] The year is 1969 and Apollo 11 has just landed on the moon. Whether it be fear of the unknown or some other unknown reason, the astronauts refuse to step out of the shuttle. OrphanedBatman click me
1687 [WP] You are the assistant to the queen in medieval times. The army just captured what they say to be a "flying metal disc" with "strange purple people" inside. You've been sent to figure out who or what they are talking about. FroakieUnlimited click me
1688 [WP] Your parents are the first to make a deal with Rumpelstiltskin To give him the first born. It’s your 16th birthday and he takes you. Turns out he can then thread into gold and you guys have a pretty good life.its been 5 years and now your parents and Kings army are trying to steal you back TheBeardedAntt click me
1689 [WP] An android museum guide discovers that the humans he replaced have ended up homeless. He decides to help them out by robbing the museum and giving them the loot. Kingkongpizzapop2 click me
1690 [EU] It started as a normal argument between you and your SO about you always being away for work. Then the Red Ring chooses them. That's when you have no choice but to reveal what you really do for a living. Dullea619 click me
1691 [WP] Humanity created a machine that allows you to see the past through the eyes of your ancestors. When you use it to see the medieval times, you open your eyes and you realise that it isn't the earth Cuhnyx click me
1692 [WP] You never thought the invisibility potion would work. And if it worked, you knew it would have side effects, but your eyelids becoming transparent? That brings a new set of challenges. sadguymuty click me
1693 [WP] A new app shows up on your phone one day. When you load it up, a scanner loads onto the screen. At fist you scan the cat, and a message appears "20 kills." You decide to try it on an old neighbor and the number of kills doesn't stop until it reaches 8 billion. BlueLadybug92 click me
1694 [WP] You're a werewolf attending a secret University for shapeshifters. Your roommate is a werepig and you have a crush on the werewildebeast across the hall. You have crazy adventures, but you have a feeling something different is coming. Why? You found a silver tipped crossbolt under your window. OzKangal click me
1695 [WP] You are the CEO of a global mega corporation and you have finally succeeded in putting a smart speaker in every home on the planet. The next phase of your master plan can finally begin... KtarnJ click me
1696 [WP] Since you were little, you have a radio running in your head. Title after title, you always have a song in the background of your thoughts. One day, out of nowhere, the music stop. Cams243 click me
1697 [WP] You wake up in the arms of someone: "I will get you to safety, trust me. I'm a friend." When you look up you see a blue humanoid looking alien. Turns out that even when the whole planet is at war there's aways a place for refugees. Clayhander click me
1698 [WP] Scientist invented a device that shows a persons potential with a glowing aura around them. They do a demonstration at your workplace and you hear your coworker saying "You guys have ruined everything" while crying. Suddenly, the news are going crazy about a orange bubble around your city. gwaeronx click me
1699 [WP] Your looking glass grants glimpses of the future. You've made a lot of money letting people have a peak, but now, when you look, you see only your immortal soul, burning in everlasting fire... SteeMonkey click me
1700 [RF] This is the second time that the Transcontinental Railroad people have shown up to our farm. They keep pushing Pa to sell our land and this time they made a veiled threat. Dullea619 click me
1701 [WP] You have extraordinary powers. Super strength, speed, flight, able to heal. You spend a good amount of your time fighting crime but the problem is you have multiple personality disorder. So some days you do more destruction than saving and no one has the heart to tell you. TheBeardedAntt click me
1702 [EU] Write about what caused the great, multi-generational monkey-versus-balloon war. Ross_Hollander click me
1703 [WP] Moments before heading off to take on Fort Wagner, your old friend Col. Edward Hallowell of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry walks over to you and hands you a note. "I would usually give this to a messenger but it's for my wife, Charlotte. Please see that she gets this." Dullea619 click me
1704 [WP] October 26, 1881, it was a nice Wednesday until cowboys Billy Claiborne, Ike and Billy Clanton, and Tom and Frank McLaury showed up at the salon and started drinking and shouting threats about Tombstone law enforcement. Dullea619 click me
1705 [WP] Being a casting director for PBS, 1982, has always been a slow job. Especially in Muncie, Indiana. Interviewing for new talent to start in 1983 a Robert 'Bob' Ross walks into the room and walks up to shake your hand. Dullea619 click me
1706 [WP] On a new planet with a hostile surface, the only place safe for humans to settle is under the water. Sadly, the safety is an illusion. The human settlements are soon under attack by giant, sentient clams. Kingkongpizzapop2 click me
1707 [WP] For generations your people have had to live underground after the collapse of your planets ecosystem. With no clue as to what is going on at the surface level, you are terrified when something tried to gain entrance into your home. tarpchateau click me
1708 [SP] Beacon academy has a new combat instructor, and his name.....is John Wick NeilsEvilTwin click me
1709 [WP] The dragon's roar called forth the next candidate, and the goblin walked forward, ready for the job interview. IHeShe click me
1710 [WP] You discovered that everything could be enchanted all it took was some Lapis, a book, 4 pieces of obsidian, 2 diamonds and your life's experiences. abcras click me
1711 [WP] Humanity finally encounters intelligent life in the universe, only to discover that the entire galaxy is controlled by The Ancient Church. Earth is told to convert to the alien religion or suffer the consequences. Kingkongpizzapop2 click me
1712 [RF] 1849, first day of spring, and you just arrived in Sacramento, CA. Now you just need to figure out where to dig. Dullea619 click me
1713 [WP] You are on a T.V. game show with only the final question to win it all. The T.V. show host hands you a slip a paper in between breaks which reads "Get this question right, and you will be dead in 24hrs." You don't know what the right or wrong answer is, and you get it right by accident. MyMorningCoffee123 click me
1714 [WP] You’ve perfected the art of cloning humans. The clones have all the memories of their DNA donor, except for their last 24 hours. You use this to act on your most sinister urges. Murder. Your wife finds out and starts leaving clues for her future clones so they can stop you. IBuildSh1t click me
1715 [WP] Your cat is actually trying to take over the world and building an army, but no one will ever believe you. BlueLadybug92 click me
1716 [WP] During times of peace, a good ruler will grow their hair out long. During times of war the ruler will cut their hair short and send their hair to the enemy, informing them they have angered one slow to anger, that they have incurred a wrath not easily woken. SarcasticShark1312 click me
1717 [WP] You can pass through solid objects, but only when you do not notice the object you are passing through. Because of this unusual power you've become a pretty good spy, while your handlers have had to come up with more and more interesting ways of distracting you so you can go where you need to HargrimZA click me
1718 [WP] You are in a 'level-playing field' game of baseball. The game is getting quite tense, when one of the fielders jumps too high to catch a ball. The REAL game begins... Voidbearer2kn17 click me
1719 [WP] Two squabbling brothers from a noble house have their wrists shackled together for a week by their lord father, who has grown sick of their non stop fighting. BardofAThousandSongs click me
1720 [WP] In the Galactic Empire, the emperors are elected democratically and serve for life. When the emperor has a heart attack, his assistants decide to conceal his death. They can run the universe as long as everyone is convinced the emperor is still alive. Kingkongpizzapop2 click me
1721 [WP] Every time you meet somebody for the first time, you receive their memory of the worst thing they ever did. encens-moi click me
1722 [WP] All of humankind is simultaneously afflicted by the uncontrollable urge to congregate in the Grand Canyon. While milling about, some stream into a deep cave leading to what appears to be a giant, permeable Ovum. Somebody touches it. _Silly_Wizard_ click me
1723 [WP] The villagers have cracked redstone, and they’re tired of Steve’s bullshit. SwitchingC click me
1724 [WP] People think that Zeit-Geist means "Spirit of the Times". What it really means is a "Time-Spirit". A time-traveling Spirit that encompasses a spectrum of dimensions and must be kept happy, contented, and proud of our achievements and the state of the world. Goodness amplifies the Zeit-Geist. Silly_Psi-Beam click me
1725 [WP] You have been both blessed and cursed. Every time you have a near-death experience (knowingly or not), someone you care about dies instead. Sabio22 click me
1726 [WP] Humanity has finally created AI. It is benevolent and wants to help humanity, but it is clumsy and screws up every tasks given to it; or so it seems, in reality it wants to eliminate humanity but is too incompetent to do so. Raider440 click me
1727 [WP] When you die, you get to spectate your closest friend for however long you wish. You start spectating your friend, and see some strange things. BBRodriguez9 click me
1728 [WP] You are the unluckiest person in the world. Bad things always seem to happen to you. Curiously everyone else seems to have good luck when you are around. Centaurus-A click me
1729 [WP] Some parents say that their children are "hellspawn" and would "be the end of them". You find out that your mother meant both, literally. ParadoxChains click me
1730 [WP] "What is in this dimensional portal known as "Saidit" is dangerous and abhorrent. They use it to program you. They use it to extrajudicially and unconstitutionally instigate the rendering of cruel and unusual treatments. Run from this dimensional while you still can." Silly_Psi-Beam click me
1731 [WP] A drunken barfly tells anyone who will listen that he’s a “retired giant”. He may be human-sized now, but back in his glory days, he was a hundred feet tall. Kingkongpizzapop2 click me
1732 [WP] "I was on a quest of Peace and Enlightenment before Agent Provocateurs came to try to psychologically torture me and poison my Personhood Atman, Nirvana, Karma, and Destiny." Silly_Psi-Beam click me
1733 [SP] Today's monkeys are tomorrow's humans. LetsGoBroncos69 click me
1734 [EU] After Dumbledore drops Harry Potter off at the Dursleys, they get divorced after an argument over their nephew. mysteryrouge click me
1735 [WP] You're an assassin who kills on missions. Unknowing of your secret identity, your best friend forces you on a blind date. Your blind date happens to be a serial killer who may actually be obsessed with you after the first date. xickennoogit click me
1736 [WP] "A child not embraced by its village, will burn it down to feel its warmth" Sorombasa click me
1737 [WP] An advertising company builds an experimental city. 50'000 people move in to be given free food and housing, as long as they watch commercials on TV. But the advertising quickly moves to the real world, becoming more and more intrusive, slowly increasing to the level of psychological torture. Kingkongpizzapop2 click me
1738 [EU] Goku Black in told in that a year he will be killed by a mortal. His name: Filthy Frank Over_Parfait click me
1739 [WP] In 1977, a NASA engineer secretly switches the Voyager Golden Record with a copy of his rock band’s latest album. Forty years later, his rest home is visited by aliens demanding more of his music. Kingkongpizzapop2 click me
1740 [WP] An evil demonic being appeared in a local Wendy’s, threatening the cashier. He just acted ordinary and spoke to him like any other customer. The being was felt mocked, so he swung his sword at the cashier. Surprisingly, he caught it with two fingers and said “I suggest the nuggets with fries.” JayJayAG click me
1741 [WP] Feeling the straining heat in the closet, a drop of sweat rolls down your arm and glides across the silenced Glock. Hearing the sound of a key unlocking the apartment door, you steady your breath and focus on the disordered man walking through the door. plungedtoilet click me
1742 [WP] In a world where everyone is mute and uses sign language. You are a caretaker of the blind. Logic_Lover_2514 click me
1743 [WP] Your (fictional or real) country has recently been hit by a series of disasters. Society is on the brink of collapse, only the natives seem to know exactly what's going on and how to deal with it. You are on mission to find out how they do it. That9gagDude click me
1744 [EU] Due to a misunderstanding of his abilities,a young Clark Kent is set to attend Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Riveranomicon click me
1745 [WP] Whilst browsing through writing prompts, you get the feeling that one of them was written specifically with you in mind. For some reason you feel compelled to write a super hero version of a relatively mundane event that happened in your life. SlowCrates click me
1746 [WP] Your life coach is a demon who possesses you in order to help influence your actions and provide a little not-so-divine intervention when the going gets tough. PoeDukes548 click me
1747 [WP] Overnight, unknown to anyone, the rules of probability change. The relative strength of peoples' desire for any given outcome becomes the chance of that thing happening.... wampop click me
1748 [WP] As the Grim Reaper approaches a little girl sitting alone on the swings, she invites it to play with her. BrianHotshot click me
1749 [WP] A man discovers his daughter is half-alien, and his wife has been cheating on him with a Martian. Kingkongpizzapop2 click me
1750 [WP] a group of people set out to kill a werewolf, trying desperately not to make a love triangle foxstarfive click me
1751 [SP] Florida Man Vs. Karen (General Manager) DJ_Level_3 click me
1752 [WP] After millenia of fighting the conflict between the forces of good and evil has boiled down to one epic last battle. However, you are the only one that has actually arrived to battle the entire evil army. The craziest part is, you won the battle, somehow... calvin023 click me
1753 [WP] A space station is menaced by a gigantic monster floating through the vacuum. When a veterinarian determines that the monster is being aggressive due to a painful toothache, she teams up with the station’s dentist and heads out to pull the monster’s teeth. Kingkongpizzapop2 click me
1754 [WP] Being a Seer people keep interrupting you seeking answers to their problems. So you keep moving to harder to find places. Now you live on Everest surely you'll have peace? ArchCrono click me
1755 [WP] Florida Man and Steve Irwin must work together to overcome a greater foe. Watermelon_Dragon click me
1756 [EU] At the bottom the Abyss, a robot and a child begin their journey back up... DJ_Level_3 click me
1757 [WP] An isolated family holds the secrets to the ritual that will declare the next God to rule over humans. No one knows who this family is, or where they and their knowledge came from. The only thing that known is a vague description of where to find them, and that no one ever returns if they do. The_doggo_of_Hellas click me
1758 [WP] The world ended in 2012, but a last ditch effort by a group of scientists saved this reality without anyone else’s awareness. However, one day you wake up and begin noticing exactly what they did, and that it’s now all falling apart. j_miles click me
1759 [WP] The ritual ceremony of a satanic cult to summon a powerful demon seems to have failed. That's normal, you were already secretly infiltrated among them in human form. Liv-Benett click me
1760 [WP] As you start your next semester of college, you check your class schedule to make sure all your classes are correct. However, there is an extra class there called Medieval Dueling, and next to it, it says "Teacher" HHBlaph click me
1761 [WP] Movie Villians from the '80s and '90s mastered reverse psychology that is the reason they always said: "go ahead kill me." At the end. But now movie heroes are getting smarter and all of the current day movie villains are having a meeting on this problem. lonleyalien click me
1762 [WP] You enter the kitchen to find your best friend taking the Rolex from your unconscious Mother's wrist. "Um, this isn't what it looks like...." potatoe57 click me
1763 [WP] You've heard the mnemonic your entire childhood, but now as an adult, you finally learn why you NEVER eat soggy waffles. kitkombat click me
1764 [WP] April 26th, 1986. Chernobyl exploded and you’re one of the many dogs who have been left behind. The radiation has changed you and you are no longer a dog. Yet, you still wait for your owners to come home after 33 years. ThatOneDuckio click me
1765 [WP] You are an average demon in hell sent on an impossible mission. Countless others have failed and perished before you, but you are determined to succeed. You are going to convince the Doomslayer to accept Satan's surrender. brightcrayon92 click me
1766 [WP] You are Dr. Artemis, an almost bankrupt doctor. Luckily, the Northwest Preparatory School for Boys need a school nurse. Not so luckily, the deal seems a little...shady. There is no interview, just a meeting time. And once you get there, you find that the children aren’t quite normal... StIvesRiddler click me
1767 [WP] You wake up to find that you’ve been transported to a world where everything you’ve ever drawn is a living being. Now all you want to do is find a way home. Taking the trail, you come to a crossroad with an arrow sign pointing two ways. One arrow pointing to CHILDHOOD. The other is illegible. Slowspines click me
1768 [WP] As it turns out, George Lucas was either a psychic or a time traveller. youporkchop5 click me
1769 [WP] You are stuck in a time loop and one day you meet someone that is also in the time loop Nimsay_Flower click me
1770 [WP] You wake up in the middle of the night to take a piss, as you're done you go back to your room, where you notice someone oddly familiar sleeping in your bed, you. Kyskke click me
1771 [WP] Magic spells are real, they’re just mod commands the devs forgot to remove. fague_doctor click me
1772 [WP] A video game speed runner gets transported to an isekai world. A_Simple_Crusader click me
1773 [WP] Once an oppressive empire, the demon race was finally defeated. In mercy, the last few of the species were exiled on a mana-devoid planet. Powerless without mana, their origins became forgotten over many millennia. Demons, now known as humanity, watch as a mana-stone meteor crashes to earth... nothing429 click me
1774 [WP] Your boss finds out that you've been tampering with the design plans for the so-called "Hero-Proof" dungeons he's requested. Borne2Run click me
1775 [EU] You are a Scovvox, waking up for your first day on the job. You wash your body, preen your feathers, dress in your finest clothes, and step out of your apartment, heading towards your place of work. As you're walking, you suddenly hear someone shout loudly from behind you... whitestripe999 click me
1776 [SP] Oh, hey. I was so sorry to hear of your passing thermonuclearmuskrat click me
1777 [WP] You're 10 questions into a formal social stratum placement exam when the interface glitches and a coded script appears that seems to show all of the answers. You frantically write them down, but when you peek out from your cubicle, you find that you're not in the same room you entered. m0rn1n9t1mE click me
1778 [WP] A scientist just made the discovery of the century, correlation IS causation. Dimxtunim click me
1779 [WP] Mother Earth grounds Humanity. Epictauk click me
1780 [WP] A genie just granted you a wish, expecting to be able to twist it as he wants. What he doesn’t know is, you’re a lawyer, and you just finished writing a 100 page contract perfectly explaining your wish. v1ncent97 click me
1781 [EU] The GhostBusters, down several members, send out a classified ad.They get two new recruits, Panty and Stocking Anarchy. Slam-Lord-bbbb click me
1782 [WP] You are the Daughter of the leader of the worlds biggest assassin family and after 18 years of training, you are finally able to join to family business. You’ve killed over 50 people in your first year but now you face your biggest assignment. A man unbeknownst to you to be a Wizard IAmTheGlazed click me
1783 [WP] The Vikings sent thousands of men to Newfoundland who all died, and didn't tell anyone about the Americas, hoping to protect them from the powerful sorcerers who lived there. ChristopherIX click me
1784 [WP] You've been stranded on an island that belongs to the lord of the deep sea. However you have to earn your keep if you're staying on the spiritual island. Bewildering-whispers click me
1785 [WP] A trillion flowers are in bloom - and it seems as if there is no escape UniversalCustard click me
1786 [WP] Your best friend gave you an oddly specific request for their funeral. As soon as the request is fulfilled, they climb out of the coffin, thank you, and walk out. Azaka7 click me
1787 [WP] You are an immortal being from another world hiding amongst the humans of earth. For centuries you have avoided capture from your own kind, but recently you have moved away from simply defeating your aggressors to befriending them and introducing them to modern earth culture. Adaso_45 click me
1788 [WP] An infamous supervillain has to watch over their granddaughter while the child's parents are away on vacation DieterVonDietrich click me
1789 [WP] You are never satisfied with your physical appearance. You take out several loans to pay for body alterations. You die. Turns out there is an afterlife, but the body mods didn't carry over. You stand at the gates in your original form. xAJxWakaWakax click me
1790 [WP] Greco-Roman mythology punishments as game show events. isanwa click me
1791 [WP] An alien is sent to Earth to blend in with humans and analyze their physiology for a future invasion. It finds a human mate to study in heavy detail. Their mate also just happens to be an alien from a different galaxy, also in disguise, on an identical mission. They are both oblivious. isokeno click me
1792 [WP] In your darkest hours it's not your friends, family or pets that will save you...it's your frenemy, because they don't allow anyone else to make your life hell besides them. hulahoophula click me
1793 [WP] After getting in a near fatal accident, you discover your car appears to be factory new, as if by magic. vexxecon click me
1794 [WP] You can access any person's memory through the song that plays if they associated a memory with it. You have been trying to solve the mysterious disapearance of your lover for 3 years. One day as your are riding a bus home a familliar music plays on the radio... mckoolit click me
1795 [WP] After months of their arrival, aliens finally publish their "Human improvement study". starting with a list of "people should die for your civilization to prosper" Most are dictators, terrorists, scientists researching dangerous technology, criminals, and you a server at a fast-food resturant. AliTheHigh click me
1796 [WP] You are being held against your will, but Your capture will let you go! All you have to do is beat him once in any game he posses. After failing many times you choose the game monopoly. waffledancee click me
1797 [WP] You hear a knock at the door and you open it. It's your FBI agent. He says: "I'm not mad, or disappointed even, I'm just confused." XxQuarterizexX click me
1798 [WP] You go to war on the intent of dying, instead, you come back as a war hero Kenielf click me
1799 [WP] A decade ago, the occurrence of rare diseases skyrocketed. You are investigating the incident that caused this, and what you stumble upon in a seemingly normal office building sheds some light on the ten-year mystery. YoYoghurt click me
1800 [RF] You pick up a strange object left on the sidewalk. "Oh, that's mine, thank you!" A winded woman takes the object from your hands and runs away. However, you can't forget what you've seen. elcorryn click me
1801 [WP] A civilization once thrived in the Underworld. Each generation of new arrivals was greeted and trained by the previous generation. People stopped arriving one day, and the civilization fell apart. You’re the first new arrival in generations, and all you see are ruins. TheFirstMillionWords click me
1802 [EU] A xenomorph stalks the corridors of a disabled ship, having killed all of the crew except for one. Unfortunately for the alien, that last crew member is a former Gurkha. Kaleon click me
1803 [WP] An autonomous car used in a police chase suddenly gains sentience. Ilikebacon999 click me
1804 [WP] It's the year 2099. Society has advanced too quickly, and nature has paid the price in flame. You are one of the last members of a secretive order devoted towards preserving the environment and bringing holy justice to those that would do it harm. You...are the Last Boy Scout. Wababada click me
1805 [WP] Your worst fears were just confirmed. Your partner said something odd that your best friend laughed at, and then they both immediately looked at you ashamedly. Now, you know and you have no idea how you'll deal with the truth - it seems that the people around you can hear your every thought. OzKangal click me
1806 [WP] The world is ravaged by a mysterious disease that kills people as soon as they fall asleep, and everyone is infected. You are a leading expert working to find a cure - you, and everyone else, just need to stay awake long enough for you to find it. LeFrogKid click me
1807 [WP] Humiliated the demon turned to run crawling back into the abyss tears streaming from its face. A 5 year old's joke had won the day and the people were saved but that was 20 years ago and the demon has never forgotten the pain of being tricked into saying underwear! olliewanhandro click me
1808 [WP] One day everyone suddenly gets the number of people they’ve killed glowing on top of their heads. For most people it’s a zero, but you have a surprisingly high number that you have no idea how you got. WAIT-I-not-ready-yet click me
1809 [WP] People can unlock latent powers based on their spirit animals. For example, a Bear spirit gives the wielder immense strength, an Owl spirit gives great wisdom, a Fox spirit gives cunning, etc. Your spirit animal, however, is a bit different than everyone else's... SorenCelerity click me
1810 [SP] Robots have come to life. Humans have become mere imitations of life. Riveranomicon click me
1811 [WP] turns out humans can cast magic! their mana source? alcohol. foxstarfive click me
1812 [WP] In the distant future, society has all but collapsed to a wasteland. A small group of scientists have developed a time machine intent on fixing the timeline. They're traveling to the date from a deceased super-intelligence's last words: "May 28, 2016. PUT THOSE DICKS AWAY." wandering-coder click me
1813 [WP] A global war takes place. Your country has a shortage of officers. Unlike Vietnam, a small percent of college students are randomly subjected to a draft to be trained as officers in the military. You find out you were part of the “lucky” few to be drafted. QuantitativeTheorist click me
1814 [WP] You are relaxing during a school dance. Suddenly, you hear a strange noise, and the stage collapses. The_BinaryPuppeter click me
1815 [WP] “Ohoho! A new villain! We’ve taken on many before you! What power do you have that makes you think you’ll be a match for the Pride Patrollers?” “A gun.” JayJayAG click me
1816 [WP] With no prior warning, text messages start going to the person they're about in addition to the person they're to. thecodedmessage click me
1817 [WP] Rising sea levels. Increasing Heat. Melting ice caps. These things were all expected. When Antarctica began to melt it wasn't surprising. When the ice revealed Atlantis, it changed everything... windswepttears click me
1818 [WP] Like many heroes before you you go to defeat the villain with the power of friendship. There's just one issue, the villain has those same friends. AilanMoone click me
1819 [WP] You’ve been working at SETI listening for signals for over 10 years, you begin to grow bored with your job, but one night you finally receive a message from the direction of Proxima Centauri: “Keep it down you idiot! It can hear you.” MetallicaDash click me
1820 [WP] A dog who can talk and who is also a cop has to team up with a human cop who's family was killed by a dog that can also talk and that is evil. unbreak-it click me
1821 [WP] Souls draw straws choosing which body to be born into. You lost the draw. ripper2345 click me
1822 [WP] An alien vessel has been discovered according to the news, you look at Zororg nervously. Bewildering-whispers click me
1823 [WP] The only difference is Terminal velocity is less than Injury velocity for people, air is so thick you can't take falling damage. BrokenGumdrop click me
1824 [WP] You work at Google scanning ancient books into their digital archives. Today's assignment: the Necronomicon. Clifton819 click me
1825 [WP] You are an ordinary Wal-Mart greeter, but for some reason, time travellers have been trying to kill you since you were a baby. Today, for the first time, one of them tries to talk it out with you. Alex_Sylvian click me
1826 [WP] Something went wrong when your soul was being put into your body. It was misplaced and put in a different vessel, while your actual body gets the original traits and purposes of that vessel. General_Kenobi-wan click me
1827 [WP] Jokingly you whisper to an acquaintance "Wake up," and they disappear. ajs11019 click me
1828 [WP] Your father passed away years ago, yet he’s managed to call you on your birthday from an unknown number each year. After overcoming the initial shock, you verified it was him. After today’s call, you accidentally hit the redial button & a cheery voice answers, “Calls from Beyond, this is Erin.” Writing-Prompts-Re click me
1829 [WP] You are born with a blessing and a curse, you're the 2nd best at everything in the world, not only the good abilities, but the bad ones too. Isapeth click me
1830 [WP] Aliens have invaded Earth and are subtly controlling it. Their first step was to destroy all the gyms so humans couldn’t grow any stronger. However, it seems they didn’t know or realize the purpose of the YMCA, the stronghold of the resistance. Soup484 click me
1831 [SP] Write about a being that only exists around 3 am ChickenPickledick click me
1832 [WP] The monster hunter has to take on the biggest challenge yet, the very monster that got them into the business. BlueLadybug92 click me
1833 [WP] You went deaf in your left ear last year. Today, you started hearing voices when you were alone, but only in your left ear. DerpyCircles click me
1834 [WP] You enter your high school english class on the first day with all of your friends, only to find your mother sitting behind the teacher's desk. This is going to be hell. MrSherbert9 click me
1835 [WP] Our protagonist has a mildly unique ability, names! Whenever someone approaches their name just comes in to mind. Just a cheap trick in school until an old class mate calls up, news anchor. Wants you as a filler, chance to get rich? A person approaches one day who has no name! -iamai- click me
1836 [WP] You're walking down a city street when an old man stops and stares at you. He drops his cane and draws a sword out of thin air. He says "I knew you'd return, but I didn't think it'd be so soon." XIIItheThird click me
1837 [WP] "Someone in this room has committed treason." BlueLadybug92 click me
1838 [WP] Every character that follows the ‘king under the mountain’ trope is real. The apocalypse just started. Goddardardard click me
1839 [WP] You wake up on your 18th birthday to a glowing cube. You touch it and FLASH a bright light, then it’s gone.You live your life. A good but mostly boring life. Marriage, kids, career. You’re on your death bed at 98. You pass away quietly at home. Your eyes open to the cube on your 18th birthday. TheBeardedAntt click me
1840 [WP] One day you wake up in the world of the most recent writing prompt you've made except something seems a little off. C1tr1cAcid click me
1841 [WP] Prosecuted as guilty for a crime you didn't commit, officials locked you into a small space pod with enough oxygen for two months. You drifted aimlessly with little food & little water. However, days before the oxygen is supposed to run out, your pod starts plummeting toward a small planet. IceGalaxyGoddess click me
1842 [WP] A genetic virus mistakenly released from a lab has turned the entire world into Cynical Pessimists. You are the only one who is immune. You are, The Last Optimist Slam-Lord-bbbb click me
1843 [WP] You wake up to find yourself in a sewer. A gang of surfer bros inform you you are their newest "recruit." WilliamDDrake click me
1844 [WP] Years ago you asked your dying friend to arrange a special surprise welcome for you at the pearly gates. purpleshep1 click me
1845 [WP] Despite being perfect in every way, people can still find flaws in you. Now for the first time in your life, you realized why. Prussian12 click me
1846 [WP] Write a love letter about someone's teeth UnhappyTrash6 click me
1847 [WP] A children's TV award show is hijacked by a former child star from the same channel. scobono click me
1848 [WP] You found a piglet. Piglet grew up and became most wanted in FBI list. metadataisnotreal click me
1849 [WP] A clickbait writer can't stop writing, talking, or thinking in clickbait format willyolio click me
1850 [WP] A series of viruses have escaped from a lab, leaving all cattle, chickens, pigs, and turkeys sterile. No technology can be developed within the next 50 years to reverse what has happened. Dr_Burke click me
1851 [WP] "Hey, Old-timer!" the young paladin yelled. "We need a seasoned fighter to join our group. Heading into dangerous territory!" With glee, you hopped up, spry. You thought time had passed you by. You always wanted this. Hopefully, you can keep the fact that this is your first adventure a secret. OzKangal click me
1852 [WP] instead of going on a magical adventure or some other crap, an orphan just gets a loving home and family amorphousmemelord click me
1853 [WP] An older gentleman likes to sit outside his favourite coffee shop and watch the barbershop/mafia hideout across the street. wasteofspace001 click me
1854 [WP] Every town has it's Gulliver. A giant being who is looked after by the townspeople with food and water, in return defending them from all the issues a small town faces. Sadly, your town has decided to go to war with a neighbouring village, and you're now stuck in negotiations. PM_ME_PEGGED_BUTTS click me
1855 [WP] You, an inter-dimensional being, are gifted a universe to rule over by your father. You decide to create an easier system for life to develop itself, so you can sit back and watch the universe run itself. You call this system “Evolution”. bigdog_00 click me
1856 [WP] You find a document in an old briefcase that states Mr. Rodgers was actually an elite killer and he was being drugged by the CIA in the 1960s LordYoshiToranaga click me
1857 [WP] Londinium, Winter 1886, Teto Cantabellum is one of the youngest and most talented members of the Royal Academy's Magic Militia. But today is the day where he will inherit the nickname of "Wizard of the End" by trying to stop the Horned Witch, Seraphina Cantabellum, his dangerous mother. Liv-Benett click me
1858 [WP] Humanity discovers multiversal travel and learns that us, our planet, and our universe are all seen as terrifying throughout the multiverse. 8panckakes4ever click me
1859 [WP] Humanity builds a machine that can travel to alternate universes, they go to the first one they can find. Its an empty planet where humanity has gone extinct. We move to the next universe and... same situation. After much searching we realize we are the only planet left in the mulitverse. 8panckakes4ever click me
1860 [WP] You have surveillance on everyone on the planet. What do you discover? lemur1212g click me
1861 [WP] Your a realtor agent. Your clientele are supernatural beings. Selling a old run down house to ghosts or a Gothic mansion to a coven of witches or even an abandoned Church to some demons. One day you get a new client who is super picky on the homes your offer. Moonrider257812 click me
1862 [SP] "Go ahead, do it; a life for a life." Vialki click me
1863 [WP] "The enforcement drones sent their report, sir. They say it's a...'very wholesome' riot." Ross_Hollander click me
1864 [WP] "God so loved the world that he gave his only son..." That was propaganda invented by Homo Sapiens. God didn't give his son. Humans Stole Away God's only son to try to turn him into a walking super-weapon.. Mellocaster click me
1865 [WP] You have a unique ability to cause background music that everyone can hear, but no one can figure out where it's coming from. And the situation always follows the music's cue, for better or worse. mdkubit click me
1866 [WP] The monetization team at Sprawlco Games demanded that the loot boxes dropped at selected points on the map be indestructible so they are the only thing nothing in the game universe can destroy. MANAGEMENT is in a meeting when a streamer posts that the boxes can be picked up put in inventory. CliffsNote5 click me
1867 [WP] "They have been trying to architect my Life and Socially Engineer me into a Villain, and there is no Justice or Legal Recourse for me because they also try to control the narrative of what my life amounts to." Mellocaster click me
1868 [WP] You are the son of a famous adventurer. While scouting the location for his next show, you hear a scuffle from behind. As you turn you see a creature carrying your unconscious father away. potatoe57 click me
1869 [EU] You've befriended a personified version of death. NitroBolt click me
1870 [WP] It started raining two years ago. It never stopped. Hourse005 click me
1871 [WP] You work for a TV channel that makes documentaries exclusively about magical and mythical creatures. You are writing the voice-over script narrating the latest footage of your documentary crew. -Yandjin- click me
1872 [WP] an unknown force has caused all living things on earth to transform into monsters. (including humans) each generation of monsters becomes more and more like how they used to be until humanoids reappear. Baron_Beat click me
1873 [WP] The year is 2024, one day, while high as balls on DMT, you accidentally trip Project SEER. Selective Electro-Encephalogram Reconaissance. A device used to measure the sensory resonances of a beings emotions, moods, and potential behaviors.. LookingGlass8888 click me
1874 [WP] While on a road trip, you encounter a celestial being telling you you're born to be a king. You're the king of reality and can warp or alter reality however you like; but this comes with a price. If you go, you must leave your world behind for destruction, and everybody you know and love dies. NitroBolt click me
1875 [WP] The years-long changes brought on by puberty have been shortened from a years-long process into a relatively short butterfly-like metamorphosis, sometimes people emerge very different from when they went in. MRZebulon click me
1876 [WP] You're a homeless person who acts like a bigshot in hope that you will make some rich friends but in the end you miss your old life. Bewildering-whispers click me
1877 [WP] You live in a world where the 1908 Tunguska meteorite was the size of the dinosaur killer asteroid, and hit Moscow, killing off most life on Earth in a mass extinction event. ScrappyRat0 click me
1878 [WP] To the best of your knowledge, you have been the last person alive for the past 6 years. Your iPhone, however, has somehow regularly received updates this entire time. You have dedicated the rest of your life to finding out the cause and reason of these updates. Hypernatremia click me
1879 [WP] You hear a gentle knock at the door. When you open it, a bear walks into your house, takes a seat in your living room, and says "Sit down, we need to talk." Floonatic click me
1880 [EU] As the old man lies dying, surrounded by the people he helped protect, he utters his last. ''Never be cruel... And never be cowardly. And if you ever are, always.. make.. amends.'' SarkicPreacher777659 click me
1881 [WP] You've lead a seemingly average existence. You know real life isn't like the movies, but you are beginning to realize that you are the villain in your own life story. jadedflower click me
1882 [WP] Everyone thinks your control over gravity is absolute, with how you manage to make everyone you target fall to the ground instantly. They don't know you can only manipulate a few G's at best. You just mess with people's inner ear fluids, which complicates things with non-human combatants. Coledon click me
1883 [WP] You have created a program that predicts the exact location of the next cyber attack. One night as you're gaming, you receive a pop up claiming to be from the FBI. You laugh until you hear a knock on the door. You open it to see a middle aged man in dad shorts and tennis shoes. Your FBI handler wogolfatthefool click me
1884 [WP] On the freeway shoulder a car stands, hazards flashing. Several hundred yards ahead, a man doggedly jogs away. Several hundred yards farther, a woman holding a small child determinedly strides towards the freeway exit... qj-_-tp click me
1885 [WP] For as long as you have been driving by yourself, your car's gas tank has always magically filled up just enough for you to get where you're going. Today, you woke up and got ready for your job 15 mins away, however when you got in your car you watched as the gauge rose all the way from E to F. xaou1235 click me
1886 [WP] “I wouldn’t want anything to do with you, even if you were the last person on Earth” little did you know that those words would be put to the test... rossyb83 click me
1887 [WP] "Let's dance" says the man, but with you being the sword ballerina and all, you're unsure whether he wants to dance or fight. Red580 click me
1888 [WP] Everyone knows the legendary tactical mastermind with a plan for everything.... Except their personal life BiagioLargo click me
1889 [WP] "First rule of villainy: never kill parents. Second rule of villainy: NEVER KILL PARENTS!" NaturalBelt click me
1890 [WP] Changing words in official documents and changing how people look on the internet through what they write, the ultimate evil has risen to conquer the world: Duck King Auto Cucumber. Maurycy5 click me
1891 [WP] your house is on fire. Your family runs out the front while you run out the back. After you are pronounced dead, you realise you have just faked your own death. You decided to take advantage of this. Andypokemon123 click me
1892 [WP] A human is locked up by an alien race's version of the SCP Foundation. Epictauk click me
1893 [WP] You are a medieval knight in shining armor, and have been tasked with slaying a moghty dragon atop the tallest tower, to rescue a fair maiden and secure the dragons treasure horde for the old king that you serve. However, the year is 2035 and you just missed your tram to the downtown area. Shirokuma_Max click me
1894 [WP] Children are told the tale about Death and Life, two counterparts. As the name suggests, one brings life, one brings death. Death is described as a goth of sorts and Life is the brighter one. Write about how that was inherently wrong and how they’re opposite their stereotypes. itzyeehaw click me
1895 [WP] "Immortality through legacy". You have firmly believed this for as long as you've existed. You've used your gift of immortality to document the life story of every person who has ever lived. SuperTacoMan69 click me
1896 [WP] Zombies aren't dead. They're too alive. They're so excited they can't even process it. They love everyone so much they could just EAT them. SlowCrates click me
1897 [WP] An assassin acquires targets by asking their current victim who they want dead. EpicAriX click me
1898 [WP] Memories can be recovered from recently deceased people in the form of still images. You're a scientist who just uncovered a series of images from a corpse, and what you see horrifies you. SlowCrates click me
1899 [WP] The world's first teleportation experiment ends in disaster, completely switching around the planets Geography. Hawaii is now a few miles from the south pole, bits of Siberia now sit on the equator, and so on. Riveranomicon click me
1900 [WP] "They won't tell me Why they're trying to Arbitrarily Crucify and Immolate me as a Scape-goat. But they have an encyclopedia of fabricated excuses to do so." SilverWolf42 click me
1901 [WP] You die and see every moment of your life flash before your eyes. Only there’s a ten year gap mysteriously missing. whiskeyclouds click me
1902 [WP] In a world where traditionally undefeatable powers like stopping time are commonplace, you are given the most fearful power of all: Canceling the powers of others Kainus501 click me
1903 [WP] A 20km meteor is headed for Russia in 2 weeks. Russia will be launching nukes at it when it reaches earth orbit. However, this could break the asteroid into chunks, spreading the devastation all over. The other superpowers conspire to stop Putin and force Russia to take the brunt of the damage. zaphod0002 click me
1904 [WP] You won tickets for 2 for the exclusive medieval restaurant. Only way to get in is by winning. When you and your wife show up, there are 98 other people. You all sit down, eat and enjoy the show. When it’s time to leave you all walk through the exit door to find out it’s the year 1375. TheBeardedAntt click me
1905 [WP] You are one of the poachers who killed Vince the Rhino in the Thiorry Zoo near Paris. Make me feel sorry for you. ScrappyRat0 click me
1906 [WP] You get on an oddly familiar bus with oddly familiar passengers. Slowly you come to the realization that every person on the bus is a past or future version of yourself. Alex_Sylvian click me
1907 [WP] Everyone has a guardian angel who helps protecting them. You have a bunch of guardian angels, can communicate with them and still manage to get in trouble. Hermine_Sunshine click me
1908 [WP] In an alternate universe, H.G. Wells's sci-fi classic The War Of The Worlds is written from the perspective of a little boy. Let's take a look into that world and see what this alternate story is like! StoryStoryYahYah click me
1909 [WP] You have the ability to make people fall in love but for some reason you can't find love yourself. After helping thousands of people fall in love the depression of not finding love yourself becomes too much. You're going to end your life, but right before you do you hear a voice "are you okay?" killznhealz click me
1910 [WP] All your life you have always had a line of text at the bottom of your vision. Usually it is just a small tip or reminder that is rarely useful. One morning you notice it says something strange. “To change an entities physics.....” idk_Just_Someone click me
1911 [WP] Every person in the world has some superpower, some two. Your power makes you invincible, or they just simply can't touch you with anything. cpu122 click me
1912 [WP] Everyone said mosquitoes served no purpose in the ecosystem of earth, but once they were eradicated, it turned out we were wrong. Very wrong. Circephilia click me
1913 [WP] every day you wake up in a different time line. Usually the changes are superficial, the color of your curtains, the logo on your phone. But every once in a while the changes are jarring, a whole new family, a life of crime or even a war zone... risk_assessment click me
1914 [WP] Nobody cared too much about the Orion’s Belt, nor did they notice it when it was in the sky. It wasn’t until it started coming apart that people took notice. dont-mention-it click me
1915 [WP] a slasher waits for their next victims, problem is, the new arrivals, are rational, sensible people. foxstarfive click me
1916 [WP] Everyone is an introvert, you are the last extrovert on the planet. ColdBrewCoffeeGuy click me
1917 [WP] Ponce De Leon has found the legendary Fountain of Youth. Unbeknownst to the explorer, the fountain transforms all who drink from it into bloodthirsty vampires. puffpastry2001 click me
1918 [SP] Einstein realised that time is relative. You realised that space is relative. Keegipeeter click me
1919 [WP] Everyone is specifically good at one task and bad at others. You are mediocre at everything. Hourse005 click me
1920 [WP] You met your wife thousands of years ago, the only other immortal and both of you are together due to knowing how hard it is to lose someone every century. Your wife just died and you have no idea how or why. PossiblyAPOS click me
1921 [WP] You learn death is not natural. It's caused by the harvest of our essence by those above us when we seem ripe. smallnick click me
1922 [WP] "Dash-cam footage from the vehicle behind her shows she swerved suddenly and veered off the freeway. Emergency services found her dead from a single gunshot to the head. But there's no gun in the car, and all the windows were closed and intact. You got a real head-scratcher here, detective..." peon47 click me
1923 [EU] After Robbie Rotten, Sportacus needs a new arch nemesis. Enter Sheldon J Plankton! ScrappyRat0 click me
1924 [WP] Years ago, humanity was misteriously transported to the internet, ala Wreck it Ralph 2. Today, while you were exploring, you found an obscure website with the visits on zero. Curious, you enter, and you hear a deep and menacing voice behind you "You're really far from Reddit's homepage" Matalya1 click me
1925 [WP] "The only thing they hate and fear more than magic from another god is someone who doesn't depend on a god for their magic" Hrtzy click me
1926 [WP] in the near future, the government had implemented a basic solution to solve a problem facing society, however, that basic solution quickly becomes a much much greater problem than the one the government originally was trying to address. NPC-1828 click me
1927 [WP] We finally found Atlantis... but it's not a city. It's an underwater zoo where humans are kept. Frothy_moisture click me
1928 [WP] Legend has it that if you get hit by a university bus on campus, the university will pay your tuition fees... This is the day in the life of a university bus driver MusaturE click me
1929 [WP] You have the power to manually control your body functions focusing your attention on the body parts you actually need in a situation. It is a powerful ability but it can also cause serious trouble. Hermine_Sunshine click me
1930 [EU] The Justice League have to defeat the most dangerous villain they have ever faced....Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz! Emperorkingkong click me
1931 [WP] Look, we know you killed your parents. We’re not exactly how you did but you were the only one there with them. “I told you a hundred times. They went to the basement and it spit them back out that way”. Your house doesn’t have a basement! SIGH “If you’re brave come and see it yourself” TheBeardedAntt click me
1932 [WP] An ancient text unearthed comes to reveal humanity as the unholy force that rose up from Hell and flowed over the Earth like a tidal wave of damning fire, and that the people that came before them were what they had come to believe are gods and angels. And you have to break the news. Good luck. Wababada click me
1933 [WP] It’s a normal day like any other. When all of a sudden, you hear a baby crying, and so does your friends, and family who live on the other side of the planet. Everyone on Earth is hearing a baby cry from nowhere LemonNitrate click me
1934 [EU] Ice King (Adventure Time) moves to Arendelle, only to learn that there is already someone else with ice powers ruling the kingdom. Emperorkingkong click me
1935 [WP] Super powers aren't terribly rare. A person is born where their natural human abilities are 10 or 100 times beyond typical. For some it's strength, for others it's reaction time, for some it's hearing. Not for you though. For you, it's smell. stupidrobots click me
1936 [WP] "By the Gods, Captain, you have gone mad!" The Captain smiles at the crew and replies as their prized ship stirs further into the center of the storm, "Naye, not mad enough." BlueLadybug92 click me
1937 [WP] “the simulations are now so advanced that we can tell within the next twenty years a genocidal dictator will rise to power and kill everyone that disagrees with them - and its you.” Hey-Dude-Are-You-OK click me
1938 [WP] You, the prophesied hero, are stunned to find that the kingdom which you have come to save believes they've already been saved several days ago, and they won't take your word otherwise. reverendrambo click me
1939 [WP] You got a new job working at a 24hr supermarket. Things are fine, but everyone else who works there just seems a little... off. Not enough to quit or complain or anything, but as you're getting ready for your first night shift, you get a nervous feeling in your gut that won't go away. jpeezey click me
1940 [WP] There are only two ways of entering the divine realm on-top of the great mountain, doing a truly heroic deed, or like you did, just being a exceptional climber, seems they didn't really factor this in though. So they're not sure what to do with you. Red580 click me
1941 [WP] Whenever a major event in your life occured, time skipped around for you randomly. After the death of your wife at 30, you skipped 70 years forwards. During that time scientists used you to solve time travel, meanehile you gained a complete memory of your life, from birth to now. wtfevenisthis69 click me
1942 [WP] i find it a cliche in fiction that rich people tend to be evil and corrupt, or at least very unpleasant people. so instead, do a story in which rich people are actually good people amorphousmemelord click me
1943 [WP] The residents of Earth’s largest space station demand that it be recognized as an independent nation. Emperorkingkong click me
1944 [WP] You're an archaeologist. You've spent your entire life digging up ancient relics and occasionally translating the odd thousand-year-old inscription. This latest one is definitely odd though. After all, it's in your handwriting. GrandMasterEternal click me
1945 [WP] God and Satan decide to break the monotony of the usual work by being a shoulder angel and demon for a day. It just so happens that they decided on the same set of shoulders. Yours. Ghostballsinyourface click me
1946 [WP] You're sitting in an Uber when you receive a text; "Your Uber driver is 5 minutes away". lookiju click me
1947 [WP] A normal day in class changes when everyone in the room freezes like on pause. An energy ball appears before you saying "We have been searching for you for years. Our planet is on the brink of destruction. Your people need you, they need their leader." rwdxr4ti click me
1948 [WP] lots of people would panic at the thought of a skeleton living in there basement, but your just mildly annoyed by his antics Nick-fwan click me
1949 [WP] You are a Nymphai, a magical being with the ability to control plants & commune with animals. Your home & people are under attack from pale strangers with swords & and guns. In order to defend themselves, they summon a terrible demon, but something goes horribly wrong. I_Fap_To_Murder click me
1950 [WP] You aren't lazy. Your life was Pressed and Crushed like Giles Corey. Stellar_Jays click me
1951 [WP] You're stuck in a remote housing development with only one house fully built. You discover the house is staged, but everything in it is completely fake. aliteraldumpsterfire click me
1952 [EU] Decades after Lord Voldemort's defeat, secrecy is accidentally broken on a scale so large that Muggle-kind sends its best people to contain the threat: the SCP Foundation. LukaIsBestVocaloid click me
1953 [WP] You’re a high budget realtor that’s helping a super villain find a new lair. But the super villain is doing a terrible job at hiding the fact he is one and you can’t even tell. Gingersnap5322 click me
1954 [WP] You operate an underground Pirate Radio broadcasting signal. One day while broadcasting, you notice that something other than what you are trying to broadcast is being broadcast. Someone else hijacked the signal. And they are trying to destroy you personally. This starts a broadcasting war... Stellar_Jays click me
1955 [WP] Every woman of childbearing years wakes pregnant Dr_Burke click me
1956 [WP] There's a book in your house you were never allowed to read. One day, curiosity took the better of you and you decided to take a peak. "If you can read this, then it's already too late." Avalon_88 click me
1957 [WP] He walked through the dark woods at least a thousand times, and must have known the way by heart. But the first time he brought the flashlight, he saw the horror it was hiding. Sbstk1 click me
1958 [WP] You are a well renowned chef that has just arrived to the address written in a job invitation letter. Destination? Heaven. ApertureGaming011 click me
1959 [WP] You don't quite know what you are. You live in the heads of different people around the world, a new head every day. You hear their thoughts, view their minds, and when they sleep, you experience their dreams, the only place you have a voice, have control. Today, you lived in a kidnapped child. adriancombs click me
1960 [WP] " Humanity just discovered that cancer dies in space, while scientists are baffled at the discovery you in the other hand have another idea, cancer is our bodies way to tell us to aim for the stars" Lilipico click me
1961 [WP] A 7-year-old girl is transported to a beautiful Fantasy world. For 60 years, she becomes the queen and even starts a family. When she passes away, however, she wakes up back in her home world, like nothing ever happened. ZimthekingofIrkens click me
1962 [WP] You wake up one day on an alien planet surrounded by creatures in bright orange suits. The last thing you remember is going to a bachelor party and now you are lost on some place called Earth. JN_Michael click me
1963 [WP] You find an antique gold compass with the words ”Moral Compass”. It will automatically point to the most morally good person within a 100 meter radius. You are on jury one day and when you look at the compass, it points to the convicted serial killer. 8panckakes4ever click me
1964 [WP] In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. MrMrRubic click me
1965 [WP] All fictional monsters are real, they are evil, and they see humans as prey. For some reason, every time you meet one of the monsters you and he/she/it just click, and you end up with yet another terrifying friend. thematgreen click me
1966 [WP] You are the Macgyver of magicians, you are not very strong but possess many useless spells that when used together in unconventional ways makes you extremely formidable. MtxBad click me
1967 [WP] You made a wish to have everything you need a day prepared in the morning. Today you got something weird. hyu_min click me
1968 [EU] "You have the requisite two kills on your record, and it's about time we got our first female operative. You'll receive a full briefing on your cover identity later today, but right now, allow me to welcome you to the 00 program... Ms. Bond" Hrtzy click me
1969 [WP] You are a cyborg. You download a new operating system software to improve efficiency. Usually, these updates don't interfere with your daily life. This time update finishes and you can't move. Zeconation click me
1970 [SP] You were in a coma for a month. By the time you wake up, humanity has gone through and defeated a zombie apocalypse. Thisnameistrashy click me
1971 [WP] You always considered yourself as an average person, but one day you discover that you can control a person's body for a day once if you say out loud you wish to do so. The thing is, they can also control your body for a day Cute_Harpy click me
1972 [WP] In a dystopian society, you're the rule-abiding best friend who just doesn't get why there's a rebellion. tpphypemachine click me
1973 [WP] Year 215X - Benevolent AI's run the world, providing everything a man could ever need: Food, shelter, companions and arts, but you believe in this thing the old masters of music called "Soul". You call to your saint James Brown for the strength to win the Rock-Off that will end all Rock Offs... xElMerYx click me
1974 [WP] You stopped aging at the age of 30. But this is not the most interesting thing about you. Whenever you die, you wake up 10 years before your last spawn date, starting from your birth. You have no idea when or if it will stop. averageuserman click me
1975 [WP] Every time someone takes a nap, they wake up in a slightly different dimension. No one else notices it, but one day you begin to catch on. AleafFromtheVine click me
1976 [WP] The King’s soldiers have broken into every single home in the kingdom and set all of the Spinning Wheels on fire supposedly to protect his daughter from a witches curse. The peasants are not happy with this.... EmpororJustinian click me
1977 [RF] You are hunting with your dad when you hear three gunshots in the distance. Epictauk click me
1978 [WP] In the year 2091, the first super intelligent AI is developed by scientists in the Korean SSR, and is installed as the sixteenth and final Soviet Premier. ajab32k click me
1979 [WP] World War I ends 105 years after it began. You dig yourself out of your shelter and rejoice. Epictauk click me
1980 [WP] A human engineer crashes on an alien planet. The local paleolithic civilization records his attempts to uplift them to the industrial age, and all the turmoil that occurs as a result of his interloping. Epictauk click me
1981 [WP] In a future society, humanity has learned how to harness 100% of the energy on Earth. No more winds, tides, rain, or any kind of natural movement. Energy has become the new currency. You set out to create an enclosed oasis with artificial “natural” conditions, regardless of the humongous costs. SeaBlob click me
1982 [WP] Everyone has a visible, holographic projection of the time they have left to live on Earth. You fall madly in love with a person, but their timer is 24 hours. Fleeves click me
1983 [WP] you've gotten many packages misdelivered to you over the years. You usually just dropped them off next door. But one day, you receive a clearly labeled child's soul and decide you have to do something. You live at 668 Sixth Avenue. You are the neighbor of the Beast. ZellZoy click me
1984 [WP] You are walking through the woods at night. These woods are supposedly haunted, and you're already on edge when suddenly you hear a twig snap behind you... And you spin around to find a pure black fox with glowing yellow eyes staring at you. And then it shifts into a long-eared humanoid. A fae. storiesbymtt click me
1985 [WP] Thor and Loki are actually part of a group of triplets: Thor, the God of Thunder, Loki, the God of Mischief, and the mistake: Sydiell, the God of Truckers. Ze-ev18 click me
1986 [WP] When you were only 5, a time traveler from the future tried to kill you, but your father managed to immobilize him instead. Now, 30 years later, you still don’t know why a man from the future would try to kill you. Until today... Dops143r click me
1987 [WP] "The prophecy spoke of a unity that would bring the end to our kingdom... But it did not mention the rise of a great nation the unity would bring upon a great sacrifice." BlueLadybug92 click me
1988 [WP] *click* martinbv95 click me
1989 [WP] Scientists have learned how to put just the right amounts of radiation, DNA, etc to give anybody any superpower with a single pill or shot. Some of the better ones like telekinesis cost a few hundred per dose. You have ten dollars to spend. A pharmacist shows you what you can afford... Tzadak click me
1990 [WP] it’s been half a year since the awakening of superpowers in 2% of the populace. It didn’t go like the comic books, there were no superheroes, just utter chaos, slavery, discrimination, and a rapidly decreasing amount of powerless people. This is the story about your survival. 4TuneCooky_ click me
1991 [WP] “Human” is not describing a species rather it’s the word for coma in different alien languages. Earth is a simulation for consciousnesses of aliens that have to be put in an artificial coma to heal. Hermine_Sunshine click me
1992 [WP] You and your friend are on the run after commiting a crime. One morning you wake up and realize your friend had "vanished" with all your possesions, but left you his stuff and a note... nana_nandere click me
1993 [WP] In a geography class you get the task to draw your dream city. Thousands of years later archeologists try to use your drawing to find out more about the 21st century. Hermine_Sunshine click me
1994 [SP] "Those aren't birds! Get down." Yelled the stranger next to you. Kempell click me
1995 [WP] You come into possession of a golden pocket watch with the ability to rewind time around you. One day it gets stuck and by the time you have fixed it, it's the year 380ad. Nitares click me
1996 [WP] Through years of research and experimenting, you manage to find a way to observe the smallest subatomic particle. The first test, you find billions of small people, living their life day to day, considering the particle their home planet. And you come up with a way to communicate with them. Sir-Danksalot click me
1997 [WP] You told your best friend that you lived through your entire life already and are doing it again. Two months down the line, they're crying and punching you, begging why you didn't stop the accident that killed their parents. TipsSlight click me
1998 [WP] You are an 10 y.o schoolgirl whose class was sent through time by an experiment to the end of the Cretaceous period, just before the extinction of the dinosaurs. Thankfully, all your class got back safe and sound. You are telling your little brother a story about your adventure. ZimthekingofIrkens click me
1999 [EU] The Ancient One saw the timeline of Agents of Shield. She was not impressed. HaniiPuppy click me
2000 [SP] It was one of those days, when everything just seemed to go right. franklai2002 click me
2001 [WP] You just bought the first portable DNA scanner and tested it on your dinner. Turns out that hamburger is not cow... ParameciaAntic click me
2002 [WP] The world is in dire straits after the latest batch of genetically engineered potatoes is discovered to be highly explosive. ScrappyRat0 click me
2003 [WP] You had your eyes programmed so everytime you looked at somebody, a pop-up would show up with their Stats. You find one woman, extremely beautiful. You look at her's. And all her stats say the same : ∞. Except two. Her HP : -128 and her one, Interest : You. softestedgyboyo click me
2004 [WP] You are a crimefighting superhero. You stop all crimes and you have an arch enemy that looks exactly like you. He only shows up at night and never opens his eyes. The thing is that when you hold a stakeout to look for him, he never shows up anywhere in the city. jaeckouby click me
2005 [WP] Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you're stupid and make bad decisions. aglet_factorial click me
2006 [WP] David is killed in a car accident. As his life was unfairly cut short, The Powers That Be agree to let him be reincarnated. But they forget to specify the species. Eight-year-old David decides to be reincarnated as a Tyrannosaurus. Life in the suburbs is about to get a lot more exciting. ZimthekingofIrkens click me
2007 [WP] You're an hit man who just finished a job, but you you are being followed by your target's men. You decided to walk in a crowded hypermarket so they can't attack you without being seen, and then seek opportunities to take them down Giltiti click me
2008 [WP] You have an endless hunger for candy and get stronger at each handful. Villains don’t take you seriously. Until, you realize that you can imagine anything as candy and maintain the same effect... TheDuckSneezes click me
2009 [WP] You are invited to a tour a top-secret government facility. The workers guide you through the building showing you all sorts of secret technology and history. You reach the last room. It fills with mist and everyone else stops talking about all the amazing things. They forget, You remember. dogatthewheel click me
2010 [WP] You are a demon who wants to live a peacefull live among humans, you burned all you summoning spells years ago, or so you thougt. At a party your friends decided to summon a demon as a joke, so now there you are standing. Surrounded by friends, just not the way you hoped. ShineScorpio click me
2011 [WP] You and your friends end up in a situation you know for a fact couldn't have happened before but then why do all of you have a strong sense of deja vu? MacLarux click me
2012 [WP] You are an evil scientist with a beautiful girlfriend...who is actually an alien in disguise. ScrappyRat0 click me
2013 [WP] Ordering dreams have been a thing for a few years now. You just got scammed. ILoveToWriteFictionZ click me
2014 [WP] Phantom limbs are real and can do anything the original could but you were born without an arm and had to make do. You just figured out all your prosthetics could leave phantoms too... puesyomero click me
2015 [WP] You are a stuntman who has actual accidents during their stunts... but you mysteriously seem to always stay alive. carpeggio click me
2016 [WP] The smooth life of a girl will be permanently altered as a stranger enters her life. The stranger claims the girl is never going to believe her eyes, dragons have returned and are currently gathering at the nearby mountain range. Nobody knows why they're back nor what they have planned. Clearsightog click me
2017 [WP] The old clerk gives you a small black box with a single button on it. "This reverses magic and stuff" "What?" "Superheroes, mystical creatures, gods...whatever their power or ability is, this makes them do the exact opposite" alllerda click me
2018 [WP] You are the world's most sought-after hacker. Issue is you don't really know anything about hacking or computers. You have just always been extremely lucky. If-ItWereMe click me
2019 [WP] "So, if you don't bring back proof that you've killed me, you'll fail your rite of passage?" said the dragon to the youth. "Alright, we'll give them a show they won't soon forget." Kaleon click me
2020 [WP] It’s 2019 in Earth, and the magic world that exists parallel to ours, has serious balance problems, due to an excess of unused magic; kids are creating less imaginary friends, fantastic realms are not created due to nostalgia and a constant recycling of ideas and genies are not trusted anymore. wonkiercoder click me
2021 [WP] You open up the cover to your new math textbook, where you’re supposed to write your name and the current year. You see a name from 2009, and the text “Math Is Dumb!” written beside it. You jokingly write “Shut Up!” beside it. The next time you open it, “No, YOU shut up!” is written beside it. Jatality click me
2022 [WP] Some companies and government agencies wipe your memory of sensitive information after you work with them, instead of using a standard NDA. You just finished a top secret 6 month temp job and memories are starting to trickle back in. serge1995 click me
2023 [WP] We've discovered a parallel Earth, layered on top of our own. Due to the whimsies of an ancient god, however, there is a barrier preventing us from interacting with each other except when we are up to mischief. The Pentagon has launched Operation: It's Just a Prank, Bro. DankAndOriginal click me
2024 [WP] Animals are able to speak to humans...but humans aren’t allowed to talk back. FeatheredCat click me
2025 [WP] Four days ago, you met a teenager asking for help. The teen asked you to take him/her to a certain address. After traveling for several days, you finally arrive and then things take a shocking turn. WinterCrusader91 click me
2026 [WP] You tried to kill your parents. Not knowing that immortality runs in your family, as you are slowly putting the knife against your left wrist, you find your father standing next to you with his throat cut wide open, smiling. You are in deep trouble. Mougrish click me
2027 [WP] Snooping around an antique store, you come across a standing mirror covered with a sheet. After inquiring about it, the manager says, “It’s a novelty really; a magic mirror - if you believe that sort of thing. It’s said to show not your reflection, but your innermost character.” DreadPirate-Wesley click me
2028 [WP] After dying, you float in a ceaseless darkness. At first you feel morose, until you see a speck in the distance. Approaching rapidly, you realize what it is. Humanity has rebuilt civilization, floating in the void. The-Cynical-One click me
2029 [WP] Compared to dwarves, elves, orcs, etc. humans were weak, short lived wretches. Facing slavery or genocide they secluded themselves, turning those short lifespans to their advantage. After generations of selecting for intelligence and strength, humans are ready to strike back... SirFluffyTheTerrible click me
2030 [WP] The beds of the world have gained life decided humanity cant be trusted with their own sleep schedule, they will force the world to rest at 8:00 PM. You are one of the last few still trying to fight against the beds fluffy tyranny, you will not accept that it is the era of Bedtime. nyomachomp click me
2031 [WP] A special group of disgruntled humans makes it all the way into Heaven, then they load up on guns 'n ammo and they go hunting for God. vvelaxtrumm click me
2032 [WP] The world governments have set mandatory curfews & sedatives as they realise the reason for sleep is that there's only enough processing power to load half the Earth at a time without causing chaos & misfortune in the world. You refuse to go to sleep tonight & step outside for the first time. Strikewind click me
2033 [WP] You are an expert match maker, tasked with your hardest job yet, getting Beetlejuice and Bloody Mary to fall in love. Lsmyers18 click me
2034 [EU] "Say my name." "Hoosenbarg." "You're correct, gosh darnit." koulnis click me
2035 [WP] One day, Beethoven finds a small package in his mailbox. There’s a note attached, saying: “You need it more. P.S. Van Gogh” amorphous-anonymous click me
2036 [WP] A giant swirling portal that resembles a mini black hole has opened over the city of Detroit. Random characters, monsters, and machines from all kinds of media tumble out once a week, and it's up to you to find, contain, or destroy them before the next interval. mdkubit click me
2037 [WP] If a teacher dies during the school year, students that had a class with them receive the highest grade. An academic student on track to be the valedictorian discovers they’re going to fail an elective class they assumed would be an easy A. So they devise a plot to keep their perfect record. Jason--with-a-Y click me
2038 [WP] “This has all gone wrong. And I take full responsibility...” “IS THAT TORNADO ON FIRE?!” “Yes, it is. Now calm down and get ready. They’re throwing it all at us” S0mbra12 click me
2039 [WP] As it turns out, the ads don't lie; Red Bull has given you a nice pair of functioning wings. X-gon-do-it-to-em click me
2040 [WP] "You have been invited to 17th Avenue. Please dress formal for the occasion, and be sure to wear a mask. The rules are simple: Show up at exactly noon, no sooner or later. Do not speak, or you may something undesirable. Whatever you do, however, you must never look at the master's true face." BlueLadybug92 click me
2041 [WP] You slowly walk down the highway gingerly carrying a magical vase when suddenly, you get sucked into it and wake up in a heavily forested area with a shadow standing above you. Theunluckiestogn click me
2042 [WP] You get hit by a car on the pavement, you are in and out of consciousness, and then you die. But then suddenly you are fine, unscathed, at the same place you were before the car hit. There is no drunk driver. You appear to be continuing in a parallel reality version of your life. Cosmonty747 click me
2043 [WP] You have the secret ability to literally smell a criminal: sour for white collar crimes, sweet for violent crimes. You wake up one day to a sweet smell, for a second you think it's your husband making you pancakes, but you realize he's still asleep next to you, the smell is coming from him. Milordpotato click me
2044 [WP] You wake up laying in an ice cold shower with no memory of how you got there. When you get out, there's a note that says, "If you're reading this, it worked." SlowCrates click me
2045 [WP] You are the 1000 th in line to the throne, and you want it. Do whatever it takes. RafeHaab click me
2046 [WP] You can speak to plants. However, one day the plants inform you of a crime. lemur1212g click me
2047 [WP] An alien race has invaded earth and begun to invade the planet. The only thing about this foreign race is that they have a... different style of fighting. “Let it rip!” One shouts as it’s beyblade flies into the arena Kingdem2020 click me
2048 [EU] Sonic the Hedgehog is a regular hedgehog painted blue. ZimthekingofIrkens click me
2049 [WP] Aliens telepathically broadcast their intention to visit earth so humans can prepare for their peaceful arrival. But the message perceived differently by everyone, and there's great debate as to their true intentions. SlowCrates click me
2050 [EU] An alternative Harry Potter universe where, instead of wands, everyone just uses their leg. LukaIsBestVocaloid click me
2051 [WP] Using magnets and other simple house hold items, you scrap together a device that you half-seriously hope can record thoughts to your computer's hard drive. It works, but now you're in danger. SlowCrates click me
2052 [WP] A monster kidnaps a woman to eat her, but the woman insists on dancing with him first. SummerAndTinkles click me
2053 [WP] You work a a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. You decide to unleash Pennywise unto Joker as part of his therapy session. Mapafius click me
2054 [WP] You can turn back time. When you are at a party with too much to drink you accidentally turn back a decade of your life. Slopey112 click me
2055 [WP] After many long years, you have finally decided the message transmitted through repeating fast radio bursts. They all say the same thing: “DON’T LEAVE HOME.” UndeadBurgScrub click me
2056 [WP] We live in a world where evil spirits are everywhere, they can't do nothing if they don't posses a human. Humans discover that the only way to prevent this is to wear a necklace with a cross. For hundreds years everything is fine, one day you wake up and your brother doesn't wear a necklace. Spowkn click me
2057 [WP] In your world, everyone has a theme song that plays at pivotal moments. Everyone you know has an heroic theme. Yours is the Friends' theme song. Xedro click me
2058 [WP] On the day of the Last Judgement, Lucifer finally got tired of ruling in Hell, so he and the demons rise from Hell to defend mankind from God's wrath. Lightvsdark777 click me
2059 [WP] You're doing your daily jog out in the woods, you notice a house you've never seen before, it looks old but the paint isnt peeled, there is no door and you can see a mannequin in the attic through the window, you decide to explore. PupCorn_ click me
2060 [WP] You and five others decide to leave the army with your gear to live as outlaws, you soon come to regret it however as one of your companions goes by the name "Slaughterer". Bewildering-whispers click me
2061 [WP] The Barney suit came to life before its wearer, Josh Martin, even put it on. Barney & Friends was cancelled afterwards. Lightvsdark777 click me
2062 [WP] An alien culture starts up a SETI-like program to determine if there is other life in the universe. They begin picking up Earth's transmissions. TheStray7 click me
2063 [WP] It's the year 2500, humanity now live in VR on the internet waiting for the Earth to recover. You are part of the only family left awake to take care of the world. One day, you are on patrol and you see something move... someone is awake... ThePandaArmyGeneral click me
2064 [WP] An infinite number of parallel universes exist in tandem, yet separate from each other. That is, until the big bang made the route that connects them all; Earth. AceITP click me
2065 [WP] About a relationship between two brothers who were super close as kids, but grew apart with age. "We're in the same room, but I feel a million miles apart." rewndthemusic click me
2066 [WP] Fire ants are size of a large housecat/medium dog. One night you wake up to lid noises and whines of your pet. Frightened you discover a nest of fire ants shielded your entire house, ate your dog and now they want you to be their leader to teach them advancements of human society. RayereSs click me
2067 [WP] Octopi develop water-filled vehicles that allow them to travel on land. Marine biologists race to determine if the octopi are friendly or if their visit is the start of an aquatic invasion. ZimthekingofIrkens click me
2068 [WP] You’re a recruiter at a hero organization & you end up interviewing a trio of wannabe crime fighters. At first, you have plenty of doubts, but as the interview drags on you slowly become more convinced that Captain Pathos, Dr. Ethos, & Professor Logos would be perfect for the job. Caped_Baldie click me
2069 [WP] You lived an uneventful life. When you die, you see a leaderboard, with high scores being the amount of times a person saved the universe. You are listed at #2. DutaiStudios click me
2070 [WP] An ancient genie lamp is discovered but it does not grant wishes. Instead, it grants each user a single super power. Be careful what you wish for. ScubaAlek click me
2071 [WP] An anti-thunderstorm: A weather phenomenon in which there are brief flashes of darkness followed by a void of utter silence. Following such an event last week in Pennsylvania, leading scientists tell us to expect more events of this antithetical nature, and not just for thunderstorms. TheAusNerd click me
2072 [EU] “We used lived in a perfect Utopia,” said the man in the red hat as he warmed his hands on the fire. “But then, one day, all of the Pokémon went mad.” TheManicMonocle click me
2073 [WP] They say that if you live a life that's uninteresting enough, even the heavens will forget you exist. _Alo-Vera_ click me
2074 [SP] You've got a Time Machine, a Mission, and most importantly, a Sherman Tank. Sturmwolken click me
2075 [WP] You're riding on the 6:05pm train out of NYC after work, and a man sitting near you is texting his wife (according to her contact name in his phone). You can make out the message - "Stuck at the office. I'll try to catch the 7:32pm train." QueCasular click me
2076 [WP] For years, you've roamed the lands as a ghost and haunted countless people for entertainment and to feed off of their fear. Your latest victim, however, has a severely short attention span and is constantly distracted from your attempts to terrorize them. Thighrannosaur click me
2077 [WP] Two of the strongest forces in nature, electricity and magnetism, come together to gift us the most beautiful creation. Its name is light. Throw_me_forward click me
2078 [WP] “The atomic bomb was the worst thing ever made? Or maybe bioweapons. No, it was worse. It was what you made by accident, and that they capitalized on. I’ve devoted my life to stopping it. Now, just tell me how it happened” S0mbra12 click me
2079 [WP] A sapient squad car avenges its officers. Epictauk click me
2080 [WP] while going to work you take the train, then the train goes into a tunnel but out of nowhere the tunnel collapses, you open your eyes to see that a pipe has gone through your chest and you're holding what may be the roof of the train then you hear people panicking and they see you. Varnitsiner click me
2081 [WP] You are Sis; sidekick to the quirky, but incredibly powerful, Captain Strong. Who, behind the mask, happens to be your autistic little brother. tenkindsofpeople click me
2082 [WP] Start your story with 'On a cold Winter's night, I discovered something incredible." then end it with" On a cold Winter's night, I discovered something incredibly terrifying." IceGalaxyGoddess click me
2083 [WP] They say the earth was to be destroyed in 2012 but nothing happened. But what if i tell you that it was in fact destroyed by the singularity caused by our particle accelerator, and you're in a simulation that I helped create. thisismubashir1 click me
2084 [WP] The Devil walked up to you. "Forget everything you thought you knew," he said. "Being damned doesn't mean what you think it means." Achille-Talon click me
2085 [WP] As you're eating your pancakes at the local IHOP, you slowly realize that the business meeting at the next table is actually Sigmund Freud, Simone de Beauvoir, Sun Tzu, Karl Marx, Hellen Keller, and Teddy Roosevelt... and they're trying to divide up the check. burtonsimmons click me
2086 [WP] You know that old superstition that when you sneeze your heart stops, and if someone doesn't say "Bless you," the devil or an evil spirit will enter your body? After sneezing in the antique doll section of your local thrift store, you learn the hard way that that's no superstition after all. countnerdula click me
2087 [WP] I waited for the news. I had heard, but I couldn’t believe it to be true. And when he walked in, and started talking, I knew it was true. “We have a confirmed nuclear detonation. You.... I’ll give you some time to take this in....” S0mbra12 click me
2088 [WP] Pennywise tries to survive the zombie apocalypse ShadyCats click me
2089 [WP] In the near future, the government watches all its citizens with omnipresent security cameras. A handful of people working in a television studio discover that they can use their equipment to control the security cameras, making the government see whatever they want it to see. ScrappyRat0 click me
2090 [WP] Time travel has been successfully invented. Unfortunately, all attempts at time trips over the years lead to the same place/time: Jan 20th, 1993, the living room of a completely average man named Howard. He is growing tired of time visitors. heatherkan click me
2091 [WP] You knew what you were getting into when you adopted a baby dragon, but the ornery teenager years are even worse than you expected. Kaleon click me
2092 [WP] Humanity finally invents a portal to another world, only to discover that their just in the dark ages. cafetaf click me
2093 [WP] In a world where food is only based on calories and never on flavor, everything is prepared in boring blocks of bars; only to be consumed depending on how many calories you want to gain. People order in number, not names of dishes. But against all odds, one guy was destined to be a cook. gamesharkgg click me
2094 [WP] Elemental control was something people thought was impossible for years. Recently though people have been discovering their powers. However, instead of fire, water, earth, and air, you get to master one of the elements in the periodic table. 8panckakes4ever click me
2095 [WP] A war between fire users and ice users has lead to the creation of a great division to keep the peace. You are part of one of these populations who, for the first time in centuries, comes into contact with someone from the other side. kadibunny click me
2096 [WP] A man clones himself and his parents so he can relive his childhood. He discovers that being a kid is not as much fun as he remembers. ZimthekingofIrkens click me
2097 [WP] You work as a math and physics teacher but your dream has always been with the sea, as a sailor, maybe a fisherman. One morning after waking up you hear knocking on your door and as you get close you hear someone say "Captain!, We're under attack!" TheMaster151 click me
2098 [WP] After you get a mysterious update on your phone, you find that your music library has expanded. All songs from all time, including the future, are now at your disposal. In some of the future songs, however, you are getting mentioned. tallmanbigboy click me
2099 [WP] As you exit the subway onto the city street you hear a booming voice from the heavens, "9 FIGHTERS LEFT." No one in the crowd around you seems to notice, until you lock eyes with someone across the street. He starts making his way towards you while reaching inside of his coat... redredsweater click me
2100 [WP] Human genome mapping has wildly progressed and the reproduction process has adapted. Couples now have batches of sperm/eggs analyzed and paired to create children with ideal traits. Your sample was just analyzed. An unknown marker was detected. tony971 click me
2101 [WP] OSHA inspects your evil lair. super42695 click me
2102 [WP] You gain the ability to understand the contents of a book by burning it. ArbitraryPotato click me
2103 [WP] You come home after a few weeks of being awake doing all kinds of stuff. You want to lying down on your bed but it doesn't work. You try it from all angles. Still doesn't work. Your home flickers. You realise that your whole life you have been living in a video game. And it is crashing. mswerepug click me
2104 [WP] On a road trip, you decide to visit an old friend living in a rural costal town. You notice it is almost deserted - save a few people boarding up their homes in a hurry. He approaches you and says “we need to be inside by nightfall, the cycle is early this year. It comes from the sea.” Endxsor click me
2105 [WP] The rapture happens, but all those damned to hell are forcible dragged to hell through the ground smushedtomato click me
2106 [WP] Every time you're in danger, your senses amplify. Your life is normal and with few powerups, but after an oddly quiet night, you're awaken by a discussion in Japanese and the torturous pinch of a mosquito. Matalya1 click me
2107 [WP] You are in a zombie apocolypse, worst part? You come back to life each time you die. Nintey950ul5 click me
2108 [WP] As he meets the Black Knight's gaze, the Red Knight utters what might very well be his last words: "Surrender? SURRENDER? A 7 nation army couldn't hold me back!". They both turn to you when you start humming "Dooooo do do do do doooo doooooo" StarTrekCylon click me
2109 [WP] The Russians have launched a first strike nuclear attack against the United States with enough missiles to effectively eliminate the USA. Recognizing that no response of theirs can stop the missiles now en-route, the cabinet weighs whether to assure mutual destruction with a counter launch. JacksonBThimble click me
2110 [WP] One day, Death decides that he's been taking lives long enough, instead choosing to prolong lives as a devout pacifistic from then on. 500 years later, you have been selected as the 256th person to attempt to revert Death back to killing. UnidimensionalBolo click me
2111 [WP] "Whole experience was equivalent to a burnt piece of toast." teruma click me
2112 [WP] As a new year at Hogwarts begins, students are surprised to hear that the new potions teacher is a muggle, Walter White. SpicyTeaBoi click me
2113 [WP] Turns out you can just tell Death you aren’t ready. What Death neglects to mention is that every single second extra that you get is taken from someone close to you. amoistdab click me
2114 [WP] You're known as the "King of Monsters" because you control the vast majority of monsters on the planet, and every dumb adventurer that gets themselves hurt blames you. even though you're the only one keeping them at bay. Well you're fed up and its time you cleared your good name blaziner click me
2115 [WP] Two F/A-18 Hornets scream past your house. You say to them "You knuckleheads, this is restricted airspace." You then see one of them circle back.. Gnostic_Tree click me
2116 [WP] "Listen kid, when it hits 80, you're either dead or immortal." Gonzogonzip click me
2117 [WP] Everybody knows the urban legend of "Polybius," the video game that was an experiment ran by the US government to test numerous different effects on people. The project was rumored to be discontinued in late 1981, but in reality, the game is still being released under a different name: Tetris. JustAWaveform click me
2118 [WP] Dou decide to clear your search history. While the buffer circle is deleting, you notice your memories are fading. You forget your name and then your vision goes dark, then you see a human staring at you through an aperture. gamemastaown click me
2119 [WP] over the last week people have been coming to your house thinking that you are someone else and acting strange. One day, you decide to run with it Hourse005 click me
2120 [WP] As a child, you stayed at the deathbed of your grandfather until the reaper came. He was surprised that you could see him; he was touched by it, and he pitied you. So, he offered one wish to console you. You've held on to that wish since then. You think you may need to use it right now. justadair click me
2121 [WP] You awaken one morning to discover you have lost the ability to comprehend, speak, or read your native language. You discover however that you have gained knowledge of an ancient, dead language. Deep_Thot42 click me
2122 [WP] Every person's eyes change color based on their mood. You as a teacher, are used to your student's eyes being grey with boredom, until you spot the blackest eyes you've seen at the back of the classroom. JolkienbeTolkien click me
2123 [WP] You didn't understand. The alleyway was short, there were no doors or even dumpsters in it. It was completely empty. Yet somehow everyone who ever went into it never reached the other side. They always disappeared and you want to know why. That's why tonight you enter the alley with your camera roxan1930 click me
2124 [SP] Welcome to the God of the Month Club! Your first god will appear unto you by noon tomorrow.... rdchat click me
2125 [WP] The Cat Dictator has decided to detonate every nuke in the country at once, and is about to swipe the button off the counter. Explain why this is bad in a way the Cat Dictator understanda. kdswenson click me
2126 [WP] You’ve been so busy with work you’ve barely had time to spend with your kids. You decide to go visit them at school. You get a visitors pass and meet them at recess. All the kids want to play tag. You crawl into a plastic tunnel bur when you come outfit the other side. All the kids are gone. TheBeardedAntt click me
2127 [WP] Anytime anyone looks at someone else with romantic feelings, they get hearts in their eyes with size varying by intensity. This will ALWAYS happen Theinternetisdumb click me
2128 [WP] You were never fond of doctors. They tried to help but hurt you while doing so. Yet, Doctor Stone was especially unnerving. While other doctors at least tried to be gentle, he seemed to love watching you be in pain. He also had such a strange look in his eyes. Like he was obsessed with pain. roxan1930 click me
2129 [SP] One day, you find a strange device that allows you to stop and start time at the push of a button. The only problem is that you don't realize in time that everyone who is directly affected by your actions while time is paused is fully aware of what happened. Gerald_Yankensmier click me
2130 [WP] Your friends know you make good money, but they don't really know what you do. Truthfully, it's complicated. But the gist of it is that people hire you to kill them in a way that ensures their life insurance policy will pay out. andork28 click me
2131 [WP] You wander through the empty streets looking for supplies. As you go you notice an abandoned "THE END IS NEAR" sign on the ground. You decide to pause and change the final word to "HERE". AnvilPro click me
2132 [WP] You find yourself able to summon and command demons. The more powerful ones can only be given simple orders, for they are strong and can resist. The less powerful ones can be given more complicated and permanent orders SkinOfOak click me
2133 [EU] Instead of turning into the Hulk, Bruce Banner turns into Shrek when he gets angry. Amablue click me
2134 [WP] Youve reached the lair of the big bad that has conquered your home and brought so much suffering. However, the throne is empty...until your mentor and father figure sighs and leaves your side. whizkeylullaby click me
2135 [WP] You don't quite know what you are. You live in the heads of different people around the world, a new head every day. You hear their thoughts, view their minds, and when they sleep, you experience their dreams, the only place you have a voice, have control. Today, you lived in a kidnapped child. adriancombs click me
2136 [EU] After a catastrophic accident, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily find themselves in a room with a screen. They are told to watch the future as if it was a show. They see everything from start to finish. Takananana click me
2137 [WP] 1million people are randomly selected fot The Test. You are one of them. As you come to conciousness, you realize, that you are the only one who failed, and start remembering what happened.. Tomas_RandomNr click me
2138 [WP] After generations of scientific experimentation, immortality has finally been achieved... in mice. Wun_Weg_Wun_Dar__Wun click me
2139 [WP] No one knew what divine intervention caused this but now past every border of the US is now untouched wilds. No other countries, same planet, just the US. garett144 click me
2140 [WP] You make first contact with an alien explorer. They appear truly dumbfounded before informing you that “your planet is located near the center of the Abyss. Every civilization ever detected within it suffered an unknown cataclysmic event after discovering faster-than-light travel.” Enigma-Conundrum click me
2141 [WP] You are one of the only non-corrupt officers in an extremely corrupt police force. After threatening to report one of your fellow officers, he tries to kill you, and you're forced to kill him first. However, in a twist of fate, you are placed in charge of the subsequent murder investigation. Alex_Sylvian click me
2142 [WP] You know the saying, “hiding your true colors” well you see, your ability is exactly that. You can physically see a person’s “true colors” as a form of synesthesia justjoinedtoask click me
2143 [WP] A rift to another world full of exotic resources has opened up in the air over the pacific ocean, but it is permanently surrounded by a raging storm with high winds and violent lightning. Only the bravest (or dumbest) smugglers brave the storm to make runs to the other side and back. jpeezey click me
2144 [WP] You consistently bump your toe into a badly placed corner in your room which, without fail, causes you to yell obscenities at it. After a REALLY bad toe bump you threaten to bash the corner with a hammer when you hear a quiet, teary whimper...coming from the badly placed corner in your room. sisteryoung click me
2145 [WP] You are a clown. Writing-Prompts-Re click me
2146 [WP] 20 years ago you shape-shifted into a dog, in an attempt to assassinate the demon hunter, but instead you became his pet, but today he said something that terrified you "dogs don't live to be 20, i know what you are." Red580 click me
2147 [WP] You wake up in an Old Spice Commercial. Gingersnap5322 click me
2148 [WP] The one guy you like who's definitely your type and whom u can try going out with has a girlfriend and the other guy is one introvert whom u have no idea why you got feelings for. Smuzzy_waiii click me
2149 [WP] A truck just spilled all its gaming dice on the highway. Describe the end result of the truck rolling a perfect roll of 756,000 mattswritingaccount click me
2150 [WP] "Stay on the road. Beware the moon light!" That was their last warning before the owners kicked us out. Then it attacked us...now my friend is dead and wont leave me alone. He says ill kill. "Beware the moonlight". blubberfeet click me
2151 [WP] After learning from Reagan about the value of capitalism and the free market system, God announces to the world that humans can now buy and sell each other's souls. Your reward after death is based on the total amount of goodness or badness in all the souls in your possession BackAlleySurgeon click me
2152 [WP] You live in a world where many mythological figures exist and coexist with those of different mythologies. Every time a person comes of age, their soul is linked to that of a mythological legend. It is finally time for you to have your soul linked. Time to Create your new destiny ShadeQuill click me
2153 [WP] There was once a man of unimaginable luck. Everything he touched, became a success story. But that's just one side of the coin. The only survivor of several tragic accidents, people accuse him of being the center of disasters. He fled. Nobody knew where he was going. At least until now. El_Monitorrr click me
2154 [WP] All your life, you wrote extravagant fantasies to cope with hardship and trauma. In a particularly severe moment, the heroes of your stories -from childhood until now- have united to take you on your own heroic fantasy adventure, as your present struggle has endangered all of their realms. psycholepzy click me
2155 [WP] As the personal assistant of the BBEG, so naturally you have alot on your plate. One interesting job description is slang translator. Miko_Fullbuster click me
2156 [EU] a person has played undertale, moved on and forgot about it, when on a hiking trip they fall into a pit and encounter a strangely familiar situation foxstarfive click me
2157 [WP] On your resume, you said you had photoshop skills. You actually don’t, so you travel the world, take photos, and say you photoshopped them. BigfootSanta click me
2158 [WP] You are given the opportunity to have a 5-minute conversation with one of your emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, fear... Make it count. oneirical click me
2159 [WP] An alien planet uses its army to kidnap the most beautiful women in the galaxy, forcing them to become slaves in the royal house. When the young prince comes of age and learns the source of the women, he vows to rescue them and destroy the entire royal family. ZimthekingofIrkens click me
2160 [WP] You’re not sure why you did it but you did. You created a species of spiders that are aggressive, very venomous and very in size from a dime to an adult make hand. You did your best to keep them In the lab but they escape was inevitable. That was 5 years ago. Humans are fighting a losing war. TheBeardedAntt click me
2161 [WP] being a hero is hard, especially when your only power is sleight of hand. Nick-fwan click me
2162 [WP] You are able to put your body to sleep, but instead of dreaming you are able to wander the world in a simulated body and interact with the world. There is a catch though- your body cannot survive longer than 12 hours in this state. Cyandrix click me
2163 [EU] The story of two Time Lords struggling to maintain their marriage after one of them regenerates for the first time since they met. ausernameofaperson click me
2164 [WP] “Remember that promise we made?” “That we’d always be friends... yeah...” “Heh... who’s have thought things would get to this... but for what it’s worth... I’m glad that we were friends...” “Yeah... me too...” JayJayAG click me
2165 [WP] You are a medieval knight that, through some circumstance or another, found themselves thrown forwards in time. Somehow you arrived at an ongoing Renaissance Fair, and discover that everyone is doing everything wrong. Darkbain click me
2166 [WP] Your first day on the job as a magician’s assistant, you see a large old trunk. Just as you were about to open it, the magician appears seemingly out of nowhere and slams a hand on the lid. “I have 3 rules” he glares, “show up on time, do what I tell you, and NEVER open the trunk.” DreadPirate-Wesley click me
2167 [WP] You've always seemed to "just know". It seemed to start with small things like knowing how to build a Lego set without instructions. But recently it began getting ridiculous, when you began speaking languages that you've never even heard of... weetabix_gryphon click me
2168 [WP] You awake in a room to find something off. You can't tell at the moment, but you know. That's when you decided to look out the window, you see stars and the words "Property of the United Federation of Planets". Stephono44 click me
2169 [WP] you finally work up the courage to ask the woman/man of your dreams out, and surprisingly, they say yes. In the shock of the moment, you pinch yourself. You wake up in hell. gatewayfromme44 click me
2170 [WP] - Your grandfather always said that he was "as old as the hills we stand on". You find out it's not just a figure of speech. owenbnerd click me
2171 [WP] Everyone on earth got the traits an abilities of various animals, some got antlers from deer, others got big claws and muscles from bears. you got something from an undiscovered species. Mattrockj click me
2172 [WP] Your life has a soundtrack that only you can hear but you cannot control. BlackHawx4 click me
2173 [WP] It's a winter's night and you've always been fond of this time of year. HoboSusej click me
2174 [WP] History. You’ve never liked the class, so one day during US history watching a video about the Salem Witch Trials, you decided to take a nap. When you woke up you found yourself in a court room on trial in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692 Edward_Elric64 click me
2175 [WP] Your twin offspring are telepathic. Little do they know, you can eavesdrop on them. charlielutra24 click me
2176 [WP] The whole human race wakes up with thick fur. And only you find this weird. charlielutra24 click me
2177 [WP] Your new socks won’t come off. And you’re sure they didn’t come so high up your legs this morning. charlielutra24 click me
2178 [WP] Cerberus had pups, and as a proud parent is showing them off to everyone in Hell smushedtomato click me
2179 [WP] You are a human confessional for very important people. These people tell you their worst secrets to relieve themselves of the secret's burden. You can lock all the secrets away mind where even you can't access them. Lately, though, you've begun to remember. pyroman136 click me
2180 [WP] The America project has failed. It's time for Europe and Asia to clean up their mess 2019_Masterpiece click me
2181 [WP] You are a dinosaur, trying to figure out what the hell that bright light flying through the sky is. arkol3404 click me
2182 [WP] On the moon, Neil Armstrong can only stare in shock as a man in an immaculate suit approaches him, hands him a note, and leaves. The note reads "For your own safety, leave now and never return." Kaleon click me
2183 [WP] Before you start to spread the butter, you notice what looks like the face of a man burnt into your toast. You go to the other room to grab your phone and take a picture, but when you return, the face is replaced with the word “HELP” burnt into the same place. TheWarlockRises click me
2184 [SP] The Matrix is real weetabix_gryphon click me
2185 [WP] In your tribe, a male is not given a name at birth. Instead, his name is earned. All of your young peers have earned theirs. To your personal shame, you have not. But that is about to change, in spectacular fashion. DreadPirate-Wesley click me
2186 [WP] When you were born there was darkness, to run from this cold there was only the warmth of your brothers. But when you were blinded by light and learned sight, you saw a myriad of orbs of fire dancing in perfect harmony. You have no name but those who survived your doom call you a Sun Eater. Zed_Blue click me
2187 [EU] you're a lowly guard in the world of skyrim,longing to be an adventurer again,so you decide to seek revenge on that jerk that shot you in the knee FroakieUnlimited click me
2188 [WP] Ever since time travel was invented, there have been rumours going around; warnings that said about not going past a certain date. One day, you decide to risk it, and see what the rumours are about... weetabix_gryphon click me
2189 [WP] It turns out, your exoskeleton was just trying to get in. charlielutra24 click me
2190 [WP] Bo is an alien who believes he/she/they are blending in with human society. Although they pretend otherwise, the humans aren't fooled. Angels_and_devils click me
2191 [WP] Your late grandfather bestowed a magical pair of jeans to you. When you reach into its pockets, you are reaching into the pocket of another pair of magical pants. Nothing happens for five years. Then one day, a hand touches yours whilst in your pocket. dmanexe click me
2192 [WP] Your coworker calls you a nickname you’ve come to hate whenever he sees you. Every time he does, you hear a voice say, “Kill Him.” One day, you decide to follow the voice’s instructions. dabruh88 click me
2193 [WP] with all of their might they pulled the sword from the stone. The blade was not pointed at the end, it was more like a key. In the distance a wizard shouts “YOU FOOL, YOU’VE BROKEN THE SEAL!” matthew0001 click me
2194 [SP] Aliens finally arrive at Earth, but only for the sole purpose of finding Waldo. CreativeNameHere2 click me
2195 [WP] A failing pre-med student has to dissect a cadaver. When his pet werewolf gets loose, he prays his professor will believe that his dog ate his homework. ZimthekingofIrkens click me
2196 [EU] On your 11th birthday, You walk into Olivander’s to choose your wand. Every wand that you’re handed to try out ends in some sort a disaster and now you’re starting to fear the worst. Darth_Boot click me
2197 [WP] It is a beautiful day outside. You reach your hand through your bedroom window to bask in the sunlight as you notice the sun up in the sky is different. Almost like... it's getting bigger and closer each second passing Doll_Haus click me
2198 [WP] No matter what you decide to take up as a hobby (cooking, sewing, coin collecting, etc), you always seem to attract an overdramatic rival who declares their superiority due to an innate supernatural power they have. FennecWF click me
2199 [WP] It was always assumed you & your bestie would hookup; but you saw yourselves more siblings than soulmates. One day, you realize your friends are no longer able to see both of you at the same time; losing sight of one is the only way to switch. & you 2 can now only talk via call/text. This sucks Vader_Zim click me
2200 [WP] You’re an international monster catcher for werewolves, zombies, vampires, etc. You’re paid handsomely for your skill. You deliver your catches to a multinational corporation. However at this last dropoff they discovered you were infected but won’t say by what. Now you get to see what happens. MidKnightshade click me
2201 [WP] While walking through town an attractive woman runs up to you and claims to be a goddess who has been in love with you for millennia. Before you have an opportunity to even react she puts her hand on the side of your head and and you suddenly remember thousands of past encounters with her. Rk8ley click me
2202 [WP] After years of emotional drama, you've come to accept a simple truth. You are a supporting character on a CW show Psychonaut48 click me
2203 [WP] You lead a scout team that observes alien species who are on the brink of colonizing away from their home planet. Today is special, because no one besides you had faith that the humans could do it. SlowCrates click me
2204 [WP] No one knows how it happened. One day everything was normal, the next, every single species that ever went extinct came back to life. Humans were forced to share their world with dinosaurs. But worst of all, turns out humans were never the first intelligent life. ETreeee003 click me
2205 [WP] It is the year 2030, and government surveillance has become not only commonplace, but diverse and integral in society. You are a Surveillance Agent who exclusively monitors the residents of a small city. You are also in the school's PTA and your family is liked in the community. Corvus92 click me
2206 [WP] Everyone is a were-something. You... are a we’re-chicken. Optional: Your SO is a were-fox. charlielutra24 click me
2207 [WP] The River Styx has now been replaced by a bus, that you have been hired to drive for minimum wage. Describe your day and what sort of passengers you have. Yergisgoingtodie click me
2208 [WP] Aliens are tired of being blamed for everything, so they've come to Earth to clear things up. PixelJack79 click me
2209 [WP] You win the lottery and can fulfill all your dreams, you want to treat your family and live life fully, although after a while you end up staring down a barrel with the same look as you stared on your bank account balance reach zero. AndreasWBz click me
2210 [WP] The Solar System has become the main theatre of a galactic war. Every planet and moon has been colonized. The Earth alone has been spared; it’s inhospitable environment makes it too dangerous to even land on. Humanity is left with a front-row seat to a war they will never understand. Luke-HW click me
2211 [WP] When people turn 13, they gain the ability to stop time, for as long as they want, but only once in their lives. You never thought you'd use yours on this. mdxdx click me
2212 [WP] You’re 14 and enjoying a game of football in a night out with your friends, enjoying youth. You get knocked out by a pass. You wake up on a bench by a skatepark as your 24 year old self. No coma, your mind was just transferred into your older self’s body. italianpickle3246 click me
2213 [WP] After being knocked unconscious at work, you wake up to a world where kitchen appliances are the most violent of weapons. reverendrambo click me
2214 [WP] You are the strongest Mage of your generation. You attend the most prestigious magic academy in the world and rule over your peers with an iron fist. That is, until the day you're utterly defeated, in front of everyone you know, by a boy who never should have been able to wield magic at all. Bobbybinby click me
2215 [WP] You're an aspiring film director with lots of equipment but no friends or family. Desperate for actors and a crew, you resort to kidnapping people off the street. sonjon2 click me
2216 [WP] One day you wake up and everyone in the world is acting abnormal. You have no recent memories. It's praised to have hundreds of children and work yourself to death. Noharmdones click me
2217 [WP] You were checking out your old selfies when you see a small dot over your pictures' shoulder. In following pics, it resolves to be an old man in a dark hood. With each tap of your finger, he gets closer and larger. Mockingasp click me
2218 [WP] "You know that planet Earth we talked about?? They Killed their own Gods and Goddesses. Hunted them into extinction. So says the legends. They are a prosaic and vulgar civilization. They may have seem to advanced so much in 2000 revolutions, but they are not advanced. They are profoundly lost." Zentao_The_Tranquil click me
2219 [WP] You find an old coffin buried in your backyard. You don't report it because it has your name carved into it. Inside you find an old skeleton clutching a thumb drive and a shattered cellphone. On the drive, you find file after file of yourself screaming while buried alive. Mockingasp click me
2220 [WP] You've always been a careful person. One day, you randomly decide that you've had enough of not being able to have fun. You skydive- only you don't land on where you're supposed to land. You land in a world where everyone except you is careful. Moto_Momo click me
2221 [WP] You were exiled into a "Time prison." A place where thousands of years go by within the blink of an eye, but as quickly as you entered, you came out. You've been there for 20 years and you're not very happy. DaddyMerk click me
2222 [WP] As head of the clergy, your opinion holds immense weightage as even the tyrant King lends you his ear for advice. The campaign season approaches and in a dream you witness a terrible defeat for the royal army. As the King approaches you for the blessing, you must decide how to break the news scorwulf click me
2223 [WP] You are a likable and considerate Jedi Knight who is somberly roasting marshmallows over a campfire with an unpleasant detective that believes you are a Sith Lord culturadealgibeira click me
2224 [WP] You are a sleep paralysis demon. The job is pretty easy as it only really involves finding out what your human is most afraid of and then manifesting as that thing in the night. The problem? Your human isn’t really scared of anything at all. WeaselWrites click me
2225 [WP] You are the chosen one, or so you were told. You find more and more evidence that they may have lied to you. De_faulty click me
2226 [WP] Puberty means cocooning up at 12th birthday and breaking out at 21 a fully functioning adult. The big day arrives as everyone gathers for the ceremonial send-off. As the clock strikes midnight, you feel the metamorphosis beginning, a stupor takes over as your body assumes the fetal position. scorwulf click me
2227 [EU] Modernist Hobbit. Rewrite a section from The Hobbit but it is set in modern times rather than Middle Earth. C0sm0sCreat0r click me
2228 [WP] Yesterday, your friend asked for your help overthrowing the evil dystopian empire. The day before, you went dragon riding. The day before that, you got into wacky romantic misadventures. You finally realize, every day you wake up in a different genre. Alex_Sylvian click me
2229 [WP] You stumbled across a r/AskReddit post that reads, "How much would you sell your best friends soul for?" You reply with (x) amount, the next day you awake to texts and missed calls saying that your best friend has gone missing. Eclihptical click me
2230 [WP] Your mom is a Karen you grew up watching her blow up on managers trying to get a deal. But today is the day your realized that she was actually showing you a dark art. MixMasterP click me
2231 [WP] She sacrificed you in order to restore her power. You, her beloved. MarbsandGrey click me
2232 [WP] They think it was just a usual classic prison break, unbeknownst to them, Tim, a small thief on the outside, orchestrated and executed the entire thing. C0sm0sCreat0r click me
2233 [WP] You’re a General Contractor who has successfully escaped the city into the wilderness during the Apocalypse with your team of subcontractors. Your team consists of a plumber, electrician, HVAC expert, and architect. Robin2Fast2Furious click me
2234 [SP] "I will perhaps never meet you in person" Keegipeeter click me
2235 [WP] Tired from work you decide you're in need of a long vacation but you couldn't shake the feeling that you may have forgotten something. Upon returning you remember what it was, the earth, and oh dear God! you had left it running. blaziner click me
2236 [SP] "One second is enough to die for" Keegipeeter click me
2237 [WP] You die in a tragic accident and wake up on the stage of a cosmic reality show; several gods from different mythologies sit before you, and you've got to get at least one of them to turn around to gain entrance to their respective afterlives. The problem? You have no idea what your talent is. KaiBishop click me
2238 [WP] You belong to The Gardeners Union. A secret society tasked with pruning "disruptive" elements. You are an accountant and Financial Adviser tasked with maintaining the economy. Today you have been assigned to pruning the company "Stanley Steamer." How do you do it? VIRGIL_ARCHIEAL click me
2239 [WP] After hosting a party with lots of heavy drinking, a drunk programmer and his engineer wife have the wonderful idea to turn their car into a true AI smart car, working hard before they both inevitably pass out. They wake up the next morning not remembering anything. adriancombs click me
2240 [WP] It's the 1990's. You receive a warning message from the future: "LIFE ON EARTH CANNOT BE SUSTAINED. KILLER BEES." Unfortunately, there was a typo in the message, and it was supposed to read "KILLED BEES" hobobob59 click me
2241 [WP] A reporter is determined to prove that a CEO’s dinosaur hunting trophies aren’t just the artistic recreations of a wealthy eccentric, but the real deal. ZimthekingofIrkens click me
2242 [WP] You are an old, frayed bowling ball trying to explain the brutal, unapologetic nature of their job to a group of bowling pins who have just been hired to take the place of the critically damaged bunch that came before them. Plazmaa010 click me
2243 [EU] A muggle-born returns home after a year at school, sure that their equally 'special' childhood friend must have just been sent to a different Wizarding school. Only it turns out their friend doesn't have magic. Their friend has the Shining. Wun_Weg_Wun_Dar__Wun click me
2244 [WP] Being a hopeless romantic you sometimes read romance books and wish that you were part of this wonderful story and live the life of the protagonist. You got your wish but instead of being the female lead you became the villainess character of the last book you read senoritaSASS click me
2245 [WP] you're a small town exterminator and yesterday the local priest asked if you could help him with a problem at the church. As soon as you walk through the door ome of the choir boys hands you a shotgun. The priest stands at the altar cleaning a glock "you're gonna need that." He growls. jelliedboar click me
2246 [WP] You are the cities greatest superhero. You have many great powers at your disposal. The only catch? They only surface when you’re drunk. The drunker you get, the more powerful you become. Now, you stand before the strongest supervillain the city has ever seen. Jothrem click me
2247 [WP] You don’t ask questions about each other’s line of work - but your rogue party partner has secretly come to you asking for 10 to 15 ‘fresh as possible’ human skulls. Activerios- click me
2248 [WP] Extra-Galactic forces have laid waste to nearly a quarter of the known Galaxy. The vast protection fleets of dozens of empires have fallen. Now, on the edge of one of the lesser traveled spiral arms an impossibly ancient race has awoken again. They call themselves "Human" Lgarniger click me
2249 [WP] You are reincarnated 10,000 years into the future. You come across an ancient artifact on display in the Museum of History, where you work. Little is known about it, not even where it was uncovered. Upon touching it, you realize it was yours. OneSilentWatcher click me
2250 [WP] A creation myth that explains climate change. Ian1732 click me
2251 [WP] Every night, you dream of a strange, lilting melody played by an instrument unknown to humanity. You’ve dedicated your life to trying to find its source - dismissed by all as crazy - but one day, you finally find it. Chinchiller12 click me
2252 [WP] You are stuck in your own personal hell. Its Groundhog Day, except your life has been on an infinite loop from age 16 to age 46. This is take number 5,921 and you just want it to stop. NobodyNoticeMe click me
2253 [WP] They all laughed at your ability to summon cakes and other delicious desserts. But now, no one laughs at The Dark Lord of Pastries, Scourge of All the World. Granite-M click me
2254 [WP] Describe a Mexican standoff between three hitmen with the same target. TheRealLetoAtreides click me
2255 [WP] You had a somewhat unconventional childhood, your parent was a robot and you lived in a scrapyard. The robot human tensions are at a all time high...It's time for you to pick a side. nyomachomp click me
2256 [SP] instead of a riddle, the sphinx ask for emotional support. Nick-fwan click me
2257 [EU] A town square gets destroyed bit by bit while two sweaty men stare at eachother intensely. Your boss at the SCP foundation got a report of two "stand users" and tasked you with investigating them. Kmlkmljkl click me
2258 [WP] A fortune-teller foresees your death in 4 months. Assuming they're correct, this also means that you're practically invincible for the next 4 months. SunSalad click me
2259 [WP] Your top advisers warned you that this day would come, yet you didn’t listen. You thought that you were untouchable, but now you are powerless as the Dance Dance Revolution marches on your doorstep. UlktamateGaming click me
2260 [EU] Edward Cullen (Twilight) is the son of a one night stand between Tinkerbell (Peter Pan) and Dracula (Bram Stoker). Dracula never knew. Edward is now 18 and on a quest to meet his biological father having been raised in Neverland his whole life. J4ck4lope9 click me
2261 [EU] On Earth-22, the New United Nations voted against deploying the bombs against the rioting Metahumans. You are a regular Human who is now caught in a fight for survival as the Great Metahuman War unfolds. TheWindows10Fan click me
2262 [WP] “Where did these pictures come from?” “The attic.” “No, I mean ... mom and dad don’t have a camera. So ... where did these pictures come from?” DreadPirate-Wesley click me
2263 [WP] The secret world leaders meet to decide who the next “bad guy” that they direct the worlds anger on will be. dontreadmycommemt click me
2264 [WP] First contact was a sobering occasion. A lonely unpiloted drone, one of billions sent forth by an ancient, dying civilisation, with no other purpose than to tell their story. Nw5gooner click me
2265 [WP] Humanity has invented true AI! Unfortunately they all have a crippling addiction to theoretical mathematics and strange astrophysical phenomena. Some are in recovery, while others would do anything to feed their habit. You work at CERN: describe your weirdest day. Bobbb1112 click me
2266 [WP] "For crying out loud, I took the road paved with good intentions because I was fairly sure it wasn't the one leading to Damascus" Hrtzy click me
2267 [WP] There has been tales about the Fae throughout history, but no evidence has ever been found. Until a journal is found that follows a mans journey with the “Fair Folk” King_Delorean click me
2268 [WP] "That was a good one!" we thought as The Joke came out. The world chuckled for a few seconds - I mean THE WHOLE world: you'd feel it in the air, you'd see it in a bird's eye, you'd feel it on your skin. What followed was despair as we realized God had finally spoken and He had mocked us all. BeYourShelf click me
2269 [WP] "Wow, look what you've done with the place!" he said, looking out across the mountain range. RockHopperSSM click me
2270 [WP] Your greatest rival online is your best friend in real life. Everybody knows this except the two of you. NeonDancingSkeletons click me
2271 [WP] You and a small group of people run a bank for criminals. You replace their dirty money for clean money, store money and other goods, and give loans. You loaned out money to one of the most dangerous criminals in town, but he hasn’t paid it back. Now, you’re setting out to get paid. TnargNosreme click me
2272 [EU] 27 years have now passed and Pennywise has returned. The reassembled 'Loser's Club', back in Derry, fearing that they are not enough to defeat him again. As they discuss a course of action, they stumble across an ad reading "John Constantine; Exorcist, Demonologist and Master of the Dark Art". ekg17 click me
2273 [WP] Everyone knows when Judas turned on Jesus he gave him a kiss to point out who to arrest. It’s known as the “kids of death”. It turned into a curse for Judas and his bloodline. You are a descendant of Judas. Once you turn 18 anyone you kiss will die in the next 48 hours. Tonight you turn 18. TheBeardedAntt click me
2274 [WP] You are an all powerful time keeper - the person who helps guide souls that are lost in ‘yesterday’ and people that ‘live in the past’. Your time is almost up, but you know of the perfect successor to this powerful position - yourself. You’ve only got one more time manipulation left... Activerios- click me
2275 [WP] You're at a meeting with your client company's boss and secretary. The boss wields all the real power underneath but is unfortunately quiet. The secretary, embarassed by his position, is obnoxious but trying to sound powerful and threatening. kdswenson click me
2276 [WP] You are a Death-Salesman. You sell death to immortals who are tired of living. Usually, this entails finding that one blessed bullet, or that one specific flower that is this immortal's weakness. However, your most recent client is an extremely difficult case. Alex_Sylvian click me
2277 [WP] You're an astronaut on a newly established moon base, in the future. You are collecting samples in a space vehicle, and venture onto the dark side of the moon. Driving a few hundred meters, you notice a light in the distance. Your radio only brings back static. BeartonBeast click me
2278 [WP] You die twice a day and always come back. It's spontaneous, you never die the same way twice, and where you wake up is never guaranteed. justadair click me
2279 [WP] Your long-abandoned childhood toys track you down, hellbent on vengeance. TheAusNerd click me
2280 [WP] Technological progress has halted due to lack of profitability for hundreds of years the earth remains static nothing changes until you discover how to create portals to another world. No one cares there's no money to be made but you switch it on anyway and something walks through. olliewanhandro click me
2281 [WP] Life is like a waterslide. It is short and fun, and often wet, and always memorable. When someone dies, their soul has to go to the back of the queue before it is reincarnated for the ride again. However, there are a lot of souls, and you are the first one to get to go back for a second turn. DanteandRandallFlagg click me
2282 [WP] Your children have decided to forgo the traditional lemonade stand and make some pocket money by digging out your old necromancy books and offering resurrections to the local kids instead. TraitorousTurncoat click me
2283 [WP] Aboard humanity’s first interstellar vessel, you have made a startling discovery- there are no such things as stars, just holes in spacetime. Something very big and very hot is trying to enter through them. UndeadBurgScrub click me
2284 [WP] In an attempt of cultural exchange, the alien ambassadors recreate their homeworld in a VR simulation. You, a renowned VR architect, are among the few humans invited to participate. You start noticing things that make no sense and you have limited time to figure out what is going on. SpiceOfLife10 click me
2285 [WP] A scientist on a thriving world, you are one of the very few who really has any idea what those eruptions could mean for your planet. All your hopes rest on the possible colonization of planet 3A, the third planet from the Sun. Shockrider1 click me
2286 [WP] you are legendary knight with a magical sword. The sword only works when being used for a just cause. One day, when called to fight the evil, grand wizard, your sword stops working. RotaryR7 click me
2287 [WP] You've won the golden ticket! Only you're not going to some quirky chocolate factory but on a reality show contest along with all the other ticket holders. Winner gets the Moon... literally. Kidlike101 click me
2288 [WP] You have drawn the ire of the entire Greek Pantheon. Apparently though, you are the last pure mortal on Earth, your family untouched by godly hands. Apparently, this makes you completely immune to godly attacks or influence. Sturmwolken click me
2289 [WP] Gasoline/Petrol isn’t real. Cars don’t require fueling. It’s all a hoax, and you’re the first person to realize it babyshoesalesman click me
2290 [WP] You are an elementary school teacher. You have a strange student who misses or ignores class almost daily, but he aces every test. You begin to lecture him on cheating, but he interrupts you and tells you that a demon gives him the answers. Leman123456 click me
2291 [WP] Ever wondered what lives underground? We all have... Look at the drains. KAIGRAYSON click me
2292 [WP] September 15th, 1916. On a cold day in France, you stand alert, waiting to go over the top. Suddenly, a hulking metal beast rides over the trench. IReallySuckAtGames click me
2293 [EU] "By your powers combined, I am Captain Avatar, master of all four elements!" rdchat click me
2294 [WP] God and the Devil are both sad their pet project, Earth, is getting destroyed due to climate change. God as always must remain neutral on the affairs of humans. The Devil however, thinks otherwise. MycroftTnetennba click me
2295 [WP] He had too many drinks last night, and woke up the next morning nine months pregnant. DrGenjutsuTheAlmighy click me
2296 [WP] A school blindfolds kids on their 1st week so staff can decide if they’re ugly or not. After ‘inspection week’, students have to complete an obstacle course (OC) to make it into the school. The kids don’t know of the appearance ratings nor that ‘ugly’ students have to complete a harder course. YeeyeePDF click me
2297 [WP] You live in a world where beatboxing is the most mainstream type of song, and every human is born with a specific pattern that they know by heart. You can only use this pattern. One day, walking down the road, you pass by a person doing your beatbox song. Jacko1234wdd click me
2298 [WP] a new gym just opened with a great gimmick, your conscious mind is sedated for the duration of your visit making working out easy for everyone and with incredible results, but then some users started getting PTSD flashbacks to a war no one remembers. SpaceManBalls83 click me
2299 [WP] All cats are born with 9 lives as indicated by a number marked on their fur. You adopt a cat with 9 lives and it runs away. However, weeks later, your cat unexpectedly shows back up with a number 10 on its fur. CaCtUs2003 click me
2300 [WP] Everyone shares a psychic link with a certain person, and you wake up being able to see the links between people. Your link stems to everyone you know. Skyknight4 click me
2301 [WP] When you were about 14 years old, you discovered you had the ability to turn your emotions on and off. However one day they get stuck turned off, until suddenly ten years later they all come flooding back, and you remember everything you did while funtioning purely on logic. A_Piece_Of_Fluff click me
2302 [WP] You’ve just learned that the US Government has secretly encounters aliens decades ago and has developed a Space Military Force that has committed mass Genocide to avoid the aliens from discovering earth. matthewesp click me
2303 [WP] "This is going to sound weird." Your doctor says with a gleaming smile. "But trust me, this is really good news." After taking a brief pause she makes her announcement. "It's cancer!" underoverwhelmed click me
2304 [WP] You're driving down a dark back road lined with trees, you round a curve and see a stroller tipped over in the middle of the road, you open your door and hear a baby crying. As you approach the stroller you see a phone inside playing a recording, you start back to your car and realize it's gone ChippewaHokage click me
2305 [WP] You are a monster and are really excited because Halloween is coming up and you just got hired to be an "actor" in a haunted house along with a few of your monster friends. You eventually fall in love with one of the other actors but you think they are a monster and they think you are a human. bi_engineer_ click me
2306 [WP] A prosecutor tries to use the "evidence" that Batman left behind to actually convict a criminal. Dontbecruelbro click me
2307 [SP] A black hole starts to suck the USA, growing eventully to all of north america getting swallowed. The Apocolypse starts. RedditorVincent click me
2308 [WP] It's been a year. People get sick, they get old, they get injured...but no one dies anymore. Diablo165 click me
2309 [WP] The fire curled playfully about your toes, forming faces of shadow on the wall before you. Faces you seem to recognise. ImGonnaGoHome click me
2310 [WP] You're sitting in the middle of your college library when you are summoned into a ritual circle drawn by a group of children calling themselves "Satan's Little Helpers" BrothrBear click me
2311 [WP] Your dad is small jovial and seemingly harmless man. Your mom is terrifying red dragon from another world. You just started half dragon puberty. Elrigoo click me
2312 [WP] As you sit in your car stuck in a snow drift, you finally question if you should have tried to make it to your families mountain lake house on what the news called, "The Worst Storm of 84." In the darkness outside a distant small light catches your attention. You have only one choice, leave. reelmike84 click me
2313 [WP] every night you awaken to the same thing, the sound of drums. Each night you can swear they’re getting louder and closer, tonight you awaken to the sound. It’s right outside. Hwpneon click me
2314 [EU] While wandering about aimlessly science ship HMS Incidental has discovered an intact data cache deep within an ancient Yuht military installation, potentially shedding light on the last years of the Yuht-Jabbardeeni War. TheNaziSpacePope click me
2315 [WP] Global warming has been conclusively proven to be caused by an angry Earth who hasn’t received virgin sacrifices into volcanoes. A group of gamers have united outside of the latest sacrifice’s mother’s basement. Manspiderman click me
2316 [WP] Over the past 10 years people everywhere have been getting powers (Super strength,speed, etc.) By eating healthy foods and working out. People are stronger and healthier all over the globe, same as you. But you don't get stronger by eating your greens. You get powers by eating junk food. DemoIceBoss click me
2317 [WP] The Earth is bathed in cosmic radiation, giving a small number of people psychic abilities. The gifted few band together to conquer the world. Decades later, a high school janitor discovers that he is immune to telepathy, and the rebellion begins. ScrappyRat0 click me
2318 [WP] Following the death of their child, a prolific sculptor deals with their grief by making and giving away finely crafted children's toys. Nobody seems to mind at first, but there is something eerily life-like about these new creations. Johnny_Vinyl click me
2319 [WP] You fall asleep on the bus on your way home from work. When you wake up you're still on the bus, but you're alone in the middle of nowhere. The_Bread_Ghost click me
2320 [WP] Sarah passed in a car accident and suddenly she realized she is a ghost. Ghostbusters were chasing her and instead of capturing her, they kill her. She became a ghost's ghost. mikeleus click me
2321 [WP] You end up going back in time and find your self in a Aztec city. You manage to introduce them to steam power. A decade later Spanish arrive. dustofdeath click me
2322 [EU] The Devil said "I bet a fiddle of gold against your soul, cause I think I'm better than you." The boy said "My names Johnny Blaze and I'm here to give the devil his due." CaptainFunktastic click me
2323 [WP] In the not to near future, geneticists have created "immortal" people, who are more or less a global council of rich jerks. They have one ridiculous, mortal weakness though, that keeps them in check. BeartonBeast click me
2324 [WP] You wake up on a space station paralyzed. Aliens gather around you with shocked expressions. Their leader approaches you. He's an old man, and he says he's "god", and explains that he invented human DNA, and that you're the next evolutionary jump for humanity. All the aliens begin to cheer. Fun_Stick click me
2325 [WP] As it turns out, Earth is the hellhole of habitable planets. Tremendously high gravity, wide temperature ranges and constant struggle against natural disasters are something no other species has faced. Humans are considered titans in other planets. And they are about to invade yours. Xedro click me
2326 [WP] After dying in a terrible car accident while driving to a family member's house, you come back to life exactly twenty four hours before you die, sitting on the couch. You discover that you can do this infinitely. It has been a year since then. Krobix897 click me
2327 [WP] A Roomba represents itself in court, seeking lost-wages. Borne2Run click me
2328 [WP] Due to a technicallity, you now own the Devil's soul. xElMerYx click me
2329 [WP] You become a god of one solar system, and are tutored by the God of Earth, the master of evolution. cafetaf click me
2330 [WP] It turns out that thanks to an incurable virus, the entire human race has become permanently infertile. The last school is closing down today. ZimthekingofIrkens click me
2331 [WP] For years now, you've been able to hear whenever someone is talking about you no matter how far away they are. It's been over eight months since you've heard anything at all when suddenly you are hit by a flood of conversations all at once. ShadedScribe click me
2332 [WP] Those who complain about work have clearly never tried being a Defense Attorney for Gods and other deities being sued by wronged mortals. FictionWeavile click me
2333 [WP] You use an apple a day to keep the "Doctor" away. 1bigredbug click me
2334 [WP] You have a time machine that can Travel 1 week into the future and 1 week back from the current point in time. You can only travel back if you have traveled forward. On your most recent trip forward you find yourself in an apocalyptic wasteland. twinnuke click me
2335 [WP] You lost your keys to a door. You made a joke about what was behind the door, and left for a few hundred years. When you came back, you found a religion had evolved around the contents of the still locked room. Mistah_Blue click me
2336 [WP] Phase one was supposed to take years, but it happened overnight... NathanBartholomew click me
2337 [WP] You're pulling all the strands, of my heart, all tangled in your net. TheGeorge click me
2338 [WP] Six White Angels at My Back. Two to Sing; Two to Pray; Two to carry my soul away. TheGeorge click me
2339 [WP] Time slows down every time you are in danger. The more serious the danger is, the more time you have to save yourself. During one terrible car accident, you had almost a minute to react. And now, time has almost completely stopped for a whole month, and you don’t know why. goawayplease_ click me
2340 [WP] super powers are real...kinda. It all started with the weather man, everything within 100 feet of him is the opposite weather than what he's dressed for. Today you discovered your power, now you just gotta figure out how to use it. jelliedboar click me
2341 [WP] A writer has slipped into a coma. All the characters in their head are fighting to keep them alive MysteryGuy19 click me
2342 [WP] Bad news: the old gods have awoken Good/Bad news: We woke them up by nuking ourselves almost to oblivion... phage83 click me
2343 [WP] You absorb the skills and knowledge of anybody you poke. Today you received a skill set from somebody completely unexpected. thederpdog click me
2344 [WP] You are the park ranger, and today is your first day at work. Your partner gives you the last instructions before the start of your joint shift, "if you find yourself in a forest zone and hear a woman scream, never go there." goawayplease_ click me
2345 [WP] As a gift to your parents, you jump in your time machine and become 7 years old again, just for the day. Their reaction, however, is not what you expected... PatriarchalTaxi click me
2346 [WP] You see a stranger running from 2 cops. As they are about to run past you, you tackle the runner and police catches up to arrest them. The next day you're awakened by a loud banging on the door...it's the cops. As you walk past the mirror you realize you're the runner from yesterday. LightBulbFishSticks click me
2347 [WP] You’re an engineer. You’ve just design a self contained laser scalpel that will revolutionize surgeries. An old priest approaches you wanting to know if you can make it bigger. Thrown1tawayzzz click me
2348 [WP] You and your friends visit a haunted house and at the first sign that maybe the house really is haunted you decide to leave. You've seen enough horror movies to see where this is going. Too bad the ghost has too. doucheiusmaximus click me
2349 [WP] You wake up in an hospital bed with a man beside you claiming to be your husband... You know you've never seen this man in your life. KAIGRAYSON click me
2350 [WP] Teleportation has been invented for decades and the whole world abandoned most transportation infrastructures. You accidentally discovered the teleportation is just replicating at destination with all memories, and killing the old you. Now you refuse to use it and can go nowhere. YYM7 click me
2351 [WP] You wake up in a hotel foyer. You walk towards the entrance and try to open it, but it does not move. You take a look around and start walking past guest rooms. A voice booms over the tannoy, "Each room contains someone's greatest fears". You begin looking for your room... anime_lover_420 click me
2352 [WP] Opening Line: "It is important, when killing a nun, to bring an army of sufficient size." SJRose1995 click me
2353 [EU] An Ultramarine is saved from a Black Legion space marine by a Luna Wolf in MK2 armor. vault114 click me
2354 [WP] One day you snap your fingers to the beat of a song. You look outside to see people collapse and cars crash. When you snap your fingers, someone nearby dies. 8panckakes4ever click me
2355 [WP] Turns out aliens have been living among us for a while now. They just have been using disguises to avoid having to deal with discrimination issues. Urist-McDorf click me
2356 [WP] You wake up one day with a floating text box and keypad that follows you around, and cannot be seen or touched by anyone else. You discover that any action (i.e "run") you type into the box you will perform automatically, with no actual input needed, and to the limit of your physical abilities. MiriAsua click me
2357 [WP] You have the ability to control gravity of anything within 10 feet of you. One day a mugger points a gun at you. You put the weight of 5 buses on him and his gun. The gun falls and flattens like a pancake. The man keeps standing. 8panckakes4ever click me
2358 [WP] In a bid to make the earth a better, safer place, criminals are now sent to spend the rest of their days in a specially made dome. You've just been charged with a crime you didn't do. KAIGRAYSON click me
2359 [SP] It's time to interrupt T-vibration and discard dead hedgehoge from your bed Keegipeeter click me
2360 [WP] You have lived alone on a space station drifting through the Andromeda Galaxy for your entire life, the only company being non-sentient caretaking AI. One day, you see a ship that's getting closer and closer, and you're starting to get worried. SailoreC click me
2361 [SP] In your past life you were a bee. You’ve just been reincarnated as the first artificially intelligent helicopter. Thrown1tawayzzz click me
2362 [WP] You watch the massive nuclear missiles soar into the skies, painfully aware of what this means: the enemy's missiles are heading this way as well. You have 29 minutes left to live. Xedro click me
2363 [WP] You ate your last apple almost a full day ago. The second hand on the clock creeps closer and closer to the 24-hour mark. Holed up in a cabin you ready your shotgun. You can feel them out there, waiting, watching. The Doctors. jessxaxmess click me
2364 [WP] The era is that of swords and shields. Peace has just been found in your land after decades of constant warfare. Being one of hundreds soldiers without a job, work is hard to come by. One day while serving as a caravan guard you happen upon a familiar face during a bandit ambush. MyMainIsInTheShop click me
2365 [WP] You are the deity responsible for keeping the Chosen One alive till he/she can fulfill his/her destiny. Unfortunately he/she is so incompetent at being alive that even though you’re hiring more and more guardian angels, he/she still manages to nearly die. Hermine_Sunshine click me
2366 [WP] When you die you become the guardian angel of someone who helped you in life. When you look through the list of your possibilities you see a name that you don’t recognize. Further investigations reveal a little child with a enormous amount of guardian angels. Hermine_Sunshine click me
2367 [WP] Every person is telepathic with (can read the minds of) every person that shares the first letter of their last name. MegaMutant453 click me
2368 [WP] Every time someone sneezes you say “Bless you”. God listens. But not everyone wants to be blessed.... Hermine_Sunshine click me
2369 [WP] Whether you go to heaven or hell is decided by how painful your life was, the more painful, the better the afterlife. Ineedtendiesinmylife click me
2370 [WP] Global warming hit us hard. That's why the whole world was relieved to find a livable exoplanet. As a low tier scientist working for NASA you uncover an alarming secret: the exudos will not be trough space, but trough time to Earth as it stood exactly 2025 years ago. xElMerYx click me
2371 [WP] A young couple adopt a child. They quickly become suspicious that the youngling is up to something. In reality, the child is an otherworldly being who came especially to save their life. mimicicu click me
2372 [WP] A game’s AI causes one of its characters to become sentient. Worried, confused, and without any scripted lines for this scenario, it thinks. goon_bones click me
2373 [WP] "Life isn't always easy in the Meravian Trade Routes, here's a list of ways to help you get out alive, first..." ImPencilvester click me
2374 [WP] “You’re safe now; they can’t hurt you here,” says a deep booming voice. You’ve finally made it to the haven of exiles and misfits the world over, where all are free from community persecution and all are accepted: Hell. All are welcome! Rabbidraccoon click me
2375 [WP] While in a lucid dream you can travel to anyone's non-lucid dream, last night you traveled to a stranger's dream but luck had it that they were waking up and now your consciences share a body until you go back to sleep... after an important compromise that is. Casdrop click me
2376 [WP] After finally finding the secret to immortality, you discovered that not only would you be unaffected by age, nothing could physically harm you. Not even the Big Crunch, or the resulting Big Bang. CrusaderoTruth click me
2377 [WP] The worlds most powerful hero decidees one day to fight death, they nearly win, as a result death has cursed them with imortaility, they will never die untill death decides to claim them. it's been 10,000 years since that day. Bammy292 click me
2378 [WP] A child who passed away before having the chance to be baptized ends up in hell, only to be raised by Satan as his own. doreclya click me
2379 [WP] For five years, at 8:00 am sharp everyday, a black cat always comes and sits on your balcony. One day, you find a note that says "Sorry master, I have failed. I cannot protect you any longer." C-XD click me
2380 [WP] A wizard has sent a person which according to prophecy will lead the world to a new age and will say the great evil. At the end of heros journey turns out the wizard has read the prophecy backwards and instead of hero the prophecy foresees the rise of the ultimate evil. GammaPiOmega click me
2381 [SP] A wuxia, except it's the ancestors who created all the things. krilldagger click me
2382 [WP] You're canoeing down a river alone when you spot a bear's head bobbing in the water ahead. You stop and wait. It must be swimming to cross to the other side. You've seen this before. But the bear turns, sees you, and begins to paddle towards you. howdoievensaythis click me
2383 [WP] It’s been centuries since you “fell off the wagon” but things have been tough lately. Tell us your story, aged dragon Adama0001 click me
2384 [WP] Superintelligent A.I. has mercifully decided, for now, to let humanity live. You are selected to plead the case for humanity, but you are having a hard time reconciling the evil in humanity's past. SlowCrates click me
2385 [WP] A huge fleet of alien generation ships arrives, claiming to be on a millennia-long pilgrimage to find some kind of "promised land" prophesized by their religious scriptures. Apparently, that's Earth. They didn't expect it to be inhabited, though, so it's an awkward situation for both parties. LordOfSun55 click me
2386 [WP] As a young child you asked your father to leave the night light on when you went to sleep. His response was “what, and leave a beacon for the monsters to find you?” Ever since you have slept in the dark, until tonight when you forget and sleep with the lamp on. AtlasDjinn click me
2387 [WP] A werewolf runt is left for dead by his tribe during an unexpected blizzard when he gets caught in a trap after an unsuccessful hunt. He's later found by the man that was meant to be sacrificed to the werewolf tribe but was improperly tied up. NoobKunDesu click me
2388 [WP] You awaken from cryostasis one day, turns out you’re a clone of the worlds greatest supervillian set to wake up if something went wrong, and it did. Bingbangboodle21 click me
2389 [WP] Every person has an angel and a demon on their shoulders. Nobody can see them except for the person they belong too. One day, you wake up to find your angel has disappeared, and you're left with only a demon. Finn_Bueno_ click me
2390 [WP] Something about that one kid always fascinated you. Your cousin's youngest. He never really talked much, looked down at his feet most of the time, and seemed really shy and reserved. Then, one day, you found out the truth: he had the magical ability to heal anyone or anything. StoryStoryYahYah click me
2391 [WP] You are the Royal Writer, everything you write becomes reality. Only one of your kind is born every century and are treated as the highest of royalty. However, you’re just a toddler and are still learning how to read and write. Feckin_A click me
2392 [WP] Humans and an alien species are having a stalemate with one another. The technologies is all up to your liking, but minus two things: FTL Travel and Backward Time Travel. cmdr_chen click me
2393 [WP] The devil gets a call from heaven, they're upset that he started the apocalypse without telling them. Feeling confused, he peeks out onto Earth, and is surprised to see all the damage the humans did without him. hippokuda click me
2394 [WP] You live in a world where you gain the memories of anyone you kill. The problem? You’re the highest ranked assassin working with the FBI. saturatedrose click me
2395 [WP] You're a professional skeptic. You've spent your life debunking supernatural phenomena and exposing fraudulent psychics. When you enter the "haunted house" and find a 9ft horned figure opening a portal to a pit of brimstone? Well, you've never failed to find an explanation yet! Urbenmyth click me
2396 [WP] You've probably heard people say that if animal could grow to giant size, insects would be the most terrifying. However, thousands of years ago the insects said the same about us. RiverTrout7 click me
2397 [WP] You’re an intern for the Greek gods. You follow them around and ask them many questions about the world, life, and many of the universe’s greatest secrets. However, one day you decide to ask them how to become a god. Most of them stay silent, but Hades decides to give you the answer Professor-Memeyy click me
2398 [WP] When the representatives of humanity attend their first Galactic Council meeting, all goes well. That is, until a member of a psionic race tries to read the human's minds and begins to scream. silverwolf51 click me
2399 [WP] You are The Destroyer, prophesied to bring doom to this world. Your long-awaited task becomes less fulfilling when you realize with frustration that you are, as they say, 'adorable'. DrVentureIsACrumbBum click me
2400 [WP] The queen raised you as if you were one of her brood, she loved you even though your mind remained cut off from the hive. The queen taught you your kind were monsters. One day you found one infiltrating the hive, they claimed you were their lost baby whom the monsters had snatched you away... nyomachomp click me
2401 [WP] You’re a horror novelist by necessity. By writing about the things torturing you, they disappear. Your pen is practically an appendage. Lying, broken at the base of the stairs, you are terrified. ahairsbreadth click me
2402 [WP] You were once a god who blesses their followers. One day, you bless a particularly devout follower who seemed eager to become blessed. Now, with less people believing in your existence, you realize this follower may have been too eager. Elroy21 click me
2403 [WP] you have the ability to see your future conversations but only during your morning shower. QuarkLaserdisc click me
2404 [WP] you are a merchant that fell in love with a soldier who was on their way to the front lines. promising that once the war ended you would meet them in that town's center square on a full moon. the war had been over for decades, but still you show up every full moon, until one day, they show up Alpha_Trekkie click me
2405 [WP] You’ve always had the ability to sense auras - green aura if you like them, red if you hate them, white if you haven’t met them - but when you meet a random man on the street who politely greets you, his aura is the deepest, darkest red you’ve ever seen. MustachedTurtle click me
2406 [WP] A heart only beats so many times in a lifetime. You make mine beat faster. Unluckyfox click me
2407 [WP] "I'm here because your daughter has just given birth to your first grandchild. Therefore, it is my duty to teach you to suck eggs." Hrtzy click me
2408 [SP] Those poor deluded fools think your disability is a superpower! rdchat click me
2409 [WP] You’re having a sleepover with some of your friends. When you wake up in the morning, you and your friends have all been shrunken down to 1 inch tall. MathCookie17 click me
2410 [WP] The government discovers a giant, tentacled sentient being in a remote location. It is extremly intelligent, and presents upfront the cure to cancer, with the promise of similarly great scientific break throughs in the future. But in return, it asks for a regular supply of humans to feast on. bacon-was-taken click me
2411 [WP] While helping clean your recently deceased grandmother's house, you find a thick leather-bound book. You open it to find sketches of plants and symbols, unrecognizable words, and personal notes from her life. The back cover has a symbol that matches perfectly a birthmark on your wrist. ol0-_-0lo click me
2412 [WP] In the future, climate collapse has brought about a Zombie apocalypse. Humans are on the brink of extinction when they realize they can harnessing the infinite energy of the Zombies using makeshift technology... RDS click me
2413 [WP] The evil clowns have mobilised and are turning the world into a twisted carnival of madness and fear. You went to find the only ones who could stop them, the kinder types of clown who still live in hiding. You know they hold the key to defeating your foes...You just have to convince them. nyomachomp click me
2414 [WP] You wake up a young woman with superpowers. You and your younger genius brother, who also has powers, are being hunted down. WinterFox-147 click me
2415 [WP] You're given the opportunity to go back to any point in history and observe for as long as you wish. You have the option to intervene and change history, but only once. If you do decide to intervene you'll be stuck in that time and live the rest of your days there. chunktv click me
2416 [WP] you are death. You didn't want to die, and the old death had gave up a week before. You have been on the job for 1 year when you decide to visit your old friends you get your suit and your scythe and leave your residence. danielerror click me
2417 [WP] Ever since you were born, you had this strange birthmark consisting of three straight lines spanning your wrist. One day while crossing the street on your commute, you were hit by a car. Somehow, you survived with minor cuts and grazes, but one thing is different: one of your lines is missing. qwertymamasdf click me
2418 [WP] You exercise houses better than anyone else. Why? Because you can see ghosts and they can't see you. Fredster003 click me
2419 [SP] You're a high school detective, and you've got to solve a case. NitroBolt click me
2420 [WP] Every time you go to sleep, you dream you are living a second life. The dream ends with you going to sleep and starts with you waking up. Everytime you enter the dream, it picks up where it left off. This has been going on for some years now and you are starting to forget which life is real. stonks1 click me</